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Kelly talks Irish and entitlement

Jan 12, 2010, 10:00 AM EDT

Friend of the blog ESPN senior writer Bruce Feldman is down in Orlando for the AFCA Convention this week. He was able to spend some time with Irish head coach Brian Kelly and had an incredibly interesting conversation with the new head coach.

Here are a few highlights:

On how last year’s team somehow went 6-6?

Oh boy, that’s a long thing. I really think it’s three years if you
look at it. It’s three wins, six wins and six wins to be quite honest
with you. That’s (16 wins) and 22 losses. I don’t think this was just
last year. This was three years of things that needed to be attended to
and that’s why there’s been a change there. Charlie did a really good
job in a lot of areas, especially the academics. We’re here (at AFCA)
today to get the graduation rate award. I don’t think it’s been just
one year. It’s really been a culmination.

On how many players at Cincinnati he could’ve recruited at Notre Dame from an academic standpoint?

I think there’s more players I could’ve recruited academically than I could’ve athletically.

On what he thinks needs to change after a few weeks of assessments?

I sense a bit of entitlement that needs to be rectified. I think a
genuine respect for what you have and how it’s being presented to you
is the opposite end of entitlement and I need to move this program
towards that end.

Kelly hit the nail on the head with just about every answer he gave and even answers that could come across as lip-service seemed to be incredibly succinct and precisely what I’d want to hear if I was a Notre Dame fan. While Kelly downplaying recruiting isn’t something some that gets people excited, turning the focus on internal issues is a key change, especially with all the self-inflicted wounds that killed the Irish last season.

I was able to trade emails with Bruce yesterday afternoon after the interview was posted and he was effusive in his praise for Notre Dame’s new head coach. Feldman, who was one of the last major writers to stay on the Weis wagon, thinks Kelly will do big things in South Bend, and was impressed with how sharp and affable the new coach was — something that can’t hurt when dealing with reporters from ESPN. Feldman has spent 15 years in college football, a lot of time around coaches, and Irish fans should be very happy with the man now in charge.

Feldman was particularly impressed by the candor in Kelly’s answers — especially when talking about some potentially delicate issues — and how smooth the coach was when answering some tricky questions Feldman lobbed his way.

After reading Kelly’s comments a few times yesterday, one of the things I hadn’t thought of before  was the idea of entitlement. While many of us have bemoaned the fact that losing Weis means losing a coach that truly understands what Notre Dame means, Kelly tackling the issue of entitled players was a breath of fresh-air.

If there was anything that drove me nuts about the Weis era, it was the lack of fortitude in the players and the worry that a lesser team always had the ability to shock the athletically superior and higher decorated Irish squad. With Kelly — a guy who grew up loving Notre Dame for what it stood for, not necessarily what it was — he’ll be able to remind his players just how lucky they are to be getting an opportunity to play football on one of the largest national stages, at an elite academic institution, for a football team with unrivaled tradition. At the very least, he’ll spend the next nine months ingraining in the heads of the Irish players that just because you’re wearing the blue and gold of the Irish, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed anything. 

  1. Tony - Jan 14, 2010 at 3:56 PM

    Robertg…PLEASE SHUT THE HECK UP! I don’t know about anyone else, but you are the most annoying poster on this site and your comments are stupid. Do everyone a favor and go jump off a short pier. Thanks!

  2. sharkey - Jan 14, 2010 at 4:00 PM

    Whew!!! robertg ate his Wheaties this morning.

  3. Stan - Jan 14, 2010 at 6:53 PM

    Robertg – take your meds. Seriously, it will help you. When you have settled down consider this… Brian Kelly’s Cincinatti team played Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Charlie Weis led Notre Dame to a .500 season and a loss to Navy. Contemplate those facts before you criticize the decisions made by the university.

  4. Jason - Jan 15, 2010 at 12:27 PM

    I’m frankly tired of these boards being used to advertise one’s random views of conspiracies or fantasies. Most of the posts are ramblings and I’m never going to click on another of these articles because it’s just not worth it.

  5. mef811 - Jan 15, 2010 at 7:30 PM

    sorry for your luck!

  6. irish6533 - Jan 16, 2010 at 1:06 AM

    I agree with you 100 percent. Go IRISH!!!

  7. grandpashyena - Jan 16, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    In regard to post# 23, I agree. You got that right robert. Gosh, I’m feeling a little light headed! Must chill, must chill.

