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Coach Kelly is on the move

Jan 20, 2010, 7:30 AM EDT

Some people questioned Brian Kelly’s commitment to recruiting in his first days as the new head coach at Notre Dame. These next few weeks should quell any concerns.

Kelly will log more miles than Ryan Bingham (an Up in the Air reference, anyone?) these next two weeks as he and his coaching staff work to secure the signature of the players currently committed to the Irish while also looking to tack on a few more players at positions of need.

Sunday saw Kelly in the home of blue-chip defensive end recruit Ego Ferguson. Kelly brought with him defensive coordinator Bob Diaco, linebackers coach Kerry Cooks, and d-line coach Mike Elston with him, emphasizing the fact that Ferguson was a top priority for the new Irish coaching staff.

“Coach Kelly said the reason he brought the entire staff is because J.R. is such a dynamic player,” Ego Ferguson Sr. told “Nobody brought the entire staff to see us first of all. You could see if this was from a local standpoint like a Maryland or Virginia, but to bring the entire staff from Notre Dame is very impressive. Secondly, just the expectations of him, that was quite impressive also.”

Kelly utilizing multiple members of his coaching staff was an effective tool for Charlie Weis and company, and Kelly’s attention to detail and ability to connect with a recruit that had become especially close to the former regime should be comforting for fans that were worried about the new staff.

Monday evening saw Kelly slide up the East coast to Hazelton, New Jersey, visiting with wide receiver Bennett Jackson and his mother. Kelly and offensive coordinator Charley Molnar followed up the work of Bob Diaco, who kept Jackson from feeling the need to take an official visit to Pittsburgh.

“When Coach Diaco came in he pretty much cleared everything up with me so I just canceled it,” Jackson told about the potential visit.

Kelly and offensive coordinator Charley Molnar finished the deal Monday evening, and before they left New Jersey they had a relieved wide receiver confident in his decision to join the Irish.

Yesterday, Kelly found himself in Florida, courting five-star linebacker Christian Jones as well as Irish commit Gio Bernard, according to various reports on the net. The fact that Kelly could get in the door with Jones, who has offers from Alabama, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, USC, and just about every other high-profile team you could think of, means Kelly isn’t afraid to go to battle with the other giants of college football when chasing down a player. And while Kelly’s visit with Bernard didn’t stop him from considering offers from North Carolina and Oregon State, where his older brother played, all reports suggest that Kelly’s message was well-received by both recruits.

Today, Kelly will find himself across the country, looking to convince safety Dietrich Riley to join him in South Bend. He’ll spend the night in Los Angeles, and then visit top-shelf athlete Anthony Barr, and try to convince Barr to follow his father’s footsteps to Notre Dame.

If we’ve learned anything this week, its that Kelly and his staff have an ambitious plan to keep this recruiting class together and continue building it as well. Whether it was Bob Diaco and Kerry Cooks ability to keep Prince Shembo in the fold, or Kelly and the staff convincing Manti Te’o and Robby Toma’s former teammate Jeremy Ioane to schedule an official visit, the new staff won’t stop recruiting until all the Signing Day faxes are in.

