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The good, the bad, the ugly: UConn

Nov 23, 2009, 7:30 AM EDT

The weekly good, bad, and ugly is starting to feel like a death march, but we’ll solider on into a much needed Thanksgiving week. (What will Notre Dame fans be thankful for this year?)
But before we get to that, let’s look back at the latest heart-breaking loss for the Irish. Without further ado, here’s the good, bad, and ugly from Notre Dame’s 33-30 double overtime loss to the Connecticut Huskies.


When the Yankees won their first World Series since 2000, the popular nickname bandied about for Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Andy Pettite was the “Core 4.” Well the Irish’s Core 4 of Jimmy Clausen, Armando Allen, Golden Tate, and Michael Floyd certainly played excellent games. Allen, Tate, and Floyd all went over the 100 yard mark, and Clausen threw for 329 yards and two touchdowns, adding a third score on the ground. While the final score is all that matters, these four offensive stalwarts put up massive numbers, and Golden Tate is certainly deserving of an invitation to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony, even if the Irish finish at .500.

The Irish also got gutty performances from Ben Turk and David Ruffer. Turk rallied after a woeful stretch and launched 5 great punts, averaging 47 yards a kick. And Ruffer’s story could be one of legend if it weren’t for the swoon of the Irish. Kicking in the dorm leagues last year, Ruffer not only took over kickoff duties, but has filled in more than capably after Nick Tausch went down with a leg injury. Ruffer has made every kick since trotting onto the field, and nailed a clutch 37 yard field goal in overtime that could’ve been a game winner if the defense held the Huskies.


Where to start? The Irish gave up 100 yard games to Jordan Todman and Andre Dixon, and were incapable of stopping an offense that was thoroughly one-dimensional. Worse yet, was the personal foul by Sergio Brown. Long one of my favorites, Brown has had a terrible two game stretch, missing several key tackles against Pitt, and committing the inexplicable penalty that jump-started the hibernating UConn offense.

The kick coverage groups were also woeful. Usually held back by subpar kicking, both the punt and kick cover teams gave up big returns, one going for a touchdown the other going for 31 big yards. Honorable mention goes to Notre Dame’s red zone offense, once again only getting three touchdowns in six tries, a percentage that is just not good enough when push came to shove.


Reality. Notre Dame’s coaching staff most likely spent their last Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium. After 8 games, even with two disappointing close losses, the Irish were sitting at 6-2, and still had BCS aspirations. Three games later, the Irish are 6-5, and will be heavy underdogs at Stanford.

As Charlie Weis said in his press conference yesterday, “I’m the head football coach. Who else is responsible? Ultimately it falls on my shoulders.”

Expect the curtain to fall for a last time on the Weis era next Saturday at Stanford.

  1. nfh - Nov 24, 2009 at 10:56 AM

    Why is ANYONE considering ND for any kind of bowl game? Is there a shortage of teams with at least 7 wins? I always thought that playing in a season ending bowl game was a reward for having a successful season, not looking into the fan base to see who has the most alumni and fans.
    I just hope the Motor City Bowl invites some actual competitive teams, and not a joke. If ND is invited, then I’m staying home, just like not attending a Lions Game.

  2. Lonnie D. - Nov 24, 2009 at 11:43 AM

    the only acceptable losses should be usc,pitt,and stanford.if we can`t beat the stuffing out of these other programs with 4 and 5 star recruits changes need to be made, lets just hope the ad boosters,alums can make the right decesions down the road or you can start pointing the fingers at them.they picked weiss to begin with gave him the extension and money.weis worked hard but just did`nt get it done.

  3. grandpashyena - Nov 24, 2009 at 11:57 AM

    To state the obvious. Bowls games are about money not athletic competition. Rather than drag some other team who would have a hard time mustering 10 thousand fans the would rather pick ND. They know that ND fans will back their team regardless of the team’s record. 11-0 according to robertg.

  4. David J. White - Nov 24, 2009 at 4:31 PM

    C.W. should be retained. The defense is the problem. The players on offense are great. Firing C.W. would kill the current recruiting class and put Notre Dame in the same group of money-grubbing football programs that sacrifice the coach to quiet the unwashed critics. I swould suggest that Notre Dame do the right thing; respect C.W.’s dignity, the valiant effort of a great offense, and allow the defense to grow up. Notre Dame is one year away from being a top ten team.

  5. Jan - Nov 24, 2009 at 5:55 PM

    bolsh – thank you for the reply; likewise I can agree with you to a point.
    Top or Bottomline, I also would like to see more wins, a National Championship much more frequently, BCS bowls, domination of other teams – I am a fan afterall. No argument.
    In the final analysis, I would like to see ND:
    1. Use Charlie’s skills in the best possible way – call it VP of Football OPS, Asst AD, whatever – in charge of recruiting, player issues, conference(s) liaison, scheduling, etc. and possibly even Offensive advisor to a new Head Coach. I’d earmark next year for Charlie to remain as Head Coach while he helps transition the program to his successor smoothly and rationally – unlike the “process” since Lou Holtz “left”. I believe that this would be in the best interests of ALL “stakeholders”.
    2. Join a conference – probably either the Big 10 or the Big East. The days of participating in big time (big business) college football as an independent is long gone. I also understand that the academic (professor exchange for example) and Federal grant benefits would be highly supportive of the university’s stated mission.
    In Fr. Hesburgh’s words (not mine), paraphrasing…”Notre Dame would survive without football…” It would not by any means be what I or any other ND fan would like; but the powers that be will not change the core values of ND to win a National Championship at any cost.
    Net, I don NOT agree that it’s time for Charlie to go, rather to utilize his skills in the best possible way.