  8. Jake - Jan 16, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    Ah man you know better than to try and get through one of Robertg’s daily diatribes. No wonder your a little light headed. I’ve heard people have been found in a corner staring at walls and drooling. Another poor soul in Kansas was found running down a major roadway tearing off bits of clothing and shrieking filthy words.
    If you must read them try one bullet point at a time followed by a very dry martini. (Two olives. Stay away from the onions.)

  9. grandpashyena - Jan 17, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    You are exactly right. What was I thinking? Maybe I need a trip to Spain like soe. Thanks for the tip Jan.

  10. returntoglorysoon - Jan 18, 2010 at 2:28 PM

    does robertg have a job or any duties in life besides his epic ramblings? Good lord, I’m crazy about the Irish, but robertg please just take a deep breath and exhale. Ok buddy?

  11. Chris - Jan 18, 2010 at 8:25 PM

    I think kelly will be another flop like wies.
    The problem with the team was never offense it was defense.
    If hes bringing in the cinci defensive crew you can forget about a good defense because you saw all the points every team they played put on them.
    When they played florida the coaches didnt have a clue of how to stop florida and it wasnt the players it was the defensive coaches

  12. Tim - Jan 18, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    I know it’s the slow time of year to be talking Irish football. I just checked in to see what was going on. My New’s Year’s resulation was to forget this board beacuse of… you guessed it Robertg. I began to count the numbered offererings he posted on this one topic. Over a hundred, this is crazy and so is Robertg. I will be back once he is gone.
    Someone really needs to start a petition?

  13. Jake - Jan 19, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    Actually Robertg has bee MIA for a few days. The men in white coats finally came for him or perhaps Keith whacked his ISP.
    Or, and this is scary, Robertg is composing a blog of biblical proportions. The Queen Mother of postings that will overwhelm the site and crash it.