T minus 14 days and counting… 

  1. robertg - Jan 22, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    1. we do not use any aliases and never have and never will. we have no idea who regular guy is.
    2. there is no vast conspiracy involving everyone in the world. we have identified the responsible individuals in crooked college football and college sports, along with the small number of individuals who have temporarily hijacked notre dame football and put the university of notre dame in grave danger.
    3. the motives of kelly and his staff are obvious from their past histories. they have left a trail of devasted football programs and abused student athletes in their wakes at every career stop.
    4. the only national championships they have ever won were at gvsu.
    5. kelly and his staff are at notre dame for the money and to use notre dame and notre dame’s student athletes as stepingstones to their next career objectives which is to move on to a coolge football program that offers them the freedom to cheat and to recruit full time football players with zero academic obligations so that kelly and his staff do not have to deal with notre dame’s high academic and character standards.
    6. in the cases of purcell and swarbrick,based on information from our sources, their objectives are to gain control of notre dame’s endowment, to pump as much of that endowement as possible into their own pockets and then to leave notre dame, along with jenkins.
    7. so far, kelly and his staff have been complete failures on the recruiting trails, despite many upheavals at other schools.
    8. there will always be a certain number of recruits who will pick notre dame despite the coaching staff, but not nearly enough to contend for national championships.
    9. since we get the same questions over and over again, we do intentionally repeat information and links for those who may not have seen previous posts. however, we always include some updates.
    10. those who want to get all excited about kelly and his staff are welcome to do so. they will have one full season to watch the results on and off the field and to turn vicious against kelly and his staff, as has been the trend among certain elements in the notre dame community since 1993.
    11. we just continue doing what we have stated we would be doing in the civil courts to clean the corruption out of college football and sports and then to clean the con artists out of notre dame.
    12.despite all of the other achievements, i am still just a simple country boy from brooklyn doing the things that i know should be done and exposing and punishing in the civil courts the con artists that i find injuring innocent people and institutions, especially those that i love such as notre dame.
    13. the kelly era will be extremely unpleasant, but very brief.
    14. anyone who gets conned into believing that kelly and his staff and those who brought him to notre dame have any real interests in notre dame’s future should consider purchasing a certain bridge in brooklyn.
    15. we will make certain that notre dame and notre dame football survive these atrocities and prosper, even though the temporary departure of charlie and his staff have set notre dame football back more than 5 years.
    16. we are happy to report that notre dame beloved bryant young, having turned down kelly’s offer to stay at his beloved notre dame and work with kelly has surfaced at san jose state, where he will be safe until he returns to notre dame with charlie and the rest of charlie’s staff.
    17. as we have stated before, we post information and links as a public service to members of the notre dame community who want to check out the facts and make up their own minds, instead of being victimized by the various propaganda operations that pump millions out of naieve notre dame fans by churningand canning notre dame coaches and claiming to have inside information for sale.
    18. this same process has been going on ever since these same elements used bob davie to stab lou holtz in the back.
    19. while these processes have made many so called notre dame insiders very wealthy, these processes have undermined every legitimate attempt to bring back notre dame football to the levels of past success.
    20. the individual decisions of people who follow notre dame central are relevant only to themselves.
    21. the important decisions are made by judges and juries all over the us and by the pressures that these court decisions bring down on corrupt institutions such as the ncaa enough pressure so that petey had to flee usc for starters.
    22. all con operations have the same ojectives for those who operate them- the fraudulent transfers of very large sums of money from innocent victims to the con artists.
    23. such con operations usually continue until someone steps up to expose and put and end to them and it is quite common for many of the naieve victims to take the sides of the con artists, as happened in the enron and mci worldcom and madoff and other scams.
    24. while we are occupied during the serious work that needs to be done to fix these problems in the civil courts, we will check in from time to time to provide updates.
    25. national signing day should be fascinating at notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!!

  2. Jan - Jan 22, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    robertg…..Based on the spirit of your posts, I do believe that you love ND and support all that it stands for – mission, vision, goals. As a fellow alum, I invite you to calmly consider if your repeated public verbal attack of our administration, our coach, our staff, etc. is supportive or destructive. Are you aligning yourself with ND supporters or ND detractors?
    For starters, I urge you to read Charlie’s book for insights about how to best BE an ND fan. The first chapter relates an incident circa 1975 where Charlie (as a student) had the arrogance to call Fr. Hesburgh’s office to complain about the football program. Fr. Ted had the class and leadership to direct Charlie immediately to his office. After patiently listening to Charlie’s sophmoric observations, Fr. Ted calmly instructed him with words essentially stating “…make sure your opinion counts…”. Charlie was told that as a student his role was to be the best student that he could be and to do his best to support the team. In this student role, Charlie’s opinion did NOT count regarding the coaching staff, gameplan, tactics, or execution.
    I have utmost respect for Fr. Ted and his perspective. I suggest that his words of wisdom to Charlie served him well then, and serve we ND supporters now.
    Specifically, I have seen no evidence nor have I read a word attributed to Charlie and his staff that a single one felt mistreated by ND – financially or otherwise. The only mention of back stabbing has been by you.
    Likewise, for Ty Willingham. The man left ND with millions of dollars “in his pocket”. As you mentioned, he left his successor with far less than a “full cupboard”.
    Additionally, everything that I read indicates that Coach Kelly has acted in complete alignment with Notre Dame’s stated mission, vision, values, principles, policies, procedures, and decision making processes – and in that exact and appropriate sequential order. From all evidence, he’s conducted himself precisely as I/we had been taught while we were enrolled at our alma mater.
    So enough, robertg.
    I am grateful for any role that you’ve played in motivating NCAA action to violations at rule abusing universities, at intentionally crooked officiating, at your endeavors to support collegiate sports. If you feel inspired to help improve things at ND, I encourage you to direct your efforts and use proper channels to ensure that the Office of Residence Life at ND does not single out student athletes for excessive disciplinary action to essentially use them as high profile examples for the rest of the student body. Clearly this would well serve the vision of Fr. Sorin.
    Please Robert consider the impression created by your posts. Do they serve to support or detract from the place that you love?

