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The good, the bad, the ugly: UConn

Nov 23, 2009, 7:30 AM EDT

The weekly good, bad, and ugly is starting to feel like a death march, but we’ll solider on into a much needed Thanksgiving week. (What will Notre Dame fans be thankful for this year?)
But before we get to that, let’s look back at the latest heart-breaking loss for the Irish. Without further ado, here’s the good, bad, and ugly from Notre Dame’s 33-30 double overtime loss to the Connecticut Huskies.


When the Yankees won their first World Series since 2000, the popular nickname bandied about for Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettite was the “Core 4.” Well the Irish’s Core 4 of Jimmy Clausen, Armando Allen, Golden Tate, and Michael Floyd certainly played excellent games. Allen, Tate, and Floyd all went over the 100 yard mark, and Clausen threw for 329 yards and two touchdowns, adding a third score on the ground. While the final score is all that matters, these four offensive stalwarts put up massive numbers, and Golden Tate is certainly deserving of an invitation to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony, even if the Irish finish at .500.

The Irish also got gutty performances from Ben Turk and David Ruffer. Turk rallied after a woeful stretch and launched 5 great punts, averaging 47 yards a kick. And Ruffer’s story could be one of legend if it weren’t for the swoon of the Irish. Kicking in the dorm leagues last year, Ruffer not only took over kickoff duties, but has filled in more than capably after Nick Tausch went down with a leg injury. Ruffer has made every kick since trotting onto the field, and nailed a clutch 37 yard field goal in overtime that could’ve been a game winner if the defense held the Huskies.


Where to start? The Irish gave up 100 yard games to Jordan Todman and Andre Dixon, and were incapable of stopping an offense that was thoroughly one-dimensional. Worse yet, was the personal foul by Sergio Brown. Long one of my favorites, Brown has had a terrible two game stretch, missing several key tackles against Pitt, and committing the inexplicable penalty that jump-started the hibernating UConn offense.

The kick coverage groups were also woeful. Usually held back by subpar kicking, both the punt and kick cover teams gave up big returns, one going for a touchdown the other going for 31 big yards. Honorable mention goes to Notre Dame’s red zone offense, once again only getting three touchdowns in six tries, a percentage that is just not good enough when push came to shove.


Reality. Notre Dame’s coaching staff most likely spent their last Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium. After 8 games, even with two disappointing close losses, the Irish were sitting at 6-2, and still had BCS aspirations. Three games later, the Irish are 6-5, and will be heavy underdogs at Stanford.

As Charlie Weis said in his press conference yesterday, “I’m the head football coach. Who else is responsible? Ultimately it falls on my shoulders.”

Expect the curtain to fall for a last time on the Weis era next Saturday at Stanford.

  1. mrrandolph - Nov 23, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    The Good- The Season Ending
    The Bad- The Season
    The Ugly- The state of the program

  2. 1988CHAMPS - Nov 23, 2009 at 9:34 AM

    Anyone feel like watching the Irish in a Bowl this year?

  3. StephenOfTroy - Nov 23, 2009 at 12:40 PM

    Nicely done, mrrandolph. I cannot improve on what you wrote, so I’ll just tip my hat and move on to the next posting.

  4. NJ - Nov 23, 2009 at 1:54 PM

    This is the time, when true fans will be seperated from the wanna-bes. We will overcome! And that’s all I have to say about that.

  5. gregizzo - Nov 23, 2009 at 2:10 PM

    Funny thing ND gets beat and Meyer already getting in front of the rumor mill and saying “I will be at Florida as long as they will have me”. It is interesting that ND is 6-5 and makes headlines with its loses. Florida is unbeaten and can’t make headlines with it’s wins. I know they didn’t play anyone this week but the point is clear love or hate them ND makes news.

  6. grandpashyena - Nov 23, 2009 at 2:16 PM

    Time for Chuck to grab the tanning oil and spandex, get the bikini wax, and head for the islands.

  7. Irish_in_Delaware - Nov 23, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    Charlie Weis, in his own words, has indicated what should happen. Five years ago, he said that he wasn’t hired to return a 6-5 teams.
    If he doesn’t resign, he is NOT a man of his word, but is putting his own financial welfare ahead of the good of the team and Notre Dame Football. In my opinion, he has defaulted on his promise.

