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Kelly says decision coming in the next 7-10 days

Nov 27, 2009, 1:55 PM EDT

Our friends over at CFT pulled a good nugget from the Illinois-Cincinnati broadcast this morning, shedding light on the Brian Kelly to Notre Dame rumors.

Mike Florio reports that ABC analyst Bob Griese shed some light on Kelly’s potential move to South Bend if the Irish look to replace Charlie Weis.

“I talked to Brian Kelly on the field just before the ball game, and he said something will be decided in the next seven to ten days,” Griese said.

If that’s the case, it might mean that Jack Swarbrick has done some homework this week, as many of us suspected he was doing. It could also mean that Kelly’s representatives are at the very least working on getting a big pay raise for the in demand coach.

If all the talk is about Notre Dame, it’s a completely different tune than what Kelly was saying just last week, where Kelly told Dan Patrick that neither he nor his representatives had been contacted by Notre Dame or any third parties.

  1. StephenOfTroy - Nov 27, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    My guess is it means Kelly will get a more lucrative contract from his present employer, using all the media-driven intrigue about ND as leverage.
    But if he IS going to be the coach of ND: I hope he does well; I hope the university, the student body, the alumni, the fans, and the media are realistic about the enormity of the task he faces and the results he is likely to obtain in the short term; and I hope that the university gives him a multi-year contract (but not a decade-long contract), gives him what he needs to be successful, and otherwise stays out of his way so he can do his job.

  2. TLNDMA - Nov 27, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    Irish, Catholic high school, Catholic college, 3 head coaching jobs, same results at each, winner. This is the guy.

  3. mrrandolph - Nov 27, 2009 at 6:16 PM

    I heard on the CBS halftime show from Spencer Tillman that his sources are saying that Brian Billick is emerging as the new Irish coach.

  4. Michael - Nov 27, 2009 at 6:33 PM

    This is mainly intended for Mr. Arnold but others may respond. I understand that any way to get your name in the news is good but do you think we may be jumping the gun just a tad? I mean Tounchdown Charlie has not even been fired and I also do not remember hearing for sure he would be after all they brought him back after a 3-9 season. I drove up for the Uconn game and while driving through Jacks home town on the way to South Bend listening to the radio when it occured to me that they both (charlie and jack) graduated from N D and they both think that there is more to football than winning. Also Jack mentioned having stability in the program. I also think we are blowing the recruiting trip or lack of one up too much. What good would it do for Charlie to go anywhere when the media is shouting from the rooftops about him being fired. I mean what could he tell the recruits? Did anyone ever think that Jack might just want to put an end to all of this ASAP? I know what you are going to ask if that is the case then why didn’t he say anything to come to the rescue of Charlie. The answer is because he said he wouldn’t Jack is and always will be a man of his word and has ALWAYS waited till the end of the season to evaluate the program. I believe that Charlie will be there with Golden and Jimmy next year remember ND fans no Charlie means no Golden and NO Jimmy. I know this because I was a the bar in South Bend where the boxing match happened and heard Jimmy talking about coming back next year with golden to win big for Charlie not for themselves but for the coach. All the players and their families want coach Weis back which I believe is more important than what fans or alum want. If the players want him and he keeps on recruiting the way he has and graduating a very high percent of his team why would anybody want to get rid of him? Most games are won and lost on a play or two, which is what happened to us this year we did not get blown out like in the BOB DAVIE era or the Ty days. THe players back then gave up and they truly have the fighting spirit of the IRish just like Charlie. Go Irish

