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Quinn wants Weis to stay

Nov 26, 2009, 2:00 PM EDT

Stuck in his own nightmare season, Brady Quinn still found time to support his college coach.

“Personally I think it would be a horrible decision if they did make
that change,” Quinn said. “I think there are a lot of circumstances
that play into seasons like this. Hopefully he’ll have an opportunity
to have another year with the guys.”

Quinn making a statement in defense of Charlie Weis says a lot about the character of Brady. He’s been stuck in a season where he spent three games as a starter, lost his job after playing poorly, then watched Derek Anderson keep the starting job even while playing historically bad football. Quinn finally got another chance to play… against the stout Ravens defense, looked understandably shaky, but had the best game of his professional career last week, where he was a stupid pass interference penalty against winning the ball game.

It’s interesting that Quinn talked about the circumstances that play into “seasons like this.” I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of people this week that have been around major football programs and they all said something similar.

One especially interesting insight came from a current coach, who broke the season into three areas: Assembling your team, then keeping it together by tweaks and overcoming injuries, or putting it back together after tough losses or personnel issues. It’s easy to look at numbers and draw conclusions, but a lot of times with seasons like this, numbers don’t begin to tell the story.

There’s no doubt that the Irish have had a disappointing season, and the coaches have been forced to put this team back together over and over again. We’ll see this Saturday if the coaches can rally the Irish for one final victory.

  1. Indra - Nov 26, 2009 at 2:46 PM

  2. StephenOfTroy - Nov 26, 2009 at 3:53 PM

    Keith Arnold said, “It’s easy to look at numbers and draw conclusions, but a lot of times with seasons like this, numbers don’t begin to tell the story.”
    Yes, it IS easy to look at numbers and draw conclusions. The Irish have 6 wins. And they have a WHOLE lot of people who are heavily invested in making excuses about why that number is so low.
    EVERYONE has “seasons like this.” You had some players injured. So does every team. You in fact played against teams that were missing key players due to injury. You had some calls go against you. So does every team. You had a LOT of calls go for you. But many of you don’t count that; it’s as though many of you think you’re ENTITLED to favorable calls.
    Numbers tell the story. Excuses don’t distract from the plot.
    And Brady Quinn is a better QB than Jimmy Clausen, and look how QUINN is playing. The NFL is tougher than the NCAA. Just ask Mark Sanchez (who should have stayed in school to get some more experience reading complex defenses. Not that I miss him; Matt Barkley is the real deal and our best QB since Leinart and Palmer.).

  3. el - Nov 26, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    As someone who grew up in Dublin, OH (and is just a few years older than Quinn) I can say that “character” is not one of his strong points. Since the time he was a HS QB at Coffman, he had the attitude of someone who was entitled to whatever he wanted. Just ask Lindy Slinger…
    More importantly, this post suggests a serious flaw in logic. Namely, when things go right for ND, all external considerations/factors are ignored. When things go south, the external considerations/factors are THE reason. You can’t selectively choose when outside factors figure in yo your success, or lack thereof.
    Further, lightening doesn’t strike twice. This isn’t just one of those seasons. This is a run of such seasons. It’s a trend. Weis might be a good coordinator (I say might because, quite frankly, he was vastly overrated as an NFL coordinator; in 8 seasons, his offenses ranked in the top-10 twice and had an average ranking of 17th in total yards; the Pats won Super Bowls with a stout defense and reliable special teams). But he’s a terrible head coach. He’s seemingly incapable of evaluating defensive talent (both in terms of players and coaches) and his player development is horrid. His teams make the same mistakes in week 10 as they did in week 1; more tellingly, they make the same mistakes in year 3 as they did in year 1.

  4. StephenOfTroy - Nov 26, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    Bravo, el! I concur 100%. Except on the part about Quinn; I have no first-hand knowledge of his character. Who, f’rinstance, is Lindy Slinger? Hurry up and tell me the salacious details before the tryptophan from the turkey sets in…

  5. TLNDMA - Nov 26, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    Man, I can’t wait til this situation (coach) is rectified. Hashing over the same points of view is quite tedious. Hopefully they give Stanford a good game. I had wanted to be a nerrvous wreck for this game, hoping there would be lots riding on it’s outcome. Alas, now I hope that I can just enjoy my favorite team and players, giving their all. This game will be more a test of ND’s character than it’s talent. S of T , you talk a lot.

