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Five things we learned: Notre Dame vs. Pitt

Nov 14, 2009, 11:32 PM EDT

It’d be so much easier if things were cut and dry. But once again, Notre Dame loses, and it doesn’t even begin to tell the story. For much of the game, the Irish were shut down offensively, failing to get into the red zone for the entire first half while the defense held it’s own against the potent combination of Pitt’s running and passing attack.

Yet as the script always does, the Irish mounted a furious comeback, thanks to the electric play of Golden Tate, and after Tate’s punt return for a touchdown, the Irish found themselves attempting a two-point conversion to make it a field goal game. Yet Jimmy Clausen’s shovel pass dropped between backup tight end Mike Ragone’s hands, and the Irish never got any closer.

Still that doesn’t tell us everything, as the Irish had another chance to march down the field and win the game. With Pitt down two key cornerbacks, the Irish had a chance to mount another rally until a chop-block penalty was called on Dan Wenger, dropping the Irish back from a 2nd and 1 at the 42 to a 2nd and 16 back at the 27. On the very next play, Clausen was flushed from the pocket, and hit just as he threw the ball, the ball squirting forward and putting the Irish in a 4th and ballgame situation. The Irish called timeout to get a play set, the Big East replay officials called downstairs to take one more look at the play.

We’ll never know what would’ve happened on that 4th and long for the Irish. The Pitt pass rush ate Paul Duncan and the Irish offensive line alive all evening and maybe the Irish wouldn’t have had a chance to throw down field. But Golden Tate and Michael Floyd were going against a beat-up secondary, and at the very least the Irish — and their embattled head coach — deserved a shot. Yet a replay official who couldn’t overturn a controversial completion to Jonathan Baldwin a few series earlier could somehow determine that Clausen’s pass was a fumble and the inadvertent whistles once again didn’t kill a play before Pitt recovered?


In the end, there will be more questions than answers. If this is it for Charlie Weis, he certainly deserved better. Better than being on the short end of nearly every replay review short of one against Washington, and better than knuckle-headed mistakes his players made while they played frantically for their coach.

Here’s five things we learned tonight:

1) Pitt’s pass rush killed the Irish.

If Notre Dame fans hear the name Greg Romeus again they might get sick to their stomachs. Romeus, Gus Mustakas, Jabaal Sheard and Mick Williams controlled the line of scrimmage when the Irish tried to throw the ball, taking away the deep threat and letting Pitt’s defensive backs jump the short throws. Even when Weis tried to slow down the pressure with screen passes, the Pittsburgh defense was game, snuffing out every attempt for a loss of yardage with great pursuit by the linebacking corps. Ditto the Wildcat formation. The Notre Dame running game was surprisingly effective with Armando Allen gaining 5.5 yards per carry, yet to get back into the game, the Irish needed to lean on their passing attack, and without any time to throw the ball, Jimmy Clausen just couldn’t get it done.

2) Notre Dame’s kicking game killed them

Just when the Irish finally get a big play out of their special teams, they have a game like Pittsburgh, where kicking and punting factored largely in the outcome. I’m sure Eric Maust is a good person, but he was terrible punter on Saturday night, kicking 5 times for an average of 24.8 yards. When he wasn’t punting short ineffective kicks, he was dropping the snap and shanking punts out of bounds when he should’ve been pinning the Pitt offense deep. Much of the first half the Irish offense was shut down because they had to start deep in their own territory. On the flip side, David Ruffer filled in for freshman kicker Nick Tausch, who was a surprising scratch from the lineup, and while Ruffer made his only field goal and did well on kickoffs, his low extra point attempt was blocked, putting the Irish in another hole. (To be fair, Trevor Robinson got run over…) Either way, the Irish have now committed two scholarships to punters, two to kickers, and even another one to a long snapper, all to try and get the Irish special teams to average. Even with Tate’s punt return for a touchdown, it was clear that Notre Dame could never flip the field on a change of possession, and Maust’s short punts put Notre Dame at a real disadvantage.

3) Irish defense just can’t force turnovers.

