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Search closes in on Kelly

Dec 8, 2009, 4:56 PM EDT

The Chicago Tribune’s David Haugh reports that Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly is “on brink of becoming Notre Dame’s next coach.”

More from Haugh:

Kelly held a meeting last week about the opening with representatives
of Notre Dame within days of Cincinnati’s Big East championship game
against Pittsburgh, the Tribune has learned.

Talks progressed
well enough that the official announcement Kelly will be Charlie Weis’
replacement could come as early as Friday — anytime after Cincinnati’s
football banquet Thursday night.

The informational session with Kelly was facilitated by the Parker
Executive Search firm out of Atlanta that Notre Dame used to gauge the
interest of potential candidates, a source said. The interest from both
sides was mutual, but Kelly didn’t want his involvement to distract his
Bearcats before the biggest game of the season. And it didn’t —
Cincinnati beat Pitt 45-44 to earn the school’s second straight
BCS bowl berth.

While I don’t doubt the validity of this, I also don’t feel confident with this kind of reporting:

One player contacted by the
Tribune said he sensed, from Kelly’s tone and mannerisms, that Kelly’s departure was imminent.

Sensing something from a coach’s tone and mannerism is far from a trusted source and this could be a regurgitation of facts that all point in the same direction.

Kelly posted on his (not hacked) Twitter account this morning that he wasn’t interviewing today, but that’s likely a good bit of wordplay, if the news that Kelly already met with ND officials is indeed true.

As many have already reported, they expect a decision to be made sometime this week. If that’s the case, all signs point to Brian Kelly being the next head coach of the Notre Dame football team.

  1. mef811 - Dec 9, 2009 at 6:03 PM

    GEEZ… ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! I really hope you don’t know what your talking about. (HOPE)

  2. StephenOfTroy - Dec 9, 2009 at 10:25 PM

    I think bearcat, Michael, David86 and Kejji all make good points.
    Yes, football coaches are like anyone else; they have ambition, they work because they need to pay their bills, and they have dreams and aspirations.
    Yes, it’s foolhardy to think that a coach will stay with your mid-level program for eternity if he shows that he has top-drawer skills.
    BUT, it’s also reasonable to recall that football coaches various and sundry are forever preaching to their kids, er, players, about the importance of “commitment.” Football is a team game in a way that no other sport really is, due to the number of players on the roster. College football is a place where young men become men, and they by and large follow a father figure — the head coach.
    So I can see bearcat’s point. I wouldn’t have made it quite as forcefully as bearcat did, but you have got to feel for those Cincy kids. They played brilliantly all year, they won in dramatic fashion against Pitt to clinch the Big East title, and now (it looks like) their coach is bolting to go coach someone he is more excited about? This is the most exciting time in Cincy’s football history. But it’s not enough.
    I know, I know, that’s reality.
    Speaking of reality, someone should introduce Robert T. Gilleran to it. You’re right about one thing, Robert. “[n]aturally, most people will not believe [you.]” You’re wrong about literally everything else. Notre Dame is not in a “lose/lose situation.”
    Robert, you said “dienhard never played football anywhere. dienhard is one of those self proclaimed experts who knows bupkis about college football.” Pray tell, what position did you play at Fordham? Not the flag football team, mind you. But really, go for it. Take 50 numbered paragraphs if you want. I want to know all about your illustrious experiences on the gridiron. Otherwise I’m back to thinking you’re one of those (snide) self-proclaimed experts who knows bupkis about college football. Or anything else.

  3. Peter - Dec 10, 2009 at 8:12 AM

    1. Bob buddy,
    2. You
    3. are
    4. a
    5. nut
    6. case.

  4. Leomcm - Dec 10, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    On another Blog it was mentioned that things may be cooling down on BK, and UB may have been approached. Has anyone else heard about this rumor? Should know after the banquet if BK is the next. Also what is all the scuttle butt about Randy E? Not even close to a viable choice. Skip Holtz would be a better mix.

  5. Stephine Kashan - Feb 12, 2010 at 4:03 AM

    You know what.. all I am going to say is… yes.. yes.. you are right.

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