  3. Jake - Jan 23, 2010 at 9:17 AM

    Way to much sense Jan, way to much sense. He’ll never get it. Nice try though.

  4. robertg - Jan 23, 2010 at 12:30 PM

    1. we are definitely dedicated supporters of notre dame and always will be, but we are not supporters of purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, kekky and his staff and the jerks who run those so called notre dame fan sites since these people are enemies of notre dame, no matter what their current titles may state.
    2.disregarding the overwhelming evidence that we have gathered about certain individuals within the current notre dame administration and at these so called notre dame fan sites would be the worst possible thing that we( or anyone who really loves and admiires notre dame) could do for notre dame football and for the university of notre dame.
    3. every individual that we have mentioned in our posts will have opportunities to defend themselves in the civil courts in very public civil jury trials.
    4. many members of the usc community gave petey and mikey and others free passes and chose to look the other way and do nothing about the systemic problems at usc.
    5. petey heard our footsteps coming and fled to the nfl, where he will be safe from the ncaa, but not from us in the civil courts.
    6. the current plan at usc, since they, just as we do, know what sanctions the ncaa plans to announce on 2/21/2010, are that mikey and many others will resign and be replaced by others, such as petey’s chosen successor, lane kiffen, who will operate the usc football and other athletic programs just as petey and mikey did.
    7. but for us in the civil courts, this is exactly what usc and the other schools that cheat would get away with.
    8. so, unless someone has and posts or mails to us some real evidence that purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, kelly and his staff,and/or the characters who have been running and profiteering from these so called notre dame fan sites by viciously attacking notre dame coaches and their staffs for no legimate reasons other than their own personal greeds have not been guilty of doing what the evidence that we have at this point clearly indicates that they have been and are doing, we are not about to change our courses of action in the civil courts.
    9. we love and admire notre dame too much that, in the absence of some real hard evidence proving that what we have stated to be true is not true, we could possibly change our courses of action.
    10. if anyone has any such evidence, mail it to keith, who will mail it to us, and we will give it our full attentions.
    11. again, we have no indication at all that keith or anyone on his staff agree with what we have stated and what we are doing.
    12. in fact, we think that keith and his staff do not agree with us or with what we are doing, although they have not seen the evidence that we have, including a lot of information and documents from sources within notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!!

  5. jan - Jan 23, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    Once again robert, if what you claim about the ND Administration has grounds & support is what you seek, I invite you to start a post string on the ND Linkedin site – it is exclusive to members of the “ND Community”. I suggest that this may be a more appropriate and effective way of gaining alum support for your efforts without publicly airing dirty laundry – if such dirty laundry does indeed exist. I cringe to think that recruits and/or their families seriously considering ND might stumble across your posts and modify an opinion of our alma mater or of it’s alumni after reading your strings on this site.

  6. Jake - Jan 23, 2010 at 6:32 PM

    RobertG has a serious delusional disorder. Your point is well taken however, as his rants while not believable even to the uninitiated ,do raise a concern. One might actually believe he is an alum and wonder what rabbit hole they have stumbled in. He talks about civil action yet libels Jenkins et al with labels of crooks, con men and thieves. All this without a shred of proof, (aside from his baseless accusations) given. While he has a right to his opinion he does not (without incurring his own legal jeopardy) have the right to liable others on a public forum.
    We have all tolerated Robertg with a wink and a nod but enough is enough.
    Perhaps it is time for Keith to follow the lead of other “fan” sites and say we’ve all had enough of Robertg.