During this two game losing streak, the Notre Dame defense has failed to force a single turnover. In their four losses, the Irish have only managed two turnovers — an interception of two freshman quarterbacks, Tate Forcier and Matt Barkley, who both seemed to manage pretty decent games despite the gaffs. It’s become so evident that the Irish defense is deficient that the offense knows it, and it’s permeating the entire gameplan for Notre Dame. While Weis can say that he likes his offensive’s chances with the defense holding a team in the 20s, what he isn’t mentioning is that most teams depend on a big play or two from the defense to help score some points. The lack of pass rush out of the front four against Pitt forced the Irish to gamble with blitzing linebackers and once again Jon Tenuta’s scheme rolled snake eyes, giving up big plays to Jonathan Baldwin and Dion Lewis that ultimately sank the Irish’s chances.

4) Way too many games are turning subjective.

Remember when people used to say, “Let’s settle it on the field?” Not anymore. Too often the replay booth is getting in the way of the ebb and flow of the game, stopping to look at a trivial replay to confirm a play when a referee was within feet of the action. I’m all for getting things right, but when you’ve got the game starting and stopping to review plays that aren’t even close, the replay officials are getting in the way of a the football game. Even more baffling is the decision to overturn a call. Whether it’s Friday night’s game in Cincinnati or the final offensive play for the Irish, there is just way too much subjectivity getting in the way of football. When you slow a person’s movements down to a single frame per second it warps your sense of what really happened.

Jimmy Clausen’s fumble/incompletion at the end of the game is a proof that replay officials have forgotten what the word inconclusive means. There’s no way you can overturn Clausen’s fumble if you understand what indisputable means. And if Clausen’s fumble is the line of demarcation, then Jonathan Baldwin’s controversial catch with under seven
minutes left in the game should’ve been brought back. The NCAA has to do something this offseason about it’s replay system, and putting the onus on coaches to call challenges instead of allowing partisan officiating crews to dictate what play gets looked at is the best solution. Football may be a game of inches and the officials may be doing the best job they can, but it’s getting to the point where even logical fans start questioning the integrity of officiating crews.

5) Notre Dame’s nightmare scenario is upon us.

Once again, Charlie Weis and the Irish are in a position where they’ve given up their ability to control their own destiny. A win at Pitt would’ve silenced a very vocal minority that is hellbent on change. Now there’s another week of questions, another week of speculation, and another week where people will look for word out of Notre Dame’s athletic department regarding the head coaching situation. As I said earlier, it’s too bad that things aren’t black and white, because it’d be a much easier decision. There’s no doubt in my mind that the whispers from last week weighed on the Irish players and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’ll effect them again as they prepare for UConn. Now it’s up to Weis to prepare his team for another tough game, or for Jack Swarbrick to tell him he doesn’t need to do it anymore.

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  1. SDI - Nov 15, 2009 at 1:36 AM

    I really like your posts and appreciate your attempt at a fair minded analysis of coach Weis. But it’s not a vocal minority that thinks it’s time for him to move on–it’s a vast majority. Believe me, I’ve been arguing for him to be given time to continue rebuilding this program since the fire Weis crowd got started in 07, but since the Navy game, there is almost no one still defending him. 1-10 against ranked teams says it all. I really like CW and want desperately for him to succeed, but it just isn’t going to happen. It’s time for a new coach.

  2. larry - Nov 15, 2009 at 1:38 AM

    All very good comments. This was the first time I ever felt like a replay was called to ensure a victory for the home team. Pitt in a BCS game is big money for the Big East. Pitt at 9-1 against Cinci is big ratings for the Big East. That overturn was horrible. I think the Big East commissioner was in the booth helping out.
    But ND should have never been in that situation. The D is plain bad and the O-line is horribly coached, and the play calling was predictable as usual. I don’t know where they go from here. I see a sloppy win next week and a loss at Stanford. 7-5 on the year against a very easy schedule.

  3. leomcm - Nov 15, 2009 at 1:41 AM

    Stanford 55 – SC 21! That was the highlight of my weekend. But my gosh Golden Tate is one hell of a player.

  4. kejji - Nov 15, 2009 at 1:45 AM

    Oh boy! Oh boy! this means we get to hear buckets of apocalyptic denunciations from robertg…bring it on robertg! the only thing you haven’t blamed yet is the vast right wing conspiracy.

  5. frank - Nov 15, 2009 at 2:12 AM

    Time for Charlie Weis to go. Enough is enough.

