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Kelly talks Irish and entitlement

Jan 12, 2010, 10:00 AM EDT

Friend of the blog ESPN senior writer Bruce Feldman is down in Orlando for the AFCA Convention this week. He was able to spend some time with Irish head coach Brian Kelly and had an incredibly interesting conversation with the new head coach.

Here are a few highlights:

On how last year’s team somehow went 6-6?

Oh boy, that’s a long thing. I really think it’s three years if you
look at it. It’s three wins, six wins and six wins to be quite honest
with you. That’s (16 wins) and 22 losses. I don’t think this was just
last year. This was three years of things that needed to be attended to
and that’s why there’s been a change there. Charlie did a really good
job in a lot of areas, especially the academics. We’re here (at AFCA)
today to get the graduation rate award. I don’t think it’s been just
one year. It’s really been a culmination.

On how many players at Cincinnati he could’ve recruited at Notre Dame from an academic standpoint?

I think there’s more players I could’ve recruited academically than I could’ve athletically.

On what he thinks needs to change after a few weeks of assessments?

I sense a bit of entitlement that needs to be rectified. I think a
genuine respect for what you have and how it’s being presented to you
is the opposite end of entitlement and I need to move this program
towards that end.

Kelly hit the nail on the head with just about every answer he gave and even answers that could come across as lip-service seemed to be incredibly succinct and precisely what I’d want to hear if I was a Notre Dame fan. While Kelly downplaying recruiting isn’t something some that gets people excited, turning the focus on internal issues is a key change, especially with all the self-inflicted wounds that killed the Irish last season.

I was able to trade emails with Bruce yesterday afternoon after the interview was posted and he was effusive in his praise for Notre Dame’s new head coach. Feldman, who was one of the last major writers to stay on the Weis wagon, thinks Kelly will do big things in South Bend, and was impressed with how sharp and affable the new coach was — something that can’t hurt when dealing with reporters from ESPN. Feldman has spent 15 years in college football, a lot of time around coaches, and Irish fans should be very happy with the man now in charge.

Feldman was particularly impressed by the candor in Kelly’s answers — especially when talking about some potentially delicate issues — and how smooth the coach was when answering some tricky questions Feldman lobbed his way.

After reading Kelly’s comments a few times yesterday, one of the things I hadn’t thought of before  was the idea of entitlement. While many of us have bemoaned the fact that losing Weis means losing a coach that truly understands what Notre Dame means, Kelly tackling the issue of entitled players was a breath of fresh-air.

If there was anything that drove me nuts about the Weis era, it was the lack of fortitude in the players and the worry that a lesser team always had the ability to shock the athletically superior and higher decorated Irish squad. With Kelly — a guy who grew up loving Notre Dame for what it stood for, not necessarily what it was — he’ll be able to remind his players just how lucky they are to be getting an opportunity to play football on one of the largest national stages, at an elite academic institution, for a football team with unrivaled tradition. At the very least, he’ll spend the next nine months ingraining in the heads of the Irish players that just because you’re wearing the blue and gold of the Irish, doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed anything. 

  1. grandpashyena - Jan 12, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    Money heals all wounds.

  2. ugetwutuask4 - Jan 12, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    Truth, honor, discipline, accountability, and being unafraid of any adversity thrown your way by the media or so called “college football experts” will win COACH K more games within the next few years than any other Irish coach this past decade. GO IRISH!!!

  3. TLNDMA - Jan 12, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    I guess this means ND players won’t be hearing how great they are until their careers are finished. I think no matter how well a player is doing, Kelly will want a little more.

  4. mef811 - Jan 12, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Well it doesn’t look like anyone else wants to touch the fiasco that is now called USC so I will: What a joke, Pete Carroll left for the Seahawks for one reason and it wasn’t the money! The jokers who post on this site defending this fraud are in my opinion the epitome of what USC football stands for and if I were in their shoes I too would distance myself from the program. In the 90’s I will admit the rivalry dropped off a bit and became one sided dramatically. My interest for the the game was not very high and always expected it to be a win for the IRISH! Then Good ole petey comes to town, My hate was once again renewed and I looked forward to the next year every year! The balls dropped and USC is dead! The respectful sportsmanship I once felt toward the great games played between the two is now utter disrespect and disappointment! We now know the 90’s were no fluke USC was never as good as published and maybe just like Alabama rose from the ashes so too will USC but not without the undying fact that they are cheaters, they didn’t win because they were better they won because they cheated and in my book thats just downright wrong, not only for the people who support USC but for college football as a whole! Thanks to USC’s self induced entitlement college football has been tainted!! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES USC!!