  14. robertg - Jan 19, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    1.tim, forgetting about notre dame football just because of us sounds like a really rational solution for you and those like you, whoever you may really be.
    2. why don’t you start some kind of petition? we assume that you would like to get us banned from nd central we encourage you and your friends to take their best shots.
    4. before we got the jerks fired who used to control the content at nd cantral, there were no only comments permitted by anyone and the people who used to run nd central turned nd central in a site for nd and weis bashing and infomercials for usc and pete carroll and for notre dame’s other enemies in the rercruiting wars.
    5. now, nd central is a public forum and keith and his staff do not ban of block anyone’s posts, not even sot’s, although keith disagees with the content of many posts and,as far as we know, with ours.
    6. we understand what disturbs you and those like you who may or may not be genuine notre dame football fans and admirers of notre dame’s core values, as we most certainly are and as charlie and his staff most certainly were and will be again.
    7. take a look at the other posts whose authors have taken the time to look at the many facts and links which we have provided online and who now agree with us, even those these matters will be resolved in real civil courts, not bynternetposters.
    8. we do not know any of these people who, based on their prior posts’really do love notre dame, as we do, as they indicate in their posts above.
    9.we already know from their coaching and educational backgrounds that kelly and his staff his staff of refugees from gvsu, central michigan, and cincinnati are doomed to fail at notre dame football, in the recruiting wars, on the playing fields, and on the academic and character sides of the notre dame equation.
    10. none of them has the slightest clue about notre dame football.
    11anyonecan take a look at irish illustrated rivals for a list of notre dame’s 2010 verbals. there have been several deommits, including ND’sonly 5 star verbal, de chris martin, who decommitted on the same day that the few cancers within notre dame illegally fired charlie and his staff and hired that con artist kelly and his staff.
    12. true. 4 star dt nix did commit the day after charlie and his staff were fired. we know why that happened and kelly and his staff had nothing to do with it.
    13. nix is a fine young man and a fine athlete, but severely lacking on the academic side.
    14. charlie and his staff had sold dt nix on notre dame well before nix gave his verbal to notre dame.
    15. however, charlie and his staff were ouuting nix through some tests in the classroom because they were not certain that nix would ableto cope with notre dame on the academic side.
    16. when charlie and his staff were fired and before kelly name was even seriously mentioned, nix gave his verbal to notre dame sincetony alford assured nix that nix would not have to fulfill the academic requirementsset for nix by charlie and his staff if charlie and his staff were fired.
    17. a number of key notre dame 2010 verbals have become very soft verbals and are actively visiting other. those who are sticking with notre dame are doing so because they love the notre dame academic experience, not because they are impressed with kelly and his staff or their connections with the nfl, which simply do not exist,
    18.although kelly and his staff have had plenty of time to recruit for the 2110 class, kelly and his staff have so impresed recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us so much tht they have have obtained verbal commits from 2 additional student athletes. austin collingsworth is listed as a safety but kelly is going to use him at wr. while austin certainly meets notre dame’s very high character requirements, being not too big, but very slow athletically. ausin earnedhimself 2 stars at rivals.
    notre dame’s only other verbal is a te, tate nichols who demommitted from stanford and switched to notre dame recently since he loved the notre dame campus and is a roman catholic.
    nichols is tall, but extremely slow.kelly plans to convert nichols into an ot,although nichols has zero experience at that position and over 30 pounds to gain. nichols certainly meets all of notre dame’s academic and characer standars. however, with only a 2 star rating from rivals, nichols simply does not have the raw athetic ability to suceed at football at notre dame.
    19. while the final results will not be in until national signing day on 2/4/2010 and after the notre dame student athletes who have 5th year options make their decisions, so far, kelly and his staff have earned f grades in recruiting for notre dame with no real hope in sight.
    20. yes, kelly did take cincinnati to 3 bcs bowls at which kelly and his “genuis” coaching magic was exposed for the sham that is always has been and was blown out 1st by a very mediore vtech team and then made to look like a very bad high school team by florida, at a time when florida was going through major crises because of the health problems of urbanmeyer.
    21. recruits and their families and high school coaches are simply not impressed by kelly and his staff or by notre dame’s current administration.
    22. of course, as a direct result of of charlie’s illegal firing, jimmy clausen and golden tate have opted eafrly for the nfl, not because they do not love notre dame, but because their loyalities and trusts were in charlie and his staff and because they do not rust kelly and his staff or those corrupt elements in the
    current notre dame administration.
    23. following a very minor incident, wr michael floyed will be exiled from notre dame by the inquisition era notre dame rerslife system and may never play for notre dame ever again.
    24. as verylarge donors to notre dame for many years, my family and relatives and i could just ignore these atrocities at notre dame and keep making those donations.
    26. until charlie and his staff are back, we are just cutting off all of those donations for the long term good of notre dame.
    27. we could use the civil courts to drive kelly, purcell, swarick, and jenkins before kelly coaches his 1st game.
    28.on the other hand, we could delay those civil actions for one season to let all real notre dame fans see a taste for one season of the kelly show.
    29.we are currently leaning towards option 3, although our larger project to eliminate economically in the civil courts every persom+entity involved with crooked sports crooked college football and sports enterprises and leave notre dame for last.
    GO IRISH!!!

  15. Jake - Jan 19, 2010 at 4:19 PM

    Ah man say it ain’t so. You and your “family” withholding donations until Weis is back?
    Well Grandpashyena and I are going to have to start hitting the Wal Marts with our tin cans labeled “Dimes for Domers”. I’ll bet Jenkins has gone into a swoon and Swabeck has broken out in hives.
    The good news is that you are going to bring down the economic “thunder” on the other crooked schools and football programs and leave Notre Dame for last. Boy Kelly and his staff of “refuges” must be just giddy about that.
    Oh Tim, were going to have to kill that petition thing. Wouldn’t want Robertg to get Keith fired like he did the predecessors.

  16. tidecoys - Jan 19, 2010 at 6:11 PM

    I am glad I am not the only one that noticed B. Smith!!! He half steps and doesn’t hussle at all at times. He needs a wake up call. I expect more from Harrison. He is an athlete that should shine out there.

  17. grandpashyena - Jan 19, 2010 at 10:47 PM

    Some much work for little robbie and so little time. I’ll start down here in Texas with the drive. There’s a boat load of Wal Marts and I’ll bet most of the rubes would think I’m raising money for the Astrodome. Can’t believe it’s still up. Yankee Stadium can be torn down but the fine citizens here hold onto that dump like it their grand dad’s confederate sword. My mind wanders sometimes.
    I’m sure all the folks in the administration are quaking. robertg, master of space and time has invoked all his mojo to the downfall of all his tormenters. robertg, scalpel of all cancers, real and imagined. Big Job: enron, Ncaa, Catholic Church, ND Admin, SOT, Pete Carrol, Mikey, Kelly, Refs,Reggie,Urban, California Bar, crooked judges,kiffen, reslife, paper loses, SOT again for good measure,somewhere to stash all our family’s massive witheld donations, new tin foil for hat, polish fillings for better reception,LSAT score,widen all doors to fit giant brain through. And on the seventh day he rested except for another threat to all the material possessions of those who blew his cover.So much unfinished business. So little time until two a days. The schedule is set. The season will start afresh. So much to do.