  7. robertg - Jan 24, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    1.actually,some recruits and their families and high school coaches, along with current notre dame student athletes and their families and high school coaches, have stumbled across our posts and follow them and nd central and other internet sites regularly.
    2. we know that because we know and keep in contact with a number of notre dame’s current student athletes who also play football and their families and high school coaches.
    3. although we never contact any recruit until after national signing day, notre dame’s current student athletes are an integral part of the recruiting process and we hear about the reactions of recruits and their families and high school coaches from current notre dame student athletes.
    4. every single one of notre dame’s current student athletes made their feelings about charlie and his staff quite obvious( stick with charlie and his staff for the long term since they are not the cause of the phony paper 2009 6-6 record) to swarbrick and purcell and jenkins before purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins stabbed them all in the backs and illegally fired charlie and his staff, the coaches whom notre dame’s student athletes love, trust, and admire and illegally hired that jerk kelly and his staff.
    5. jimmy and golden were so angry that they decided to leave notre dame early for the nfl, decisions which they would not have made if charlie and his staff were still at notre dame.
    6. it is not in our interest to drive any recruits away from notre dame and to other schools since we know that charlie and his staff will be back well before the 2011 season.
    7. we can assure you that the fact that we have identified the problems within the current notre dame administration and within notre dame’s system of institutional governance and are taking concrete steps to fix those problems forever, along with the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcemement. rankings, and bcs systems, which have turned college football into the massive con operation that it is today, are minimizing the damages being done to notre dame recruiting by purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff.
    8. the notre dame student athletes who took the field for notre dame during the 2009 season know that their real record was 12-0, not the current phony paper record of 6-6 and that they were robbed of 6 of those wins and a real shot at the national championship by crooked game and tech review officials, although the ncaa rules currently prevent them from speaking out publicly on these matters.
    9. some of our key court wins in this project, such as the 10/15/2009 1st time ever win forcing the ncaa to disclose publicly all transcripts and other documents in the ncaa investigation of academic fraud at florida state have been read and understood by some current notre dame student athletes and by some recruits and their families and high school coaches.
    10. however, the one single tangible and very simple event that certainly would not have happened but for pressures which we brought to bear that is having the most positive possible effect both on notre dame recruiting and on the retention of notre dame’s current student athletes has been that we actually did force pete carroll and his entire usc staff to flee to the nfl since petey and mikey already know, as we do, what sanctions the ncaa is going to announce publicly on 2/21/2010, something which would never have happened but for our work in the civil courts and outside the civil courts during the out of court settlement phase of this project, which is still going on and includes individuals within the current notre dame administration.
    11. our message to 2010 recruits and to notre dame’s current student athletes is simple and very clear-pick notre dame or stay at notre dame because we are making certain that the systemic problems in college football and at notre dame are being fixed so that charlie and his staff can return to notre dame well before the 2011 season and so that college football games will be played with honest 21st century high tech officiating, rules enforcement, rankings, and bcs systems.
    12. for those who meet notre dame high academic and character standards, notre dame then will have no real competition in the recruiting wars and charlie and his staff will bring in the nation’s no 1 recruiting classes every single year, as they did in the 2008 recruiting cycle before purcell,swarbrick, and jenkins started undermining the immense amounts of work and progress that charlie and his staff had accomplished on the recruiting trails all over the us.
    13. notre dame’s current student athletes who have current nfl options, such as jimmy and golden and a few other with 5th year options simply cannot throw their futures away by allowing themselves to be used as cannon fodder by kelly and his staff for their last years of ncaa eligibilities.
    14. some fine student athletes in the 2010 recruiting cycle, such as anthony barr, have committed to other schools for right now.
    15. however, many of them will transfer to notre dame after we get rid of purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff and bring charlie and his staff back with their understanding and love of notre dame and the tremendous respect and connections which they have in the nfl.
    16. the things that we have posted about purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff are not things that might turn out to be true. they are things that are true and that we will prove them to be true in very public civil jury trials all over the us.
    17.remember that we have many reliable sources within notre dame who supply us with information and documents on a regular basis.
    18.could notre dame alums speed up this process?
    19. of course they could.
    20. they could demand complete disclosure of all pertinent information and documents from purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff and take their depositions.
    21. these things can be done without filing any civil lawsuits, but simply by filing and serving petitions stating that there are reasons to believe that some illegal things may have been done and that discovery, including document production, requests for admission,interrogatories, and depositions.
    22.the very worst thing that any notre dame alum or fan can do is to just sit back and allow purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff to do more damage at notre dame.
    23. jake, we thank you for your material possessions. you may not agree with us, but you certainly know by know that these serious delusional disorder statements online constitute libel per se and other actionable violations of my legal and civil rights.
    24. everyone knows my real name and background from our detailed posts and you are going to have to try to prove that your statement is true in front of a real judge and jury in any court that we choose and you already know that you cannot possibly do that.
    25. we assign cases like yours to rookie trial attorneys, but we will met at your civil trial and we will take away a very large chunk of your material possessions.
    26. it would have been so easy for you simply to state that you do not agree with us and supply some facts to support your position.
    27. however, some things in your personality or perhaps just hubris led you to cross the line into publishing civilly actionable statements on the worldwide internet.
    28. even if any of you were to succeed in getting our posts blocked at nd central or at any other website, you could not possibly keep us from proceeding with what we have already done in the civil courts and will keep doing until this project is completed.
    29. no one can change the true facts by blocking or deleting and internet posts at one or more internet websities.
    30. we have invited anyone who has any hard evidence which might prove that we are wrong to post that evidence right here or mail it to keith who will mail it to us. we have promised to give any such evidence our full attention.
    31. to date, we have received no such hard evidence, just the usual civilly actionable statements from jake and people like him who think that they can hide behind phony internet identities.
    32. if jake and those like him had the courage that i have to disclose their real identities and backgrounds online, then perhaps those persons might be entitled to some credibility.
    33. of course, we will find out the real identities of jake and every other poster through the civil courts anyway, but where are they hiding their guts and courage and real hard evidence right now?
    GO IRISH!!!