  5. chris - Jan 12, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    I was talking to my buddies about the appearance of entitlement as well during the season. There were guys on the field who played poorly (Brian Smith vs. Navy) or committed the same errors (H. Smith) and they were never replaced. This creates a sense of entitlement.
    It also frustrates the guys behind them because no matter what the front line guys, he is going to play. Filer did not see the field that much and yet he performed every time he was out there. McNeil went from starter to barely playing while Blanton was consistently passive in coverage.
    I hope this changes because ND has the depth in a lot of spots to simply put the next guy out there.

  6. TLNDMA - Jan 12, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    I think we should wait and see what happens with the NCAA investigation. After that will be the time to point fingers and lay blame on individuals, if deserved. When the facts are laid out, there will be plenty of time to vent.

  7. mef811 - Jan 12, 2010 at 3:47 PM

    Point taken! Although the time for waiting was laid to rest when good man Pete made his decision to tuck tail and run!!

  8. kejji - Jan 12, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    mef811 wrote: “they didn’t win because they were better they won because they cheated and in my book that’s just downright wrong.” **********Wow…So USC didn’t win because they were better…they won because they cheated? You do realize that their ‘cheating’ consisted of Reggie Bush’s step-dad and mom living in a house rent free 300 miles away from the University and possibly taking some cash.
    They also ‘cheated’ because Joe McKnight was accused of driving a vehicle that wasn’t his.
    And just how does that relate directly to wins on the football field?

  9. ccfond - Jan 12, 2010 at 9:19 PM

    Check the NCAA graduation rates…USC at about 54%…many of those guys probably take a pay cut to go into the NFL…ND, with no “theory of sports” or similar bogus majors at least requires their players to be true student-athletes.

  10. kejji - Jan 12, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    So according to the standards set by mef811 The Notre Dame football team of the late 90’s won because they cheated…real cheating this time. Notre Dame football players were given money, lavish gifts and paid trips by Kim Dunbar between 1993-1998, an Irish booster..the NCAA stated:”The violations were major because of the length of time over which they occurred,” the committee report said, “The extravagant nature of gifts and benefits that were provided to the football student-athletes, the competitive advantage gained by the University in as much as the university continued to use student-athletes who were later declared ineligible, and the fact the violations were neither isolated nor inadvertent.
    “According to the Associated Press, “The NCAA Committee on Infractions called the violations major and ‘neither isolated nor inadvertent.’ The NCAA cited the length of time during which the violations occurred, the extravagant nature of the gifts, and the competitive advantage gained by Notre Dame.”******************
    The Eric Chappell case
    In the second series of violations, reserve quarterback Eric Chappell attempted to sell his complimentary game tickets to his girlfriend, a part-time tutor for the University, and her friend.
    The tutor was also found to have prepared an academic paper for a student athlete. Darcey Levy, who left the football team before the 1999 season, paid for the paper, a person familiar with the report told the Chicago Tribune.
    The complaint lists eight players, including Jarvis Edison, whose gifts were permissible because he has a personal relationship and child with Dunbar.
    So what do you think mef811? the Notre Dame players taking cash directly…Reggie Bush wasn’t even accused of that.
    Do you have the same utter disrespect and disappointment for Notre Dame?

  11. mef811 - Jan 13, 2010 at 12:06 AM

    It’s all relative in many ways… True!! The situation in which guys get paid has evolved enough that they can receive gifts through alternate means. The way this thing is playing out is obviously not one or two isolated incidents and I’m sure we won’t even begin to get all the juicy details when this investigation concludes. That Dunbar B***** had a score to settle and tried bringing down a university in order to do that, from what I’ve read about her she’s a real stand up and to add to this NO coach or administrator was accused of wrong doing it was investigated and we moved on with the couple bad apples ousted! The paintings on the wall USC has blown it… In my opinion! I may sound harsh in my opinion but I feel that USC got some of these players because they were promised gifts and that is what I would consider Cheating. Players came there b/c they or their parents were given monetary gifts and if I found ND to do the same I would be even HARDER on them, my feelings aren’t biased I believe in justice for a just cause!

