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Heisman Pundit has Clausen at #2, Tate at #6

Oct 28, 2009, 7:30 AM EDT

Even though Jimmy Clausen hasn’t put up monster numbers the past few weeks, he’s still in the thick of things for the Heisman Trophy. According to Chris Huston, a.k.a. The Heisman Pundit, and his recent straw poll, Clausen is running second behind Alabama’s Mark Ingram.

Even more interesting, wide receiver Golden Tate has made an appearance in the rankings, jumping all the way to #6. In case you’re thinking this is just some random blogger making predictions, the panel is made of actual Heisman voters including Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel, Teddy Greenstein and Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune, Olin Buchanan and Tom Dienhart of Rivals, Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman, Bruce Feldman and J.B. Morris of ESPN, Austin Murphy, B.J. Schecter, and Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated, and Dick Weiss of the New York Daily News.

One thing is for certain, no one is quite sure who is going to step up and actually win the trophy. Here’s a great snippet from the Pundit Poll.

“I have no explanation for my ballot,” said one voter. “I have no rhyme or reason for my ballot. It has become the award nobody wants to win. I put Mark Ingram No. 1 on my ballot just because. I’m sitting here alone in my office cubicle with an empty ballot waiting for a worthy candidate to emerge.”

Here’s the Top 10 as of yesterday (First place votes in parentheses):

1)  Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama — 56 (9)
2)  Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame — 26 (1)
3)  Colt McCoy, QB, Texas — 25
4)  Tim Tebow, QB, Florida — 23 (1)
5)  Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska — 15 (1)
6)  Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame — 10 (1)
6)  Case Keenum, QB, Houston — 10
8)  Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State — 8
8)   Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State — 8
10) Eric Berry DB, Tennessee — 4

If Notre Dame wins out, and if the Irish do so, they’ll do it behind a potent offensive attack, it’s not ridiculous to think that two Notre Dame players could be invited to New York for the Heisman proceedings.

  1. Irish Eyes - Oct 28, 2009 at 3:53 PM

    Everyone cool out. There is still a long way to go and the ND Haters could be setting up our boys for failure by all this talk. Tebow is still the sentmental favorite and out schedule remaining is not as charmin soft as everyone thought. Let’s just bag the Heisman talk – Less we forget Brady Quinn?

  2. qb - Oct 28, 2009 at 9:30 PM

    save it ‘irish eyes.’ it doesn’t matter whether we talk heisman or not. the haters will have something to hate. so why don’t you chill and try to enjoy yourself. that is if your not so jaded that you’re incapable of doing that anymore. btw, quinn wasn’t 1/2 the qb clauson is

  3. Steve - Oct 28, 2009 at 10:51 PM

    Heisman for Jimmie “the ostrich face” Clausen? Say, I’m for the President of USA.

  4. robertg - Oct 29, 2009 at 8:24 AM

    1. this is yet another excellent article and we thank you.
    2. while it is certainly true that the heisman voting has been hopelessly corrupt and biased against notre dame, ever since certain people affiliated with usc purchased the heisman for usc’s carson palmer in 2002(more picks that tds that season, not even close to having the best stats in the pac 10 conference in 2002, and nfl bust),matt leinart( qualfy as a student by taking 2 units of ballroom dancing as his entire academic load in order to concentrate full time on football, looked like a fine qb at usc(as could many with zero academic obligations), but another nfl bust, and reggie bush( mr. illegal benefits himself and yet another very expensive nfl bust). the heisman trust and the heisman voters have been, and will continue to be, subjected to a lot of relentless disclosure and economic pressures in the civil courts.
    3. thus, putting the entire heisman process under more pressure in the media as you have done here cannot do anything but speed up the cleansing process.
    4. among the heisman voters you list above are quite a few of the voters that usc installed and paid off starting in 2002. these people know that we know what they are, that what they think is hidden will be exposed to the public, and that they would be very wise to resign now before the 2009 vote.
    5. we agree with your fighting irish approach to this and other matters and you have our full support.
    6. we will have progress reports on our activities in the civil courts with various conferences and the ncaa and certain schools that cheat well before the notre dame washington game, with the pac 10 game officiating crew being a serious problem despite some very positive actions taken by pac 10 commissioner larry scott overruling pac 10 con artists jim muldoon and dave cutaia on certain key issues and with a careful look at the very serious dangers that that 30 point spread in favor of notre dame over washington state is very likely to attract millions of dollars in payoff money for dishonesat officials not only to call the game so that notre dame does not beat the point spread, but for the big monetary returns, along with the perceived recuiting benefits to other schools of arranging a stolen win for washington state.
    7. we have zero evidence that anyone affilated with the washington state football program would ever cooperate with any such arrangement, we have to keep in mind what we have seen before, with the most recent example being the blatant attempt by 3 michigan state players to inflict a season ending injury on jimmy clausen with the dishonest big 10 officiating crew not even calling one penalty.
    8. the simple fact is that many college football players know that they have zero chance of making the nfl and come from economically disadvatanged backgrounds, thereby making them targets for payoffs to help their very needy families(something which we understand).
    9. letting any such individuals know that we have seen these things happen before, know exactly how the systems designed to hide such payoffs offshore, and have no difficulty going after everyone involved in the civil courts simply lowers the chances of things like this happening.
    10. could this washington state team defeat notre dame without cheating? certainly yes. washington state has fine student athletes and a fine coaching staff.
    GO IRISH!!!!