  8. robertg - Jan 24, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    1. we remind everyone that we stated right here at nd central that we would force pete carroll and his staff to leave usc soon after the emerald bowl and we stated exactly what we had done in the civil courts and outside the civil courts to make petey’s flight to the nfl inevitable.
    2. we got back the usual baseless insults from sot and from many other posters at nd central and elsewhere on the internet, but that did not slow us down at all.
    3. petey and his staff did have to flee to the nfl to escape the ncaa sanctions that will be publicly announced on 2/21/2010.
    4. in the case of notre dame, we did not know until after the atrocities had occurred that purcell was illegally pulling the strings from behind the scenes all along and that swarbrick was purcell’s flunky.
    5.well, we know now and we are taking the required actions for the benefits of notre dame and for college football and college sports.
    6. we have had prior experiences with purcell in the civil courts which led to purcell’s ouster as the ceo of morgan stanley for numerous acts of dishonesty. anyone can check that information online by putting the words phil purcell morgan stanley into their search engines and reading the articles and wikipedia items that pop up.
    7. anyone who really loves notre dame will ask the same question we did. should the futures of notre dame football and the university of notre dame be placed in the hands of a man like purcell and his flunkies?
    8. you already know our decisions and the steps we are taking.
    9. take a look at those facts and make your own decisions.
    10. too many people in the past have operated on the false assumption that whatever decisions are made by a few individuals within the notre dame administration are to be accepted as decisions by notre dame the university, even those those individuals currently operate behind closed doors and with zero accountability to the notre dame community.
    11. we know that getting rid of these cancers within the notre dame administration, forcing the adoption by notre dame of systems of institutional governance which are honest and transparent to the notre dame community with every member of the notre dame administration being held fully accountable to the notre dame community, and getting rid of the current inquisition era reslife systems will remove major barriers to notre dame’s growth and prosperity in coolege sports and as the world class educational insitution that notre dame is meant to be.
    12. therefore, we are getting rid of purcell and his flunkies at notre dame, just as we did when purcell was the ceo of morgan stanley before purcell and his flunkies can do any more damage to notre dame.
    13. as anyone who checks the online sources will find out, purcell and his flukies came very close to driving morgan stanley into bk.
    14. we are not going to allow that to happen to notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!