  8. ND Fan forever - Nov 23, 2009 at 3:07 PM

    Listen I am as disapointed as anyone in the way things have gone this year. The defense I thought after last year would be the difference maker this year but they are horrible. The offense is very good if not great. turnovers lately have spelled doom for ND. Not being able to score inside the 3 yard line has been the deciding factor in the last 3 games. ND with some good defense should be undefeated I have no doubt of that. I say Charlie should stay let him have next year if all the weapons come back and I think they will no one wants to go out this way ever. Charlie is not the problem. Need the defense to get going. Charlie and the Irish good luck this Saturday we deserve a break a win against Stanford and winning a bowl game would help the pain some. Go IRISH….

  9. Bernie O'Kelly - Nov 23, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    Every Great Team Has two elements First is Talent the second is coaching We have the talent, What else is there to say

  10. Bernie O'Kelly - Nov 23, 2009 at 4:01 PM

    Yeah , Me I’ll be watching them no matter what I just keep hoping for the best fo ND no matter how Badly I feel after a season with Faust or Davies or Willingham or Weiss What bothered me the most is when they gave unproven Davies an extension on his contract and then did the same with weiss.
    Weiss said that the Notre Dame job was the job of a lifetime and then waved a so called offer in their face to hold thm up for more money and a contract extension, At that point they should hve said “Go for it Charlie” I cant help thinking about what they paid Holz and what he did with the team and what they are paying Weiss and what he has done with the team.
    I became a ND Football fan when I was eight years old In 1940 and my Mom took me to see Knute Rockne All American, My Mom didnt care a whiff about football she just wanted to see Pat O’Brien and that new young actor Ronald Regan Ive been loyal ever since althought dissappointed many times , But Hope Springs Eternal, Yes Ill Be watching ND in a bowl game even if its a Toilet Bowl and hoping they will “Shake Down The Echoes one more time
    Bernie O’K

  11. IndianaJoe - Nov 23, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    You should watch the games!!! Give him another year!!! That’s what everyone was saying last year and look where that has gotten us. The offense could be great, but is really only average, at best. The team is 6 and 5 against a weak schedule. The offense does great between the 20’s, but can’t do anything in the red zone. Remember the game against Washington??? Five field goals. I think the offense could be great, but not under Weis. His play calling is not creative and is predictable. This from a “great offensive mind”???
    The defense is another story. I think they have shown signs of being good, but they too are poorly coached. Navy’s FB ran all over them and they never made an adjustment. The players said they were out schemed, and I believe they were. Poor M. Teo runs around the field like he has no idea what’s going on, rarely gets to the QB when he blitzes, and is always behind the back he is supposed to be covering out of the backfield.
    The whole team effort is lacking in creativity, and execution dicipline. Worst of all, they team has not spirit. They die in the second half when they realize that it’s just more of the same and the other team know it and has made adjustments. You can’t entirely blame the defense when the offense gets two TD’s in their first 3 possessions, and 2 field goals in their last 8 or 9. That is a failure of the offense, not the defense.
    It’s all coaching. Charlie need to move on, now.

  12. IndianaJoe - Nov 23, 2009 at 4:36 PM

    You are one of the few who have been an ND fan longer than I. You made a really good comment when you mentioned that Weis held up the AD for more money and a contract extension. The guy is a slime. He talks about how much he loves the school, but he does this and then won’t resign when he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can’t coach worth squat.
    They will be back, but it will take someone who doesn’t look for excuses why they don’t win, but finds reasons they can win.
    Go Irish.

  13. NDFAN401 - Nov 23, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    Keith Arnold, take a look at the entire season and tell me about the good ! There is none! Notre Dame is one game away from firing their coach, Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate most likely will not return and the program itself is now circling the bowl. I don’t know about you but individual stats and yardage totals don’t do a damn thing for me if the game is lost. We lost to Uconn on Senior Day in double overtime, there is nothing but bad & ugly, you can add this to your stat list that is 2 losses on the past 2 senior days, 2 losses to Navy the last 2 years and several games lost because of poor defense and all this is going to be laid at the feet of Charlie Weis. The first step to correcting this program is to take all of your stupid stats and file them where they belong which is in the garbage right along with all the stupid excuses we have been hearing about a season, a career and a BCS opportunity gone horribly wrong. The icing on the cake is that once Charlie Weis is fired and gone there are no good candidates to take over the program. So do you know what that means Mr. Arnold, it means that we are going to get to hear the same stupid stats, the same stupid excuses and the same stupid rhetoric from all of you journalists for the next 5 years, boy I for one cannot wait for the future to begin, LET THE STAT TAKING COMMENCE!!!!