  6. Jan - Nov 24, 2009 at 8:12 PM

    Stephen of Troy;
    Perhaps I’ve misconstrued the intention of your posts due to the limitations of the email medium – little opportunity for reading tone, body language, and clarifying intent. If so, I publicly apologize for my reaction to you in this same forum.
    I’ve viewed your posts and comments about ND as anything but cordial, respectful, gentle, and supportive. At best, I’ve interpreted them to be self serving, adversarial, and undermining of ND’s approach to it’s the spirit and intent of college football. The gist I’ve gotten of your comments has been essentially (paraphrasing into my words):
    “Come on ND, get your act together…as a long term rival, USC is ENTITLED and deserves better competition from you”.
    ….followed by what I’ve perceived as attempts to cast doubt on the long term viability of the ND football program, it’s value to top notch recruits (who may be considering USC), it’s right to be considered for TV coverage, and it’s “relevance” to college football at all.
    I interpret these type of statements as self serving by fans of competitive programs that would be delighted to see ND’s recruiting progress return to the days of Ty Willingham’s last 2 lane duck years of incompetence or indifference. The short and long term impact of recruiting quality athletes is obvious to anyone following any sport.
    Additionally, I’m not sure if it was you (or others who I perceive as anything but ND supporters) that essentially called “robertg” a nut for claiming biased officiating by crews that are in fact affiliated and compensated by a given conference. Why are any crews affiliated with any given conference instead of being NCAA officials? Do you seriously deny that there is opportunity for bias under these circumstances – especially when the $$$$ amounts involved in college sports (especially football and basketball) are so significant?
    For the record, I have no illusion about the smell of my feces. If there was any doubt in my mind, I can assure you that my immediate family has clarified any misconception. I’ll assume that your comment is more accurately referring to the allegation that ND fans have a monopoly on arrogance. From my perspective, it is far more arrogant for fans of competitive institutions to ctiticize and attempt to undermine ND’s approach of treating their players as students as well as athletes.
    Believe it or not, I have the utmost respect for the academic achievements and high standards of USC as well as OSU, TX, OK, AL, etc. – for the general student body. I do however find it detrimental to the spirit and intent of collegiate sports and the long term benefit of the recruited athletes to year after year have a graduation rate for said athletes far below the general student population. Stories of over the top special treatment of select players makes a mockery of the term “college football.” Again, purely my opinion, said treatment may be a major contributer to the message that these individuals are “above the law” or any other rules agreed upon by other participants in the sport.
    I find it further repulsive for fans of universities with this type of special treatment policies to undermine universities like ND, BC, Duke, Stanford, etc. for trying to field competitive teams while maintaing high academic standards & graduation rates for ALL students – athletes or otherwise.
    I admit that the O.J. comment may have been a cheap shot of sorts in reaction to the attacks on Charlie and his family (for God’s sake, a USC fan sending Charlie a cap mocking his mentally handicapped daughter – REALLY!!! Talk about the smell of one’s excrement). The USC grads that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know are far better than that. I attempted to dramatize my point regarding the importance of athlete (and all student) character development – at O.J.’s expense. Like it or not, O.J. is probably the most famous and publicized USC athlete – in essence becoming the poster child for your university’s approach to football. The public’s perception of his behavior/action/attitudes have become as real as your apparent perception of ND fans.
    If we have misunderstood each other’s intent or motivations, perhaps we shall meet one day in person to wash out the taste of going at it – with an O.J. “screwdriver” or Irish whiskey, respectively.

  7. tj - Nov 24, 2009 at 10:26 PM

    ok folks. you’re beginning to scare me! Now Jan is posting like robertg….. By the way, robertg. I want what you are smoking, man. Don’t want it to go where you go, but it’s gotta be one helluva buzz!!

  8. robertg - Nov 25, 2009 at 2:02 AM

    1. two desperate media shills who planted the jimmy clausen articles, brian hamilton and eric hansen, did show up at charlie’s press conference today, only to get their questions shoved down their throats by charlie weis.
    2. that press conference is currently available for your viewing pleasures at
    3. tj, we thank you for joining your buddy stephen of troy in donating all of your material assets to us in the civil courts, whether or not charlie and his staff are back at notre dame next season.
    4.jan is absolutely correct about stephen of troy and his pack of usc goons who have been popping up at nd central and at other internet sites for a few years, using different internet names.
    5. notre dame haters hunt in packs on the internet and, when exposed, try to fall back on the phony polite agendas.
    6. honest judges and juries all over the us will make the only decisions about the dishonest officiating all over the us this season and all the way back through the 2005 season.
    7. they will make their decisions based on the game films, expert witness testimony, and a lot of other evidence, including the sworn testimonies of a growing number of dishonest officials who have partipated in the dishonest officiating scams, but who have wisely decided to settle with us out of the courts and tell the truth.
    8. there is nothing that anyone at notre dame or anywhere else can do to stop that inevitable process in the civil courts.we show no mercy and as my father and one of my uncles taught me”Nothing can stop the army air corps”. my father flew bombers in the pacific threatre and my uncle in the european theatre and neither came home until those wars were completely won and over.
    9. the word desperate does bring to mind the articles written and posted online today by eric hansen of the south bend tribune and brian hamilton of the chicago tribune, each of whom has been a well paid shill for notre dame’s enemies for years.
    10. you have to understand that each of these media shills have big bonuses waiting in escrow if charlie and his staff do leave notre dame.
    11. they really though that they could pocket those bonuses by getting jimmy clausen and his date ambushed by thugs in a parking lot after jimmy and his date went back there to get her purse which she had forgotten.
    12. well, while it certainly does matter for the future of notre dame football that charlie and his staff stay at notre dame for next season and for the forseeable future, we will take all of ther material possessions of hamilton and hansen in the civil courts with or without the bonuses.
    GO IRISH!!!

