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Partial announcement of coaching staff puzzling

Jan 6, 2010, 3:39 PM EDT

Brian Kelly’s announcement that Mike Denbrock, Mike Elston and Chuck Martin were officially joining the Irish coaching staff was welcome relief to fans watching the ticking clock until National Signing Day.

On, the three coaches gave a collection of quotes, and all three were asked about their immediate plans — recruiting.

Our friends over at Blue-Gray Sky do a nice job pointing out the specific quotes, which I’ll paraphrase here:

Denbrock: I’m already on the road. Checking on commits, and meeting some new targets. Expect me on the West Coast

Elston: Keep our commits, check on guys we chased at Cincy. Get to San Antonio and relock Blake Lueders.

Martin: I plan to challenge Abe Froman — and Ron Zook — for his title belt in Chicago, a city I plan to own.

While Pat makes the good point that it’s nice that Notre Dame is at least paying attention to the recruiting concerns many had during the transitional period, I’d argue that Kelly and the people in charge of vetting the potential assistants still aren’t working fast enough.

Looking back at Notre Dame’s last coaching transition, you’ll see that Charlie Weis, while still working as the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, had his first staff ready, assembled, signed, and announced before Kelly managed to get his first three outside hires in the door.

Getting it done fast certainly isn’t as important as getting it done right, but the fact that coaches like Bob Diaco and Kerry Cooks — who Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema confirmed was coming to Notre Dame — aren’t already out on the road and recruiting means that something is holding these announcements up.

I get that contracts need to be finalized and Cincinnati played a bowl game on January 1st, but red tape isn’t a valid excuse when opposing coaches are squiring your committed recruits.

Many Irish fans seem most concerned about Kelly and his staff being able to protect the recruiting class that Weis and company put together. But with just under a month to go, and a coach that was just named National Coach of the Year, the staff shouldn’t merely settle to keep the status quo.

(Right now, two of your biggest arch-rivals in recruiting, Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer, are at their most vulnerable. Carroll is staring down sanctions after the Trojans’ self-imposed slap on the wrist of the basketball team did little to call off the dogs. Meyer is pretending his family, faith and health come first while telling recruits he’ll be back and better than ever come August. Where is Kelly and the new staff to go after those committed recruits that had interest in Notre Dame before committing to those programs?)

In recruiting, perception is reality. While I’ve been willing to give Kelly a pass and trust his judgment as he assembles a staff built more on previous relationships than prestige, every day that Notre Dame has less than a full compliment of coaches is a day lost in the race to February 3rd’s recruiting deadline. 

  1. randomfan - Jan 11, 2010 at 2:37 PM

    I have a question for robertg:
    Can you please explain the following point:
    “18. from a legal point of view, the firings of charlie and his staff and the hiring of kelly and his staff are legally null and void and violate many state and federal courts.”
    I assume you meant “statutes” rather than “courts” but either way, I would love to hear your argument for this point.
    There is a rational reason you should respond. The comments others are making suggest that most do not believe what you are saying is true. Some have gone so far as to suggest you are unbalanced.
    Given your legal training, I am sure that if you are on the level, you will be able to cite specific laws, precedents, and statutes and explain where the violation(s) occurred.
    If you can do that, I would submit that others should give your opinions more weight than they are currently doing (since you would be the first to uncover this).
    If however, you can’t cite specific laws (both state and federal) that were broken when CW left ND, then it would seem that you might want to be more understanding of why the vast majority of readers of this blog regard your posts as “rants”.
    Eagerly awaiting your reply

  2. Jake - Jan 11, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    Realizing one can sue for just about anything (winning of course is another matter) I don’t grasp how a third person can sue a private institute in behalf of someone else. This is especially perplexing considering that “injured party” is not interested in being involved. Weis never indicated he was outraged by being released and in fact stated he simply hadn’t won enough. I mean an entity hires someone to produce and if they don’t they are gone. In coaching that means winning.
    I don’t, for a minute, believe Robertg has or ever will find any legitimate attorney (let alone a legal team) to pursue his delusions nor do I believe he has any case. In absence of any grounds or legal validity I must consider these nothing other than “rants”.

  3. grandpashyena - Jan 11, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    Don’t sell him short. SOT is already cushion dredging for material possessions.

  4. kejji - Jan 11, 2010 at 7:38 PM

    robertg slings so much mud that on occasion something he says is correct….remember even a blind squirrel gets nut once in a while.

  5. JRC - Jan 11, 2010 at 8:48 PM

    I can’t wait till Robertg finds his nuts.