  14. NDFAN401 - Nov 23, 2009 at 5:50 PM

    Keith Arnold, take a look at the entire season and tell me about the good ! There is none! Notre Dame is one game away from firing their coach, Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate most likely will not return and the program itself is now circling the bowl. I don’t know about you but individual stats and yardage totals don’t do a damn thing for me if the game is lost. We lost to Uconn on Senior Day in double overtime, there is nothing but bad & ugly, you can add this to your stat list that is 2 losses on the past 2 senior days, 2 losses to Navy the last 2 years and several games lost because of poor defense and all this is going to be laid at the feet of Charlie Weis. The first step to correcting this program is to take all of your stupid stats and file them where they belong which is in the garbage right along with all the stupid excuses we have been hearing about a season, a career and a BCS opportunity gone horribly wrong. The icing on the cake is that once Charlie Weis is fired and gone there are no good candidates to take over the program. So do you know what that means Mr. Arnold, it means that we are going to get to hear the same stupid stats, the same stupid excuses and the same stupid rhetoric from all of you journalists for the next 5 years, boy I for one cannot wait for the future to begin, LET THE STAT TAKING COMMENCE!!!!

  15. Keith Arnold - Nov 23, 2009 at 9:49 PM

    If the theme of the column is good, bad, and ugly, I can’t just skip the good!

  16. Jan - Nov 23, 2009 at 11:21 PM

    Keith…in answer to your question, in respect to the ND football program, I’m Thankful for:
    1. The character of our players – none of which are so stupid or immoral as to rob a convenience store (not to mention in their school colors) OR to commit other assorted felonies – up to and including one of our Heisman winners actually “getting away with murder” (yes, Stephen of Troy that comment is especially for you).
    For those of you who claim there is no spirit (Indiana Joe) or fight or heart on this team, I invite you to rewatch the games. Week after week they came out and played to the final second – even when self proclaimed Irish fans and an army of detractors predicted that the team couldn’t/wouldn’t overcome the disappointment of a recent loss.
    Unlike many of the so called fans, the players demonstrated the character and loyalty to literally stand shoulder to shoulder with their embattled coach despite the vile, character attacking cheap shots so easily discharged by blogging cowards.
    Why don’t you detractors cut to the chase and start chanting the familiar refrain: “Crucify him, Crucify him”. Would that finally satisfy your thirst for blood?
    2. ND actually treating football as a game (albeit with big business implications) for student athletes who actually graduate and view football as being a PART – not the end all – of the ND college experience. The fans that feel entitled to a National Championship at any cost may be better served to root for USC, OSU, TX, AL, or any number of elite “football factories”.
    Starting with the days of Rockne (yes, even Knute had difficulties with the Adminsitration), definitely in the Leahy years, including Ara’s years, ditto for Lou…..ND has always maintained football in a balanced perspective within the stated mission of the University. Read the mission and vision of ND (see the website) going back to Fr. Sorin’s words. If you don’t agree: get elected President of ND, AD, or member of the board and change it – but stop already with the whining.
    Indiana Joe states in one of his posts “’s only a game..”
    and weeks later reacts with indignation (seemingly akin to the public reaction to Madoff’s ponzi scheme) to the very thought of Charlie continuing his work for another year. What damage has this man caused you? Have you lost your life’s savings betting on the games? A fan sending Charlie a cap mocking Charlie’s mentally handicapped daughter? REALLY????
    3. The state of the ND football program being far more positive than 5 years ago. You’re welcome to call me a biased nut, rabid ND fan, or anything else you wish. This year especially, I read comments from top notch recruits (and their parents) that they chose ND to: a) EARN a top notch education for life, b) have the opportunity to play NFL style football, c) be part of a program of integrity, and (unspoken) d) get unsurpassed media exposure for going pro – if part of the very small minority of players talented enough to have a shot.
    In my opinion, that is the current ND Unique Selling Proposition – and Charlie and staff have done a superb job of positioning it well in the recruiting “marketplace”. ND does not have a monopoly on any one of the above elements – obviously. I assert that over the past 5 years, we have built a unique combination of at least those four elements. Top notch players have a good reason to select ND.
    I do not recall reading/hearing about recruits perceiving ND in this light going back to the days of coach Davie and especially “poor” coach Willingham (how many millions of $$ did “poor” Ty take when he left ND).
    4. I don’t depend on many of the “fans” blogging on this site (and other forums) to support me or cover my back.
    I’m old fashion. I’ve never met Charlie, I have no vested interest or hidden agenda in standing up for him. He’s a ND man in the best sense of the term. I would do anything in my power (short of harming my own family’s best interest) to help him or any other ND man (or woman) in their life pursuits – okay, honestly there are a few exceptions that I’ve met along the way. To me that’s what I mean when I say “We are ND”. If that’s arrogance or thinking that there’s something special or a mystique at ND (Stephen of Troy and other ND detractors) – so be it. Guilty as charged. Get over it, that’s how many of us feel.
    5. The President of ND and the AD will make the decision about Charlie’s future at ND, presumably WITHOUT the “wise” input of the hordes of bloggers, TV “talking heads”, sports writers (with their own hidden agendas), or other self proclaimed gurus.
    I trust and have faith in the ND decison makers to learn from the mistakes made in the past (painfully evident since Lou Holtz’s untimely “departure”), to use reason, to evaluate the program progress in total and not fan(atically) ranting, to do what is in the best interest of ND and of all “stakeholders” (players, students, alumni, faculty, coaches & their families) with ND’s long term future as their agendas
    Thank you God for these many blessings!!!!
    Jan Dec, ND’69

