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Will Kelly's offense be his liability?

Dec 18, 2009, 7:30 AM EDT

When Jack Swarbrick set out to search for Charlie Weis’ replacement, he hinted that the coach he was looking for would have — among other things — a strong defensive background.

I think we can all say that Brian Kelly’s defensive background wasn’t what got him the job at Notre Dame. You can even make the argument that what did get Kelly the job — his offensive acumen — could be one of his largest liabilities.

Kelly is the new coach at Notre Dame because Charlie Weis failed to post a winning season in his final three seasons. Yet for all Weis’ deficiencies as a head coach, he attracted elite offensive talent to Notre Dame. Those top skill players came to play for a coach that coordinated a Super Bowl winning offense, and gave offensive players the ability to showcase their skills playing in prototype NFL offense.

Many say what got Kelly the job at Notre Dame was his ability to win without elite players. Yet for Kelly to succeed at Notre Dame, he’ll not only have to adjust to playing a schedule without the likes of Southeast Missouri State or Eastern Kentucky on it, but also build a talent base that’s capable of beating BCS level teams from game one of the season.

For Kelly to do that, he’ll not only have to use the traditional selling points that bring recruits to Notre Dame, but also find something to replace the trump card Weis held with an NFL ready offense.

Kelly’s spread offense is prolific, but shares many of the same traits as the versions run by a handful of other coaches. Chris Brown, the proprietor of the website Smart Football and the writer of this detailed breakdown of Kelly’s offensive system, had this to say about Kelly’s fit at Notre Dame:

“This might be heresy, but schematically I don’t find Kelly that
interesting. Now he’s a spread guy (which plays to my preferences), and
he’s been doing it a long time (so he has a pedigree), but I think much
of the talk about Kelly as an “offensive genius” is misplaced. He runs
a very simple, and even at times simplistic, spread offense. That’s the
bad news.”

Simple isn’t bad. Brown goes on to compare Kelly to Lou Holtz, which is a career arc that I think many Irish fans would be happy with. What Weis’ five years in South Bend did was make people forget that Notre Dame struggled to play great offense in the years following Lou Holtz. Bob Davie had to fire Jim Colleto before finding an offensive identity with Kevin Rogers, and Ty Willingham struggled to do anything offensively with Bill Diedrick. Looking back at the modern era of Notre Dame football, you’d be hard pressed to say that Notre Dame ever won because of its offensive firepower. With Weis, he may not have won the way we thought he could, but it was the defensive deficiencies that cost him his job, not his ability to put up points.

When Weis and his staff went into the living rooms of Jimmy Clausen, Dayne Crist, and Michael Floyd, they left with signatures in large part because the recruits were convinced that Charlie Weis was the man that would prepare them best for the NFL. That advantage is gone with Brian Kelly’s offense, and in the years to come we’ll have to hear if Dayne Crist or the next Irish quarterback can successful adapt from the spread offense to a drop-back style system.

If we’ve learned anything about Brian Kelly, it’s that he’s won football games wherever he goes. And if he’s as good a coach as his record shows, he won’t need trump cards like Super Bowl rings to win.  Kelly himself has said that his Cincinnati team wasn’t built to beat BCS
caliber teams for 12 game seasons.

At Notre Dame, it’ll have to be, or
he’ll eventually find himself on a hot seat as well.

  1. grandpashyena - Dec 21, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    Oh, he is, on the intergalactic channel. Time to pull the Heaven’s Gate act and rejoin with the spaceship. I like his stuff in the original Klingon better than English.

  2. dabears - Dec 21, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    A question: why does the NCAA NOT want Notre Dame, the most popular, most televised college football program in the nation, to win games?? Why would they allow – or encourage? – dishonest officials of all stripes to steal so many wins away from their biggest meal-ticket?
    Feel free to hammer out a couple of hundred points in response!

  3. brninsouthbend - Dec 21, 2009 at 7:37 PM

    Seriously, robertg is one of the only reasons I read these articles anymore. I was really sad when he was silent for a while, but this dissertation proves he’s back in action. Keep ’em coming robertg…and GO IRISH!!!!!!