  6. robertg - Jan 11, 2010 at 9:38 PM

    1. since we have found some good faith and honest requests for information, we will supply some additional information.
    2. you will find the latest on the fruits of our work to bring down economically mikey and petey and the the crooked usc football and basketbal programs and athletic departments in an exclusive article in the ncaaf section of yahoo sports by charles robinson and jason cole.
    3. you will find the fruits of our earlier work in these areas online by inserting the reggie bush investigations into your search engines and reading and printing out the detailed evidence.
    4. the ncaa infractions committee is meeting from feb 19-21,2010 to bring down the thunder on the petey and mikey and the whole usc crooked athletic department.
    5. in the past, certain elements within the ncaa would have done nothing about the usc situation because there was a payoff operation going on within the ncaa and usc boosters and boosters of other schools that cheat were making those payoffs.
    6. however, we found out who the ncaa investigators are and who the members of the ncaa infractions committee are. we got their homes addreses from and we let them know what was going to happen to them in the civil courts if they did not put an end to the payoff and coverup systems.
    7. in such warning letters, we always include copies of at least 10 of the big case judgments that we have won in the courts, along with some deadly evidence about the ncaa payoff systems so that the recipients all know that they have to take us very seriously.
    8. after all, i have never lost a jury trial in over 30 years and my associates have rarely lost, but have never lost with any jury that i selected.
    9.not being content with that, we and our allies also challenged and defeated the ncaa in the civil courts in florida and forced the ncaa, for the time ever, after a civil trial and many failed appeals by the ncaa which cost the ncaa millions in attorneys fees( they had the pay us also) to disclose to the public every transcript and other document relating to the ncaa investigation of academic fraud in the florida state academic department.
    10. all of the court pleadings and other documents in that case are available for a reasonable fee from the ap legal department and from the ag of the state of florida.
    10. as a result, this meeting of the ncaa infractions committee on the usc issues and every document and transcript will be available to the public and usable by us in our civil litigations against petey( his attempted escape to seattle gets him away from the ncaa jurisdiction, but not from us in the civil courts).
    11. the usc con operation qualified for 1st place on out hit list because the cheating and coverups were more blatant at usc than at any other school.
    12. there are many other usc type operations out there that we will take down in the civil courts rapidly since we do the bulk of our discovery of evidence before we file and serve any lawsuits and we do give certain people who deserve the chance an opportunity to settle out of court, tell the truth, provide documents, and keep some of their material possessions.
    13. in addition, the lake vs bush civil action is still alive and well. anyone who wants to check on the recent unanimous order by the california court of appeal, 4th district, div one rejecting bush’s frivolous appeal and sending the case back to the san diego superior court for a very expedited and very public jury trial can go to the website of that court, click on case information and then enter the name bush reginald under party search and then click on disposition and print out a copy of the court order.
    14. a reasonable p[erson might ask why the lakes and their attorneys have not accepted the millions in hush money offered by bush and certain usc boosters. we know the answer to that question and we are the prime reason for the refuals to take the hush money, but we are saving that information for later.
    15. yes, we do bring down the thunder from the skies and it does not matter to us how much money the opposition spends on legal fees or what political or other influence they have or what they threaten us with.
    GO IRISH!!!

  7. kejji - Jan 12, 2010 at 12:32 AM

    *Yawn*….how many times do we have to read the same clap-trap over and over again? turn the record over to side B