  9. robertg - Nov 25, 2009 at 3:03 AM

    1. notre dame ad jack swarbick needed a wakeup call and they got another one.
    2. jack was very upset that jimmy was ambushed and sucker punched by some paid thugs in a parking lot when jimmy and his date went back to the bar/restaurant at which jimmy and his family and some of his teammates had had dinner that evening to retrieve jimmy’s date’s purse, which she had forgotten.
    3.the objectives of the paid thugs were to injure jimmy badly enough so that he could not play at the stanford game or to get him arrested or suspended.
    4. the people who paid these thugs did not pay them enough to keep quiet about who had paid them. that was a fatal error.
    5. any remaining doubts about how far notre dame’s enemies are willing to go to get charlie and his staff fored and to destroy notre dame football have been erased.
    6. is charlie coming back to south bend after the stanford game,instead of recruiting, as jack swarbrick anounced today because charlie and his staff asre going to be fired, an agenda currently being pushed by some media shills?
    7. no, charlie and his family and charlie’s staff and their families, along with notre dame’s student athletes, have received many death threats and the lights in the heads of jack swarbrick and notre dame’s administration have finally gone on.
    8. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes are finally going to get the public announcements of full confidence and support and protection from thugs that jack swarbrick and notre dame’s administration should have given them long ago to kill of these vicious attacks.
    7. at the notre dame/stanford game, there will be another big east game officiating crew and pac 10 tech review crew.
    9. as we know, the big easst football officials are still hopelesly dishonest and corrupt.
    10. courtesy of new and honest pac 10 commissioner larry scott, the pac 10 officiating has been cleaned up, but not completely.
    11. the tv feed of the 2008 notre dame/stanford game can be viewed right here at nd central.
    12. the tv feed of the 2007 notre dame stanford game is available through espn and 2 plays which resulted in 14 points being stolen from notre dame by the crooked big east game officiating crew and the pac 10 tech review crew are available with commentary from the espn announcers and from jack nolan of at under football and under greatest plays of the charlie weis era and the videos and audios say it all.
    13. the dishonest officiating at the 2008 notre dame stanford game is also very obviously with a pac 10 game officiating crew and a big east tech review crew trying unsuccesfully to alter the game outcomes.
    14. stanford does field teams of real student athletes and stanford does not knowingly participate in any dishonesty.
    15. however, stanford’s current coach jim harbaugh brought with him from michigan a michigan tradition, being more than willing to cheat to win and to rely upon dishonest officials for coverups. charlie and his staff and in notre dame’s student athletes who also play football, we have absolute trust and confidence, even with armando allen out for ther stanford game.
    17. in the big east game officials and in current stanford coach, we have zero trust.
    GO IRISH!!!