  4. Jake - Dec 21, 2009 at 8:16 PM

    Hammer a few hundred points….Have no fear he will. It will also be the same diatribe he has spouted for years. Today they are vicious shills, crooked media and corrupt college football officials. In past years, under the tag of Robert Thomas “Patrick” Gileran, “The Troll”, Weiss_Holtz and who knows who else, he assailed his foes as ‘asshats” and “hansenites”.
    He’s a disbarred attorney from California, who was first deemed ineligible to practice law under 6007c of the Business and Professions code, and later disbarred in part for billing his clients for “obnoxious behavior”, fining them $500.00 and then “firing” them. BTW No RICO cases were ever filed.
    Status: Disbarred fraud
    Credibility: Zero
    Comic Relief: 10

  5. DTS419 - Dec 22, 2009 at 7:01 AM

    I find the title of this article to be in poor taste. Brian Kelly probably hasn’t bought a house yet in South Bend and you’re talking about what might be his downfall? Give me a break. Better yet, give him a break.
    Why the fear about competing with BCS teams? Unless I missed something, lowly little Cincy who Penn State beat 81-0 not very long ago has beaten a top-ten tanked Pitt team and is going to the Sugar Bowl to play legendary Florida. And you’re worried that Kelly might not be able to compete against BCS teams.

  6. kejji - Dec 22, 2009 at 8:23 AM

    The best was this link posted earlier…Robertg…the shining light and moral compass of Notre Dame wrote a book on how to skirt U.S. tax-law.

  7. robertg - Dec 22, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    1. why would keeping charlie and his staff be the only right move for notre dame if notre dame can get them back after the cancers are cut out and some stability and real knowledge of college football is injected into the notre dame administration?
    2. we can start off with recruiting, which is the lifeblood of every football program.
    3. when charlie and his staff took over, the notre dame recruiting network was dead and recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us did not trust the notre dame administration’s understanding of college football or the ability of the notre dame administration to keep any coaching staff around long enough to turn around the incredible disaster that the notre dame football program had become ever since lou holtz was fired.
    4. charlie and his staff hit the recruiting trails all over the us for the 2006 and 2007 recruiting cycles and personnally visited high schools all over the us which had not received a visit from anyone connected with notre dame, to say nothing about personal visits from any notre dame head coach, since the geniuses in the notre dame administration forced out lou holtz.
    5. charlie and his staff impressed recruits and their families with charlie’s great connections and success in the nfl and the combination of getting their best shots at the nfl, along with a fine notre dame education, whether or not the nfl worked out for them, along with the total honesty and integrity of charlie and his staff, and along with with the assurances of charlie and his staff that charlie would be at notre dame for the long term, as charlie had been assured by the notre dame administration and was backed up by former notre dame ad kevin white until white got disgusted by the lack of backing from purcell and jenkins, quit notre dame at the end of 2007 and left for duke, thereby opening the door for purcell to install his flunkey, swarbrick, as notre dame’s ad in 2008.
    6. in the meantime, charlie and his staff were making astonishing progress on the recruiting trail. they actually secured commitments to them and to notre dame in the 2006 and 2007 recruiting cycles from some student athletes who could have picked any other school in the us, many of which offerred educations equal to or better that the educations offerred by notre dame.
    7. however, charlie and his staff did not really hit the bulls eye until the 2008 recruiting cycle wehich happened to coincide with the 2007 football season, one of the worst in notre dame’s history.
    8. despite that fact, charlie and his staff pulled in notre dame’s 1st no 1 ranked recruiting class since the lou holtz era with great talent at every position.
    9. notre dame’s 2008 recruiting class is the type of recruiting class which, if followed by similar recruiting classes, virtually guarantees great success on the field provided that the officiating, rules enforcement, rankings, and bcs systems are honest, transparent, and fully accountable to the public.
    10.charlie and his staff were able to bring in and keep together that 2008 recruiting class by recruiting with complete honesty and integrity with every recruit and their families, and their high school coaches and the get full backing from notre dame ad kevin white, but the rest of the notre dame administration failed to ban the vicious medis shills from the notre dame campus and the vicious personal attacks on charlie and his staff and their families and notre dame’s student athletes in the south bend tribune and the chicago tribune were permitted to continue and did drive away from notre dame several other key 2008 commits on the dline and at other positions. the time the 2009 recruiting cycle came along, which coincided with the 2008 season, swarbrick was the ad and, when the vicious media attacks hit again, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes got zero support from swarbrick or from notre dame’s administration.
    12. swarbrick stood around like an undertaker and did not confirm that charlie and his staff would be back for one more season until after the last regular season game of 2008.
    13. by the time swarbrick made that wimp annoucement, charlie and his staff had already lost to other schools the bulk of the key commits to notre dame at key positions and, instead of another no 1 ranked recruiting class, notre dame’s 2009 recruiting class ended up very short at many key positions.
    14. the disasters for notre dame’s 2010 recruiting class are already evident, with more decommits coming, along with tranfers to other schools from student athletes already at notre dame.
    15. recruits and their families and high school coaches do not trust schools alone.
    16. they trust coaches like charlie and his staff with whom they had developed personal relationships and they expect the coaches and assistants in whom they have that trust to be at notre dame or the other schools they choose to be at notre dame for the entire 4 years for which those recruits will be at notre dame.
    17. right now, all of those recruiting relationships which charlie and his staff worked so hard to build are dead and kelly and the current notre dame administration can never bring those relationships back to life.
    18. can kelly offer and recruits his best shot at the nfl? no.
    19. kelly has zero contacts or respect or trust from anyone in the nfl.
    20. quite correctly, numerous 2010 recruits who were either verbally committed to notre dame or leaning heavily towards notre dame have chosen other schools.
    21. kelly simply has nothing to offer these key recruits. recruits and their families and high school coaches do keep up with the characters of coaches.
    22. they have already seen that kelly’s career is filled with lies to his student athletes at central michigan and cicinnati and they see no reason why kelly or any assistants he brings in are likely to change.
    23. with recruiting dead, kelly’s epitaph at notre dame has already been written,along with the epitaphs of purcell,swarbrick, jenkins, and bill scholl, notre dame’s current deputy director of athletics.
    24. the media vultures and notre dame’s enemies are celebrating. they have always been out to destroy notre dame football.
    25. however, they never imagined that they would get such great assistance from the cancers that have currently hijacked notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!!