  12. Tep - Jan 13, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    People.. USC is not going to go on probation for anything. Does it really matter what Pete Carrol does? He left USC to give the NFL one last shot. USC is not the NFL. Lane Kiffin is the one I’d be worried about if I were a USC fan. In 14 months at Tennessee he’s violated recruiting rules twice. Lane was given the oppertunity to lead Tennessee back to one of the elite schools in the SEC but instead goes right back to USC to stand in Petes shadow. Land is a loser! Notre Dame has a better coach, a better school, and soon they will field better athletes once again. Thank you Pete! You have made this Irish fan so very happy!
    Tep Out

  13. robertg - Jan 13, 2010 at 12:12 AM

    1. yes, kelly sure is saying all of the right things, but doing all of the wrong things for notre dame football and for the university of notre dame.
    2. perhaps kelly can do something to prevent reslife from driving wr michael floyd away from notre dame, as reslife as done with so many other fine notre dame student athletes in the past.
    3. the excellent news is that kelly and his staff and the cancers within notre dame who fired charlie and his staff will not be at notre dame when the 2010 football season starts and that we will also put the inquistion era relife system out of business forever, although we cannot do that quickly enough to save wr michael floyd from the standard exile for one year with no guarantees of readmission that is the standard reslife punishment for any student athlete arrested for underage drinking.
    4. reslife operates on the guilty if arrested principle. they do not wait to see whether a court finds the accused guilty or innocent or give any student athlete a second chance even for very minor offenses.
    5. on the usc front, del rio was so horrified by the mess left behind by petey and mikey and the others that, even though del rio really has no other options, del rio turned down usc and forced usc to bring in kiffen, who personnally participated in the cheating and coverups at usc and who had already attracted hordes of ncaa investigators to tennessee.
    6. tennessee was very happy to get rid of kiffin who will bring all of tennesee’s best verbal commits to usc with him and ed ogeron who used to recruit for usc until kiffen put orgeron in charge of recruiting at tennessee.
    7. on the notre dame recruiting front, you will find articles stating that kelly’s 1st 5 recruits have enrolled early at notre dame, but they were all recruited by charlie and his staff and really had no other options since they were caught in the early enrollment time traps.
    8. of notre dame’s current 18 verbal commits, 3 key 4 star verbals are seriously considering other schools and only their love for notre dame as a school might keep them at notre dame.
    9. in the area of adding any key verbal commits for the 2010 recruiting cycle, kelly and his staff are batting zero with not much hope in sight.
    10. fortunately, kelly and his staff and the cancers within notre dame and reslife will be gone from notre dame before next season begins.
    11.then, notre dame football and the university of notre dame will be back on the right path on which charlie and his staff put notre dame with usc and the other crooked schools and institutions out of business forever.
    12. aside from these few problems which we will fix, notre dame remains almost perfect and certainly worth saving.
    GO IRISH!!!

  14. robertg - Jan 13, 2010 at 3:04 AM

    1. the ncaa investigation of mikey and petey and kiffen and usc football, basketball, and athletics and total lack of institutional control is already completed.
    2. the sole purpose of the meeting of the ncaa infractions coomittee in tempe,arizona from 2/19 through 2/21/2010 is to announce those sanctions publicly.
    3. we already know what those sanctions will be and they are very severe, including the forfeiture of many phony football wins going back through the 2004 season and severe economic sanctions, including the return of millions of dollars to persons and entites victimized by these scams and the banning for life of many persons from college sports.
    4. petey knew what was coming. that is why petey and most of his staff fled to seattle.
    5. if anyone does not believe us, just wait for the public announcements next month. there are no death penalties for any usc sports.
    6. all of this is great for college football and for college sports and for notre dame and for charlie and his staff since those phony parer losses to usc will be officially converted into forfeiture wins for notre dame and for usc’s other opponents.
    7. unfortunately, for a very short time, notre dame football is stuck with kelly and his staff and with the cancers who illegally fired charlie and his staff and illegally hired kelly and his staff and ruined notre dame’s 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes.
    8. feldman of espn has been a long term notre dame hater for years.
    9. feldman and espn were just setting kelly up for their vicious attacks as soon as kelly starts losing because of crooked officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings and bcs systems which were the cause of every one of notre dame’s 6 phony paper losses in 2009.
    10. fortunately, kelly and his staff and the cancers who illegally fired charlie and his staff and illegally hired kelly and his staff, none of whom have the slightest idea what notre dame is about or how to recruit or coach at notre dame, will be around notre dame for any portion of the 2010 or any other season.
    11. we will make certain that honest judges and juries will make and enforce those decisions based upon the expert and other evidence, not internet posters.
    GO IRISH!!!