  10. StephenOfTroy - Nov 25, 2009 at 4:24 AM

    Jan, you have indeed misconstrued my posts.
    I’m not just a USC fan. I’m also an ND fan and have been one since I was a boy. I watched Tony Rice and Chris Zorich with pleasure. My favorite player for years was Rocket Ismail. I was a Bears fan and thus HATED the 49ers but made an exception for Joe Montana because he was a Domer.
    USC DOES deserve better competition from ND. ND deserves better competition from ND! Come on, that’s fair. It’s the greatest rivalry in college football. I’ll admit that there were years when we stunk. You deserved better then. I may be outspoken but I’m consistent.
    I’ve never tried to cast doubt on the long term viability of ND football. My issue is with the short term. ND’s stock is slipping. You’re a bright person. If you have a stock that’s worth a dollar and it loses 10% of its value, it has to gain more than 10% to get back to that original dollar. So the short term slippage you’re suffering could have consequences that are lasting and far-reaching.
    I pay homage to the tradition and I criticize the current situation because I expect them to bring themselves back to the level they were back in the old days. Long term, you’ll be fine. Just fire Weis and then stop bringing in coaches who don’t understand how to coach. Your program shouldn’t have pushed Holtz out and every decision since then has been knee-jerk. Your program also has to reconcile where it fits within collegiate athletics. If you want to win, hire winners and stop micromanaging them or booting them out after 3 years. If you want to be Yale or Harvard, stop worrying about wins and losses.
    ND can be on TV all it wants. But as my mother told me, to whom much is given, much is expected. If you’re going to be on national TV every week, you’d better win, or you’re going to get mocked for being grossly over-hyped and over-rated, which ND assuredly is.
    When I was in Torts class in law school, the professor explained why people get in fights in bars (this is NOT about Jimmy Clausen!). He drew two stick figures on the blackboard, one much larger than the other. Then he drew two stick figures of equal size. When you’re sober, you see yourself and others accurately, and you correctly see that the other guy is much bigger to you, so you don’t talk smack to him. When you’re drunk, you think you’re the same size as the big guy. ND is not as big as the elite teams, but its (drunk-on-the-heady-past) fans think it is, so they talk smack about We Are ND. The elite teams say, We Know That And We Are Not Impressed.
    That is my problem with ND being televised. Your team isn’t that good. I’d rather watch any of about 10 games than the ND game, unless there’s some “will they choke AGAIN” subplot. The best games are in the SEC and the Pac-10.
    Robert T. Gilleran (robertg) IS a nut, but not simply because he claims biased officiating was behind the grassy knoll. He’s a nut because he pretends to be G Robert Blakey. He’s a nut because he cannot accept reality. He’s a nut because he uses the freaking royal we. He’s a nut because he makes asinine threats to sue everyone who gets in his imaginary way. He’s a nut because he writes nutty things.
    Just because officials who officiate a game are affiliated with a conference does not mean they cheat for that conference. Yes, there is “opportunity for bias” but that has no bearing on whether there is actual bias. The reward for a GIVEN OFFICIAL is FAR, FAR outweighed by the risk to that official of being caught cheating. Think about Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee who admitted to cheating. His career is over. His name is mud. A random Big-X official who cheats on the theory that it MIGHT help “his” conference get a bowl game stands to gain, WHAT, precisely, under your theory? Who is paying him? And how much? Why would he risk his livelihood and his reputation?
    What do you make of the 2 phantom holding calls against UConn? Why didn’t ND get called for unsportsmanlike conduct when your frosh linebacker flexed HIS muscles after a play? Why didn’t ND get called for a late hit when YOUR defender tackled USC’s Joe McKnight after he took four long strides out of bounds? Why didn’t the clock start until 3 seconds after Clausen snapped the ball on the “first” last play of the USC game, before they added one MORE second to the clock after the players were already greeting each other on the field? Or do you only care about (perceived) cheating when it benefits someone other than ND?
    I didn’t know about, much less have anything to do with, a USC fan allegedly sending Charlie Weis a cap mocking his handicapped child. I don’t see how you bashing me has anything to do with settling that score, even if the facts you allege are true. I roundly condemn (and already did so condemn) any attacks on Weis’s appearance or family as out of bounds, no matter who did the attacking. There’s plenty to attack about Weis’s coaching and attitude without needing to stray into such things.
    As far as that goes, if you’ve read ALL of my posts, you’ll remember that I chide the people who come in here and make out-of-bounds comments about pedophile scandals or call you “Iwish fans” or simply tell you that you’re “losers” or that you “suck.” I keep the comments I INITIATE on the subject of football. I won’t dispute that I’m adversarial when people try to bash me for being a USC fan (“go back where you came from” or some variant of that isn’t persuasive and “you’re not an ND fan so your opinion doesn’t count” is belittling)
    All that said, I’m not here to make enemies. I don’t care whether you think O.J. murdered Nicole and Ron. I do intend to stand up for myself when I feel I’ve been treated unfairly, and I did that. I’m satisfied with your explanation, and as long as it’s not Bushmill’s, which is best used for stripping paint off a jalopy, I’m in. Make it Macallan or Clan MacGregor and I’ll buy the first round. GO IRISH!
    P.S. You really should reconsider whether you want to adopt Robert T. Gilleran’s writing style. It does you no favors.

  11. StephenOfTroy - Nov 25, 2009 at 4:50 AM

    Robert T. Gilleran (aka robertg): As usual, your remarks bear no resemblance to the truth. At the risk of being called out by Art Vandelay for using sentence fragments, I’m going to try to use short sentences so as not to confuse you.
    Weis didn’t shove any questions down anyone’s throat in the “I’m here to talk about Stanford” press conference. He pathetically avoided discussing the only issues anyone gives a rip about. We already KNOW you have no answer for Stanford. Weis didn’t do any shoving. He was begging, both with his words and his eyes, for someone to ask him a question that isn’t about why his QB got in and lost a fight outside a bar at 2:30 am or about why his college head coaching career came in with a bang and is going out with a whimper. Oops, that sentence was a tad long.
    There were no “paid thugs” who attacked Jimmy Clausen. It was one guy. There’s no evidence, outside your own shameless imagination, that anyone paid him. First you thought it was writers from the South Bend Tribune who paid him, and now it’s…who? Notre Dame’s enemies? Way to go, Columbo. Do you look for any evidence before blaming YOUR enemies? You typify the phrase “ready, fire!, aim,” Robert T. Gilleran. “Immig’ants! I knew it was them! Even when it was the bears, I knew it was them!” – Moe Syzlak, the bartender on The Simpsons
    And Clausen hit him first. In the throat. Clausen got hit back. He just got back worse than what he gave. The other combatant’s intent was not to injure Clausen so that he couldn’t play football. It was to defend himself. Against getting hit in the throat again by a sore loser who cannot control his sore-loser emotions. It’s called self-defense. Not a sucker punch.
    Clausen and the guy he hit first ended up “wrestling around on the ground” for a few seconds before “the fight” was broken up. Clausen apparently cannot fight any better than he can avoid Navy’s fearsome pass-rushers. Surprise, surprise. Clausen will not be suspended from playing in Charlie Weis’s desperation game, despite throwing the first punch in a fight outside a bar at 2:30 a.m. Surprise, surprise.
    Weis is coming back to South Bend immediately after the Stanford game. But not because he received death threats. His career received death threats. From ND’s athletic director. Who summoned Weis back to campus. For a meeting behind the woodshed. That is at least 2 years overdue.
    Speaking of things that are two years overdue, two years ago you were posting gibberish over at about how the national championships would be rolling into ND by now. What gives? Did your crystal ball turn out to be a Christmas ornament? You were also blaming “lazy Bob Davie” for everything under the sun. Is he responsible in some way for Clausen needing to wear a steak on his eye AND a dark visor on his helmet for the media portion of practice? What does your cutting-edge technology and tireless research tell you?
    Oh, Robert T. Gilleran. You were so much funnier before your upper lip started quivering every time you posted a response to me. Buck up, little one. Soon it will be next year, and you can look forward to disregarding “the paper record” of ND’s wins and losses all over again.