  8. Kejji - Dec 22, 2009 at 1:11 PM

    Robertg wrote: the media vultures and notre dame’s enemies are celebrating. they have always been out to destroy notre dame football.
    Robertg, Jack Swarbrick is Notre Dame football, Jenkins is Notre Dame Football, Coach Kelly is Notre Dame football.
    You have nothing positive to say about these individuals…in fact you rip them every chance you get…You have proven yourself an enemy of Notre Dame football..out to destroy Notre Dame football if you had your way.

  9. robertg - Dec 22, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    1. now, we will move on to the real successes of charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes on and off the playing fields and in the classrooms.
    2. when charlie arrived at notre dame, he found a very thin green line or real talent at some positions, little talent at other positions, and zero depth of talent at any position.
    3. brady quinn had shown some real guts, but had no real success on the field. the shark and others had gotten zero playing time or development as football players.
    4. charlie and his staff rapidly developed that potential talent and took that 2005 notre dame team to the bcs fiesta bowl.
    5. of the 2 currently listed regular season losses for the 2005 season, one of those losses was actually a notre dame win over mighty usc with talent and depth at every position and full time football players with zero academic obligations and the best illegal performance enhancing substances available from petey’s good friend dr.ting of balco infamy.
    6. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s thin green line of talent
    defeated that mighty usc team only to have that win stolen from them by a crooked pac 10 officiating crew, with the bush push and adding time to the gameclock after the game was over being only 2 of more than 10 acts of illegal conduct by that crooked dishonest officiating crew.
    7. the close win by michigan state over notre dame in 2005 was legitimate with the buckeye win over notre dame at the fiesta bowl being highly questionable. the buckeyes do not cheat, but the fiesta bowl game officials certainly did.
    8.the accomplishments on the fields of charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes in 2005? nothing short of miraculous. the field, notre dame’s student athletes posted the highest collective gpa’s in notre dame’s history.
    10. the contributions of notre dame inquistion era reslife system? ridiculously negative as always. right before the notre dame/usc game, reslife ruined powers neal’s very promising nfl career and deprived notre dame’s football team of one of its key players for the usc game and for every remaining game in the 2005 season.
    11. what was powers-neal’s great offense? he was charged with a dui while visiting home and, rather that get involved in a time consuming legal proceeding, powers-neal entered into a plea bargain. no one was injured. there was no jail time. just some courses that powers-neal agreed to take online.
    12. was that good enough for the gand inquisitors ar notre dame’s reaslife?
    13. no, those faceless,nameless, and gutless jerks suspened poers neal from playing for the rest of the 2005 season, ruined his chances at a fine nfl career, and cost the notre dame football team 2 wins in 2005 since powers-neal’s presence in the notre dame/usc and notre dame/ohio state games certainly would have made it impossible for the dishonest officials to alter the outcomes of those 2 games.
    14. the number of fine recruits driven away from notre dame by the grand inquisitors at reslife in 2005 and continuing through the present and the future until the reslife cancer is cut out of notre dame?
    15. try many dozens of fine student athletes.
    16. moving on to the 2006 season on the field. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s thin green line of talent had themselves positioned for a national championship run.
    17. the 1st problem came at what appeared to be a blowout loss to michigan, but that phony loss was orchestated by infamous crooked big 10 head game official, dennis lipski and his crooked crew.
    18. we saw an awful lot of things that looked crooked at that game. however, at that point, we really did not know very much about the business of college football or about the officiating rules or about how officials were hired, trained, paid, or evaluated.
    19. we wtached charlie’s press conference after the 2006 notre dame/michigan game an we3 printed out a transcript.
    20. then, we began tracking dennis lipski and dave parry and delany and others involved in the crooked officiating business.
    21. in 2006, oklahoma was robbed of a win over oregon by a crooked pac 10 game and tech review crew and a very public war broke out among oklahoma and the big 12 conference and the pac 10 conference.
    22. hansen and muldoon of the pac 10 conference publicly admitted that dishonest officiating had altered the outcome of that 2006 game and publicly promised to punish severely every game and terach review official involved.
    23. coach stoops of oklahoma is so impressed by the sincerity of hansen and muldoon that, to this day, oklahoma will not scedule any game in which and pac 10 game or tech review officials are involved.
    24. the head pac 10 official at that 2006 oregon/oklahoma game?
    25. dave cutaia. cutaia’s punishment? cutaia is not in charge of football officiating, including hiring, training, assignments, and quality control for the entire pac 10 conference.
    26. notre dame currently has another paper loss from the 2006 regular season. that paper loss was to usc and the head ref at that game was dennis lipski who, along with his crew, gave usc’s full time football players carte blanche to injure key notre dame student athletes with no fear of and personal fouls being called.
    27. the results of those savage attacks showed up in the paper score of the 2006 notre dame/usc game and at the notre dame/lsu bcs sugar bowl game in which brady quinn and other key notre dame student athletes played either crippled by injuries or not at all.