  18. mef811 - Jan 20, 2010 at 12:13 AM

    your amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. robertg - Jan 20, 2010 at 7:45 AM

    1.these responses are for the he must be stupid or insane or on drugs or not have a clue about what he is doing posters directed at us and at me personnally (since, unlike other posters, i have disclosed my real name and identity and a great deal of data with online links on many occasions, including matters which i knew would bring on vicious and baseless attacks from sot and his friends and others), whose intents are to deceive real notre dame fans into not looking at the data and facts and links which we always supply in our posts as a public service for the notre dame community, and making up their own minds.
    2. we are not interested in puffing up our egos, but we never not hesitate, when faced with baseless accusations or con operations, including those involving corruption in the california state bar association and other state bar associations and crooked and incompetent judges and other elements in our legal systems, whether they are directed at us or at other people, to provide enough evidence to prevent the public from being conned and deceived and defrauded of their assets.
    3. i have agreed to and will furnish to keith and his staff, at a physical address with which keith has provided me, hard copies of some of the cases referred to in this post, along with a very long list of other cases, which keith and his staff are welcome to have and to give out to anyone who requests them.
    4. none of this means that keith and his staff agree with any of our posts or with anything that we are doing. keith and his staff are simply doing their due diligence as honest sports journalists.
    5. although i have achieved a great deal in life so far and am just getting started, i remain, and always will remain, a simple irish catholic country boy from brooklyn from a family very wealthy in many areas, but not in material assets, who has always loved and admired notre dame and the special mission that notre dame has in this world.
    6. the same things are true of the backgrounds of the many experienced civil trial attorneys all over the us with whom i am working on this project and have worked on other projects for decades, although only a few of them are from brooklyn and only a few are irish catholics who know anything about notre dame. we all know about right and wrong and justice and about how to implement justice through our less than perfect legal systems.
    7. the names and backgrounds of my many attorney associates all over the us are things that the bad guys are and will find out about in the civil courts since, in this project, i have agreed to take the point and absorb all of the vicious attacks which always come along with taking the point in physical combat and in economic combat in business and in the courts.
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    9. we certainly do not expect everyone at nd central to agree with us. in these areas, the only people whose opinions really count are those of the honest judges and carefully chosen juries all over the us, who have and will be deciding these issues, based on the expert and other evidence presented to them at real trials in real courts all over the us.
    10. however, for members of the notre dame community, such as my family and relatives and myself, who, through family foundations and companies, had been making large donations to notre dame for many decades, we are putting a halt to all donations until we drive purcell,swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff out of notre dame in the civil courts and install fully transparent and honest systems of institutional governance at notre dame in which trustees and administrators are elected by members of the notre dame community and are fully accountable to the notre dame community for every decision that they make, including coaching changes and investment decisions about notre dame’s endowment.
    11. we know that we are not qualified to make coaching decisions in football or in any other sport. however, we know that there are plenty of very well qualified notre dame alums who have been very successful as student athletes also playing football at notre dame, in the nfl, and in their personal and business lives after the nfl.
    12. these are the people who should be taking the lead in hiring and firing football coaches and all such decisions in other sports( obviously, the same alums who know about football do not know about other sports, but other notre dame alums do have that knowledge and experience in the other sports) at notre dame in transparent and honest manners.
    13.we know that these notre dame alums played significant roles in choosing charlie for the long 10 year project of rebuilding of notre dame’s football program with honesty and integrity and without compromising notre dame’s high academic and character standards, even though the honest approach would result in some ugly paper win/loss records for quite a few seasons, and not just for 5 years and that purcell and swarbrick illegally backdoored them and the notre dame community and notre dame’s student athletes by firing charlie and his staff and hiring kelly and his staff to promote their own personal agendas, not for the good of notre dame.
    14. we know that those qualified notre dame alums decided in 2005 against a pete carroll/urban meyer/saban and many other quick fix solutions which do involve cheating and/or throwing notre dame’s high academic and character standards out the windows, just to post wins in football games in the current corrupt systems.
    15. any school that wants a quick fix solution in college football can obtain one. look at usc and pete carroll. they got their instant gratifications, but, as we told everyone at nd central long ago, petey will not be back at usc next season or ever again in college sports. the ncaa, because we pushed them very hard in the civil courts, will be announcing some very severe sanctions against the usc football and basketball programs and against the athletic department and we are following up in the civil courts since what the ncaa has decided is simply not sufficient.
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    18. on the donation and endowment side, we certainly do not manage anyone’s assets except our own. however, we know a great deal about phil purcell from our personal participations in civil litigations which led to purcell’s being kicked out of morgan stanley as the ceo( a lot of that information is available online, just plug phil purcell morgan stanley into your search engines). from our sources within notre dame and other sources, we know that swarbrick and jenkins are following purcell’s instructions, both in notre dame football decisions and in decisions aboout control over notre dame’s endowment and other assets.
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    53. having finished up those projects, i returned to yale to continue my studies in law and economics with a completely different point of view since i had already seen and experienced the inner workings of our legal and financial systems.