  5. StephenOfTroy - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:01 PM

    Michael, those are interesting comments.
    Count me among those who think Swarbrick could have simply said, on the radio or elsewhere, that “Charlie Weis is under contract for several more years, we think he’s doing an outstanding overall job, and he’ll be back next year,” or something like that, if he wanted to keep the program stable. It cannot be good for Weis to skip out on recruiting in California after the Stanford game. Mr. Arnold mentioned three “blue chip” recruits by name in another post, but there have to be others. Even if Weis is retained, those recruits and others will think (with good cause) that Weis is hanging by a thread.
    But I’m more interested in your first-hand account of what Clausen said in the bar. Do you recall any specifics that Clausen said? Was he talking to his family or to random people in the bar when he said the things you heard?
    I don’t think games are won or lost on one play or two plays. Momentum is turned, surely, but the entire game? If your final throw is an incompletion, that’s not why you lost. You lost because you went three-and-out three times in a row in the 3rd quarter, while your opponent scored 13 points on a TD and two field goals. My two cents.
    Anyway, your first-hand information is much appreciated, and GO IRISH!

  6. mrrandolph - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    What happens if Charlie, Jimmy, and Golden all come back next year and the Irish still lose 5 or 6 games? They were not exactly playing against the SEC or Pac-10 or Big 12 this year that is where I am disappointed. Their schedule was set up for 9 or 10 wins plus a BCS bowl.
    And, I expect the players to be fighting for and wanting Charlie to stay. He brought them in and is responsible for them and partially responsible for getting him fired if he is let go.

  7. Keith Arnold - Nov 27, 2009 at 7:35 PM

    I think I might be one of the last people out there that think Charlie could stay as coach and also think that he should stay as coach. That said, I thought Griese’s comments needed to be mentioned, and at the end of the game Kelly clarified what he meant, which didn’t exactly take him out of the running for the job.
    I’ll share more in the next day or so and we’ll find out soon enough, but I don’t take the lack of West coach recruiting trip as a death notice for CW and staff.

  8. michael - Nov 27, 2009 at 9:20 PM

    Basically all i remember, (it was late and I had been drinking several beers) I have never seen the Irish win and I have been coming to games for three years. Anyway Jimmy was upset about the losing and was considering going pro because he may get injured like Bradford but he also told the group at his table that he didn’t go to Notre Dame he went for Charlie and will leave if Charlie leaves. He also said that in the end whatever Charlie thinks is best for him is what he will do. Jimmy thinks that Charlie is a masterful coach and that he along with other players have let him down. So without Charlie there will be no Jimmy to Golden offense. I also heard just from random people over the weekend in South Bend that #3 may transfer without Jimmy or Charlie there. How bad would we be with a new coach, no jimmy or golden and possibly no Michael either. Because we all know that at the very best no matter who is coach that the D will not be great by any stretch of the imagination next year. Can anyone tell me why the defensive coaches are not on the hot seat and Charlie is? Wasn’t he brought in to score points? Not tackle right? Is that not Corwin Brown and Mr I blitz on every single play no matter what job??? I m sorry I don’t remember more details like I said lots and lots of alcohol that evening/morning. On a different note I wrote Charlie and Jack letters telling Charlie we still want him and asking Jack to at least consider everything Charlie has done not just what he does on saturday. Stephen since you are a USC fan maybe you could give a little insight to how things went at USc when you guys struggled for awhile before Carroll was hired.

  9. TLNDMA - Nov 27, 2009 at 10:04 PM

    I’m waiting for Rod Serling to post a comment.