    28. that very public war about the 2006 oregon/oklahoma game and the very real danger that charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes just might be able to succeed with honesty and integrity, without breaking the rules, and without paying off any officials made the proprietors of crooked college football enterprises extremely nervous.
    29. so, in 2007, delany and parry sold the other power conferences on the concept of taking crooked college football officiating national, using the vehicle college football officiating llc( they have a website) which is jointly owned and operated by the ncaa and thge six power conferences by the 1st national coordinator of college football officiating- dave parry.
    30. while the stated purpose of college football officiating llc is to coordinate the quality of college football officiating across conference lines and on a nationwide basis, its real purpose is to coordinate and to protect the dishonest officiating business nationwide and, by operating behind closed doors, to allocate bcs and other bowl spots among the members of the big 6 powere conferences, including the big least football conference, in which kelly, on the surface only, appears to have been successful, although the other conferences are looking for any excuse whatoever to kick the big least football conference out of its automatic bcs bid.
    31. if the big 10 conference can hijack pitt away from the big east conference and into the big 10 conference, the proprietors of crooked college football enterprises will have succeeded in that objective. if the big 10 conference also bags notre dame and west virginia, the big least football conference, including cincinnati, will be out of business.
    32. getting back to notre dame’s 2007 season on the field, with brady quinn and that gang gone and empty 2004 and 2005 recruiting classes, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes had to field a team of rookies with very little experience at any position.
    33. notre dame’s student athletes were not surprised at what happened on the field during the 2007 season and neither were the student athletes who committed to notre dame as the nation’s no 1 recruiting class for the 2008 recruiting cycle.
    34. after all, charlie and his staff had been brutally honest withn every recruit, with their families, and with their high school coaches.
    35. during the 2007 season, the services of the dishonest officiating industry were not really required, although the crooked offials did attempt, without success, to steal notre dame’s 2007 win over stanford.
    35. by the time the 2008 season came along, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes had become a real threat again.
    36. when notre dame started out the 2008 season so well, red lights went on all over crooked college football enterprises and the crooked officiating crews intervened with a real vengeance, turned notre dame wins into losses, and declared open season on injuring key notre dame student athletes.
    37. by the time the notre dame/usc game came along, there were so many key notre dame student athletes too injured to play or playing injured that the crooked officials were not really needed.
    38. the proprietors of crooked college football enterprises did not consider the hawaii bowl worth bothering with.
    39. we all had an opportunity to see what charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes could do with honest officiating and we were all very impressed.
    40. by the time the 2009 season began, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes had worked so diligently that there really were a threat to go undefeated which is exactly what they did after the dishonest officiating is factored out by our experts.
    41. the dishonest officiating got started with one of delany’s crooked big 10 conference crews and tech reviewers and the notre dame/michigan game.
    42. for anyone who has forgotten, we draw your attention back to one of the most blantant dishonest officiating acts at game. armando allen had scored a td without even coming close to stepping out of bounds,as shown by the tv feed replays during the game and the exhasperated abc tv ommentators. when charlie challenged the callback of the td by the game officials, the big 10 tech review crew refused to overturn the call, even though the tv feed from many angles left no doubt.
    43.these acts of grossly dishonest officiating, including declaring open season on deliberate injuries to notre dame student athletes, took place throughout the 2009 season and did temporaily rob notre dame of 6 wins and a bid for the national championship.
    44. through all of this, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes fought like the fighting irish that they are and always will be through every single game, only to find themselves betrayed and stabbed in the back by the cancers that have temporarily hijacked notre dame.
    45. throughout all of this, notre dame’s student athletes who also play football won national championships every season in the classrroms with real courses and, including the few incidents in which the grand inquisitors from notre dame’s reslife stepped in to drive away from notre dame fine student athletes, every notre dame student athlete conducted himself as the very high character individuals that each of them is.
    46. having watched the coaches that they love and respect and their families and themselves get stabbed in the back by the cancers in the notre dame administration and having had this completely unqualified character kelly, with his history of dishonesty, cheating, and betraying kelly’s own student athletes, why should anyone or their families or high school coaches put his physical well being and future in the hands of notre dame’s current administration or kelly?
    47. the answer to that rhetorical question is very few, with the numbers going down rapidly the longer that kelly and the other cancers remain at notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!!