  15. robertg - Jan 13, 2010 at 8:24 AM

    1. we already know what the notre dame 2010 recruiting class would look like now if charlie and his staff had not been sabotaged by purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins.
    2. for one example, look at the ready to play student athletes from st.thomas aquinas high school in fort lauderdale. of the 6 heavy leans towards notre dame, only one remains a notre dame verbal commit.
    3. the reasons are simple, charlie and his staff had developed and excellent relationship with the head coach at that high school, along with many others all over the us who had not seen anyone from notre dame, let alone a head coach, since the lou holtz era.
    4. when charlie and his staff got sabotaged, all but one of those heavy notre dame leans, all 4 or 5 star student athletes, chose other schools.
    5. even at irish illustrated rivals, that information is available in the target/commitment section under each position until the proprietors of that site delete those items since they make tons of money from naieve notre dame fans on football coaching changes at notre dame.
    6. kelly and his staff and notre dame’s current administration simply do not have the trust of the st. thomas aquinas staff or of the staffs at any of the other high schools around the us and they certainly have zero connections or respect in the nfl.
    7. charlie recruited notre dame ot sam young and notre dame center and og dan wenger from st thomas aquinas.
    8. if you know anything about recruiting for college, you would certainly know that recruits check especially with srtudent athletes from their high school at other schools.
    9. the disappearance of all of those heavy notre dame leans and their commitments to other schools came after charlie and his staff were fired and kelly and his staff were hired, not after they saw dishonest officials robbing the 2009 notre dame team of 6 wins.
    10.with the current situation at usc, charlie and his staff had a number of key usc commits leaning heavily towards switching to notre dame despite the current phony 2009 win/loss paper record.
    11. focus on just one example, kyle prater, the no 1 wr receiver in the 2010 recruiting class.
    12. prater meets notre dame’s academic and character standards and was very impressed about playing with jimmy and golden and charlie’s connections in the nfl.
    13. when both clausen and golden checked out of notre dame early for the nfl as a direct result of the firings of charlie and his staff and the hirings of kelly and his staff, prater and others completely lost interest in notre dame despite the turmoil at usc.
    14. the kiffen effect at usc and at notre dame? under charlie and his staff, we would already see those effects in notre dame’s 2010 recruiting class.
    15.yes, kiffen did bomb out at oakland and was not great at tennessee and kiffen brings with him a lot of ncaa sanctions exposures.
    16. however, kiffen was petey’s assistant at usc from 2001 through 2006 and actually can legimately claim credit for developing numerous usc full time football players into prime nfl draft picks and for usc’s success during those years.
    17. as long as al davis is alive, no one from kiffen’s usc program can expect to be drafted by oakland.
    18. however, very few student athletes want to be drafted by oakland and, so far, usc’s verbal commits look at kiffen as a reincarnation of petey, who was instrumental in choosing kiffen for the usc job.
    16. usc’s ncaa and legal problems? kiffen already knows and has delivered petey’s pitch-dazzle recruits and their familes with pictues and film highlights and thje big numbers that usc’s full time athletes have actually received from nfl teams all over the us and assure them all verbally that there are no ncaa or legal problems for the usc football program.
    17. have usc’s other full time athletes take the recruits to the playboy mansion and other hot spots where beautiful women are avaiable.
    18.point out that kelly and his staff have zero nfl connections and that cincinnati got completely blown out by florida at the sugar bowl, the only game in which cincinnati played all season without the assistance of dishonest big east conference officials and tech reviewers.
    19. when the ncaa sanctions are publicly announced on 2/21/2010, national signing day will have long since passed.
    20. the recruiting magic of kelly and his staff so far? zero.
    21. of course, the final results will not be in until after national signing day and the decisions of current notre dame student athletes with 5th year options.
    22. so far, kelly and his staff have failed to impress any sigificant recruits or their families or high school coaches and several very high quality notre dame verbals are leaning towards other schools because of kelly and his staff, because of notre dame’s current administration, and because of the notre dame reslife inquisition system which they know is going to drive notre dame wr michael floyd away from notre dame( charlie and his staff were actually making some real progress with reslife until purcell and swarbrick and jenkins stabbed them in the backs) despite the fact that every one of these 2010 current notre dame verbals love everything else about notre dame.
    23. cancers are best cut out quickly when they are identified and we will take care of those matters before next season begins, but that is the fastest we can do so in oiur civil court systems even though we move our cases like lightning.
    24. we are not about to change our original goals of cleaning the corruption out of coolege football and sports all over the us since fixing notre dame’s problems without fixing the systemic nationwide problems would simply be pointless.
    25. we do not communicate with any recruits or their families or high school coaches until after national signing days. after that day, we do obtain sworn declarations or take depositions in cases in which the recruits or their families or high school coaches are reluctant to give sworn declarations( there are procedures for taking depositions before any lawsuits are filed or served and we use those procedures in many of our projects. we certainly do not intend to sue any recruits, except for reggie bush and some other con artists)
    26. that is how we know about the recruiting pitches of petey and kiffen and most other college football coaches, including those of charlie and his staff, who are considered men of the highest integrity and honesty and loyalty in the recruiting wars and fine examples of what notre dame should always stand for.
    27. kelly and his staff do not rank highly at all in any of those good qualities, but they rank highly in the negative qualities and recruits are simply not impressed by short periods of successes at gvsu, central michigan, and cincinnati followed by betrayals and moving on to other positions.
    GO IRISH!!!