    54. i received my doctor of jurisprudence degree from yale law school in 1973, in the same class as bill and hillary clinton at a law school which is so selective and so small( only 150 students per year) that everyone gets to know everyone else very well, not that everyone agrees with one another on politics or most other things or has the same goals in life.
    55. yale law school does not calculate class rankings. therefore, i only know that i did extremely well in a class composed primarily of graduates, with the highest honors, of yale, harvard, princeton, stanford, and other ivy league schools and very few graduates of catholic schools.
    56. in the year that i started at yale law school, there were 3 of us from fordham, 2 from georgetown, one maxima cum laude graduate of notre dame who became my very good friend and roommate, one from st. peter’s college, a jesuit school in jersey city, and one from st. mary’s college, a jesuit school in california.
    57. until we proved that we could compete with and do better than the ivy league hot shots, we were viewed as inferior life forms by the other students.
    58. i had planned to stay at yale to get my phd in economics. however, a large wall street law firm, cravath, swaine& moore, which was notorious for not hiring ethnic catholics desperately needed someone who knew both law and economics to pick out and prepare for deposition and trial the expert economists who would testify for ibm in us vs ibm, the antitrust case in which the us government attempted to break up ibm under the antitrust laws.
    59. the signing bonus and salary alone were enough to convince me to leave the phd program at yale and to turn down the many judicial clerkships with prominent federal judges which i had been offerred, along with a very good shot at a us supreme court clerkship after one year of clerkship in the lower federal courts with very prominent judges,
    60. i played a key role in devising and implementing the legal stategies which forced the us to abandon the ibm anitrust case years after i left cravath( some of the cravath partners wanted to and did continue billing ibm millions every month when the case could have been resolved by summary judgment years earlier. i was not interseted in being part of such an operation no matter how much money was involved.)
    61. however, i did learn how to run a big nationwide litigation at cravath( the ibm antitrust cases were the 1st big nationwide litigation project ever done) and priceless inner details about computers and the computer business, along with a lot more about economics from the expert economists whom i chose and hired and spent a great deal of time with. in fact, those economists became my personal tutors and gave me more knowledge than i could ever have obtained by finishing up the phd coursework at yale. so, in economics, i am just a dissertation short of a phd, something which i may do in the future, along with phd’s in chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer sciences at cal tech, where i have been auditing courses for years so that i can communicate with the techies that i hire for my high tech busnesses to run those busineses for me and my associates.
    62. having learned what i set out to learn at cravath, i moved on to a very small san francisco tax law firm called kantor and wolf which specialized in tax shelters and tax ands wealth haven countires and jurisdictions.
    63. in 2 years, i had accumulated priceless knowledge, experience and contacts in those areas and moved on to start my own law firm and other businesses in los angeles which i chose because of the weather, the wide open economic opportunities, and the very special friendship that i had developed with dr. neil jacoby, the dean of the ucla graduate school of business, a former member of the us president’s council of economic advisors, and one of the expert economists whom i had hired for the ibm antitrust cases.
    64. until new interest and other penalties in the irs code made such ventures much to dangerous for taxpayers, i put together tax shelter transactions to help businesses in areas which i thought were important for the future of this nation, such as electric cars.
    65. despite many vicious attacks by general motors and the oil companies, i kept the key techies and technology together and making improvements.
    66. anyone who wants to look at the website of tesla motors will find the some of the results of those efforts with much more coming both via tesla and other licensees of our technology- the world’s only fully electric car in production only in the sports car market right now with the tesla roadster being faster than a porsche or ferrari with a 300 mile range per charge and with much more coming as we make our technology available.
    67. in the end, we have defeated general m otors and big oil and it was not easy.
    68. i also started a business in which we put on seminars all over the world about the legal uses of tax and wealth havens, not for big corporations, but for small businesses since these legal uses of tax and wealth havens big large corporations were putting small businesses in positions in which they could not compete on even playing fields.
    69. in connection with that business, i also ended up getting hired to write laws and procedures for various tax haven jurisdictions so that they could keep their operations clearly on the legal side of us laws and screen out the crooks and con artists.
    70. in getting involved in tax law and tax litigation, i have always had 3 objectives. the 1st was to make funds available for small deserving businesses. the 2nd was to protect small investors who had innocently become involved in bogus or dangerous tax shelter transactions from having their lives and busineses destroyed by overzealous irs agents who were abusing their gestapo like powers. the 3rd and most imporrtant was, and still is, the elimination of the current tax system, which is inherently unfair, with a simple uniform tax of less than 1% on every transaction with no exemptions. deductions, oredits.
    71. as one of boris bittker’s carefully selected research assistants at yale law school, i had read the entire fox legislative history of the internal revenue code and seen it grow from 10 pages into the deadly monstrosity that it is today and into a huge millstones around the necks of honest us citizens and small businesses.
    72. every single addition to that origal 10 page income tax law was paid for by wealthy special interset groups for their benefits.
    73. do the big oil companies pay any significant taxes in the us or in any other nation in which they operate? no. they operate outside every tax system and nation and they make very large contributions to politicians to protect their positions and to dump the entire tax burden on honest us citizens and small businesses.
    74. my economist friends have already done all of the number crunching on the less than 1% uniform transfer tax and the changes have developed a critical mass of bipartisan support in the us senate and house.
    75. my personal involvement is required from time to time. however, like most of my other businesses and projects, this project pretty much operates on its own with devoted and determined individuals running them.