  6. StephenOfTroy - Nov 15, 2009 at 2:26 AM

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. Keith Arnold, would you and the other crybabies from ND like some cheese to go with your whine? Crying about the official’s CORRECT call regarding Clausen’s fumble? When EVERY game in South Bend has the taint of the “luck of the Irish?” End of the game vs. SC. No, wait, let’s put a second back on the clock. Washington’s RB scores an obvious TD. No, wait, let’s say he didn’t and put the ball at the one-and-a-half.
    Get over yourselves. You can’t beat any team with a winning record. You’re 0-8 against my Trojans, even when you grow the grass long to try to take away our superior speed. You can’t beat Navy AT HOME. It has nothing to do with Ty Willingham. Weis has his own recruits. He cannot coach them, and they cannot play. ND has its own TV station and endless amounts of money to hire and recruit talent. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
    My question is, why in the world hasn’t Weis been fired? The black guy had the same winning percentage. But now, all of a sudden, it’s about something more than wins and losses? Why? Gee…. I wonder.

  7. brandon - Nov 15, 2009 at 2:40 AM

    StephenOfTroy: you’re in the wrong place to be bashing ND homie, you’re just sore because usc got a new butthole stomped in em today. Go Away.
    Now, I’ve had many a bad things to say about CW and this years teams performance, but damnit, I’m done talkin about the bad stuff….for now.
    I want to talk about one thing and one thing only. Golden Tate. Man, i can’t say enough about this guy, floyd comes out and G.T. gets double, triple teamed, and what does he do? he scores TD’s. Floyd comes back, and what does G.T. do? he scores even more TD’s. I don’t care what the results are at the end of this season, because honestly the results won’t go in his favor based on the teams record, but put G.T. next to anyone of the top finalists for the hiesman, and he’s a better player. Period. Golden Tate is by far, the best college football player in the country, and I for one am damn proud to say he’s a ND guy.
    So…..moral of the story here guys, look at the bright side

  8. Nick - Nov 15, 2009 at 2:41 AM

    Stephen of Troy is an idiot for even considering the possibility that firing Tyrone Willingham had anything to do with race. I’m so incredibly sick of ignorant fans of different schools across the country who believe that just because guys like John Saunders thought it was racist to fire Willingham mean that its true. Honestly, get a clue. Ty Willingham got fired, justifiably so, because he was lazy. He relied on decent recruiting by Davie in his first year to have a solid first season, which he turned into one decent recruiting class. Charlie Weis got a pass in 2007 and 2008 because of Ty Willingham’s unbelievable incompetency. Let’s not forget that he went 0-12 at Washington, and had Ty not relied on ND’s brand name to get one good recruiting class, the Irish might have been in Washington’s shoes. Charlie got his chance because he does work incredibly hard. Obviously, it does not appear to be working out, but he solidified the talent base at ND for the next coach to come in and succeed. People think Charlie succeeded with Ty’s recruits? Well Ty was 5-7, and 6-6 with those same players-and he had leftovers from Davie like Julius Jones and Vontez Duff. Charlie deserved a chance to see if he could groom his own highly rated players that many of whom he outworked Pete Jackass for, and it just didn’t work out. But let’s stop the racism stuff with Ty Willingham. It’s embarrassing for a fan of a “smart person” school like USC to even think racism played a factor.

  9. StephenOfTroy - Nov 15, 2009 at 2:49 AM

    Brandon: “homie?” Seriously? You’re a joke. I’m not upset about losing to Stanford. They’re a great team. They stomped Oregon too. We have: a new offensive coordinator, a new defensive coordinator, a new (freshman) QB, 8 new players on defense, AND injuries to: star TB, star WR, star TE, and 3 LB’s. You can’t expect to win them all. Except you can still expect to beat ND. 8-0 in the last 8 years, right? So shut up, “homie.”
    Nick: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s Charlie Weis, or as another person on this blog called him, Cap’n Puddingpants. Oh no wait I meant to say it’s racism. You tell me why Weis is still there while Ty got the axe. If you think Ty was lazy (gee, there’s a stereotype about blacks), what did Weis do that you think counts as working incredibly hard? No change whatsoever to his game plan vs. Navy. It showed. Have you guys beaten a team with a winning record? Speaking of winning records, Charlie would KILL to have “Pete Jackass’s” record. Way to show your legendary class. Idiot.