  6. brandon - Nov 27, 2009 at 1:41 AM

    A+++ comment!!! I am right there with you, I’m not looking at this game as an edge of my seat, whats at stake, how is this single games outcome going to determine ….. ect ect ect……I am hoping that CW has his team loose and relaxed and ready with a mindset of “nothing to lose”, lets have some freakin fun playing football attitude this weekend. Stanford is gonna have there hands full. And I agree, S of T, altho at times you do make very valid points, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that you type more then the guy writing the articles here….lol. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! GO IRISH!

  7. TLNDMA - Nov 27, 2009 at 8:52 AM

    Brandon, precisely. Beat Cardinal!

  8. mrrandolph - Nov 27, 2009 at 9:01 AM

    Quinn should support CW. You have to be loyal to your coach. But, Quinn knows like everyone else the days are numbered for CW at ND. If you think we have it bad as ND fans think of Brady Quinn who has had to endure three Belichick desciples as his last three head coaches. Wow!!!

  9. NDFAN401 - Nov 27, 2009 at 10:16 AM

    Brady Quinn should support Charlie Weis because he saved his ND career. Brady is twice the leader that Clausen is and that includes his NFL experience. Right now Brady plays on a terrible team with no direction, no coaching and very little talent and on top of all of that he has not been given a true chance to become a starting quaterback.
    Eric Mangini is a good example of how our problems could be worse, can you imagine him coaching ND? Charlie Weis being supported by Brady Quinn is a good look at the relationship between one of Notre Dames best leaders and quarterbacks and his coach. The two of them together worked well and have mutual respect for one another. I’m sure Brady would like to work with Charlie Weis again to see if he could save his NFL career.