  10. robertg - Dec 22, 2009 at 2:49 PM, for kelly’s real history.
    2. kelly did learn how to cheat from his boston alderman father.
    3. at cincinnati. knowing how to pay off game and tech review officials did produce 2 championships in big least football and 2 automatic bcs bids.
    4. at last year’s orange bowl,which set records for empty seats and low tv ratings kelly and cincinnati got beaten by a very mediocre vtech acc football team.
    5. after all, the acc, like the big east, is a great basketball conference with football teams as add ons and with a bcs automatic bid which the acc deserves as much as the big least does.
    6. in 2009, kelly needed and obtained the services of dishonest game and tech review officials to change the outcomes of at least 4 games, including the pittsburgh game, from losses to paper wins.
    7. kelly could have been honest with his cincinnati student athletes and with the university about his deallings with those cancers who have hijacked notre dame temporarily.
    8. if kelly had been honest, kelly could have coached cincinnati against florida at the sugar bowl.
    9. however, kelly could not figure out any way to buy off the officials at that game and did not want to be embarrassed by the massacre.
    10. so, kelly, in a manner consistent with his career history, lied to cincinnati and to his student athletes again, took the money from the cancers that have temporarily hijacked notre dame, and ran away from the massacre.
    11. we are certain that cincinnati’s student athletes will play their hearts out. however, unlees someone gets the fix in, florida will massacre them.
    12. when the massacre occurs, kelly will claim that the only reason why cincinnato got massacred was because the great genius kelly was not coaching them.
    13. will that pitch sell to notre dame’s current student athletes and recruits. way.
    15. the sooner that kelly and the cancers who orchestrated this disater at notre dame are cut out and driven away, the quicker that notre dame will recover.
    16. this time, we will make purcell and swarbrick and jenkins and kelly pay for their misconduct and not stick the university of notre dame with the bills, as they did with the tyrone atrocity.
    GO IRISH!!!

  11. kejji - Dec 22, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    Well you got your wish…I think robertg has powered down an extra heaping of lucky charms cereal.

  12. bak - Dec 22, 2009 at 4:55 PM

    For the love of God, Keith Arnold I cannot believe you let Robert T Gileran (non-Esquire)post such outrageous nonsense all the while tackling SOT at every opportunity. You are certainly within your rights to disagree w/SOT if you like, but his arguments make a lot more sense than Robertg. Maybe Robertg is so consumed with football because he’s one of those guys that has to go through life w/a football helmet on all day so they don’t hurt themselves.

  13. Jack - Dec 22, 2009 at 5:00 PM

    Brian Kelly started out as a defensive coach and played defense – linebacker so not to worry defensive will always be on his mind.