  17. bolsh - Nov 23, 2009 at 11:48 PM

    Jan – I am an ND fan and can cover you to a point. I agree it is great that ND has great student atheletes on and off the field. The graduation rate are incredible and Charlie deserves credit for that. In general, the academics at Notre Dame are among the best out there.
    It is also important to remember that Notre Dame wouldn’t be Notre Dame if it wasn’t for their football team. The football program is the most noticable face of the University and their are high expectations for success. That means the head coach must show results on the field with wins, and it has not happened. I don’t expect championships every year either, but I do expect to see better than this. I think their are a lot of fans who feel the same way.
    A good case in point are the losses to Navy in 07 and 09. Both times, they had the most talent, but could not beat them. But Navy is the better team because they are tougher and more disciplined. This is something Charlie’s teams do not have, and I do not see that changing. It is time to let him go and wish him well.

  18. robertg - Nov 24, 2009 at 1:15 AM

    1. the only big ugly in the notre dame/uconn game was the same big ugly that has resulted in every single one of notre dame’s losses on paper this season and was tried, but failed, in all but 2 of notre dame’s wins this season- blatantly dishonest officiating by officiating crews hired and paid by conferences and protected by those conferences and by the ncaa, so far, from the consequences of those numerous acts of dishonest conduct.
    2. for any objective person who wants just one example of such game outcome altering dishonest officiating by the big east officials at the notre dame, go to and watch and listen to this week’s edition of inside notre dame football with charlie weis and jack nolan.
    3. pay particuar attention to the closeups of the phantom 15 yard penalty awarded against notrte dame’s sergio brown theortically for inflicting an illegal hit on a uconn player while the uconn player was theoretically out of bounds. result- an illegal td for uconn.
    4. the physical film evidence from the closeups is very clear. sergio legally pushed the uconn player out of bounds. both sergio and the uconn player were in bounds when the contact occurred.
    5. however, that did not stop these big east officials from giving a 15 yard illegal gift to uconn, a school which, unlike notre dame, is a member of the big east conference in football.
    6. why can charlie and his staff and jack nolan and notre dame’s student athletes not speak out about the blatantly dishonest officiating?
    7. there are currently, both at the ncaa and the conference levels, so called sportmanship conduct rules(aka keep quiet about the dishonest officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems which have turned college football into the massive con opertation that it is today or you will be banned from college sports for life).
    8. if anyone thinks that charlie has not received quite a few such warnings in wrting from the con artists who illegally rake in hundreds of millions every season from crooked college sports enterprises, then that person would be wrong.
    9. while you are watching and listening to inside notre dame football. watch how loyal notre dame’s student athletes are to charlie and his staff.
    10. notre dame’s student athletes who also play football have personnaly experienced blantantly dishonest officiating in every game but for 2 in which notre dame has played this season.
    11. they know that charlie and his staff do not have to defend a 6-5 record because notre dame’s real record is 11-0 when anyone with the equipment and experts to break down the game films takes out the points illegally given to notre dame’s opponents and adds in the points illegaly taken away from notre dame by these dishonest officials.
    12. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s athletes who also play football have done outstanding jobs for notre dame bothg on the field and off the field.