  12. robertg - Nov 25, 2009 at 5:21 AM

    stephen of troy,
    1. before next season begins, we will have stripped you of all of your material possessions in the civil courts and you will be out on the streets without a computer or an email address.
    2. crooked college sports enterprises will be out of business. football officiating will be in the high tech 21st century, with no cheating possible. your hero pete carroll and his crooked team of full time football players will be kicked off the usc campus and banned for life from college sports. you and your friends will be banned from the usc campus.
    4. i have had jerks like you pull guns on me and try to punch me out when they finally realized that i really was going to take all of their material possesions in the civil courts.
    5. my associates have encountered similar situations with jerks like you.
    6. the results are always the same. they lose and we win.
    7. in the meantime, you might as well post away, although you seem to have lost your former internet friends.
    8. unlike you, they must actually have some intelligence.
    9. anyone can watch and listen to charlie’s press conference at the video and audio speak for themselves.
    10. post away. you might as well enjoy your last few months of being an internet bully.
    GO IRISH!!!

  13. StephenOfTroy - Nov 25, 2009 at 5:46 AM

    Robert T. Gilleran,
    You sure do make a lot of silly threats for a guy who got disbarred by the California Supreme Court in August 1997, seven months after being declared inactive because of an “irreparable injury.” You aren’t allowed to practice law. So stop making nonsensical threats to sue people. And stop pretending you had anything to do with RICO. For that matter, stop pretending you’re G Robert Blakey.
    You sure do make a lot of silly predictions about what will happen in the future. You predicted, two years ago, that ND would have won more national titles by now. How’s that prediction working out? You predicted, two years ago, that Pete Carroll would be facing indictments the next year. What happened? Aside from…nothing happening to Pete Carroll, that is.
    You sure do make a lot of noise about Pete Carroll for a guy whose only connection, as you’ve said yourself, to ND is that you admire her integrity. So Pete owns ND like Siegfried owns Roy. What’s it to you? What, does Fordham (your undergrad alma mater) not field a football team? Sure they do. Cheer for them. Or are you still sick over the Yale (your law school alma mater) coach’s decision to go for it on 4th-and-22 in his own half of the field against Harvard? Pete will still be on the USC campus next year, and he will still be in college sports. My friends and I will be on USC’s campus multiple times, as we are every year.
    You sure make up a lot of gibberish. Now you’re imagining people pulling guns on you. Is this at all related to the fact that you wish you could have been like Bernie Goetz and saved Jimmy Clausen from being beaten up after he hit the other guy in the throat? You have issues, Rob. Just saying.
    What do you mean, my “last few months of being an internet bully?” First of all, that sounds like a threat. Careful with that. It’s actionable. I’m not a public figure. Second, the premise is false. I’m not an internet bully. You’re the dolt who threatens to sue people who don’t agree with your idiocy.
    But you’re right about one thing. I’ll continue to post away. You continue to do the same. I cannot improve on the comment left at the site we were directed to by a colleague on another thread:
    “Seriously though, Michael – Awesome response to the Bob Gilleran post. Absolutely hilarious responses to all 10. It is guys like him that make the rest of the ND universe cringe. What a wacko! Why do I have an image of the guy in a barren, one room apartment with the walls covered in photos of Bob Davie with all the eye balls poked out pacing back and forth muttering to himself about how vengence [sic] will be his???”
    Robert T. Gilleran, when I found out who you really are, my Christmas came early. Thanks and happy holidays!

  14. mrrandolph - Nov 25, 2009 at 9:10 AM

    Listen if USC can ask John Robinson (Nat’l Championship Coach, USC legend) to step down, then why won’t CW. CW could avoid this infighting by resigning and it would be honorable.

