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Thoughts on the Presser: Stanford edition

Nov 25, 2009, 7:30 AM EDT

Let’s just say yesterday could’ve been an eventful day, and from the sounds of it, the things that didn’t happen became the event.

Let’s start with the much discussed:

* Charlie Weis didn’t want to talk about the future anymore and just wanted to talk about Stanford.

Firstly I have a news flash. We have a football game this Saturday,
Saturday evening, against Stanford, so let’s see if we can’t talk about
that. Stanford is 7 and 4, they’ve had some very, very big wins this
year, tough football team.

Of course it didn’t stop someone from asking three questions about Jimmy Clausen. I can’t say I blame either party: Weis for not wanting to talk about his star quarterback’s dust-up after what is probably the last game of either his or his quarterback’s collegiate career, or the reporter, for trying to get a quote out of Weis on a fairly large story.

* Once again, the Irish will be without one of their key offensive players. This time it’s Armando Allen, who will likely sit with a cracked bone in his right hand.

Armando cracked a bone in his right hand, and he’s going to get it
fixed today, which will leave him probably out for this game. Probably

While losing Allen for a significant portion of the season has been a tough break, and possibly a big part of the red zone struggles, it looks like Kyle Rudolph is going to try and tough it out and go this Saturday.

He’s practicing today. You know, the thing is he’s cleared to play.
It’s how much pain he’s going to be able to tolerate. So we’ll have to
— we’ll start practicing today, he’ll be out there in individuals and
get going right from the start, and we’ll see how it goes as the week
goes on. But the hope is for him to be able to go at a very non-limited
capacity by Saturday.

It’d be nice to have the chance to see all the offensive players together in the starting lineup. So far this season, it’s only happened once.

* Weis compared Golden Tate to Steve Smith, which is a very nice compliment to give (unless you own him in fantasy football this season).

He reminds me of Steve Smith’s clone. I know Steve Smith well. I’m a
big fan of Steve Smith. A little trash-talker just like Golden. But
their personalities are alike, they’re fiery guys, they make big plays.
They’re tough. They don’t back down from anyone. I would imagine
— I don’t know exactly Steve’s size, but I would imagine it’s probably
pretty close, and he’s done pretty well, last time I checked. He
reminds me a lot of Steve.

Weis also talked about Golden’s diversity, which will serve him well at the next level, and is one of the reason’s I think his draft stock will stay pretty consistent even if people start to nitpick at his game tape.

There have been more than a few people on the internet who have questioned Tate’s route-running, but what’s unquestionable is the strength of his hands, his ability to break tackles and run, and to be an incredibly dangerous weapon with the ball in his hands.

* With Thanksgiving approaching, a reporter took the obvious opportunity to ask Charlie what he’s thankful for.

I’m looking forward to hanging out with Maura, Charlie, Hannah and a
few selected friends and just being able to sit around with the Weis
family on a holiday. How many times in my life have I missed holidays
because of football? Too many. There’s been too many times where you
just missed holidays. You miss a good portion of Christmas, you miss a
good portion of Thanksgiving, you miss Valentine’s Day, which is almost
sacrilegious. But you miss big portions of holidays. The way our
schedule is set up, it’ll give me an opportunity to get home on
Thursday afternoon and just be able to hang out with the family for the
day, and you want to know something, that’s nothing better than that.
Nothing… Nothing.

If there’s a guy that needs a nice afternoon off with his family, it’s Charlie Weis and his staff. Hopefully they all get to kick back, watch some football, have a beer or two, and just enjoy the company.  


  1. sharkey - Nov 25, 2009 at 8:06 AM

    Leave Charlie alone. Enough already with the questions about his future. He has already answered those in previous interviews. He doesn’t know, nobody knows until next week. I wouldn’t keep answering the same questions over and over either. Stupid of journalists to keep hammering away on a man who can’t answer and who is trying to finish his job without taht being thrown in his face every time he sits down at a microphone. Insulting.

  2. sharkey - Nov 25, 2009 at 8:13 AM

    P.S. Woulda liked to have heard about JC though…
    Happy Thanks Giving to everyone!!!

  3. willmose - Nov 25, 2009 at 9:13 AM

    Coach Weis has two way to stop the heat, resign or win one for the Kipper. Since Thanksgiving is coming, maybe the Irish fans are all thankful that they have the biggest turkey in college football as their head coach.

  4. FJC - Nov 25, 2009 at 11:17 AM

    First of all, Notre Dame has to get over itself. There must be a new ND that emerges from whatever happens to Weiss – one that respects and honors its past, but is willing to ADAPT in order to have a chance at a glorious future. Or, ND must accept the fact that it is an average football program that should begin to think about becoming a mid-major in terms of scheduling opponents.
    Get over the smugness of we’re Notre Dame and we don’t do that
    Join a conference for football. I used to think that the Big 10 or Big East would be good fits. But, after 07, 08 and 09 seasons I am wondering if C-USA or the MAC would be more suitable.

  5. StephenOfTroy - Nov 26, 2009 at 4:07 PM

    Well, Mr. Arnold, at least you admitted that the Clausen-got-hit-back story is “fairly large.” That’s an understatement, but it’s better than your attempt on another thread to tell us that “this story is TIRED.”
    Charlie Weis can get cute about pretending that he’s not thinking about his own future all he wants. That’s coach-speak and no one really expects him to say “I worry about my job all the time, I wish I hadn’t talked all that smack when I first got here about how Willingham’s record wasn’t good enough, because his record is better than mine now, and I wish like hell I’d won some more games or at least fired some coaches so I would look like I gave a sh*t about something besides passing the ball.”
    But when he tries to duck all questions about a hot topic that has nothing to do with him and everything to do with his QB sporting a “Darth Vader” visor that even WEIS thought was “too Hollywood” at the beginning of the year, he just makes it worse. Because it’s not as though people will stop asking questions just because Weis calls it the “Stanford Press Conference.” Sorry, Charlie, but nice try. It was the “Tuesday Press Conference,” and everyone wants to know what happened Saturday night and first got reported on Monday night.

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