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Swarbrick talks scheduling

Aug 31, 2009, 12:00 PM EDT

A familiar theme this preseason has been the softness of Notre Dame’s 2009 schedule. Scheduling for Notre Dame has always been somewhat of a double-edged sword. Schedule too many challenging games, and people will complain that you’re doing it to the detriment of the team. Schedule one too many cupcakes, and you’ll hear that the Irish are gaming the system for a sure-fire BCS bid.

Between the 7-4-1 scheduling model, allegiances to service academies, the Big East, and traditional rivals, filling a slate of 12 games isn’t the easiest job in the world.

Over the weekend, athletic director Jack Swarbrick talked schedule with the South Bend Tribune’s Eric Hanson, and here are some of his thoughts.

On balancing traditional opponents, the 7-4-1 format, and the need for new blood:

“I’m convinced we have to maintain flexibility in what we do. While 7-4-1 (seven home games, four road games, one off-site game) will be our annual goal, if a great opportunity comes our way that means we’re going to be 6-5-1 that year, we’ll do it. Because if it’s the right matchup, the right team, the right opportunity for us, I want to have the flexibility to do that.

The other thing we’ll do is we’ll continue to hold out some dates, not a year out, but relatively in the near future. While we’ll have some relationships where we’ll schedule out into the 2020s, for some of our other spots, I’d like to keep some flexibility in our schedule, not have everything sewed up so that we can continue to look for interesting opportunities to play people.”

On finding the proper scheduling balance competitively:

“You schedule teams with an expectation of what they’ll be, but you can’t know. It’s a little different for teams in a conference, where someone will be up, someone will be down. So it’ll kind of balances itself out.

“We are benefited by the fact that USC is so consistently good right now. Well, for a period of years back there, they weren’t. You just don’t know. Michigan has been among the best teams in the country most years we play them. Last year they weren’t.

“With those sorts of series, there’s no way you can look far enough ahead to figure it out. And so what you do is rely on sort of those elements of tradition and conference performance to gauge the likelihood that these teams will be good.”

On finding good geographical fits for neutral site games:

“What I’m finding in these conversations is that the teams and the conferences and the venues are all of the mind-set of: ‘Let’s figure out how to make it work.’ No one starts with the proposition: ‘We just can’t get this done.’ So it’s been very positive in that regard.”

On his assessment of the 2009 Notre Dame schedule:

“I can’t tell you how confident I am that when we look back at our opponents’ performance at the end of this year, we’ll conclude it’s a much tougher schedule than people thought it was.

“I think Purdue is going to surprise some people. I think Michigan’s going to be much better. It just goes on and on.”

You can read the interview in its entirety (Part One, Part Two) at the South Bend Tribune’s website.

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