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Parris healing quickly

Oct 22, 2009, 11:00 AM EDT

Getting carried off the field in the fourth quarter against USC, I quietly said goodbye to Robby Parris, almost assuming that the hit he took combined with the awkward position he landed in, meant he did something that would cost him the rest of the season.

Yet during Charlie Weis’ Tuesday press conference, he was cautiously optimistic about how Parris was doing.

“Remarkably well. He actually had an ankle, a knee and a hip that all
got x-rayed and all came up negative. Then we had an MRI on his knee
yesterday which came back as just bruised. So he went from out to
doubtful. As a matter of fact, he was in this trainer room this morning
jogging around trying to politic to get out there a little bit earlier.
There’s a chance he might be able to be used even as early as the game
this week. He won’t practice today or tomorrow, you know, because he’s
very sore. You know, I mean, it he was beaten up puppy. But it came out
remarkably well.”

Now word comes from director of football media relations Brian Hardin that Parris has a shot at playing this Saturday against Boston College.

“Robby Parris has been upgraded to questionable for this week and
actually practiced some today. He was originally slated as doubtful for
this Saturday and was scheduled to miss both Tuesday and Wednesday’s

Even if Parris isn’t 100 percent, he’s the type of guy that’ll be useful in this offense. In the fourth quarter, Parris wasn’t even exploding off the line of scrimmage, merely looking for a hole in the Trojan defense to settle into.

I’m just glad we’ll get to see Parris play again this season.


  1. Terry from Maine - Oct 22, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    Parris reminds me of the shark in a way. His injury Saturday had ‘USC cheap shot’ written all over it and I hope the kid is ready to go Saturday. ND needs to give BC a whuppin’. They need to kick some ass.
    May it be this Saturday.

  2. jan - Oct 22, 2009 at 3:12 PM

    I agree….and think that USC’s May should have been ejected from the game immediately after the vicious helmet to helmet shot on Parris, especially when he was pinned down and unable to protect himself. The helmet to helmet shot is much more likely to cause a serious injury than the sucker punch delivered by Blount earlier this year – not to condone Blount’s behavior in any way. The media, sports world, etc. made a big deal about the sucker punch, yet no one says a word about the dirty play of USC’s punks. May effectively knocked Parris out of the game, at a minor cost of 15 yards. USC’s players & tactics remind me of Miami’s punks under Jimmy Johnson.

  3. kejji - Oct 22, 2009 at 7:09 PM

    Sorry.. but it wasn’t a helmet to helmet shot…in fact the Pac 10 officials say it was “questionable” as to if it was even a penalty…also the fake field goal play that ND did to get the ball to the 2 yard line was ruled an illegal play by the officials…ND should have been penalized for the play…Also Mays hit on Armondo Allen that got ND 15 yards was ruled a clean hit.
    Read it here from MSNBC:” On the Irish’s fake field goal attempt in the first quarter, Pac-10 officiating coordinator Dave Cutaia has determined that it in fact was an illegal substitution. The player in question was ruled to be among the substitutes leaving the field and stopped about three yards from the sideline, which makes this play illegal. The penalty should have been five yards and a redo of the down, which would have made it 4th-and-7 from the 32-yard line. Instead, Notre Dame used the play to reach the 2-yard line and set up a touchdown one play later.”
    Also, one of Taylor Mays’ personal foul penalties was ruled incorrect, according to Cutaia. On his first penalty in the fourth quarter, the Notre Dame runner was determined to be inbounds when Mays hit him, nullifying the out-of-bounds late-hit call.
    The conference also admitted that a later personal foul on Mays for hitting a defenseless Irish receiver was questionable.

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