    76. in the late 1970’s and the entire 1980’s and a large portion of the 1990’s, hundreds of thousands of honest families all over the us came under vicious attacks by certain gestapo elements within the irs( which no longer exist because of the adoption of the taxpayers’ bills or rights 1 and 2, with which i played a very large role in getting these bills brought to the attention of certain key members of the us house and senate and occupants of the white house of both political parties) whose purpose was to exterminate these families economically. while letting big oil, large companies, and very wealthy individuals get away fee and clear.
    77. not only were these families under attack by the gestapo elements within the irs. in addition, they had signed full recourse promissory notes and were being sued by the persons and entities who owned these notes while the same con artists stole the real businesses which had been created with these funds or just made off with the cash to various tax and wealth haven jurisdictions.
    78. since no one else came up with viable systems to protect these families at a reasonable cost, i did that.
    79. on the tax side, i invented what is called a national litigation project. the outcomes in the us tax courts are fixed, with very minor exceptions. there are no jury trials available and, with very few exceptions, the judges are career irs employees.
    80. no matter how overwhelming the evidence in favor of the taxpayers is at trials, the judges disregard the evidence and write opinions giving the irs everything that they have asked for, no matter what the evidence at trial has been. these opinions routinely deliberately misrepresent the evidence and the laws and stick the innccent taxpayers with economic death sentences.
    81. while there are many published decisions in such cases which i personnally prepared and tried and briefed for thousands of taxpayers taxpayers, one example will suffice here. that case is called jay et al vs commissioner 55 tcm 933(1988); aff’d sub. nom. ben-porat et al. vs commissioner 906 F. 2d 976( CA 9,1990); cert. den. sub. nom. ben-porat vs commissioner ___ u.s.___, 111 S. ct. 1418, 113 L. Ed. 2d 471( april 1,1991; reh. denied sub. nom ben-porat vs commissioner ___ u.s.___, 111 S.Ct 2068; 114 L. Ed. 472( may 20, 1991.
    82. at the time of this trial in miami, florida, this trial set the record both for number of pages of exhibits and for the 3 week long trial at which no juries are permitted.
    83. this trial and the appeals that followed cost over $1 million in costs of which i paid the vast bulk out of my personal assets.
    84. despite statements in the tax court opinion to the contrary, i was not involved in any way in the transactions which were the subject of the trial which involved only the tax years 1980-1984.
    85. in addition to protecting the innocent taxpayers, i was protecting the technology and the 17 silver volt vehicles which had been produced( i was personnally involved in the 1978 and 1978 electric auto transactions and had warned the cpas who continued to get out when i did in early 1980. therefore, i had a personal economc interest in the technology and the 17 cars as a result of my personal involvement in the 1978 and 1979 transactions both from the irs and from general motors, and from robert aronson, the inventor who had turned on the taxpayers and was trying to escape with the technology and the cars by giving perjured testimony in favor of the irs and against the taxpayers. the 1978 and 1979 transactions, which i had personnally structured and written the detailed tax opinions on, had all survived detailed audits and the 3 year statute of limitation had run, making any irs attack impossible).
    86. anyone reading the tax court opinion will find statements that the cars were never built. in fact, i arranged for 2 of the vehicles to be brought to miami and took judge simpson and his wife, who was also his clerk, on a long ride in one of the cars, facts which are in the trial transcript but ignored in judge simpson’s opinion.
    87. was judge simpson an evil or malicious man? no. he simply was operating under the misimpression that what he was doing was in the best interests of this nation.
    88. based on the tax court opinion, a person might conclude that the taxpayers all got economically exterminated and that aronson got away with the technology and the cars and the techies who did the real work.
    89. however, that is not how things turned out. i came up with perfectly legal methods of making it impossible for the irs to collect on any of these judgments unless the individuals involved had plenty of cash on hand and preferred to pay and get on with their lives.
    90. i never wrote any articles about how i did this since i had learned that writing articles on such matters gets the laws changed rapidly and every single one of these laws remains as it was back then.
    91. aronson did not get away with the technology or with all but a few of the cars and techies.
    92. i got control of those elements for everyone’s benefits and kept the research going until the tesla techie billionaires came along and put up the funds to put the sports car version into production with large scale production of much cheaper cars and trucks and suvs right around the corner.
    93. with no class actions permitted in the us tax court, how did i manage to get only 4 individual cases tried? i bluffed the irs and the us tax court judges and told them that, if they did not agree to adopt these national litigation project procedures, i would make them try every single case indidually, something which would have taken over 20 years.
    94. both the irs attorneys and the us tax court judges knew me well enough from other cases and trials that i would make their worst nightmartes come true if they did not cave in on these crucial procedural issues.
    95. they knew that i would find a way to try every case individually if they called my bluff. therefore, very wisely, they gave in.
    96.4 duplicate originals of my us supreme court petition for the writ of certiorari, along with the 15 volumes of appendices, can still be found in the library of congress, as required by law, along with the warning of the havoc that continued dependence on gas powered cars would cause for the us, which have all come true.
    97. the much more advanced technology can be found in the tesla sportcar and viewed on their website online at tesla motors.
    98. because i planted those documents and warnings in the library of congress, tesla and our reserach companies are now getting substantial funding from the us govt while general motors continues to flush itself down the toilet, along with more billions of us taxpayer dollars.
    99. the tools that i invented to protect the investors from anyone trying to collect on those trillions in full recourse notes and to keep the underlying businesses from being stolen from them or, in cases in which the transactions were bogus and the promoters attempted to get away with the money by hiding in various tax and wealth haves under new names which do involve the civil rico and other statues, along with my close pertsonal contacts in every tax and wealth haven will follow, along with many citations to cases and opinions which i won, in our next post.
    100. sorry. i have no time left for spellchecks or proofreading today.
    GO IRISH!!!

