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A glass half full parallel

Dec 12, 2009, 12:15 PM EDT

While the Brian Kelly hire was universally applauded by the main-stream media (more on that later), a small faction of Irish fans still seem to think the Irish should’ve gotten one of the big three to South Bend: Stoops, Saban, Meyer. While I do think that the Stoops scenario was a coup that almost happened under the nose of the Oklahoma administration, the hiring of Kelly should be anything but panned.

The incomparable FunkDoctorSpock threw out some statistics that had me feeling much more confident that while the Irish didn’t hire Urban Meyer, they most likely hired the next Urban Meyer.

From FDS:

The season prior to taking over Florida, Meyer made the BCS and went 12-0

The season prior to taking over Notre Dame, Kelly made the BCS and went 12-0

Over the two seasons prior…Meyer went 22-2 (.917) and won back to
back conference titles. Sagarin rated Utah’s SOS at 62nd and 67th.
Over the two seasons prior…Kelly went 23-3 (.885) and won back to
back conference titles. Sagarin rated Cincinnati’s SOS at 60th and 63rd.

Over the three seasons prior…Meyer went 31-5 (.861)
Over the three seasons prior…Kelly went 33-6 (.846)

Over the four seasons prior…Meyer went 39-8 (.830)
Over the four seasons prior…Kelly went 43-10 (.811)

For those of you that thought Notre Dame did so poorly not to lock up Meyer five years ago, you’ve got to take some solace in the fact that Brian Kelly’s trajectory is a mirror image of Meyer’s.

I actually think what Kelly did is more impressive, giving a nod to his work at Cincy over Meyer’s Utah team, and his Central Michigan turnaround a better Houdini act than Meyer’s work at Bowling Green.

  1. Jan - Dec 12, 2009 at 6:20 PM

    Keith…interesting statistics. Meanwhile, I suggest ignoring the “small faction of Irish fans” that are displeased. First, I question how many are actually ND fans/supporters versus detractors that would be delighted to see the process drag on – thus undermining the recruiting momentum and hope to see ND miss out on Coach kelly as well. Second, some fans will be unhappy no matter what.

  2. Art Vandelay - Dec 12, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    While I was pulling for the admin to wake up and hire Meyer, I think the BK hiring was a good move overall. These stats make me feel a bit better even though Mark Twain allegedly said, “There are liars, damned liars and statisticians.” Let’s hope he is an Urban on the rise and can lead the program back to respectability. I, for one, am tired of running a coach out of town every 3-5 yrs. I hope BK breaks this trend and that he and ND have a very long and mutually successful relationship. I just hope they don’t offer another contract extension until year 4 if he’s doing well. If this is his dream job, and if he can be successful, he should be in South Bend for a long time. Oh, what’s the diff between Tiger and Santa? Santa stops at 3 ho’s :)

  3. StephenOfTroy - Dec 12, 2009 at 10:46 PM

    What makes me laugh, Art, is that one of Tiger’s women-on-the-side looks almost exactly like his wife. You gotta believe that this woman is the one his wife is most upset about. Because you also gotta believe Tiger was doing naughty things with the doppelganger that his wife wouldn’t do. And then when he’s with his wife, he’s picturing the naughty lookalike.
    Your Twain quote is modified slightly from the variant I’ve heard and read, which is that there are three kinds of lies, not three kinds of liars. And that quote is variously attributed to everyone from Prime Minister Disraeli to Alfred Marshall to Mark Twain.
    I agree that hiring Kelly was a good move. I’m not thrilled about the way he lied to his players at Cincy about his decision, though.
    I don’t see why Urban is the model to follow. I’d rather see a return to the standard set by Lou Holtz. He’s a feisty, fiery gentleman whose love for ND is unparalleled, but he knows how to chew out an offensive lineman who misses an assignment. And his teams won on Saturdays in November. Either way, it’s Kelly’s job now, and I wish him well.
    Helen sends her regards, but says that she’d rather buy a computer from Lloyd Braun than from you.

  4. mrrandolph - Dec 13, 2009 at 8:20 AM

    Even Lou Holtz left Minnesota before their Bowl Game to take over the Irish. Don’t know what he promised his players though. I read that recruits can only be contacted until the 19th of December and not again until after National Signing Day. Is this true? And, why not push signing day back to late March or April to allow an up and coming coach to finish off his season with his current team? If a kid wants to enroll early, make that possible also.
    No new hires until after the bowl season.

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