  14. robertg - Dec 22, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    1. and now last and, quite deservingly least, is the latest attempt by certain very desperate persons, to drive attention away from the facts and the evidence by attacking me personally.
    2. i have actually made some progress at notre dame central this season. at 1st, i was attacked as being insane or delusional or some kind of drug addict. then, i was a high school kid whose parents were going to cut off my internet access.
    3. then i was attacked as not being an attorney and then as an attorney who knew nothing about civil rico litigation.
    4. having had all of those attacks blow up in their faces, certain persons fell for the crooked california state bar trap that i set for them right here at notre dame central, along with the appropriate warnings.
    5. having had those weapons also blow up in their faces, the same persons have come back with their latest attack which, like all of the others, will also blow up in their faces.
    6. in the latest series of attacks, i am described with links to some completelybogus sources, as a tax attorney who assists people in illegally dodging us taxes.
    6. well, here are the facts. yes, while i was attending and graduating from yale law school, i did take and excel in many courses in federal taxation.
    7. most law students are terrified of tax law because it is incredibly arcane and extremely complicated.
    8. i was fortunate enough to have as professors at yale law school many of the leading authorities in the area of federal taxation, including boris bittker, who was the author of the leading casebooks and treatises in every area of federal taxation.
    9. since professor bittker had to update his many treatises constantly, he picked the 2 best students every year as his reasearch assistants.
    10. in my year, i had the honor of being one of the 2 chosen.
    11. the task started by reading and digesting the entire fox legislative history of the internal revenue code which started off as a 10 page document which, due to the interventions of many special interest groups, has turned into the grotesque montrosity that it is today, but will not be for much longer.
    12. my classmate and i reached 2 different conclusions. he concluded that the system could function with some changes without acting as a millstone around the necks of the us economy and honest us citizens.
    13. he went on to become the chief counsel for the internal revenue service and then the irs commissioner, only to resign in complete disgust and tell me that i had been correct all along.
    14. my conclusion was and still is that our current internal revenue system is so badly systemically flawed that it has to be replaced by a simple and fair uniform transfer tax system of less that 1% with no exemptions, no deductions,and no credits at all.
    15. since i also studied economics at college and at yale graduate school, my economist friends have already done the serious number crunching and the replacement system is already well along the path towards bipartisan adoption in the us and in other countries.
    16. at the request of a tax partner at a wall street law firm, i did take a semester break from yale law school and work with him to get some front line experience from one of the nation’s top practitioners.
    17. i did spend 2 years at a san francisco tax firm and learn a great deal about the legal uses of tax and wealth havens and the legal use of tax shelters.
    18. after that, i came down to los angeles and started my own businesess.
    19. before the laws changed and the interest and civil penalties made tax loopholes deadly traps, instead of perfectly legal tax avoidance devices for honest us citizens, i did write tax opinions for and participate in personally a very smalland very select number of businesses which perfectly legally provisions of the internal revenue code which were specifically adopted to encourage business activities in those areas of the economy.
    20. many of those businesses are alive and prospering today and provide many jobs for honest us citizens.
    21. as soon as the interset and civil penalties got too high, i got out of that business.
    22. unfortunately, many other honest us citizens did not and became trapped by dishonest tax attorneys and certain gestapo elements within the irs in traps which enddangered their economc existences.
    23. in the courts, i protected hundreds of honest families all over the us from economic extermination by those gestapo elements in the irs and from dishonset tax attorneys and cpas and financial advisors.
    24. i was able to do that, perfectly legally, in the us tax court in which there are no juries and,with very minor exceptions, the judges are all career irs employees and the outcomes of all cases are predetermined in advance in favor of the irs no matter what the evidence is.
    25. certain rogue elements within the irs targeted me for economic extinction, using methods which violated many federal laws.
    26. they failed completely and not one of them is still employed at the irs.
    27. i found some powerful allies in the white house and in both parties in the us senate and house.
    28. the results of those effortswere the passages of the taxpayers’s bills of rights 1 and 2 which put the gestapo elements within the irs out of businees forever.
    29. the bulk of the documents and witnesses, including quite a few honest employees of the irs, were supplied to the senate and house committeesby me.
    30.yes, in the late 1970’s and very early 1980’s, i did start a business with a good friend of mine, jerome schneider, the purpose of which was to make available to small businesses the same legal advantages in tax and wealth havens which had been available to large corporations for many decades.
    31. until jerome schneider unfortunately got misled by some crooked tax attorneys and i just walked away and gave him the business and wished him luck, but warned him, we mantained excellent working relationships with the fbi and with the irs criminal investigation division, relationships which i still maintain today.
    32. unfortunately for jerome schneider, the path that he chose led to the disaster which i had warned him of and he ended up pleading guilty to several federal felonies and spendind some time in prison.
    33. jerome has learned his lessons and has apologized to me and i am helping him to start a completely new life far away from the areas of taxation.
    34. i have never been indicted or convicted or pled guilty to any felonies or misdemeanors in any area, including the area of tax law.
    35. i maintain excellent working relationships with the irs criminal investigation division and with the fbi and other federal and state agencies and when anyone whom i trust calls on me for assistance in areas which i believe are for the good of this nation, i cooperate fully on my own terms.
    36. and yes, all of these agencies and individuals are fully aware of the illegal activities of the california state bar association and of the baseless accustations to treat them all as the garbage which they are.
    36. keep trying more baseless attacks and they also will blow up in your faces.
    37. in the meantime, nothing can stop us or even slow us down.
    GO IRISH!!!

  15. Kejji - Dec 22, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    I tell ya’…robertg is bouncing off the walls faster than a sugared up 10 year old at a sleep over.