  10. StephenOfTroy - Nov 27, 2009 at 3:33 PM

    brandon and TLNDMA: Duly noted. I’ll try to keep my comments short and sweet from now on. Just as soon as robertg stops posting dozens of numbered paragraphs that all amount to “bupkis,” in his parlance.
    I got a scolding email from Keith Arnold last night. Here’s what it said:
    Do me a favor and stop posting personal attacks on people. I honestly think there’s a screw loose in RobertG’s head, and if it makes the guy feel better to write rambling blathering about RICO trials and crooked refs then I’m fine with that. What I’m not fine is you trying to link to embarrassing professional things about a guy’s life that is probably in shambles.
    He’s a 60-something year-old man that probably has nothing better to do. I don’t have a problem with you trolling over on an ND site, even if you are a USC fan that must not have anything better to do.
    I appreciate many of your viewpoints and again, I haven’t deleted any of your posts. But when I get three emails on Thanksgiving day asking me to delete you or block you from posting on this website because they think you’ve gone over the line, I have to ask you to relax a little bit.
    Jimmy Clausen is a 22-year-old kid who got punched outside of a bar by an annoying drunk Notre Dame fan. Jack Swarbrick talked about it on his radio show, and it’s the last thing that Charlie Weis wants to deal with, so he just said he wasn’t going to talk about it. Then he pulled the media access to the players because all they were going to get asked were 1) questions about the coaching hot seat or 2) questions about JC getting punched. They weren’t going to answer questions on either so why bother.
    There is no dark evil conspiracy… Just guys trying to do their job as the enemies circle the gates. What makes the situation so upsetting is that the Irish fans were the first to burst through the gates.
    You seem like a good guy and I apologize if I was a bit too sarcastic with my apology in the comments. But be a bigger man and stop trying to goad Robert into a fight.
    Here’s what I wrote back, just now:
    “Mr. Arnold,
    You’ve GOT to be kidding me.
    I didn’t start anything with Robert G. He threatened to sue me and publicly humiliate me MANY times. He told me to wear a StephenOfTroy t-shirt to the UCLA game so his associates could identify me with cameras. God knows for what purpose. He libeled me by claiming I am involved with crooked college sports enterprises.
    NONE of this is apparently bothersome to you. In fact, you decided to mock me by patronizing me after I noted that SOMEONE ELSE linked to another website where a guy who posted under his full name, Robert T. Gilleran, writes just like our very own robertg.
    And so now that three people have asked you to delete my posts you write me an email. Did you write to Jan, who decided to write a 400-word ad hominem attack on me, calling me all manner of names, but the most offensive of which is ‘thug,’ just because I have the temerity to point out that Clausen hit a guy in the throat before getting punched back? Did you write to robertg?
    Let me guess. They’re just ND fans who can do no wrong.
    You ‘don’t have a problem’ with my posting at ND Central notwithstanding my allegiance to another university? That’s a relief. I was worried for a second that I’d have to take a loyalty oath and renounce the First Amendment.
    I didn’t try to link to any embarrassing professional thing about Robert T. Gilleran or robertg or anyone else. Show me what you’re talking about. It was not me, whatever it is. I linked to another sports blog where a guy named Robert T. Gilleran posted.
    I consider that I HAVE been a bigger man. I’m friendly with people who insulted me by, inter alia, telling me my Dad should have worn two condoms on the night I was conceived, or that I should go back where I came from, or that I’m a douche. I gave those people second or even third chances, because I want to see the good in people. Now I consider them friends, as far as online anonymous friendships can go. You must have seen the relatively high-brow back and forth I’ve had with Avon Domer, who is one of the people who took issue with me at first, but now calls me a ‘class act.’
    I haven’t threatened to sue anyone. Nor have I goaded anyone into a fight. What I have done is mocked a guy who threatened me. I’ve also responded in kind to people who are rude to me because I say things they don’t agree with.
    If that bothers you, then you’re free to delete my posts and show me that YOU are not capable of following robertg’s direct orders not to delete any posts.
    What do you want to bet THIS post gets deleted? Art, do you STILL think I’m really Keith Arnold?
    brandon, TLNDMA, et al: I don’t mind getting into a back-and-forth with an ND fan who doesn’t like the way I write. But if the person who posts the blog articles is going to write me an email like the one above, it really makes me wonder whether it’s worth it to be here. I meant what I wrote in my reply to him. I think I HAVE been the bigger person when a lot of people told me unkind things, and the things people tell me roll off my back. It’s a sports blog; almost everyone talks smack, and sometimes people say things they wish they could take back, like BigMike talking about Clausen’s religion, or other people talking about pedophilia.
    I posted Mr. Arnold’s email and my reply to it for two reasons:
    1 – so that those of you who don’t like me, and especially those of you who went so far as to write to Mr. Arnold asking him to ban me from the site can feel better about yourselves, and
    2 – so that those of you who understand that I haven’t gone nearly as far as I’ve been accused of, and that I haven’t threatened to sue anyone, can have some food for thought.
    I’m genuinely curious what those of you in category 2 have to say. As it is, you’re not likely to see any more lengthy posts from me. To the extent that I post here I will keep it short, to the point, and polite, unless someone is rude to me. I have no intention of turning the other cheek when someone slaps me first (or shoves me in the throat).
    I thought ND would beat UConn and they didn’t. I think Stanford will roll it up on ND, which means ND will probably win. If they do win, I’ll be among the first to offer them congratulations.
    GO IRISH, and Fight On, Trojans!