  15. robertg - Nov 25, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    stephen of troy,
    1. since you and your alleged friends claim to be such big shots at usc, wear stephen of troy t shirts to saturday’s ucla/usc game.
    2. i will not be there. however, many of my ucla friends will be with cameras ready to take your pictures if any of you have the guts to show up wearing any such to shirts. if you do, we can speed up your civil rico cases.
    3. pete carroll and mike garrett have both known me for many years, along with their few remaining allies at usc.
    4. in fact, before mike garrett decided to take the usc football program crooked, mike and i were personal friends.
    5. no amount of threats or garbage that you throw at me can save you or anyone else involved in crooked college sports enterprises from their economic fates in the civil courts, not even the crooked california superior court judges that you have in mind, 2 of whom, so far, have spent significant time in federal prisons as a result of their illegal conduct.
    6. i made certain to be at both sentencing hearings in the us district court in los angeles. after pleading guilty to federal felonies, both ex california state superior court judges cried as they were led off in chains to federal prisons.
    7. but for the fact that sitting judges are immune from civil lawsuits, i would have simply stripped them both and the others, who resigned from the bench, of their material possessions in the civil courts.
    8. i was wondering why you and your friends had not pulled out that 1997 california state bar garbage before now.
    9. well, califorina ad dan lundgen found no grounds to prosecuter me for anything. no one ever sued me in any civil or crimimal court in connection with those matters. california gov wilson vetoed the entire state bar budget and forced them to sell off their assets and lay off 95% of their employees.
    10. in a series of published opinions, the california supreme court was forced to admit that the so called california state bar court was not a real court at all and that its findings and opinions were not entitled to be admitted into evidence in any real court in any proceeding and were nothing more than the personal opinions of the people who authored them, no matter what titles they illegally used in those documents and no matter what was published in the california state bar journal.
    11. the california supreme court was forced to admit that they had not looked at the merits in any case in this area since 1991 because they were simply too lazy to do so, even though the us supreme court had forbidden them to delegate any such tasks to any other entity.
    12. a war then took place involving the california state bar beaurocracy, the california supreme court, the california governor, and the california state legislature.
    13. the net result was that the legislature passed laws in 2001 creating a state bar court as an administrative court, but not retroactively to validate any prior bogus proceedings.
    14. several state bar beaurocrats attacked the constitutionality of these new laws.
    15. unwilling to take on an additional workload, a slim majority of the california supreme court twisted the laws to find the new legislation constitutional.
    16. rather than taking the issues to the us supreme court, we simply worked on bipartisan federal legislation to eliminate what little is left of all state bar associations and hasve all of those functions taken over by honest trasparent systems run by the american bar association, of which i am a member in good standing.
    these are all matters of public record and admissible in evidence in real courts, with the exception of your california state bar garbage.
    17. the effects of all of this garbage on my personal and professional lives have been zero. i try and win cases in which i am the plaintiff, including causes of action and judgments which i purchase from 3rd parties.
    18. i do discovery, expert witness preparation, writing pleadings and jury selection on huge civil rico business cases, including enron and mci worldcom and i own many thriving busineses.
    19. so now, having exhausted your weapons of last resort and had that blow up in your face, what do you and your friends do next.
    20. my friends and i will be amused, but will never back down or show any mercy to those like you who do not deserve any.
    21.having seen that all of that garbage that was thrown at me by forces much more powerful than you and seen that the experiences only made me stronger, you and your friends can always try brazil.
    22. no, i am not professor blakey. he is a fine academic with very little trial experience who was primarily responsible for drafting the criminal and civil rico acts. my associates and i in these cases are the experienced trial attorneys who turned the civil rico
    statute from a dead piece of legislation into a deadly weapon in the civil courts.
    23. the only threat i have made to you is that my friends and i will take all of your material possessions in the civil courts as a result of what you have volutarily posted after being warned many times.
    24. perhaps you want to send your garbage over to the la county da, a usc alum. based upon his prior expoeriences with me, he will not protect you. you can also try california ag brown or the local us attorneys’s office or what little is left of the california state bar association(they especially do not want to tangle with me ever again).
    25. for our part, we stick with honest judges and well chosen honest juries.
    GO IRISH!!!

  16. bolsh - Nov 25, 2009 at 10:49 AM

    robertg – You most certainly have entertaining posts. I don’t understand why you are going after SOT so much. I do not understand the law in the same way you do, but I believe there is something called freedom of speech, which all on these boards should have.
    I do like your passion for Notre Dame, but your arguements stink. The simple fact is that ND is 6-5. I might not have liked the officiating in every game, great teams win despite this. I like ND, but they are an average FBS team. They get pushed around too much on the field, the special teams are not that special and the offense is good, but not great yet. The red zone is a real issue now. If we want an average team, by all means Charlie should stay. If we wnat more, then another coach is needed to take ND to that level.

  17. jan - Nov 25, 2009 at 10:59 PM

    Whenever I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, you give me cause to shake my head in disgust….now regarding Jimmy Clausen and the “fight”.
    In earlier posts you make the case for waiting until all facts are in, question the relaibility of eye witnesses (especially at 2:30 AM), and to the best of my ability to understand you – call for people to be rational in listening/reading these accounts.
    Now in your latest post, you apparently have deemed yourself the very “Colombo” that you attribute to robertg. Tell me, were you physically on the scene, can you verify that the stories (I assume from the account that I have read, supposedly from the father of so called “Tim”) that you now relate have any element of truth?
    In the end, viewing your “body of work” on this site you always seem to have a axe to grind with our 22 old QB, our coach, or anyone else you can target in what seems to be an attempt to discredit the ND program.
    It’s very difficult to accept your comments as cordial, gentle, respectful, or agreeable in any way — as you have claimed. At best, if I can believe that you actually have earned a law degree and are indeed skilled in the art of legal arguing, I will accept that you are (as you state) “churlish” — boorish, intractable, and difficult…take pleasure in arguing just for the sake of arguing.
    In the end I conclude that you delight in making unfounded statements, allegations, and inflamatory comments to get a rise out of the Irish fans – essentially (paraphrasing your words) verbally kicking a rival when down and things aren’t going well for their program….
    If this is your true intent, I would assert that you are indeed an internet bully; and I find it hard to believe that you are a USC alum as you claim. The USC graduates that I’ve had the privelege to meet/know use their quality education, intellect, and time in far better pursuits. They do not find joy in attacking others that are down…they are not thugs.
    This will be my last reply to you Stephen of Troy. I have no desire to feed your ego or “churlish” delights. I hope others on this site ignore your self serving postings as well, following what my granmother urged as her 11th Commandment:
    “Don’t argue with a fool”.