  16. a j rogness - Jan 13, 2010 at 10:39 AM

    Robert: Are you suggesting Floyd NOT be punished for under-age drinkng? That’s what your rant seems to imply. ND cannot overlook it’s own rules for “star” players and be any different than teams like U$C. And watch it with the use of the word “cancer”–those who have to deal with it don’t appreciate your “tossing it around” like it was meaningless!

  17. ourlady$ - Jan 13, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    He (Bryan Kelly) IS “the chosen one”.
    Go Irish!!!!!

  18. 2youngMovie - Jan 13, 2010 at 12:17 PM

    Your Blog 100% favorited

  19. WILLIAM BOYD - Jan 13, 2010 at 1:34 PM

    Reggie bush committed to ND but couldnt pass his sat with a high enough score to attend ND . he could have went to any other college but USC was paying the most money .The point he was tring to make is money buys players and when most of your players are bought it makes it a uneven playing field . I would say USC is the yankees of college football.

  20. Jack - Jan 13, 2010 at 2:15 PM

    I love Notre Dame. I think Charlie gave it all he had – did the best job he could, believed in the University, loved the school, and was a fine person. He was a great offensive coordinator. Never have I seen a better Notre Dame passing game.
    But Notre Dame teams were not better conditioned than their opponents – they consistently ran out of gas in the second half. It was only the fact that Clausen and Tate were such great athletes that this problem wasn’t even more obvious. The run game during Charlie’s last three years was weak but got better his last year due to the skill of the runners not improved blocking.
    How much skill does it take to make a team run a 100 40 yard dashes at the end of practice? None – but it does take knowledge to know you have to do it no matter how much it makes the players personally dislike you. I hated my coach when he made us do it and I was hated by my kids when I did it to them (not a 100 – just 40 – they were 9th graders). The game is about tackling and blocking and if you are tired you can’t do either one.

  21. kejji - Jan 13, 2010 at 11:43 PM

    William Boyd wrote: Reggie bush committed to ND but couldnt pass his sat with a high enough score to attend ND . he could have went to any other college but USC was paying the most money .**************************
    He was payed money?? please provide links to prove this.
    otherwise it is just a false statement without any proof.