  5. Mr. Fugi - Oct 29, 2009 at 9:17 AM

    Is robertg alright? I assume these comments are made in jest.

  6. leomcm - Oct 29, 2009 at 12:42 PM

    No, I think he’s serious. It comes from years of seeing ND get knocked down. Lou felt the same way after beating Florida State, losing to BC, and then losing the National Title. It’s like they look for excuses. Now granted, we did lose to BC, and we all knew that would happen, equal number of loses or not, but still they look for excuses. So that is what fuels robertg. I understand that aspect.

  7. robertg - Oct 29, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    1. yes. we are quite serious and we have already collected all of the evidence(although more keeps pouring in from individuals who want to fess up and settle before the wars in the civil courts begin)that we need to prove what we post in the civil courts before real judges and juries.
    2. we simply do not tolerate dishonesty in any college sport( any more than we would tolerate dishonesty and coverups in the cathlic church), especially because we all have children or grandchildren or great grandchildren who will be attending college and playing sports as real student athletes.
    3. we simply will not tolerate the dishonesty and corruption which we have uncoverered in college football and college sports.
    4. although petey and mikey of the usc athletic department now are at the top of the cheating dungheap, there have been others in the past, such as barry switzer, when he ran the oklahoma football program( fortunately, oklahoma learned and hired an honest coach, coach stoops), along with dennis erickson(now at arizona state. in fact, mikey offerred erickson petey’s job at usc before petey appeared on the scence as the last resort and was happy to say that cheating to win was just fine with petey. however erickson turned down mikey and usc since erickson had already learned that winning by cheating can appear to work for a while, but is destined to blow up in the faces of those involved) and butch davis(now at north carolina, although butch has apparently not learned his lesson as erickson has) while they were at miami and saban and some others have always been a disgrace to college football, whether at lsu or at alabama.
    5. whether or not students are also student athletes, college students and high school and younger children watch college athletics and, if they see the cheaters getting away with cheating and actually being rewarded for cheating(usc’a reggie bush being just one example), they naturally assume that they should act accordingly, thus dooming this nation to more large scale business ripoffs in our entire economy.
    6. there have to be rules of ethics and they have to be enforced.
    7. since no one else seems capable of taking on that task, fortunately, we have the tools of economic violence in the civil courts and many years of success, along with the funds to bankroll what we are doing.
    8. in the case of crooked college sports enterprises, we have already collected the evidence and payback time is here right now.
    9. there is nothing very complicated about bringing down the old testament wrath of economic violence on every deserving individual and entity, as we did with enron and mci worldcom, and putting in new high tech systems for rules enforcement, officiating, and rankings into place.
    10. we remember what lou holtz had to say. however, during those years, we simply did not know enough about college sports or have our weapons of mass economic destruction in the civil courts so well refined.
    11. it is often said that anyone who has the knowledge and experience with the civil rico statues is effectivly a private attorney general.
    12. like our counterparts on the criminal side of the ricol statutes, we prove the commission of federal and state felonies to honest judges and juries in the civil courts at the lower civil standard of proof with evidence, including expert witness testimony. we need the votes of only 9 out of 12 jurors in the state courts to win.
    13. we have no desire to put anyone behind bars. we just take all of their material possessions and let them try to live honest lives or live on the streets.
    14. there will always be some disparities between fine state schools like ohio state and penn state which cannot, because of their obligations to the residents of their states, be as selective academically as notre dame and which have to offer courses of study that notre dame will never offer.
    15. however, remember that the buckeyes’ qb in 2002, when the buckeyes won their most recent national championship in football bye beating a miami team of full time football players with zero real academic obligations, was a genuine premed student, craig krentzel.
    16. yes, the buckeyes did make a mistake with clarett, but the buckeyes learned from that mistake and are unlikely to make any more like that.
    16. before offerring scolarships to any football player now, the buckeyes get to know each student athlete and his family, not to offer improper benefits, but to make certain that the recruits have character and family stability to gol along with their athletic abillities and turn down all recruits who fail to meet the character requirements.
    17. the football programs which are at schools with fine academic departments , but which push their football players into phony courses with zero academic content, such as michigan,usc, florida, lsu, cal berkely, and alabama and quite a few others simply will find their academic offerrings to athletes very closely scrutinized and be forced to change to meet the student athlete requirements and graduation rates will have to go up dramtically, if they wish to play college sports.
    18. these steps are taken to protect high school athletes from the predatort coaohesc like petey and usc, whose sole desire is to use up the athletic abilities of hot shot high school athletes as long as they can be useful on the football field and then throw them in the tash bins with zero real educations to make room for the next group of victims.
    GO IRISH !!!