  8. robertg - Jan 12, 2010 at 12:33 AM

    1.the issue of how we can take public and private educational institutions into the civil courts is an issue which is referred to in legalese as standing to sue.
    2. the sports programs of every school take in funds from publicly traded companies of which we are shareholders based on representations that these athletic spectacles are being played by real student athletes, officiated honestly, and that every school is governed by the same set of ncaa rules.
    3. civil lawsuits of this type are referred to as shareholders’ derivative lawsuits. we bring them to get back the hundreds of millions that the companies in which we own shares have been defrauded of by the schools that cheat. we do not have to get the permission of any boards of directors or have any shareholders votes to do so.
    4. with only one exception that we are aware of( a very small school that does not fiend any athletic teams) every university and college gets funds from the federal and state governments.
    5. as taxpayers, we have standing to bring civil actions against any school that cheats to get back those state and federal funds which have been obtained fraudulently. these are called qui tam civil litigations.
    5. in the case of notre dame and most other schools, we have made large donations based on internet and mail solicitations about the principles for which these schools stand. when the representations are fraudulent, we have standing to sue to get back our donations and those of many others whose civil causes of action we purchase for cash.
    6. the university of notre dame is governed by state and federal laws and by various internal documents, just as corporations and other legal entities are. we have copies of the relevant notre dame internal documents and those of every other school and university that fields bcs level athletic teams.
    7. notre dame has a board of trustees and administrators. each of those persons are required to follow certain rules and procedures. otherwise, they have breached their fiduciary duties and defrauded all persons and entities that have paid funds to that university or school and are civilly liable.
    8. in the case of the firing of charlie and his staff and the hiring of kelly and his staff, purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins intentionally violated those internal rules and state and federal laws.
    9. as a result, the firings of charlie and his staff and the hirings and the hiring of kelly and his staff are legally null and void as far as the university of notre dame is concerned.
    10. in addition, notre dame and other universities completely lack honest and transparent systems of insitutional governance which require every member of the board of trustess and every administrator and employee to be fully transparent to and accountable to ever person and entity that has contributed funds to the university.
    11. these are matters which we can and will fix in the civil courts.
    12. with respect to paper win and loss records having any bearing on the types of jobs coaches and their staffs are doing, there would be some validity to such a valuation system if the officiating were honest, if the same rules had to be observed by every school and its student athletes, and if the rankings and bcs systems were fair and equitable.
    13. we have stated before that, based on the impartial and irrefutable opinions of our expert witneses, who have broken down every game film and tv feed, and on the sworn delarations of former game and tech review officials, the real 2009 record of charlie and his staff and notre dame’s 2009 student athletes who also play football is 12-0.
    14. having a great win/loss record is not protecting petey and mikey and usc and all of those wins, including those over notre dame, will be turned into forfeit wins by the ncaa and by us in the civil courts, all the way back through the 2004 season at least and the same applies to the other schools that have cheated notre dame out of wins.
    15. with honest and transparent officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems and with transparent and honest insitutional governance systems for notre dame and the banning from campus of certain vicious shill media persons and organizations, we know that we can get charlie and his staff back to notre dame where they belong.
    16. kelly and his staff do not belong at notre dame and we will kick them out in the civil courts along with the cancers who fired charlie and hired kelly.
    17. once those things are done, we will make certain that notre dame’s endowment becomes much larger than harvard’s, as should be the case.
    18. these are not projects that we are just starting. we have already gathered the vast bulk of the evidence and, with summary judgments on every factual issue, our cases move faster than lightning in the court systems.
    19. if there are any other good faith requests for information or references to links, just post your questions.
    20. sot has been very quiet lately and we know why.
    GO IRISH!!!

  9. robertg - Jan 12, 2010 at 1:22 AM

    1. since you and your friend sot do not have to read anything anywhere, why do you keep coming back to nd central and why do you feel obliged to read our posts?
    2. there will always be additional facts and information and links for anyone interested, but there is no side b to our record in taking down every person and entity involved in crooked college football and sports enterprises.
    GO IRISH!!!

  10. robertg - Jan 12, 2010 at 7:00 AM

    1. charlie and his staff did not complain at all, altough notre dame’s student athletes certainly did loud and clear.
    2. charlie and his staff really do admire and love what notre dame should stand for and they also understand notre dame’s unique role in college football and in the world
    3. charlie did have a final meeting with the most vicious and dishonest media shills at the house that he and his wife purchased for their disabled daughter and for children with similar disabities.
    4. at that press conference, charlie did not mince any words to these media shills. he could forgive them for what they did to him and his staff, but he would never forgive them for the vicious attacks that they directed at charlie’s family and at the families of charlie’s staff.
    5. even then, charlie stated that he would light a candle at the grotto for each of the offenders and pray for them.
    6. charlie also expressed his complete content with notre dame’s current reslife system.
    7. when we finish everything at notre dame that requires what needs to be fixed at notre dame and with the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, rankings, and bcs systems and with notre dame insitutional governance, we are certain that charlie and his staff will come back to notre dame because they really do love notre dame, because none of them came to notre dame for the money, and because they do not like leaving notre dame with their tasks uncompleted.
    8. in addition, we know thast charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes will never forgive the crooked officials, rules enforcers, and rankings and bcs systems
    9. we do not repesent charlie or any member of his staff and never will. as far as we know, none of them even have any knowledge of our existences.
    10. we have set for above the many reasons why we have standing to serve and file the civil lawsuits that we will which will clear the path for charlie and his staff to return to notre dame, where they belong and accompished so many miracles.
    11. charlie and his staff did complain about the crooked officiating until they received warning letters from dave parry of coollege football officiating llc that, if they did not keep quiet about the dishonest officiating, they would be banned from college sports forever.
    12. these conference and ncaa rules preventing coaches and student athletes from speaking out against blatantly dishonest officiating are ironically called sportsmanship conduct rules.
    GO IRISH!!!

  11. grandpashyena - Jan 12, 2010 at 7:21 AM

    I’ll light a candle at the grotto for you Bob.

  12. Jake - Jan 12, 2010 at 7:54 AM

    I understand Jack Del Rio was hired by S.C. That was pretty quick wasn’t it? Did they even bring him to Calif for an interview?
    That seems a whole lot worse than the process ND went through to hire Kelly.
    Maybe there’s work for you do out there.
    So many cancers, shills and con men and so little time.