  11. NDFAN401 - Nov 27, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    In defense of StephenofTroy, MR. Keith Arnold I am thinking that you have missed the target here, the rantings of robertg are the disturbance on this blog certainly not Stephen. Let me be brutally honest here if robertg wants to rant on about RICO charges, the Kennedy assination, dishonest officials or the criminal machine of NCAA football let him do it elsewhere.Stephen is also correct about the fact of robertg threatening lawsuit, civil action and other mindless garbage that noone has any interest in. I have read his writings and find them to be only a slightly bigger waste of time than washng my car in driving rainstorm. There is nothing about this person that even resembles a fan of NCAA football or being a fan of Notre Dame in my opinion. His writings I believe are those of someone crying out for some kind of attention and or professional help.
    Stephen on the other hand does appear to be a fan of college football, and appears to be at the very least interested in the football program at Notre Dame. I have read his writings and he is well versed on the articles that are commented on and I for one enjoy reading his posts and hearing his point of view, that is something I cannot say about robertg.
    Under these circumstances and my feelings on this subject I believe Mr. Arnold that you owe StephenofTroy a sincere apology and robertg an admonishment over writing things of an accusatory nature about people you do not read this blog and therefore are unable to come to their own defense.

  12. StephenOfTroy - Nov 27, 2009 at 4:58 PM

    Thanks, NDFAN. You’re the first person who explicitly told me I’m welcome here. :)
    I don’t care whether Mr. Arnold admonishes Robert T. Gilleran. But the younger brother in me wants to make sure that if I get punished for retaliating, then the person who hit me first ought to get worse than what I got. :) (Yes, my older sister is creatively named Stephanie. No, Art, she didn’t go to USC. But she has met HelenOfTroy.)
    And you’re right, I am interested in ND’s program. As I’ve said, I am a life-long ND fan. It’s sort of how President Obama is considered black even though his mother is white. I won’t say my allegiance is split 50-50 between ND and USC. It’s more like 25-70, with 5% going to Florida State because of Bowden. But it’s enough that I feel I deserve a seat at the table. I’m not just cruising through here to make mean-spirited attacks on ND’s religious affiliation or its Coach’s weight.
    Some people seem to be unable to tolerate any criticism of anything about ND. I don’t apologize for calling it like I see it. And right now, a once-vaunted and always-proud football program is underperforming even the lowered expectations the media places on it, to say nothing of the perennial-championship expectations its alumni and fans place on it.

  13. mrrandolph - Nov 27, 2009 at 6:42 PM

    The personal foul is always called on the second man. How about a booth review?

  14. mef811 - Nov 27, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    You really are a class act aren’t you? Someone writes you a private email (supposedly) stating none other than to merely quit trying to pick fights!! I have looked back to most of your posts and It’s quite clear your the one whom didn’t agree-like what RG was going on about and started the the rhetoric between you two. You say your a lawyer….well god help those you prosecute or defend!! In my opinion Keith wrote you in private, out of pure gut feeling that everyone is sick of the dramatic BS coming from posters like you and RG, and wanted to privately qualm the nonsense!! (sorry KA if I’m off) I do want to thank you though, Your posts remind of elementary school he said she said BULL**** I havn’t been able to go back to those feeble minded days for ever, THANKS AGAIN, BUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And always remember….. sticks and stones may break your bones but WORDS will NEVER hurt you :)

  15. mef811 - Nov 27, 2009 at 6:53 PM

    Correction on the name mef811 is mike ford

  16. StephenOfTroy - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:07 PM

    Well mike ford aka mef811, you’re right about one thing. Your words will never hurt me. THANKS AGAIN, BUD!!!!!!!!! (sorry if I miscounted the number of exclamation points — talk about elementary school…)

  17. StephenOfTroy - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:10 PM

    Ahhh, mrrandolph, if memory serves, it WAS you who suggested that the NCAA start reviewing personal fouls so that the second person isn’t penalized, wasn’t it?
    Either way, with only the Stanford game remaining on the schedule, we ARE down to the final two minutes, or thereabouts. I’ll defer to the decision from the booth. [puts away the red challenge flag, while muttering to himself about getting home-towned…]

  18. mef811 - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    No need to be sorry!!!!!!?? My use of those was to exclaim my point into hard heads such as yours

  19. 2009 Bowl Games - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:24 PM

    I’m sorry guys, but BQ was the only reason Weis ever looked good at Notre Dame in the first place. It’s time for a change.
    Quinn jump-started the college career, but he won’t be able to revive it.

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