  10. StephenOfTroy - Nov 28, 2009 at 12:27 AM

    michael, thanks for the reporting. Great to have first-hand information. A+ work, especially considering you were drinking at the time. :)
    I agree that the defense and defensive coaching has been a big letdown. I’ve opined here, on other threads, that calling ineffective blitzes is a big problem for the Irish defense. The DC doesn’t seem to understand that your scheme has to fit your talent, and the Irish don’t have pass rushers who can get to the QB, so the secondary gets exposed and hung out to dry. Third downs become first downs. But I think it’s the head coach’s job to correct those mistakes and see that when things aren’t working, changes are made. He hired his own staff, after all.
    When I was enrolled at USC (7 years, between college and law school), we never once beat UCLA. It was painful. Not even alcohol could ease that pain. Part of the problem was an inability on our administration’s part to (a) recognize reality, i.e., we were no longer dominant and it wasn’t a matter of a tweak here or an adjustment there; we needed wholesale attitude adjustment and much more commitment to excellence, and (b) get someone who understood how big-time athletics work.
    The turning point for us was hiring Mike Garrett as AD. He was hired in 1993, but didn’t really get a long leash to do what he wanted, at first. Things had to get worse before they got better. He brought stability and perspective. He also brought in Pete Carroll, who had been heavily criticized before he came to USC. But Garrett understood how to let a head coach be a head coach, and he just gave Pete what he needed to be successful and “had his back” in any internal conflicts/disputes/questions with the administration.
    That is what I think ND needs to do. I’m not sure if Swarbrick is the right AD, but he seems like he’s going about things in the right way. If he can hire a good coach and then take a lot of heat away from the new coach, ND will be well on its way.

  11. mrrandolph - Nov 28, 2009 at 7:03 AM

    If the Indy Colts can go on without Peyton, Marvin, and Tony Dungy every Sunday, so can ND without Jimmy, Golden, and Charlie. And, yes Jimmy and other players have let CW down, they have probably gotten him fired. And, eventhough the Defense is bad, Tenuta is working with what he was given. CW had the say on every defensive player ND recruited.
    You can substitute Colts for Steelers Bradshaw, Swann, and Noll
    Cowboys Aikman, Irvin, Emmitt and Jimmy Johnson etc…
    My point being: CW 5 years, Jimmy and Golden 3 years ND Football 119 years. ND without CW,JC,GT 75% winning percentage With 45%

  12. michael - Nov 28, 2009 at 10:50 AM

    You do have a point but you are also twisting my words around some. My point is we have a good coach, some may not think great but I do anyways he could be alot worse of a coach. We also have severl blue chip players. Most want to blame Charlie and all i m saying is that maybe it is what goes on behind the scenes with the ad and the pressure of being at ND. Why else could three coaches in a row have the same winning percentage? Ty did good with Bob’s players. And Charlie did good with Ty’s players. I think that is because they believed they could win with the new guy in town and they Ty lost hope just like Davie but Charlie and his team keep chipping away and that is where the difference is. I don’t see how change will fix anything we tried change for the last 15 years just give him a chance and put a STOP to the hot seat nonsence and all will be well. Though Nd will be around without the players or the coach. The same Nd wont. The ND I know and love is the kind that puts the players and academics in front of winning! Charlie has done everything they have asked including several things that previoius coaches could not do. If they get rid of charlie and jimmy and golden follow then they will have put winning above all else and that is not what ND does. That is what I meant by my last post. Please do not continue to twist words around that is how all these rumors get started. Just simply ask what you do not understand or on things that we sometime write unclear and most of us will respond as soon as we are able to.

  13. mrrandolph - Nov 28, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    Let’s just lay the blame on the appropriate person…Kevin White
    He is the one that gave Davie an extension. Hired O’Leary for a week. Hired and fired Ty after three years. And, extended CW contract after a lost. And, the kicker is you had the future coach on staff Urban Meyer. And, I don’t mean to twist your words and I don’t know what you mean ‘this is how rumors get started’ I am just saying ND can win w/o these three and life will go on. And, how can you still believe CW can coach when he is at best 7-5 with this schedule.