  13. robertg - Jan 12, 2010 at 11:10 AM

    1. some of usc’s key 2010 verbals had given usc a saturday deadline to name a new coach or they would reopen their recruitng but not to notre dame while kelly and his staff are there.
    2. in addition, having been turned down by so many other candidates, usc’s only real option is del rio since jacksonville does not want him. no, there was no interview before the hiring.
    3. del rio is the perfect pick for the current usc program. he played football and baseball at usc and football in the nfl before trying his hand at nfl coaching and failed in the nfl even worse than petey did.
    4. provided that del rio and his staff protect themselves with large singing bounses and future payments secured by usc’s endowment, del rio will make out fine even if usc ends up with no college football program for a period of time.
    5. we fail to see any similarities bewtween the situation at usc and the situation at notre dame.
    6. petey had to flee to the nfl because of serial intentional rules violations.
    7. notre dame had the perfect fit with charlie and his staff and a few idiots in the current notre dame administration groosly exceeded their authoritities and fired charlie and his staff and brought in kelly and a staff that has no clue about what notre dame is about on gthe academic, character, or nfl preparation
    sides of the notre dame equations.
    8. we were fully prepared to deal with this whole magilla all over the us, not just at notre dame, months ago. we have plenty of committed and experienced trial attorneys and plenty of financing to get everything done before the next football season begins.
    9. there would be no point at fixing the problems only at notre dame and not at usc and all over the us at the school, conference, ncaa, and bcs levels at the same time.
    10. the fall of troy would never have happened without our contributions. i happen to have been out here in the city of the angels since 1977 while my associates in tis project are located all over the us.
    11. we cannot do anything to fix the damages done to notre dame 2009 recruiting class by purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins or about the even greated disaster with notre dame’s 2010 recruiting class. 12. however we can and will get charlie and his staff back to notre dame where they belong and we will make certain that they are given adequate time to turn around notre dame’s recruiting and football program for good.
    13. for some people, such a project would appear to be impossible or overwhelming, but we have been doing things like this for many years without any problems.
    14. for us, it is all very simple and very economically deadly for the bad guys.
    GO IRISH!!!

  14. sjpusmc - Jan 12, 2010 at 11:16 AM

    Just a comment on the “corrupt officiating”. Any team that has lost several close games could point to one or two calls made or not made that could have cost them the game. Although it is true that all of ND’s losses were close, they are not the only team that can make that claim.
    I live in CT and the people here are justifiably proud of the UCONN victory over ND. The media here in CT point to several questionable holding calls that required UCONN to score their final touchdown against ND before overtime several times. UCONN lost 5 games this year by a total of 15 points losing 3 of those games on the last play of the game, some with questionable calls. I don’t know anyone here in CT that is taking legal action against corrupt officiating.
    Look at the Packer/Cardinal game this past Sunday with the “questionable” no calls. Bad calls/no calls are part of the game. If a team loses a game because of one or two calls bad calls, they just didn’t play well enough to win the game.
    I like Coach Weiss as a person, and he truly loves ND and he is a great guy who gives to the community and is a very charitable person. He did things the right way in recruiting and other off the field activities. He should be proud of that. In my mind that is a standard all coaches should be held to, as we know, that isn’t always the case, or even the norm anymore.
    Unfortunately, based on “on the field” results he was a failure as a head football coach.
    Get over the close loses the “bad officiating” and the firing of Charlie Weiss. Let’s not live in the past. Let’s focus on the future of ND football, which right now is in the hands of Brian Kelley.
    RobertG if you really are an attorney you are a prime example of why the number of lawyers in this country should be strictly limited to an absolute minimum number. Why don’t you just go to work for the ACLU (they seem to live in the same type of dream world as you) and forget about ND football.

  15. JRC - Jan 12, 2010 at 12:05 PM

    RobertG is a disbarred attorney from Calif. He was given the boot by the Ca bar association years ago. One of the charges dealt with “fining” his clients for complaining about him. Another was writing bad checks out of his clients accounts.. I could go on but……
    Bottom line he’s a serial blogger (this and multiple other sites) who’s diatribes over the years have all been pretty much the same.
    He has no credibility.

  16. sjpusmc - Jan 12, 2010 at 12:29 PM

    Thanks for the background. It helps put the rants in perspective.

  17. JRC - Jan 12, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    Anytime man. I know that people new to the site are a bit overwhelmed by Robertg. Who knows how many people we’ve lost that would have had something to contribute to discussions.
    Either read um’ and laugh or hit the scroll down arrow. Warning, the length of some posts could cause carpel tunnel.

  18. grandpashyena - Jan 12, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    See #40

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