  22. robertg - Jan 14, 2010 at 6:59 AM

    1. the portion about reggie bush’s raw intelligence is not accurate, although reggie did not want or get any real education at usc. reggie just wanted and got what the usc football program offers to any full time football player who wants it- full time preparation for the nfl with national exposure, zero academic obligations, get out of jail for free passes from the la county da and the la city attorney,plenty of illegal extra benefits, including contacts and cushy jobs with sports agents and usc boosters, which petey and his staff( kiffen and his staff are identical) and the usc athletic department and the usc administration will allow to happen and promote and assist in covering up if ncaa investigators show up.
    2. a lot of evidence about the extra illegal benefits which petey and usc allowed to flow to reggie bush appear online at reggie bush investigation and at reggie bush investigation documents.we supplied a great deal of that evidence, directly or indirectly, to the authors.
    3. anyone can go there and print out the articles, evidence, and ncaa rule references.
    4. there is also an excellent book, with plenty of other evidence, called tarnished heisman which anyone can purchase and read.
    5. there are interviews with lloyd lake on youtube in which lloyd lake plays tape recordings of converstation with bush and bush’s parents.
    6. there will be much more evidence when all of the ncaa records are released to the public around 2/12/2010 when the ncaa sanctions against usc are publicly announced.
    7. before 10/15/2009, when, after a court trial and many appeals by the ncaa that all failed for the ncaa and cost the ncaa millions in attorneys’ fees, we and our allies in that case forced the ncaa to release all transcripts and other documents relating to the ncaa investigation of academic fraud at the florida state athletic department, the ncaa had always taken the position that all such records were privileged or confidential.
    8. that ncaa position is no longer tenable in any court nor is the corrupt ncaa payoff system which allowede certain schools that made the right payoffs to violate the rules serially and intentionally without any punishment.
    9. other evidence is available in the court files of the lake vs bush civil action and the delaying appeal by bush and his attorneys. bush’s frivolous appeal was recently rejected unanimously by the california court of appeal for the 4th district, div one.
    10. anyone who wants to read the short opinion of the california court of appeal in the lake vs bush civil case sending the case back to the san diego superior court for a very expedited and very public jury trial at which reggie and petey and mikey and many other people associated with the usc football program will have to testify under oath, in addition to producing documents can simply go to california court of appeal, 4th district, div one and click on case information, then enter the name bush, reginald under party search and the click on the second case listed and then on disposition.
    11. obviously, bush has offerred lake and his attorneys millions to settle in return for keeping quiet. however, doing so would expose lake and his family and attorneys to civil rico litigation from us and they keep turning down bush’s offers.
    12. since the ncaa is a corrupt organization that has to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch , along with the corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, bcs, and rankings systems that have turned college football and sports into the major con operation that it is today.
    13. of course, the ncaa will impose severe sanctions against usc now that we have forced them to do so, but these sanctions will not be nearly enough and we will supplement them in the civil courts.
    14. while usc is the clear no 1 in cheating and coverups, with kejji and sot being clear examples of how determined certain elements within usc are to continue the coverups, there are many other schools all over the us that intentionally cheat at football at at other sports with plenty of assistance from every conference and from the ncaa and bcs.
    15. once we had identified these systemic problems, we decided to take every person and entity involved down in the civil courts and we are well along in that process.
    16. charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes were, and will soon be again, the shining example of how to do things the correct and honest way, despite the phony papper losses orchestrated by crooked conference officials, taking the field against opposing teams made up of full time athletes with zero academic obiligations, and being exposed to vicious media shills, along with their families
    17. when purcell and swarbrick and jenkins illegally hijacked notre dame football and illegally fired charlie and his staff and illegally hired that con artist kelly and his staff, we knew that notre dame, a sc was in great danger of becoming another usc and that is when we decided that we had to remove purcell and swarbrick and jenkins and kelly and his staff from notre dame in the civil courts and bring back charlie and his staff.
    18. after all, cleaning the corruption out of college football and sports involves not only destroying the crooks economically in the civil courts, but protecting the coaches and student athletes who are playing the sports honesty and upholding notre dame’s fine values and traditons.
    19. with hundreds of millions of dolars involved, the proprietors of crooked college football and sports enterprises have and will spend tons of money trying to cover up and keep the con operations.
    20. however, that will not work with us. with the enron and mci worldcom civil rico cases, with corruption and coverups in our own roman catholic church and with the california and other corrupt state bar associations and corrupt state and federal judges, we have taken down and defeated in the civil courts much more powerful, much more intelligent, and much better financed con operations than crooked college sports enterprises.
    21. at this point, we have the abilty to finance our own civil litigations and, unlike the oppositions, we vo not have to pay out any attorneys’s fees. we represent ourselves and we are deadly.
    22. sure, we get the usual insults and threats of physical and economic violence, some of which some people actually try to fulfill.
    23. however, we have all seen these things many times before and we still bring down the economic thunder on deserving con artists, even those who have infiltrated notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!!