  8. art vandelay - Oct 29, 2009 at 8:39 PM

    I would like to solicit your opinion on the following topics:
    1) The Kennedy Assassination;
    2) The disappearance of Amelia Earhart;
    3) The move away from the Gold Standard to the Federal Reserve system;
    4) The influence of the Skull and Bones society on our Government;
    5) UFO abductions – real or imagined?;
    6) Bigfoot, Sasquatch and the Yeti;
    7) The Bilderberg Group;
    8) The Loch Ness Monster; and,
    9) Crooked Officiating of NCAA Football.
    Please, no more than 10,000 words per topic and be sure to use numbered paragraphs, frequent typos and bad punctuation. I, for one, would love to know what makes you tick. You, sir, are the human embodiment of the wildcat.
    Yours truly,

  9. leomcm - Oct 29, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    Robertg knows more than he’s letting on. How many remember the days of early Irish immigrants who faced “Know Nothings” and hostility, who came to this country to find that they were locked out of work, who found signs reading “Catholics Need Not Apply”? That was why they were the “Fighting Irish”. To those men and women who do remember “Irish” football is a war far greater than simply a game. True Irishmen see it differently, and some remember that their ancestors were being starved out of their country by Protestant “Royals” who practiced “First Night” to sully the people and diminish their blood. “Four Green Fields ” is a rebellion song of the fight that continues today. So join in the good fight or drink the cool- aid of collaboration with the traffickers of anti-Irish Vitriol.
    So yes! Robertg is not joking. Robert is just speaking truth.

  10. irishrams - Oct 29, 2009 at 10:15 PM

    Great call irish eyes, with our DB’s Pitt is going to best a test especially at their place at night
    Heading to the Game in san antonio

  11. DocHR - Oct 29, 2009 at 11:36 PM

    Your is the most well-placed blog reply in the history of blogs….

  12. DocHR - Oct 29, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    Your is the most well-placed blog reply in the history of blogs….

  13. robertg - Oct 30, 2009 at 1:40 PM

    1. we certainly have collected much more hard evidence on the operations of crooked college sports enterprises than anyone, with the exception of those who have already faced us and lost big time in the enron, mci worldcom, and many other civil rico cases, could possibly imagine. oregon’s 1st game of the 2009 season,which was a loss to boise state, new pac commissioner larry scott, much to the amazement of long term pac 10 con artists jim muldoon and dave cutaia, attended the game in person.
    3. at the end of the game, oregon rb blount threw a punch at a boise state player.
    4. when muldoon and cutaia did nothing about this, larry scott personnally insisted that oregon rb blount be suspended for the season.
    5. after last week’s oregon state/usc game, after cutaia and muldoon did their usual whitewash game film review, larry scott did his own, with the assistance of his own experts and suspended one unnamed pac 10 official for failing to call a blatant and dangerous facemask penalty against usc’s taylor mays( our experts saw plenty of uncalled blatant penalties by the pac 10 game crew during the notre dame/usc game).
    6. larry scott stated as follows:
    “Our members expect a high level of officiating in all our sports, and the conference office shares in that expectation…We have taken this action in light of the blatant and dangerous nature of the missed call. We have full confidence in our highly trained and qualified staff of football officials, but they, like coaches and players, are accountable and must meet the high expectations paced upon them.”
    7. we have absolute confidence in larry scott’s honesty and integrity, just as we have zero confidence in the honesty and integrity of the pac 10 conference’s jim muldoon, dave cutaia, and the dishonest pac 10 officials whom they have selected and trained since 2006, long before larry scott became the pac 10 conference commissioner at the beginning of the 2009 season.
    8. we also understand that larry scott cannot exterminate the corruption which has accumulated at the pac 10 conference long before scott became commissioner.
    10. therefore, scott has put muldoon and cutaia and every pac 10 official on notice that he will be watching every game film personnally and taking action when required.
    11. at the big east conference, we are certain that each responsible confertence official has been duly informed of the consequences of any acts of dishonest officiating and that we have broken down the walls of secrecy forever.
    12. we have plenty of updates on the other conferences and on dave parry’s ncaa level dishonest officiating coordinating operation at college football officiating llc, but those updates can wait.
    GO IRISH!!!