  20. robertg - Jan 20, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    1. we do have time to give you the single most important civil rico case which i alone briefed, argued, and won unanimously before a 3 judge panel at the us court of appeals for the 9th circuit in pasadena,california.
    2. it was this big win which made all civil rico litigation which has followed possible.
    3. hard copies of thios opinion can be found in any law library or online for a small fee at lexis.nexis and other online sources.
    4. this opinion is not that long or technical. however, it has proven very deadly for those who had succeeded before ande tried later to turn the civil rico statute and civil rico litigation into dead zones.
    5. the case and citations are united energy owners committee, inc. et. al. vs united states energy management systems, inc. et. al. 837 F. 2d 356 ( CA 9, 1988, judges hall,nelson, and thompson).
    6. anyone who bothers to look will find me listed as the only attorney of record and as an appellant since usc grad district judge david kenyon had also tried to whack me personnaly with $10,000 in sanctions which the 9th circuit8 panel also reversed in the same opinion.
    7. the members of the 9th circuit panel told judge kenyon in the opinion that was featured on the front page of every legal newpaper in the us that judge kenyon was an idiot.
    8. due to the adverse effects of a very serious problem with alcohol and the usual resulting altzheimer’s conditions, judge kenyon was forced to retire early from the bench and the whole world is much better off without him.
    9. many more citations and facts will follow for anyone who wants them and who still has any legimate doubts that we are very much for real and more tenacious and deadly than ever.
    GO IRISH!!!