  9. robertg - Jan 24, 2010 at 8:46 PM

    1. kelly and his staff and purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins have succeeded in driving away from notre dame yet another key 2010 notre dame verbal commit with 4 star rb gio bernard from st thomas aquinas high school having officially decommitted from notre dame and choosing between north carolina and oregon state.
    2. bernard is the last of 4 4 and 5 star notre dame verbals or heavy leans from st.thomas aquinas high school in fort lauderdale to eliminate notre dame as their picks since the atrocities with charlie and his staff occurred, all outstanding student athletes at positions of future need for notre dame, including the nation’s no 1 center and no 1 cb and a second shutdown cb.
    3. charlie and his staff worked extremely hard to build up a very close relationship of trust with the coaching staff at st thomas aquinas high school, only to have those relationships destroyed by purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff.
    4. charlie and his staff outrecruited pete carroll and every other school in the us for ot sam young and center/og dan wenger from st thomas aquinas high school.
    5. sam young started every single game at notre dame during his 4 years at notre dame and loved and trusted charlie and his staff and notre dame the institution.
    6. sam young will be off to the nfl for a very long and successful career while dan wenger, along with several other key current notre dame student athletes, do have 5th year options.
    7. what happens with wenger and the other current notre dame student athletes will depen on the feedback that they get from the nfl combines since they have no reason to trust purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, or kelly or his staff.
    8. we have a very good idea about the reactions of the st thomas aquinas coaching staff and of every single member of notre dame’s 2009 football team to the manners in which purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins stabbed charlie and his staff and every member of notre dame’s 2009 team in the backs.
    9. fortunately, we can and will stop the bleeding and damage by getting rid of purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and bringing back charlie and his staff well before the 2011 season begins.
    10. did charlie and his staff say or do anything at all to bring about these decisions eliminating notre dame from the lists of these fine student athletes?
    11. no, charlie and his staff are all, unlike purcell, swarbrick, jenkins and kelly and his staff, honorable men of great integrity who really understand and love notre dame, as we do.
    12. for the remaining student athletes in the 2010 recruiting class still considering notre dame, we say choose notre dame since we will have the cancers cut out of notre dame and charlie and his staff back at notre dame for the long haul well before the 2011 season begins.
    13. after all, we promised to force pete carroll and his staff at usc to flee to the nfl and we delivered ahead of schedule.
    14. if anyone enters the words phil purcell morgan stanley into his or her search engine, he or she will be able to confirm that we succeeded in oustting purcell as the ceo of morgan stanley, along with his flunkies, very quickly.
    15. morgan stanley was just a business matter for us, although we also own stock in that company.
    16. notre dame is an institution that we love and admire and that factor raises our levels of determination and concentration very significantly.
    GO IRISH!!!

  10. Jake - Jan 24, 2010 at 9:44 PM

    Legal action Robertg, legal action?
    Bring it my man, bring it. You couldn’t sue a rabbit in a snowstorm.
    Your a disbared attorney. Disbared by the STATE OF CALIFORNIA! You got that status by being exactly what you accuse Jenkins et al of being. A Crook. You tried to fine your clients for complaining about you. Oh yes ,lets not forget about you writing bad checks on your clients accounts.
    Bring it Robertg, bring it.