  10. StephenOfTroy - Nov 15, 2009 at 2:53 AM

    Oh, and Brandon: If Golden Tate was at USC, you wouldn’t hear anything about him, unless Damian Williams was injured. You guys act like Tate is the Second Coming, when you’re not acting like Clausen is. Tate’s good, no doubt. But if he was all that you say, how come your coach hasn’t found a scheme that will exploit his talent and lead to WINS against decent (not even GOOD) teams? I know your fingers are in your ears. Won’t work. I’m typing. Not talking.

  11. Nick - Nov 15, 2009 at 3:03 AM

    Okay so now I’m a racist. Well I played major division one basketball with plenty of African Americans, none of whom were lazy, so thanks for calling me a racist. I also had a high school teammate play for Pete, and I used to respect everything about them, but since most SC fans are like you, I can’t believe I ever fell into that trap.

  12. GraceHall89 - Nov 15, 2009 at 3:13 AM

    I agree that it is not a “very vocal minority”. I graduated in 1989, after we won the national championship in the autumn, and all the alumni I know want Charlie to go. Some of us even cheered for Pitt last night, so that the picture wouldn’t be hazy at the end of the season. Can we please find a college coach whose a winner? In fact, we need to be a bit humble here and seek a turn around specialist will actually give ND a shot after we chose 3 loser coaches after Lou’s departure.

  13. StephenOfTroy - Nov 15, 2009 at 3:20 AM

    Nick, where did you go to school? Did they teach reading comprehension? Were you asleep that day? I didn’t call you racist. I said laziness is a stereotype about blacks. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. By the way, the “some of my best friends are you people” thing? Racist. LOL!
    I came back to say one thing. I don’t hate ND, even though I’m a double Trojan. I respected the old ND. Ever since I was a kid, my two favorite programs have been USC and Notre Dame. I remember a Sports Illustrated cover that showed Rodney Peete getting gang-tackled by the Irish. ND has a storied history and has a lot to be proud of. My best friend from college went to law school at ND, and I made the trip to South Bend to watch the USC game a couple of times. I loved the way the stadium rocked as the crowd chanted “We…are…N…D” And I still wear my ND sweatshirt that my college best friend bought me. I even wore it to the Coliseum, as a gesture of friendship (and a female Trojan fan threatened my life, much to my delight).
    Point being: rivalries are only rivalries if either teams is capable of winning. Both teams should be competing, and the outcome should not be assured before the game starts. ND needs to improve, dramatically. It used to be about something more than making excuses for failing to compete. Losing twice at home to Navy? Failing to beat a team with a winning record? Keep making excuses. The rest of us will keep calling for your head coach’s head. For the sake of ND and its deserving fans, if not for the sake of re-igniting what used to be the premiere rivalry in college football.
    Okay, that’s it. Enjoy your could’a-should’a-would’a-and-don’t-we-all-think-Golden-Tate-walks-on-water party.

  14. JJ - Nov 15, 2009 at 3:29 AM

    Alright…2 huge problems that I need some explanations on!!! 1) How can a call ruled an incomplete pass (meaning that when the refs blew the play dead, no one had control of the ball, BECAUSE IT WAS AN INCOMPLETE PASS) then be overruled as a fumble and then given to the other team (although the ball was recovered AFTER the play was WHISTLED dead) ANYONE, PLEASE?!?!?! 2) If you taped the ND-Pitt game, go to about 5min remaining when the Pitt RB ran right and OBVIOUSLY straight out-of-bounds resulting in a 3rd and 1yd to go play. The RB ran directly out-of-bounds (not the “forward progress was stopped in bounds” crap) and the game clock continued to run!! Can anyone explain? And by explain I mean an actual explanation…..not your immature BS about how ND sucks and are always lucky and don’t deserve to win! And I also understand that Charlie W. is the furtherest thing from an “offensive genius” that the College world has ever seen, so please save your breath and save us your retarded, “I hate Charlie” speech and just answer the questions?!?! Thanks!

  15. bill in Shanghai - Nov 15, 2009 at 4:06 AM

    This is a thoughtful, balanced, and thanks for a well written column. There’s nothing black and white here, all pretty murky. One thing though is clear, these games have been exciting down to the wire–or the replay booth takes control of the outcome–whichever comes first.
    I shudder to think what the boys at ND Nation are writing now though.It’s a crematorium over there.