  23. robertg - Jan 14, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    1. we are not suggesting that michael floyd not suffer the legal consequences of under age drinking and we are certainly not suggesting that michael floyd deserves to be treatede any differently than any other notre dame student.
    2. what we are insisting in in the civil courts is that michael floyd and every other notre dame student has constitutional rights to due process of law and that the current inquistion era notre dame department of reslife be eliminated completely so that michael floyd and every other notre dame student can exercise his or her rights in open courts of law.
    3. in the past, the policy of reslife has been to hold so called hearings behind closed doors by faceless, nameless persons, to assume that every person arrested is guitly before any legal proceddings have taken place and to impose punishments of suspension and exile for minor offenses which the courts punish with educational and other requirements and with warnings that, if the conduct is repeated, the consequences will be more serious.
    4. in the past, reslife has expelled notre dame students who were falsely accused of rape and later found inconent in the courts.
    5. underage drinking and other offenses which do not injure other people, but which are a part of the process of growing up do mot merit the death penalty.
    6. as long as this inquisition era reslife system exists at notre dame, we will not send any of our children to notre dame nor will many other families.
    7. the inquistion was a very bad idea and was eliminated centuries ago, but reslife keepps the inquisition functioning right now at notre dame and unncessarily ruining the lives and futures of notre dame students.
    8. michael floyd did not cheat on any exams or harm anyone or violate any ncaa rules.
    9. michael simply made a relatively harmless error that is part of the maturation process for every young man and woman.
    10. saints are not born saints. like everyone else, they make mistakes.
    11. if you are part of the reslife operation, we will be taking your deposition and that of every other person involved in that rslife atrocity which is just asmuch of a danger to notre dame as purcell and swarbrick, and jenkins, and kelly and his staff.
    12. every notre dame student has civil rights and neither du lac or reslife can violate those rights without paying the severe economic consequences.
    13. you cannot hide from us or avoid the economic consequences of your illegal conduct in the civil courts.
    GO IRISH!!!

  24. robertg - Jan 14, 2010 at 8:30 AM

    1. on one side, we have reggie bush and the usc football and athletic programs that engage in serial and intentional massive con operations and tries to cover up the con operations and promotes a value system in which cheating and dishonesty are actively encouraged.
    2. on the other side, we have an inquisition era reslife system within notre dame which punshes even minor mistakes with death penalties.
    3. neither system is acceptable to us and we will make certain that neither system survives. determining what is right and what is wrong is simply not that difficult in most areas of life.
    4.for anyone looking for other examples of nationwide projects that my friends and i have started and which now operate on their own, look up online the innocence project( we expose dishonest judges and prosecutors and get innocent people out of jails with dna and other evidence. many judges and prosecutors end up in prisons).
    5. in addition, look up the judicial intergity projects which now operate all over the us under different names and expose disdhonest and incompetent judges who end up being removed from the bench and sometimes in federal prisons.
    6. we started these and other projects for the good of our nation and they are now mature enough to function on their own without requiring much of our time.
    7. when we get an innocent man released from prison after 59 years who was convicted based on perjured testimony and fabricated documents and the dna evidence proves that that man could not possibly have been guilty, e take some time off to celebrate and we make certain that people like that are fully compensated out of the material possesions of the persons and entities responsible.
    8. why create these nationwide projects that will be watchdogs forever?
    9. if we do not do that, corruption and dishonesty will creep back into those systems.
    10. expect the same type of watchdog organizations for college football and college sports all over the us for the very same reasons.
    11. we cannot make this nation perfect, but we certainly can and do improve systems for the benefit of all honest people, one project at a time, always leaving behind nationwide watchdog organizations.
    12. right now, college football and sports have our full attentions.
    GO IRISH!!!