  11. robertg - Jan 25, 2010 at 12:18 AM

    1. why would we want to sue any rabbits at all?
    2. obviously, you have not bothered to check any of the many case citations that we have posted on many prior occasions and are bound and determined to remain ignorant and to try to mislead others and to forfeit all of your material possessions. we will grant your requests, although we will assign your case to rookies in our group of trial attorneys who need the trial experience before they get to handle any big cases.
    3. we will give you another chance with one citation which you and anyone else who wants to can purchase and print out online from lexisnexis for a one time charge of $9. you do not even have to go to a law library to copy and read this case from the bound volumes of all us appellate court opinions or from any of the many treatises and casebooks on the civil rico laws which are used in every law school in the us, including notre dame law school.
    4. that case is united energy owners committee,inc. et al vs united states energy management systems, inc. et al 837 F. 2d 356( CA,9, 1988, us appellate judges nelson, hall, and thompson with judge hall writing the opinion for the unanimous decision in my favor).
    5. you and anyone else can print out the full opinion and confirm that i briefed, argued, and won that landmark civil rico case all by myself.
    6. you will also find me listed as an appellant in that case since the jerk us district courtt judge whose decisions i got reversed in that case tried to intimidate me by whacking me with $10,000 in completely bogus sanctions. i got the sanctions unanimously reversed also.
    7. before i won that case, the civil rico statute existed on the books, but various us district court judges had attempted to prevent attorneys and plaintiffs from using the statute as congress intended the statute to be used and no other attorney or law firm in the us had been able to get them reversed in any appellate court anywhere in the us, although many had tried and failed.
    8. my big win in that case made the civil rico statute the deadly weapon that it is today.
    9. when the articles on that case hit the front pages of every legal newspaper and publication all over the us, i got telephone calls and letters and faxes from attorneys and law firms all over the us who wanted copies of the complaint i had written all by myself in the us district court case so that they would have a model pleading that worked to use in their cases.
    10. it is from among those attorneys all over the us that i chose and assembled the group of attorneys all over the us with whom i have worked on the enron and mci worldcom civil rico cases and hundreds of others all over the us and am working on this current project.
    11. the us district judge whom i got unanimously reversed in that case was not a rabbit, but us district court judge david kenyon, a hot shot graduate of usc law school who had never had a decision reversed before by any appellate court and thought that he was untouchable until i proved otherwise.
    12. kenyon was forced to retire from the bench because of my big win and other personal problems and i drove every single defendant into the bankruptcy courts and pursued them in the bk courts also so that every one of them ended up broke and on the streets with no more fancy houses or cars or any other material possessions.
    13. if anyone demonstrates that he or she has actually read that case and wants more citations, i will be happy to provide them since there are hundreds so far, along with thousands of confidential settlements for very big bucks against big banks and corporations represented by huge law firms.
    14. unfortunately, 4 star de end and long time notre dame verbal commit to charlie and his staff, blake leuders( 4.0 high school gpa also) also decommitted from notre dame today and chose stanford instead.
    15. many of these former notre dame commits and heavy leans towards notre dame will seriously consider transferring to notre dame when we cut out the cancers and get charlie and his staff back.
    16. however, recruits and their families and high school coaches do get confused when they find posts at nd central and elsewhere proclaiming that they will be stuck with purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff forever if they chose notre dame.
    17. these recruits have each had in home vivits from kelly and his staff and decided on other schools despite their love for notre dame as an educational insitution.
    18. kelly and his staff simply come across to recruits and their families and high school coaches as the con artists and rank amateurs that they have always been who know nothing about notre dame’s core values and could care less.
    19. although we have posted and printed before, on many occasions, all of the published cases and opinions and other facts proving that i exposed and defeated the con artists at the california state bar and caused 2 dishonest california superior court judges to be charged with federal felonies and sent to federal prisons and had 2 california governors, wilson and arnold the terminator veto the entire california state bar budgets because they determined that the california state bar was and still is a fraud on the public which was being used to protect dishonest elements in the california legal system, if anyone wants, in good faith, to have us post all of those cases and authorities again, we will do so.
    20. however, the bottom line is that i was threatened with retaliation via con artists at the california state bar by certain dishonest california state court judges unless i agreed to keep quiet about the dishonest conduct of certain californa state judges.
    21. since i forced the california supreme court to admit in 3 published opinions that the so called findings of fact of the california state bar court were not the findings of any legimate court and not admissible in any real civil or criminal court in the us, people who falsely accuse me of being a crook online on the wordwide internet find themselves on the losing ends of civil litigations all over the us.
    22. if they try to use any of the trash from the california state bar court to protect themselves, they find that none of that trash is admissible in any real court in the us and that no one from the california state bar will even dare to come into any real court to face me or my associates.
    23. these con artists knew that they could fix the outcome of any trial in their state bar court. however, when i told them that i did not care and would expose them all to the media and to the public as the con artists that they are, they were justifiably terrified and struck my answer and affirmative defenses and purported to hold a secret trial which neither the media nor i were notified of or given any opportunity to attend.
    24. there were no jurors at this completely bogus procedeeding in this completely illegal state bar court, as the california supreme court later confirmed in 3 published opinions.
    25. remember, we posted plenty of warnings and plenty of citations before you posted these libel per se lies on the internet.
    26. so, when we haul you in front of real judges and juries all over the us and take all of your material possessions and you start to cry and beg for mercy, do not bother. you will get no mercy from us and no help at all from any of the con artists who are left at what little bits of the california state bar still exist until we complete the process of putting them out of business forever.
    27. by federal law, every state bar association will be abolished and those functions will be taken over by the american bar association of which i am, and always have been, and member in good standing. call them up and confirm that if you dare.
    GO IRISH!!!