  18. cyagregg - Nov 25, 2009 at 11:01 PM

    i thought the irish would be 6&6 this year before the season started, even though they put up a “powder puff” schedule.

  19. robertg - Nov 26, 2009 at 2:04 PM

    1. some of us remember the term the medium is the message and what that terms means;namely, that, if enough people in the media become dishonest, what is reported in the media becomes a fraud on the public, something like the propaganda operations run by josef goebbels in nazi germany and pravda( the russian word for truth) in russia.
    2. well,serious cracks are beginning to show in the notre dame, weis, clausen bashing fraudulent media propaganda con operations.
    3. the chicago tribune, long term notre dame and weis bashing media shill brian hamilton had published online in the 11/25/2009 chicago tribune an article stating that the clausen family residence in south bend had been sold and that this was additional conclusive evidence that charlie and his staff were going to be fired.
    4. we contacted the owners of the chicago tribune and their attorneys, provided them with evidence that brian hamilton has been taking payoffs to run fraudulent articles about notre dame and charlie weis and illegally using the resources and name of the chicago tribune to lend credibilty to these fraudulent articles.
    5. not being interested in going down in the civil courts with brian hamilton, the owners of the chicago tribune and their attorneys immediately published online the following retraction and apology:
    “Editor’s note: This story,originally published in Wednesday’s editions of the Chicago Tribune’s Sports section, included incorrect information that the South Bend,Ind., house owned by the parents of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen had been sold. The error was the result of a miscommunication between the Century 21 represenative and the reporter.”
    6. is this the only retraction and apology coming from the chicago tribune of the many fraudulent articles posted online by brian hamilton and his con artist associates? NO.
    7. are the owners of the chicago tribune and their attorneys going to terminate for cause brian hamilton and anyone who cooperated with him within the chicago tribune and take down in the civil courts, with our assistance, brian hamilton and the others. along with the persons and entities that made the illegal payoffs to get the fraudulent articles published in the chicago tribune and elsewhere? YES.
    8. in the meantime, at the really rotten core foundations of these media con operations, eric hansen, al lesar, and bob wieneke of the south bend tribune who,in return for payoffs from notre dame’s enemies, have for years have been writing and publishing online fraudulent and vicious attacks against notre dame football, charlie weis and his staff and their families and notre dame’s student athletes and their families, illegally using the resources and name of the south bend tribune, and spreading their trash through other media outlets by claiming to have reliable sources within the notre dame administration, over the extremely angry protests of eric hansen, al lesar, and bob wieneke, the owners of the south bend tribune published online on 11/26/2009 an article by ap reporter tom withers ” Quinn stands by Weis”.
    9. are the owners of the south bend tribune going to terminate hansen, lesar, and wieneke for cause and cooperate with us in taking down eric hansen, al lesar, bob wieneke, and those who paid them off to write and put online all of these fraudulent articles intended to drive recruits away from notre dame and to terrorize notre dame ad jack swarbrick and father jenkins into firing charlie and his staff( something which notre dame’s enemies would kill off the future of notre dame football? YES.
    10.are similar things happening to paid con artist shill tom dienhard and others, currently at yahoo sports and other media outlets? YES.
    11. are there signs that other paid media shills, such as john taylor of cft and prt, currently illegally using the resources and names of msnbc and nbc sports to spread fraudulent information about notre dame football, charlie weis and jimmy clausen? YES.
    12. yes, we are aware that keith arnold formerly had some association with cft and pft. however, unlike those con artists at cft and pft, keith and his staff have honored their contractual obligations with msnbc and nbc sports and done an excellent and very difficult job, under immense pressure at nd central.
    13. is it possible that notre dame ad jack swarbrick and notre dame president father jenkins will be conned by all of these fraudulent media articles and others presure and kill off the future of notre dame football by firing charlie weis and his staff, which is exactly what notre dame’s enemies and the proprietors of crooked college sports enterprises have wanted so desperately?
    14. YES, it is possible, since naieve and uninformed members of the notre dame adminstration have allowed such things to happen in the past.
    15. however, we are not the only people who have correctly identified the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems as the real cause of what appears to be wrong with notre dame football and that charlie weis and his staff are the perfect fit for notre dame for the forseeable future.
    16. many of the same notre dame alumni who enjoyed great success as student athletes also playing football at notre dame, in the nfl, and in their personal and business lives who stepped uo to rescue notre dame football in 2005, when father jenkins permitted a similar near murder of the future of notre dame football to occur, concur with our analyses and conclusions.
    17. if jack swarbrick and father jenkins do make that fatal error for notre dame football, will we still take down in the civil courts, with extreme economic prejudice, every person and entity involved in crooked college sports enterprises, including stephen of troy and his friends.
    18. we follow a diffenent version of the 11th commandment “thers does come a point when arguing with a fool becomes pointless. however, when the fools have gioven you an opportunity to take all of their material possessions in the civil courts,do so or be held responsible for the damage that those fools do to the lives of other people.”
    GO IRISH!!!