  25. robertg - Jan 14, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    1. we can understand your feelings about charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes. were just watching football games and assuming that the players on the opposing teams were genuine student athletes with real academic obligations, that the players on opposing teams were adhering strictly to the same ncaa rules that charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes always adhered to, and that the game and tech review officials were honest.
    3. well, having encountered con operations in the past, including con operations within our legal systems and exposed and fixed them, we purchased the equipment and hired the experts to break down game films and tc feeds and gathered the evidence necessary to determine whether or not the assumptions on which your evaluations are based, which used to be our assumptions, were correct.
    4. based on the expert and other overwhelming evidence which we gather in all such projects, every one of those assumptions is falt out incorrect.
    5. while every notre dame student athlete is a genuine student athlete getting a real education in addition to playing football, the majority of the players on the opposing teams were full time football players with zero academic obligations.
    6. while charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes followed the ncaa rules strictly, including the severe time limitations on hours for practices and contact with coaches, the opposing coaches and players simply ignore those rules.
    7. until those systems are changed by us in the civil courts, of course, the full time football players with zero academic obligations are going to look better on the playing fields on saturdays than the real student athletes.
    8. despite these severe disadvantages, charlie and his staff and the members of notre dame’s student athletes, discounting the crooked officiating actually finished the 2009 season 12-0.
    9. if you really think that the game and tech review officials are honest and have nothing to hide, try contacting the conferences which select, train, and pay these officials and requesting backgroung and financial information on any official.
    10. we did that and found complete stonewalls until we hit the conferences and the ncaa with court subpoenas and forced them to release that information.
    11. that information, combined with the reports of our expert witnesses and voluminous other evidence which we have collected on every conference and on the ncaa and in sworn declarations from ncaa employees and employees of conferences and game and tech review officials who have decided to settle with us out of court and provide testimony and documents prove, without any doubt, that dishonest officiating is systemic nationwide and a very profitbale business.
    12. any coach or student athlete who complains about the officiating to the public gets letters from the conferences and the ncaa stating that any repetition of those public complaints will be punished by lifetime bans from coollege sports.
    13. if you really know and love notre dame, you would know that notre dame’s function is educational and that sports are secondary to education.
    14. unlike the many schools that cheat to win, notre dame’s obligation is to provide every student, athlete or not, with a fine college education, along with a values system in which integity and honesty are key.
    15. we will fix the corrupt systems in the civil courts.
    16. however, without charlie and his staff, there is no one at notre dame with the guts and courage to preserve notre dame;s values for student athletes who also play football.
    17. purcell and swarbrick and jenkins are con artists who want to subvert notre dame’s mission and values and to cheat to win just like usc.
    18. put the names phil purcell morgan stanley in your search engine and you will find that purcell has a history of dishonesty. we have personal knowledge of purcell’s past dishonesty because we were personnaly involved in the civil litigations which led to purcell being kicked out as ceo of morgan stanley after purcell’s dishonesty nearly bankrupted morgan stanley.
    19. when notre dame’s former ad kevin white refused to go along with purcell’s and jenkins’ plans to stab charlie and his staff and noitre dame’s student athletes in the backs and subvert notre dame’s core values just to win football games in a crooked system, kevin white quit notre dame in disgust and became the ad at duke.
    20. jenkins and purcell then brought in swarbrick, who has a long history with purcell, as the ad who would follow orders and implement the plans of jenkins and purcell to stab charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes in the backs and bring in a coach and staff who would go along with their cheat to win plans.
    21. kelly and his staff fit the plans of purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins( not every person with a notre dame degree implements the principles of honesty and integrity in his or her life and not every priest is honest) to cheat to win, but for notre dame, kelly and his staff are total disasters.
    22. since you and others have not hired the experts and gathered the evidence that we have, we understand that these facts are difficult to accept until you see the jury verdicts and the civil trials which we will make available on youtube and on dvd since our civil trials are highly entertaining, but deadly for the bad guys.
    GO IRISH!!!

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