  16. grandpashyena - Dec 22, 2009 at 6:43 PM

    So there you have it. Our screwed up, complicated, convoluted tax code isw due to robertg. Thanks a whole lot big guy. My lordee I wonder if your home/cave has oversized doors to fit your head through. From deep in the bowels of pettyfogger purgatory the tippy tappy of the keyboard continues. when he explodes it’s like stiring up a fire ant bed.

  17. robertg - Dec 23, 2009 at 5:43 AM

    1. we have more feedback from kelly and his allies.
    2. when hit with the question about why he was not coaching his cincinnati team against florida at the sugar bowl( something which kelly could have easily done if kelly had elected to be honest with the cincinnati administration and with his student atheletes), kelly reacted in the manner which he had learned from his crooked boston alderman father- by misdirection.
    3. rather than respond to the fundamental dishonesty question, kelly stated that, if cincinnati had been playing alabama in the national championship game, kelly would definitely have stayed at cincinnati to coach that game, even if swarbrick had decided to move on to another head coaching candidate( actually, there were no others left since all of the others had turned down the offers made by swarbrick’s executive search firm).
    4. left wide open is the obvious question “if kelly really thought that his cincinnati team had a prayer against florida, would it not have been better for all parties involved if kelly had coached his cincinnati team to the great upset of florida at the sugar bowl?”
    5. obviously, given the effects of such an upset on kelly’s ability to recruit and kelly’s credibility, kelly would have been honest and stayed on to coach at the sugar bowl, but kelly was afraid to risk losing swarbrick’s money after the sugar bowl massacre occurred.
    6.then, kelly went on to reveal the key ingredient of his awesome successes at grand valley state university, central michigan, and cincinnati- camp kelly during every offseason.
    7. wake up calls for every student athlete at 4 or 5 am followed by marine boot camp type days in which getting sick and vomiting is standard.
    8. no doubt, kelly got away with conducting these camp kellys at the very low profile programs kelly has coached at.
    9. however, these camp kellys are all blatant violations of ncaa rules and kelly is at notre dame now, under the big lights, with the ncaa just looking for any excuse.
    10. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes always played by the rules, whether or not other schools were cheating, and the ncaa investigators could not find anything to trigger an investigation at notre dame while charlie and his staff were running things.
    11. by the way, the final paper score in the cincinnati/pitt game was 45-44 with lots of assistance from dishonest big east conference officials who knew that their bonuses would get much higher if they arranged for an undefeated on paper cincinnati team to win that game on paper instead of a pittsburgh team that had just dropped one to west virgina.
    12. if kelly and the other cancers who have temporarily hijacked notre dame are allowed to stay around, they would do even more serious damage to the university of notre dame and to notre dame football.
    13. after all, for kelly, notre dame is just a stepping stone to a program like florida which does offer separate dumbed down academic courses for full time football players,which looks the other way at serious character issues, and which pays off the conferrence bofficials and the ncaa to get away with serial cheating.
    14. anyone who bothers to look at thje website of the california court of appeals for the fourth district, div one, and inserts the names bush, reginald in the party search boxes will find that the lake vs bush civil litigation is alive and well.for some reasons of which we are aware, lake and his family have repeatedly turned down multimillion dollar settlement offers from bush
    15. if anyone searches under usc and joe mcknight, he or she will find that petey and mikey have been caught redhanded yet again. mcknight and 3 other key usc full time football players will not be available to get bashed by boston college at the emerald bowl on saturday.
    16. the proprietors of crooked college football enterprises have decided to offer up petey and mikey and their crooked fottball and athletic programs as a sacrificial victim to lead the public to believe that the ncaa really is enforcing the rules against the big boys.
    17. the meltdown of the usc football program started after new and honest pac 10 commissioner larry scott stepped in to clean up the crooked pac 10 officials after seeing the game film and tv feeds of the wins by notre dame and oregon state over usc converted into losses on paper by dishonest pac 10 officials.
    18. after that happened, the feelings of dread and gloom affected every usc full time football player on the playing field and usc became the place to flee, instead of being the place to be.
    19. other college football programs have followed the cheat to win programs adopted by petey and mikey and have shown some real success on paper, including national championships, before the falls from grace inevitably came.
    20. this is the same path chosen for notre dame by purcell, swarbrick. jnenkins, and kelly, but we will not allow that to happen.
    21. we suggest a remedial reading course for the poster who now is trying to hold me responsible for the horrendous tax system that the us currently has.
    22. no, i am the guy who 1st crippled that system with the taxpayers’s bills or rights 1 and 2( look thnem up on wikipedia) and who is now well along on the path to replacing that whole rotten mess with a simple trasparent and honest and equitable system- a uniform transfer tax of less than one percent on every transfer with no exemptions, no deductions, and no credits and no more ridiculous millstones around the necks of us citizens and businesses.
    23. of course, such a system also means no more loopholes for the rich fat cats and corporations and religions.
    24. in the meantime, of course, we obey the laws that currently exist no matter how ridiculous they are.
    25. my associates and i do not just write or think about problems.
    26. we find solutions and implement them with deadly efficiency.
    27. for the time being, since other projects are advanced enough to be on auto pilot, our focus is on crooked college football and sports enterprises and on saving notre dame since some jerks who have temporarily hijacked notre dame and put notre dame in danger.
    28. another project of ours called the innocence project is now well staffed and very well funded all over the us and runs on autopilot.
    29. anyone can look that project up online as well. we get innocent people out of jail with dna evidence and admissions by key witnesses that they were pressured by dishonest prosecutors into lying to convict innocent people.
    30. on 12/17/2009, the innocence project in florida set a new record by freeing from prison a man who had been wrongfully convicted over 35 years ago.
    31. getting innocent people out of jail is not the only objective achieved every day by the innocence projects all over the us.
    32. crooked cops, prosecutors and judges are also exposed and punished and the chances of such atrocities recrring in the future are greatly diminished.
    33. when we stasrted the innocence project, we were initially met with mant reactions similar to those that we have sen and printed out at nd central and elsewhere on the internet and in other places.
    34. we just never slow down or stop until the wars are won or the projects have matured enough so that we can hand over the reigns to others and move on the the next project.
    GO IRISH!!!