  21. grandpashyena - Jan 20, 2010 at 9:25 AM

    What great sport. With two-a-days months off we need entertainment. robertg is just so predictable and easily drawn in. He’s like pulling the cord on a lawn mower. Yank a little about him and stand back. What fun! Sorry Keith, were off football a little but it’s off season and things are getting settled. We need to keep blog momentum up to deal with any real news that hits. Probably the next thing is signing. Cheers and GO IRISH!!
    P.S. I wish robertg would attack climate change.

  22. sharkey - Jan 21, 2010 at 2:14 PM

    Point #5: You’re a country boy from Brooklyn???

  23. Terry - Jan 25, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    ‘What Notre Dame means’.
    Many years ago Notre Dame was a place that 1st and 2nd generation Catholic immigrants wanted to send their kids and would sacrifice to do so, so that their kids would get a good solid education in a good Catholic environment and have a step up on the ladder to success. For the most part, in my opinion that is no longer the case. Granted a Notre Dame degree is one to be proud of, but there is about the place an arrogance that does not befit a university that would call itself Catholic.
    For at least the last 10 years the play ‘The Vagina Monologues’ has been put on at ND on campus in the winter. About 8 years ago opening day for the play happened to fall on Ash Wednesday. I went with some friends to the Basilica to pass out some small flyers in protest and we were (politely) told that we couldn’t do it.
    I don’t know if you are familiar with the content of the play, but how difficult could it be to figure it out simply by judging from the title? (If you don’t find it blasphemous that opening night was on Ash Wednesday, one of the most solemn days of the Catholic year, then you can skip the rest of this letter.)
    On April 2, 2005 Pope John Paul II died. While the body was LITERALLY still warm NBC ran an obviously pre-recorded piece on the late Pope in which they interviewed Rev. Richard McBrien. The good Reverend’s comments about the Pope were not too complimentary. The fact that at that time the good Reverend was the head of the theology department at the university does not speak well for the theology department.
    I know you are waiting for me to say something about last spring, so here it is – It’s sad to see what the place has come to.
    ‘What Notre Dame means’ today is a far cry from what used to mean.
    FYI – I am 66 years old, I went to ND but did not graduate, I spent 3+ years in the Navy after flunking out, and when Navy beat ND last season it did not break my heart. Notre Dame needs some humility.

  24. Terry again - Jan 25, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    In 1992 Notre Dame played BC in South Bend. Come the 3rd quarter ND was ahead about 37-0. Craig Hentrich was sent in for a punt midway thru the 3rd quarter, only it was a fake punt and he ran for another 1st down.
    One year later – the week after the FSU game – about midway thru the 3rd quarter BC was giving ND a serious butt-whipping. At that point (this was BEFORE the great comeback) Chris Collingsworth made the very perceptive remark that what we were watching – BC whipping ND – had had its roots planted the previous year – After the fake punt and first down, Hentrich and his buddies stood on the sideline and laughed, and then the camera showed the BC players standing on the other side watching them.
    Notre Dame DESERVED what happened to them that day.
    Florida State DESERVED the National Championship that year because the week after losing to Notre Dame they beat Florida on Florida’s home turf, while Notre Dame could not defend its home turf against an unranked (but highly motivated) BC team.
    When you beat the s— out of another team – that happens. When you not only beat the s… out of them but rub their nose in it, you invoke the curse of the gods. (Note small g)
    Much of Notre Dame’s lack of success over the last 17 years is because they angered the gods on that day in 1992, and until they realize that and get a little humility the curse will continue.
    Perhaps the arrival of Chris’ son on campus will help.

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