  16. Grady - Nov 15, 2009 at 4:28 AM

    I would never, ever root against ND.
    I was a freshman when ND won the national title in 1988. I’ve suffered like you, but I have never, ever, ever rooted against the Irish.
    How could you put your feelings about a coach ahead of your feelings for the team?
    I know you are not alone, but to turn your back on ND because of a coach?!?
    I’m just aghast.

  17. robertg - Nov 15, 2009 at 4:50 AM

    1. nightmare is the correct word for the notre dame/pitt game.
    2. however, the nightmare was not for vcharlie weis or his staff of for any of notre dame’s fine student athletes.
    3. the nightmare, which we will happily deliver via the civil courts for every big east game and tech review official who orchestrated this atrocity on national tv and for their superiors at the big east conference.
    4. per the box score only as a start, pitt played the entire game with the officials calling only one 5 yard penalty against pitt, but created many phantom penalties against notre dame called against notre dame at crucial times to stall notre dame td drives and to put pitt in great field positions to score.
    5. the big east officials were justifiable terrified that notre dame would actually score on notre dame’s last drive and win.
    6. therefore, the big east tech reviewers stepped and created a phantom fumble to give pitt the ball.
    7. we have a bridge for sale in brrooklyn for anyone stupid enough to but the paper outcome of the notre dame/pitt game as legimate.
    8. our process servers will be delivering civil rico lawsuits to the homes of every big east game and tech review official invollved in officiating the notre dame/pitt games this week, along with civil rico lawsuits to their superiors and protectors at the big east conference.
    9. unless charlie and his staff get disgusted and quit to proect their families from all of this fraudlent vitriol, charlie and his staff will be at notre dame for many years to come.
    10. we fixed the pac 1o officiating, with a lot of help from new and honest pac 10 commissioner larry scott, who becames so outraged when he saw the game films of wins over usc by notre dame and oregon state converted into usc wins by dishonest pac 10 officials, that scott took personal control over pac 10 football officiating from long time pac 10 officiating con artists jim muldoon and dave cutaia.
    11. with honest pac 10 officials, stanford blew out usc in the mausoleum 55-21 and forfet winns for notre dame and oregon state are coming very soon, in addition to forfeit wins for notre dame over michigan,navy, and pitt.
    12. anyone can point out things that notre dame players could have done better in every game. to understand how the dishonest officiating game works, people have to read and understand the ncaa rulebook, avaliable online and purchase the equipment and hire the real experts to break down the game films.
    13. however, the only relevant point is that this notre dame team played well enough to win, but for the grossly dishonest.
    14. the great news is that these hopelessly corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and ranking systems vwill no be back next season and that every person and entity involved in crooked college sports enterprises will be gone well before next season begins.
    GO IRISH!!

  18. brandon - Nov 15, 2009 at 5:42 AM

    No point in going back and forth with you, because you’re one of “those” guys. The kind of guy who has nothing better to do with your time then kick off some ridiculous smack talking on the internet. Knowing good and well in real life, face to face, you wouldn’t have a damn thing to say. And why do you do it? because you have NO life…so instead of replying back to my comment here with some more of your pathetic rambling, why don’t you go find a USC site to praise your team, instead of staying here and bashing ours.
    Like I originally said. you’re in the wrong place homie. Go away.

  19. Terry - Nov 15, 2009 at 5:55 AM

    repeat after me:
    It’s only a game
    It’s only a game
    It’s only a game
    It’s only a game
    ad infinitum, ad nauseam

  20. willmose - Nov 15, 2009 at 6:34 AM

    Below is a reality check translation on the five things we learned about the Irish.
    1) Pitt’s pass rush killed the Irish.
    Reality translation: The OL can’t pass block. Too slow to block a quick and big DL. Bad blocking schemes in passing scenarios equal poor coaching.
    2) Notre Dame’s kicking game killed them.
    Reality translation: Kicking is fundamental to football. Surely, getting good kickers has to be on someone’s recuiting list.
    3) Irish defense just can’t force turnovers.
    Reality translation: Poor defensive schemes. Good DCs use schemes that put their impact players in position to make plays. Of course, the DC has to be willing to take chances. Again, poor coaching explains the lack of the defense forcing turnovers.
    4) Way too many games are turning subjective.
    Reality translation: The replay officals live in a different reality. This is not the fault of the Irish, it is the fault of the instant replay system. It is the same in the NFL and all other sports that use the instant replay. All the fans and writers wanted the instant replay, so bad calls would be overturned. The subjective comes with it. The lesson for ND fans is be carefully want you wish for (i.e., goodbye Charlie).
    5) Notre Dame’s nightmare scenario is upon us.
    Reality translation: The nightmare started when Charlie Weis was hired not last night. Like cream rises to the top, lead sinks to the bottom. Good coaching doesn’t need defending and will show through. Bad coaching doesn’t get better when given more time.
    For Notre Dame it is time to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation. The choice is to live in an alternative reality, like the replay officals and pretend all in well.