  14. Joe from Dublin - Nov 28, 2009 at 2:07 PM

    I am not sure who is not on the rumor list at this point. It is getting ridiculous. I think Kelly is the coach when it is all said and done. He meets all the criteria:
    1) He is a proven winner everywhere he has been. No knock on Cincy but he is never going to get a chance at a championship unless he is at one of the historical powerhouses like OU, OSU, FU, Bama,etc…
    2) He can handle the media. Weis and Willingham were terrible in this area and when things went a little south, the media piled on. Stoops is not so hot in this area.
    3) He has proven he can recruit nationally with nice pick ups from FL, NJ, IL, etc.. Weis excelled in this area as he and his staff made the travel sacrifices needed to get recruits. Stoops has never had to do this at FU and OU.
    4) Kelly wants ND. He has given every indication that he wants to be at ND. The rest of the candidates mentioned do not seem to want this as bad as he does. Money seems to be the big draw for some. Parseghian made a comment saying how important it is that ND coaches come in wanting ND as much as ND wants them. This was one of the big problems with Ty.
    5) He appears hungrier than the rest of the coaches mentioned to get to the next level in coaching. How motivated are Stoops or Meyer to start over and leave very successful programs?
    I would love to see Stoops or Meyer come but I do not see it happening. I see ND ending up with egg on the face if they go after these guys. I think Kelly will be just as good of a choice if given the chance. He comes across in the same light as Meyer came across 5 years ago. I hope this time they grab him quickly and bring him on board like they did with Holtz when he replaced Faust.

  15. robertg - Nov 28, 2009 at 3:37 PM

    1. as always, mike florio and his cft and pft associates have no real sources.
    2. coach kelly has already stated publicly that he has no interest in coaching at notre dame and he has stated the reasons why.
    3. coach kelly has a family and youg children and does not want to see them subjected to these vicious media attacks and hung out to be vilified in the media by current notre dame ad jack swarbrick and by certain members of the current notre dame administration.
    4. coach kelly’s cincinnati teams have been the beneficiaries of many interventions by dishonest big east conference officiating crews to make it appear that cincinnati is undefeated on paper and, unless notre dame joins the big east conference in football, kelly knows that notre dame will continue to get cheated out of wins.
    5. the advice from every honest decent coach to jack swarbrick? charlie and his staff have done magnificent jobs at notre dame. keep them and fix the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems instead of joining those corrupt systems.
    6. whatever jack swarbick and certain people in notre dame’s current admistration may end up doing. mike florio and his cft and pft colleagues will not be operating at msnbc or at nbc sports next season.
    7. keith arnold and his staff at nd central will be back since, unlike florio and his asociates at cft and pft. keith and his staff have honored their contractual obligations to msnbc and nbc sports.

  16. michael - Nov 28, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    I can believe it because he has put his players in a position to win each and every week and the only time they lost is when someone did not do what they were suppose to do. Duvall falling down in the endzone against usc, Flyod not turning around against navy=interception and touchdown for navy, not to metion missing like 4 field goals, and last week against uconn two key fumbles by star players. And don’t even get me started on the bogus fumble by jimmy against Pitt. Did Charlie do any of those things wrong?? NO did he give them a shot to win?? YES Did the last two coached do that weekly NOPE That is how I can say he can still coach. The bigger question is why do think those mistakes are his fault? He can’t catch the ball for them or kick fielgoals and he sure can’t go tackle for them (eventhough he couldn’t do any worse)!