  18. Jake - Dec 23, 2009 at 8:18 AM

    Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld are the founders of the Innocence Project. You have nothing to do with it. As usual however, you attached yourself to it by using the ever familiar “We”. It happens with you on many high profile cases such the oft quoted Enron case. Another case in point was your several numbered dissertations on a L.A. Times blog on the Specter trial in 07. There you attack the judge and the corrupt D.A.”s office as well as mentioning the Innocence Project again in the context of “we”.
    When queered by another poster you stated you write court briefs, pleadings, jury instructions and other things.
    This goes on and on, blog after blog with the same grandiose illusions that you or “we” are wreaking economic havoc on the crooked officials be it in the court systems, the corporate sector or on our small football blog. (Sigh)
    If you expect anyone that is rational to believe that a high profile attorney like Barry Scheck or anyone else would put himself and his organization at risk by allowing you to do anything of a legal nature for them well…..
    Robertg you cannot practice law remember. They disbarred you my man.
    I have no doubt you have countless boxes of briefs, arguments and so forth in your basement or attic but not one has or ever will see the light of day. You watch 24 hour news stations feverishly taking notes and planning the next campaign to cut out all the “cancers” and bring down economic thunder on them all. It’s all in your head Robertg, all in your head.
    Please give us a break here and lay off the lucky charms.

  19. bak - Dec 23, 2009 at 12:34 PM

    You’re making way too much sense here buddy.

  20. grandpashyena - Dec 23, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Alex, I’ll take disbarred attorneys for 300.
    Has illuded himself int believing and trying to spread his massive conspiracy theory about corrupt college football officiating. Thinks he founded the innocenc project. Thinks he brought down the Catholic Church, Enron, and a vast number of other entities. Thinks he will destroy SOT and other who dare to pimp his blogs.
    Answer: Who is robertg.

  21. Jake - Dec 23, 2009 at 3:08 PM

    You Win!
    You get 300 numbered and signed rants from you know who.
    Merry Christmas!

  22. StephenOfTroy - Dec 24, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    Avon: You probably missed it amidst the flurry of nonsensical snowflakes from Robert T. Gilleran, but I certainly remember (video footage of) Green Bay’s sweeps right and left. I mentioned them in my post (#10).
    Jake: post 43 was awesome. Well-done. But if you think Robert is taking notes while watching the news, I must disagree. The man has a photographic memory. Or a gaggle of associates to do his disbarred bidding. Ok you’re right. He takes notes.
    bak: Thanks for having my back in pointing out the glaring incongruity of Keith Arnold allowing Robert T. Gilleran to post what he posts while simultaneously censoring me from mocking the grammar of those who try to take personal cheap shots at me. I think Robert T. Gilleran must hold Keith Arnold’s very economic existence in his hands. In Robert’s attic, amidst all the banker’s boxes of RICO case files that Robert had nothing to do with, there must be some incriminating document about Keith Arnold, and Robert is holding onto it for safekeeping.
    That, or Keith Arnold feels sorry for Robert and doesn’t feel sorry for me (presumably because unlike Robert, I’m playing with a full deck).
    Robert T. Gilleran: Pray tell, please please elaborate about how you set the CA State Bar “trap” for us as referenced in your post #39.
    All: Happy Holidays!

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