    13. notre dame’s enemies are filling the media with articles intended to create the impression that charlie and his staff are going to be fired.
    14.notre dame’s enemies are also filling the media with fraudulent information inteneded to mislead notre dame fans into believing that notre dame real record is 6-5 and unacceptable and that the officials are honest( try contacting the conferences to get any background information at all on ant official. you will be stonewalled unless you show up with a court subpoena, as we have and will continue to do).
    15.instead of showing the type of solidarity with and support of charlie and his staff exhibited by notre dame’s student athletes who also play football, notre dame’s enemies want to con notre dame fans into getting caught up in these vicious attacks that they asre promoting.
    16. watch and listen closely to charlie’s press conferences and to those of notre dame’s student athletes who also play football, who are in much better positions to evaluate what charlie and his staff have done on and off the field for them and for notre dame than any casual noytre dame fan.
    17. when you watch and listen to those interviews at, ask yourselves the question “are charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes who also play football not shining examples of everything good and honest for which notre dame has always stood?”.
    18. the answer to that question is a resounding yes.
    19. if notre dame football is to have a future outside of the ivy league option, then notre dame ad jack swarbrick and the administration will do what they should have done much earlier this season.
    20. they will publicly support charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes and publicly demand that the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems be changed immediately.
    21. that is up to notre dame and we have no direct vote in such matters, although we know quite a few people who do and we know that they have already made the correct decision.
    22. notre dame will continue to play college football with honesty and integrity and giving every student athlete a top quality education and preparation for life.
    23. otherwise, notre dame will no longer be notre dame.
    24. with respect to the economic fates of every person and entity involved in crooked college sports enterprises, none of them will be around next season and none of them will have any material possesions.
    25. the football factories and the predator coaches and the teams composed of full time football players being presented to the public as real student athletes will be out of business and gone, just as enron and mcoi worldcom and so many other con operations are.
    26. we do not need the permission of anyone at notre dame or anywhere else to do what we do better than anyone else-take down con operations in the civil courts and punish, with extreme economic prejudice and with no mercy, in the civil courts those who have deceived and ripped off the public and people whom we love and admire.
    27. every day, the media puts forth a new list of coaches who are billed as the perfect replacements for charlie and his staff. every day, the coaches named state publicly that they have no interest in coaching at notre dame.
    28. it is not difficult to understand their reasons. at notre dame, they would not have the use of the full time football players that they have at other schools.
    29. at notre dame, they would not get assistance from dishonest officials in their conferences, as they now do.
    30. in fact, at notre dame. they would have to deal with the same dishonest officials with whom charlie and his staff and notre dame’sc student athletes who also play sports have to deal with every week.
    31. at notre dame, they and their families and their student athletes would be left hanging out in the wind by notre dame’s ad and admistration to be tortured by media vultures, as has, so far, been the case with charlie and his staff and with notre dame’s student athletes who also play football.
    GO IRISH!!!

  19. Mike - Nov 24, 2009 at 2:34 AM

    This website is not pemitting me to post.
    This is a test.

