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Yep, he punched him.

Sep 19, 2009, 10:00 AM EDT

Earlier in the week, we all spent a few too many minutes scouring YouTube for footage of Michigan linebacker Jonas Mouton throwing an upper-cut under the helmet of Notre Dame center Eric Olsen.

Irish fans spent much of the week complaining that the Big Ten refs that officiated the game missed more than a few big calls, one of the more egregious being the punch that Mouton delivered under Olsen’s chin.

Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez threw a little gas on the fire himself, when he said Mouton wouldn’t be disciplined for the altercation, claiming he “didn’t see anybody throw a punch or anything like that.”

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany disagrees.

“The actions of Jonas Mouton during the Notre Dame game are unacceptable,” Delany said in a statement. “Mouton’s behavior has no place in the sport of football or the Big Ten Conference.”

Not that it makes last week’s loss feel any better.

  1. g liming - Sep 19, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    weis should be fired NOW,

  2. robertg - Sep 20, 2009 at 12:57 AM

    1. eric hansen and his associates at the south bend tribune, collectively referred to as hansenites(quite appropriately, hansen’s disease is the medical term for leprosy) guaranteed in writing that charlie weis and his staff would be fired by 8pm today, just as they have been doing for many years to con money out of some naieve notre dame alums and fans and from notre dame’s competitors of the recuiting trail, got exposed yet again for the liars and con artists which they have always been.
    2. charlie and his fine staff will be at notre dame long after the hansenites and those who have been paying them off for years are driven away from notre dame minus their dishonestly obtained material assets.
    3. notre dame’s fine, talented, and courageous 2009 team beat both michigan state and yet another crooked big 10 officiating crew and those who cover for them. actually, notre dame won 2 games today, just as they did at the 2006 stanford game, when a dave cutaia supplied crooked pac 10 tech review crew and a crooked big east officiating crew did their best, but failed, to rob notre dame of that win, with the most memorable dishonest reffing in that game being the overturning of a clear td catch by david grimes by dave cutaia’s crooked pac 10 tech reviewers. the reasons for going to that trouble? recruiting and trying to get charlie weis fired,
    4.the dishonest officiating robbed notre dame of at least one touchdown and gave gifts of at least one touchdown to michigan state.
    5. was anyone at michigan state involved in the crooked officiating? we sincerely doubt that.
    6.for anyone who does not know how to get this information, the names of these crooked big 10 refs are in the complete box score at, as are the names of the crooked refs from the michigan game.
    7. the names of the crooked big 10 refs at the michigan state game are dave witvoet, jeff carr. m. mahouski,rick kruger,robert smith, ed rohan, terry anderson, and kevin barry.
    8. anyone who wants to find out who these people are, where they live, and what material possesions they have can obtain that information at for a price, as we already have done, solely for purposes of takng all of their material possessions in civil litigations.
    9. in collecting evidence on other crooked refs and tech reviewers and others involved in the multibillion dollar crooked ref con operation, have we found crooked refs and tech reviewers using phony names? yes, we have. however, after more than 30 years in the civil litigation business, we have no difficulty getting around those obstacles or attempts to hide material possesions behind individual or corporate or trust or various other fronts.
    10. the people who ran the enron and mci worldcom scams were much more sophistated and intelligent than the characters who have been running crooked college sports, inc for decades.
    11. like the people at enron and mci worldcom, the people behind crooked college sports, inc really believe that no one can ever take them down in the civil courts. you can still ask bernie ebbers of mci worldcom about what happened to him and to his material possesions. however, since ken lay of enron chose the suicide route, you would have to hire a medium with connections in hell to speak with ken lay.
    12. naturally, we will give each one of them an opportunity to tell the truth about how the corrupt officiating was organized, how they were compensated, and who promised them that they would protect them from any consequences in the civil courts.
    13. however, we already know the names of 3 of the behind the scenes crooks and we know where they live and where their material assets are. they are jim delany, the big 10 commissioner, bill carollo, the big 10 conference official currently in charge of big 10 football reffing, and david parry who was the big 10 conference official in charge of football officiating for many years before he became the 1st national coordinator of college football officiating at a new entity known as college football officiating llc, which is jointly owned by the bcs conferences and the ncaa and which has, so far, made it possible for delany and parry and those cooperating with them to take the crooked reffing con operation national, across conference lines( so that it dod not really matter what conference provided the tech reviewers who upheld that robbery from nd of michael floyd’s td catch), and to provide cover, on a national level for that huge con operation.
    14. non believers might ask why jim muldoon and dave cutaia, who have run the crooked reffing con operation in the pac 10 for so many years did not arrange for crooked pac 10 refs and tech reviewers to prevent washington from beating usc.
    15. there are 2 possible explanations. one is that the new honest pac 10 commissioner, larry scott has actually started cleaning the corruption out of pac 10 reffing and tech reviewing.the second, and more likely( only since cleaning out that rats’ nest at the pac 10 will take even larry scott a while) is that the sports bookies outbid the usc alums for the services of the pac 10 efs and tech reviewers.
    16. pac 10 officiating and big east officiaing and tech reviewing, which have been crooked for many years are of concern to notre dame fans since crews from those conferences will be officiating many of notre dame’s future 2009 football games.

  3. Tom Zettler - Sep 20, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    Go get ’em RobertG. This cheating needs to stop.

  4. Rosio Mettler - Feb 4, 2010 at 7:38 PM

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