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Weekend Primer: Interesting Framing by ESPN…

Nov 13, 2009, 10:47 PM EDT

… Watching the promos for the ND-Pitt game tomorrow, interesting choice by the ESPN brass to show one of the only big plays that Golden Tate didn‘t make this year, where a go route falls from his hands against Michigan that would’ve been a sure touchdown…

Wonder what angle we’ll be hearing about tomorrow on ESPN College GameDay?

Stop by tomorrow night for another big live-blog.

  1. TLNDMA - Nov 14, 2009 at 1:12 AM

    For those of you, not old enough to remember, this is how it was in ’85’. No ESPN wasn’t the world wide leader, but ND was even more front and center in Coll. FB. Things are only going to get hotter, unless the Iish win out. This next 3 game stretch, is Charlie’s final exam.

  2. bill in shanghai - Nov 14, 2009 at 7:02 AM

    Sorry, that just isn’t so. ND has not and will not be “front and center in college football” unless and until it becomes a national championship contender, which it has not been since the days of Lou Holtz.
    I say this sadly, as I’ve followed ND fooball since I was a kid when Leahy was coaching, and while I was in school there in the 60’s, when Ara saved us.
    Notre Dame’s aspirations have changed forever since Hesburgh almost permanently destroyed the football program. Its aspirations today, to become the Yale of the Midwest, are silly. Why be a copy of another school, one of many, at the cost of giving up the hallmark brand in college football? ND cannot ever aspire to an NCS until the Tony Rice types can play there again.
    As for Navy, and blaming the loss on Charlie, the loss to Navy transpired because the FG kicker missed 2 he should have made (has Carlie done a bad job coaching him?), Jimmy fumbled on the 1 yard line(Charlie screwed him up, right?), Floyd didnt turn and the ball hit him square on his number 3 at the goal line and bounced into Navy’s hands (lousily coached receiver, right?), and the line did a piss poor job of blocking, allowing a safety, which ended up being the point differential in the game (the same line that’s allowed a hugely productive passing game–poorly coached though, right?), and Parris drops the ball and walks off the field–boneheaded play or poor coaching?
    At some point, elite players have to be responsible for execution. These guys didnt make the plays they should and could have. Charlie can only do so much.

  3. sharkey - Nov 14, 2009 at 8:56 AM

    Bill, I agree with everything you said, and am myself a Charlie supporter who hopes he can have at least one more season. He is a good coach who has a genuine care for his playeres that anyone has to respect. However, as anyone with any leadership training knows, the leadership is always ultimately responsible for everything, even the bone headed mistakes of HIS players, and rightfuly so. This is Charlie’s program, and he must shoulder the wins and losses and take all the blame and responsibility of every failure on himself. Thats the price of leadership. To shift the blame to the players would be an insult to any great coach especially to Charlie, who I must say is holding up well under the pressure. This team will succeed because of Charlie, or fail because of Charlie. If he is the leader I believe he is, I think he would agree.

  4. TLNDMA - Nov 14, 2009 at 9:14 AM

    Bill, I couldn’t disagree more, on both points. Seems like a lot of mistakes for a well coached team. If this were one game we were talking about, your point might have some validity, but we are talking about 4-1/2 yrs. of this. ND’s football aspirations have changed? Charlie can only do so much? Do you think when Charlie was being hired, he told ND, “now remember I can only do so much”? I seem to recall him talking about championships, now in his fifth year, we’re hoping they can win out, then maybe we can get in the top 25. That’s good enough?

  5. mrrandolph - Nov 14, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    There is a bias today and it is against ND and everyone that is not from the SEC.
    An Ex: LSU two years ago lost to Kentucky and Arkansas(after Thanksgiving) and played in the Nat’l Championship Game.
    ? : If ND were to lose to say Purdue and Michigan State (which I believe might be the = to Ark. & Ky) is there anyway they play for the NC?
    The SEC is a great conference but if you lose to those two you shouldn’t have a chance at redemption. USC didn’t get it after losing early to Oregon State last year.
    Until the NCAA decides the championship on the field, It will never be fair. The NCAA website doesn’t even recognize a national champion in D-1 because it is all subjective.
    If you can reward LSU and Fla (lost to Ole Miss) last year than I say we go back and reward ND for the NC back in 1993. Afterall, Boston College barely won and we did have a chance to win at the end.

  6. Jan - Nov 14, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    Gentlemen, I agree with most of what you say with several qualifying opinions. My perspective comes from being a fan since 1965 (my frosh year) and “doing” corporate marketing & strategic planning for almost 40 years – by no means being a football guru:
    1. Bill, I wasn’t old enough to be a fan during the Leahy days; but I have read that he had a nervous breakdown in trying to maintain Nat’l Cham. quality of play while constrained by # of scholarships, and alignment with other priorities @ ND. I have utmost respect for Fr Hesburgh and have heard him quoted as saying “ND can survive without football” or words to that effect. How many years did it take ND to return to the ARA days of glory after the shift of priorities/mission direction of that time?
    2. I don’t think ND is trying to become the Yale or Ivy League school of the mid West – at least in terms of the sports programs. I earned by MBA at Dartmouth and had the opportunity to observe Ivy League football first hand. Very, very different from ND ball and fan involvement.
    3. I do believe that ND is positioning the football program in a rather unique “niche” among top tier (elite) programs. From my marketing background ND is using our strengths to present the following selling proposition (aka opportunities) to recruits:
    – Top quality education that will serve you for life;
    – Character development within a tradition of integrity
    – Unsurpassed media exposure IF you’re a fit for the “next level”
    – NFL style coaching in preparation for full talent development
    – NFL contacts/networking for feedback on/for each player
    – Player treatment and advise given with honesty and best interests of all parties (win-win) in gametime decisions and guidance when NFL decisions & timing are to be made
    ND does not have a monopoly in any one of the above elements, but I contend that we offer a unique combination of the above. Charlie and his staff have done a masterful job of “pitching” this to targeted recruits and their families. The recruiting classses are a sign of their communications accomplishments.
    4. I assert that the damage done during especially the last two Willingham years has been far more extensive than we fans are willing to acknowledge. By time Charlie arrived on the scene, my recollection (perhaps biased) is that the program was in a death spiral with little hope of returning to quality. No recruit with NFL aspirations would/should consider jumping on board at that time.
    The rebuilding has taken longer than we would like, but the big business world of college football is much different from the days of Leahy, Ara, Holtz – very much like the world of big business corporate America in this new century. Ask business leaders and/or read the best selling business book “From Good to Great” for a much more eloquent discourse of how long and what critical success factors are required to execute a “turnaround” in today’s environment.
    5. Charlie should be evaluated by his “bosses” (Fr Jenkins and AD Swarbrick) just as any corporate executive. The performance of Charlie, his staff, and team should be judged by how well it aligns with the stated mission statement of ND and the specific goals, objectives, direction, and other measures agreed upon between Charlie and his “chain of command” during their annual strategic planning session(s). Win-loss record is clearly an important measure of success, but I suspect/hope only one of several.
    6. Like Sharkey, I am a Charlie supporter and hope that he has at least one more year to execute his turnaround plan. My caveat to that is: unless there is a total meltdown of the team performance indicating that Charlie has “lost the team” or a major scandal, or something that is totally out of line with ND’s mission statement and tradition.
    Enough of my ramblings. GO IRISH!!!!
    Jan, ND’69

  7. Rome619 - Nov 14, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    I think Weis is doing a great job and they should give him an extension.

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