  21. Good4u - Nov 15, 2009 at 6:40 AM

    Stephen – Great Comments! Here is the deal, until ND opens up their program to good minority candidates as well as others “the curse of Tyrone Willingham” will continue.

  22. Larry - Nov 15, 2009 at 7:36 AM

    All the crap on here about racism is just personal opinions of folks who need to vent their angers and frustrations. Stick to football and the facts…ND has really sucked for quite a while,say back to when Holtz left. Those Brady Quinn teams were no prize as LSU showed them to be lacking in all phases of the game. Charlie Weis and his coaches are 2nd tier at their jobs. ND will never return to glory with this staff. The AD needs to show some leadership and clean house and what has proven so difficult, find a competent first class coaching staff.Until then ND will continue to be a mediocre team and an embarrasement to those of us who remember the days of Ara and Lou and don’t forget Dan Devine.

  23. mrrandolph - Nov 15, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Great article! If you want to be a great team, you have to be good enough to overcome mistakes. Every play is designed offensively to score a TD. And every play defensively is designed to stop the offense for no gain. The problem with ND right now is that they have to play perfect to win against quality opponents. They just aren’t good enough to win without mistakes.
    They don’t know how to win and why would they look how long it has been since they have had sustained success.

  24. robertg - Nov 15, 2009 at 7:59 AM

    1. the 1st step for any poster who expects to be taken seriously is to read and understand the current ncca college officiating rules which are available online.
    2. the second step is to look at the flow and timing of penalties called and penalties not called against both teams, including the phantom fumble which was called against nd by the big east tech review crew on notre dame’s last offensive series, but was ruled an intentional grounding when a real fumble was committed by usc’s barkley recovered by notre dame and then reversed to be an intentional grounding which permitted the pac 10 officiating crew to give back to usc its 3rd fumble of the day recovered by notre dame in the notre dame/usc game.
    3. of course, these acts of dishonest officiating by that pac 10 crew occurred before new and honest pac 10 commissioner larry scott took personal control of the pac 10 officials and straighted out that mess, with forfeits by usc to notre dame and oregon state to follow.
    4. we realize that not everyone can purchase the equipment that we have purchased and hire the experts that we have to break down game films with the focus on officiating.
    5. we will be posting the dates and times and locations of depositions and trials.
    6. anyone who wants to attend will be very welcome.
    7. when we started out on this project, we did not know very much about college football officiating or about the business of college football.
    8. we have taken the time to learn, a luxury which is available to us because the us district judge in the enron civil rico cases awarded us over $690 million, lees than 11% of the cash that we recovered for the victims of that fraud.
    9. once any real experts have broken down the game films of every notre dame 2009 football game, it is quite obvious that this notre dame team really is undefeated for 2009 season so far and that florida and alabama really have 2 losses each.
    10. when paper losses occur, there is a natural tendency even for people who really love notre dame to blanme the coaches and the student athletes.
    11. after all, no team has ever played a perfect game.
    12. however, the only relevant question is whether or not this notre dame played well enough to win every 2009 game and the answer is that they did.
    13. anyone who wants to root against notre dame should go out and do so.
    14. people who want to complain about charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes would be happier rooting for another team.
    15. we are expecting from the notre dame administration an expression of full support for charlie and his staff and for notre dame’s student athletes and a demand that the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems be replaced with honest high tech systems fully transparent to the public.
    GO IRISH!!!

  25. bill in shanghai - Nov 15, 2009 at 8:03 AM

    Good4u, are you willfully ignorant or just stupid? Maybe you didnt notice that Willingham was fired from Washington for being grossly incompetent? Or are they racists too, in your book? Looks to me like you live in a race oriented victimization world.
    Last thing ND needs is an affirmative action coaching selection.

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