  20. StephenOfTroy - Nov 24, 2009 at 3:01 AM

    Jan, I must have misread you. I treated you cordially and respectfully, and when I disagreed with you, I disagreed gently.
    But you single me out by name twice, and in one instance you give me a ridiculous O.J. Simpson crack? O.J. didn’t get away with murder. There’s no indication that he murdered anyone. The legal system is designed to force the state to prove its case beyond a shadow of a doubt. No one who watched even a DAY of that trial could conclude that the state proved its case.
    And how do you explain the fact that O.J., a middle-aged man with bad knees, had no injuries despite supposedly being in a hand-to-hand life-or-death battle with two people younger than him? How do you explain the timeline? How do you explain the missing blood? How do you explain the socks that weren’t there at Time 1 in the video of the bedroom but mysteriously WERE there at Time 2? How do you explain the LAPD’s decision to send FOUR DETECTIVES to O.J.’s house to “notify him” and then how do you subsequently explain their decision to SCALE THE WALL of his property? Oh, wait, you’re not going to explain anything. You’re just a “biased nut, rabid ND fan,” as you put it. You just wanted to make a cheap-shot crack about O.J. because you haven’t got anything substantive to say. More of that “integrity” you’re always on about. What was that you were saying about how ND has a “mystique?” The only mystery is why so many of you people are unaware that your feces does in fact stink.
    At least I’m sure you sleep soundly now, knowing that O.J. got locked up for trying to take his own stolen trophies away. Go back to watching your archival video of the Four Horsemen.
    Oh, and bolsh: good post. Agree completely with you.

  21. StephenOfTroy - Nov 24, 2009 at 3:12 AM

    IndianaJoe: You used a bit harsher terminology than I’d have selected to describe Weis, but I concur with your argument. He DID wave that “offer” in their faces, half a year into his contract, as a way to extract yet more cash from them. What’s that about him being a “loyal alum?” Did we hear HIM saying anything about ND being his “dream job,” a la Urban Meyer? No, but it was apparently his dream to make a lot of money and talk a lot of smack without having to do much in the way of producing results.
    It sounds, IndianaJoe, like NDFAN401 may be a beer or two ahead of us. (I also agree with your post, NDFAN — you’re right, no one cares about stats when you lose, and there wasn’t any “good” this week except insofar as mrrandolph pointed it out, namely that the season is over.) If we hurry, we can catch him before last call. I’m buying. But I want a screwdriver. Need some “O.J.” to get the taste of going at it with Jan out of my mouth.

  22. robertg - Nov 24, 2009 at 3:36 AM

    1. why, stephen of troy has a hero-o j simpson of usc.
    2. how appropriate for stephen and for the crooked usc football program and how nice of stephen to post more information in his own words that we will use against him in the civil courts.
    3. while it is true that a jury in los angeles did vote to find oj innocent of the crimal charges of murder, it is also true that the reasonable doubts were created by dishonest and sloppy conduct of the lapd and the la county da’s office, not by any real evidence.
    4. another civil jury in los angeles found oj civilly liable for murder and, until oj was caught in las vegas, oj spent his time illegally dodging asll attemepts to collect on that civil judgment.
    5. until oj himself rendered that issue moot by getting himself put away in a nevada prison forever, i was actually considering purchasing the civil judgments against oj since i knew how oj and his attorneys had illegally been dodging collection and through which offshore jurisdictions the assets were being washed.
    6. honesty and integrity have never been valued in usc’s crooked football program or by the usc boosters who shill for that program.
    7. fortunately for usc the educational insitution, the stephen of troy element has become a small minority in the usc community.
    8. some of our best information on the corruption within the usc football program and athletic program comes from fine honest members of the usc community who find people like stephen of troy to be severely embarassing, along with the crooked football and athletic programs that currently hide on the usc campus, soon to be booted out.
    GO IRISH!!!

  23. BigMike4562 - Nov 24, 2009 at 8:13 AM

    The only thing dishonest is you not being honest with yourself….the officiating isnt what killed your so called 11-0 record, your lack of player performance did. Every play is reviewed by replay during the game, so no score occurs when there is not a true score. Penalties are judgemental, if the league reviews them and punishes them after the game, why havent we heard of this? ( see the SEC even punishes its officials)
    So robbie, quit crying and numbering your sentences….the Irish are exactly what we thought they are…a 6-6 team at best….

  24. Joe - Nov 24, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    A ND fan complaining about a bad call? That is rich. I guess the two holding penalties at the end of the game were legit, right?

  25. msal711 - Nov 24, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    As a diehard Irish fan its been a tough year. The only way I see Charlie staying if the core 4 as mentioned in the article, talk the AD out of letting him go, with the promise they will stay in school for next season. After saying that, if Charlies stays he must get rid of Jon Tenuta and Corwin Brown. I thought Tenuta was a defensive genius. The Irish D could always stop the run, this year every team was able to run all over them. I thought the D would be a strong point, returning letterman, a prize linebacker (who is outstanding)what happened? I’m at a lose. Thanks for listening, I feel better getting off my chest.

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