  17. robertg - Nov 28, 2009 at 5:37 PM

    1. at the extremely rotten center of the notre dame/weis bashing media con operation is, as always, eric hansen, illegally using the name and resouces of the south bend tribune and serving as the anchor for the rest of the media shills, citing hansen’s non existent sources within notre dame.
    2. try the south bend tribune online right now and you will find hansen’s “Notre Dame football: On Black Friday, Jack Swarbrick is shopping for greatness”.
    3. hansen sets forth his list of candidates to replace charlie weis.
    4. as usual this time around, not one of the listed candidates would even consider taking the notre dame job for any amount of money even if they were contacted by jack swarbrick or notre dame’s president or anyone else connected with notre dame.
    5. the reasons are simple. notre dame’s administration has left notre dame’s head coaches( bob davie, tyrone, and charlie weis) and their staffs and their families hanging out in the wind to be vilified and tortured by eric hansen and other media shills.
    6. no honest or qualified coach has any reason to trust jack swarbrick or father jenkins( who participated in the tyrone slaughter over the very strong objections of former notre dame ad kevin white and notre dame’s president) or anyone else in notre dame’s current administration.
    7. true, eric hansen and his media shill associates and notre dame’s enemies who paid them were able to orchestrate the firings of bob davie and tyrone.
    8. however, every competent and qualified coach knows that charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes who also play football have done magnificent jobs at notre dame and that the real problems lie with the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems.
    9. the problems that eric hansen and his media shill friends are facing this time around is that no qualified candidate will touch the notre dame job for any amount of money.
    10.hopefully, charlie and his staff will accept the apologies of jack swarbrick and father jenkins and certain people in notre dame’s admistration and agree to stay whlie the notre dame administration does what it should have done years ago- protect notre dame’s coaches from the media vultures and demand that the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems be changed immediately.
    11. whatever happens at notre dame, we are taking down in the civil courts every person and entity involved with crooked college sports enterprises, including eric hansen.
    GO IRISH!!!

  18. StephenOfTroy - Nov 28, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    Robert T. Gilleran, I have to be fair. You’re still nuttier than a fruitcake, but I DO like the way you’ve always stood up for Ty Willingham. Credit where it’s due. Of course, a stopped clock is right twice a day…

  19. robertg - Nov 28, 2009 at 7:16 PM

    stephen of troy,
    1. my ucla friends will be waiting at the mausoleum for you and your friends to show up at the ucla/usc game wearing stephen of troy t shirts, even though we know that you and your friends do not have the guts to do so.
    2. in any case, you cannot avoid meeting us in the civil courts and losing all of your material assets. you passed the no settlement possible limits on too many prior occasions after too many warnings.
    3. among other things, remember that you will be at your deposition and trial, if you get that far, and you will be presented with your latest nuttier than a fruitcake comments and be required to prove them to be true.
    GO IRISH!!!

  20. manny - Nov 28, 2009 at 8:02 PM

    robertg and michael, I don’t know about you guys, you may have been watching football this year but it was not nd football. weiss couldn’t coach his way out of a wet paper bg. yes he has been good at developing qbs and has done well recruiting receivers but his idea of being nasty as he put it is way off base. this offense is a finesse offense and there is nothing nasty about it. He has done a horrible job of recruiting defensive talent. As Charlie himself put it when hired, 6-5 ain’t good enough. Wll wiht cw it will always be 6-5

  21. StephenOfTroy - Nov 28, 2009 at 9:17 PM

    Robert T. Gilleran,
    Careful with the personal attacks. You and your associates can stand there with your thumbs up your rear ends, for all the good it will do you. Are you trying to get Mr. Arnold to write YOU a scolding email or something?
    You won’t ever get to take my deposition, doofus. And not just because you’re disbarred and therefore you cannot take depositions, or do any of the other legal work you fib about CONSTANTLY.
    Do you know what a motion to dismiss is, Robert? It’s a 12(b)(6) motion in federal court, and a demurrer in your home state of California. No lawsuit you or your imaginary associates filed against me would ever survive my motion to dismiss (coupled with my motion for sanctions against you for filing a frivolous lawsuit, you raving lunatic.) In what American jurisdiction is Person 1 liable to Person 2 for telling Person 2 that Person 2 is nuttier than a fruitcake? Especially when the internet is BLOATED with evidence that Person 2 is in fact delusional.
    You’ve already been humiliated by me multiple times. Leave well enough alone. The Irish are running the ball and I’m enjoying watching them do it. Go write letters to your local grocer complaining about the quality of the lemons they carry. Or go suck a lemon. It will improve your disposition and fend off that scurvy problem you’ve been combating.

  22. Kejji - Nov 30, 2009 at 2:05 AM

    Nuttier than a fruitcake!?!? I’ve had it wrong all along…I thought he was fruitier than a nutcake.

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