  20. StephenOfTroy - Nov 26, 2009 at 5:32 PM

    The facts are in now. When I advised Brandon not to lose heart, it was because there was a silly story about how an ND fan punched Clausen. That was absurd on its face, no pun intended. There’s no serious dispute, several days later, that Clausen shoved the guy in his throat first. I don’t claim to know what was said. And it doesn’t matter. If you shove me in my throat, I’m allowed to punch you in self-defense. Period, end of story.
    I like ND. That doesn’t mean I have to like everything about ND, or that I have to ignore her hypocrisy. Clausen and Weis are prime instances. I love my country, but it’s patriotic to point out when my country strays from its beloved principles.
    I don’t have an axe to grind against Clausen. 22 years old or not, he’s an overrated brat, and he has always been one. Do you have any factual basis to dispute that? Or would you just rather call me names and avoid admitting that Clausen does in fact throw temper tantrums and does in fact lose at least as often as he wins and does in fact take sacks instead of throwing the ball away? Isn’t it nifty to overlook the way Clausen used a stretch Hummer limo to announce he would be gracing you Domers with his overrated, spoiled-rich-brat presence? Swept that alcohol stuff under the rug, because boys will be boys, right? Do you find it convenient to ignore the fact that Clausen hit someone outside of a bar at 2:30 a.m. before he got hit back, and yet he’s got the verboten dark visor on in practice and Coach won’t allow ANY player or coach to talk to the media? It’s reminiscent of Kobe getting to fly to Colorado on a Laker plane to have his rape trial. Bending the rules for talent didn’t begin with Clausen and won’t end with him, but at least Kobe won a title without Shaq. Clausen has done, what, precisely, to deserve special treatment?
    I don’t have an axe to grind against Weis. I don’t think his weight is fair game to joke about. I don’t think his kids are fair game to joke about. But more importantly I don’t think his record entitles HIM to have made the comments he made about his predecessor, when Weis first showed up in South Bend. Weis was brought in to win, period. You already had a class act who upheld the warm, fuzzy standards. But Weis didn’t win.
    I don’t like arrogance. Seems to be a lot of that coming from South Bend. I don’t like losing. Seems to be a lot of that coming from South Bend too. Most of all I don’t like excuses. Seems to be…. Stop me when you’ve heard this one already.
    I don’t care at all if you don’t like me or if you don’t think my posts are up to your standards. Nor do I care if you call me a “thug.” Big stuff coming from the person who made a crack about O.J. getting away with murder. But what am I to make of you standing up for Robert T. Gilleran, who threatened to SUE me, bankrupt me, humiliate me in public, etc, all because he doesn’t agree with my opinion? What is he, chopped liver? He’s not a Domer, much less the ND law professor he pretends to be. At least be consistent, if you’re going to come in here and be high-and-mighty. ND already has a Team Mom. They don’t need two.
    And, sorry to burst your bubble, but I AM in fact a USC alum. Undergrad class of 1997, law school class of 2000.
    Now that you’ve given me my comeuppance, I can thank you for saving me the $8.50 I’d otherwise have spent on that Irish whisky. Oh, and not to be churlish, because I know that galls you, but there’s no “e” in whisky. I know that because when I was in Ireland a lot of people told me that. And I read it on a bottle of single malt.
    Carry on, Team Mom. I think Jimmy needs you to change his bandages.

  21. StephenOfTroy - Nov 26, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Robert T. Gilleran,
    Consider this post a precursor to the written discovery requests I will serve you with when you commence your very public jury trials.
    Request 1. Please identify all evidence upon which you base your libelous contention, made in Para. #17 of your post 44, supra, that I am in any way “involved with crooked college sports enterprises.”
    Request 2. Please set forth every fact upon which you based the libelous contention identified in Request 1.
    Request 3. Please produce original versions of each and every document identified in your response to Request 1.
    Happy Holidays, Robert. I hope you didn’t lose your sense of taste when you suffered that “irreparable injury.” It would be a shame not to be able to taste the Thanksgiving feast. With any luck, the injury only affected your ability to think rationally or construct grammatically-correct sentences.
    See you around the bankruptcy courts, Robert. I may even have a spare copy of Call of Duty for you. You DO have an Xbox 360, don’t you? I’m sure you need something to fill all your downtime when your associates aren’t busy bringing down the CA judiciary, the Catholic church, or the NCAA. In my office we have a video game system and a pool table, and we’re nowhere near your stratospheric talent level.

  22. StephenOfTroy - Nov 26, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    Robert T. Gilleran,
    Far be it from me to quibble with your knowledge. But I thought the 11th Commandment was “never speak ill of a fellow Republican.” Please advise where I went wrong.
    And I always heard that the reason not to argue with a fool is because “they’ll bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”
    This, you see, is why I studiously avoid arguing with you, Robert. Instead, I simply ask you to help me solve the problems that are too unwieldy for me. The birds are still not fairly apportioning time to my birdfeeder, and the North-South traffic is becoming ever-more disdainful of the time demands faced by us East-Westers. Please hurry with your assistance, Robert. Tomorrow is Black Friday and I need to get some shopping done before you bankrupt me for having the gall to tell you that you’re looney as a tune for the gibberish you write.

  23. barng - Nov 27, 2009 at 3:04 PM

    my my folks i thought i had heard it all,guess not i certainly am
    glad there are only a few people involved in cws retention as
    this bunch of kooks who pretend to be nd fans really dont have a clue what a good coach is with the talent that was left by ty is it such a wonder we would have a bad time of it if you fail to recruit well for two years that gap in recruiting is gone forever
    charlies recruits are now in place so it is on his shoulders now
    rightly so has anyone considered that a contract is in place and should be honoered but keeping your word is a forgotten trait
    mr. swarbrick,honer our commitment go nd

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