  14. robertg - Oct 31, 2009 at 2:36 PM

    1. for notre dame’s 1st official home game in san antonio, where did notre dame hold its pep rally, with the entire marching band and the irish guards and the notre dame cheerleaders and a crowd of more than 40,000 notre dame fans?
    2.right in the square in front of the alamo, of course, with the permission of 35 year old mayor castro of san antonio who also spoke at the pep rally and, while stating that he had to be neutral about which team would win,mentioned that he was wearing a blue tie tie(one of notre dame’s team colors), mentioned that many catholics and people of other religiouns in san antonio were praying for notre dame to win, and closed out his speech with a very loud and enthusiastic GO IRISH!!!
    3. is mayor castro a notre dame graduate? no, he graduated summa cum laude from stanford and from harvard law school.
    4. is mayor castro a notre dame subway alum? there are no subways in san antonio, where mayor castro was born and raised.
    5. so, with the possible exception of athletic contests involving notre dame vs stanford or harvard, do mayor castro and his family root for notre dame to win?
    6. we are informed that they do, along with millions of others all over the world from many ethnic and religious backgrounds, only a small percentage of whom have ever taken a subway anywhere or who have never visited notre dame, except via the internet and nbc.
    7. why? these people, like us, love notre dame for everything fine and good and honest that notre dame stands for and always has will stand for and one of those things is refusing to get into the moral sewers with mikey and petey and the usc football and athletic programs and cheating to win.
    8.notre dame needs a new term to describe these 21st century notre dame fans. the terms internet and spiritual notre dame alumni come to mind.
    9. after all, anyone around the world who wants to watch that entire awesome notre dame pep rally in san antonio can do so by simply going to and clicking on football update 10/30/2009 and select the pep rally for viewing before the game.
    10. obviously, msnbc and nbc and ge and microsoft are missing out on a huge market by not seeing the light and embedding the pep rally and other items from at nd central and by failing to follow up on the great idea of keith and his staff to make every notre dame game live worldwide via the internet.
    11. keith and his staff obviously had a great idea when they put the notre dame/usc game live on the internet at msnbc.
    12. we are going to provide keith and his fine staff with some assistance at the microsoft and general electric and nbc levels so that those companies do not continue to miss out on that huge worldwide marketing opportunities(which only notre dame will ever be able to offer) and get rid of pat haden and tom hammond and their notre dame bashing staffs at the same time.
    13. after all, certain usc alums have made pat haden and tom hammond very wealthy men. their current net worths are certainly not due to the salaries which they have been collecting from nbc(in addition haden and hammond have completely failed in their efforts to destroy notre dame’s worldwide fan base and to increase the usc fan base).
    14. we do know how haden and hammond accumlated their material possesions and where those assets are located.
    GO IRISH!!!

  15. bob is crazy - Nov 1, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    1. you are crazy
    2. please stop telling people you are a Irish fan
    3. you are crazy
    4. I’m lacking originality today, but you are not in your craziness.
    5. you are crazy

  16. clipnole - Nov 1, 2009 at 6:58 PM

    Where is Christian Ponder is all this???? He has much better stats than the other QB’s. Just because FSU has no defense shouldn’t punish Christian. It’s an individual award–not a team award

  17. Jess - Nov 4, 2009 at 4:50 PM

    Oh that’s nice–make fun of the appearance of a college kid! I hope that makes you feel good

  18. TrueIrishBen - Nov 8, 2009 at 3:34 AM

    I hope you are speaking the truth because I have been calling many coaches like petey and urban meyer and others cheaters over the years and it would be great to be right about all these guys that cheat in college football.
    I also have been calling for ND to flex it’s muscles already and get rid of the announcers at NBC that will root for anybody but ND. This is ridiculous when we sign the contract with NBC and could have any network we want.
    I also have seen the Irish get ripped off by officiating over and over even today against NAVY when the refs blew at least 5 calls that were clearly Pass interference and at least another 3 that were holding that sprang big runs for Navy. I think ND should have their own refs or at least a conference crew that is not from the opposing team when they are at home.
    I really hope you are not just blowing smoke because it sounds like a lot of what I have seen and talked about with fans of other teams.

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