  12. robertg - Jan 25, 2010 at 1:16 AM

    1. by the way, i have continued trying and winning cases in the california courts and in courts all over the us, despite the fraudulent garbage put out by the con artists at the california state bar.
    2. i have made only one minor adjustment in my law practice. i represent only one client, myself, and i purchase causes of action and judgments from 3rd parties and pursue and win those actions in the courts with myself as the plaintiff.
    3. in every business and legal trnsaction in which i become involved, i insist that every other party read the state bar garbage and my many big wins and make their own determinations about my character and abilities.
    4. to date, not one such person, including california attorney general dan lundgren and his succesors, has found any merit whatsoever in any of the fraudulent and baseless accusations made by the con artists in the california state bar association and what little now remains of that once huge con operation.
    5. if there were any truth at all in any of that california state bar garbage, someone would have been able to contact them and persuade them to take some action to stop me from doing what i have been doing since 1997 when the california state bar con artists 1st published this garbage.
    6. we encourage anyone who wants to try to contact what remains of the california state bar before they are officially put out of business by federal law and try to get them to do something about me.
    7. they know where to find me and always have, as does everyone who follows nd central or any other internet site or any of the many judges before whom i try and win cases.
    8. my friends and associates, including many sityting judges and several current justices of the us supreme court have told me that what i did to the con artists at the california state bar and the former crooked california state court judges took an immense amount of courage, guts, tenacity, and ability.
    9. however, for me, making the correct decisions is what i have always done and will always continue to do, no matter how much power and resources the opposition ever has.
    10. obviously, if any of the statements we have posted here and elsewhere about purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff are not true, we encourage each of them to sue us 1st in the civil courts if they dare before we get to them.
    11.for the time being, notre dame football is stuck with these cancers and with reslife for one season only.
    12. no one will enjoy the horrors of the one year kelly show, but at least we know that it will soon be over and that charlie and his staff will be back and reslife gone.
    GO IRISH!!!

  13. robertg - Jan 25, 2010 at 1:22 PM

    1. the title of this article is “kelly hits the recruiting trail”.
    2. based on yesterday’s decommits of rb gio bernard and de blake leuders and commits to other schools of many heavy notre dame leans, all 4 or 5 star athletes and excellent student athletes of the highest characters, who loved notre dame and committed to charlie and his staff and who all received in home visits from kelly and his staff and decided that they could not stomach kelly and his staff despite their and their parents loves of notre dame, the title of this article should now read
    “Recruiting trail hits kelly and his staff back very hard”
    3. we love notre dame as an institution and we hate to see notre dame go through experiences like this.
    4. that is why we are taking the steps necessary to kick purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff out of notre dame and bring charlie and his staff back well before the 2011 season begins.
    5. we have not had any direct or indirect communications with charlie or with any member of his staff. however, we do know that they both understand and love notre dame very deeply, as we do, and, under the right circumstances, would come back to notre dame for the long haul.
    6. purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins have caused notre dame football a great deal of damage during the 2009 and 2010 recruiting cycles and adding jerks like kelly and his staff into the equation has made thins even worse for the 2010 recruiting cycle.
    7. however, with the cancers kicked out of notre dame and institutional safeguards put in place and reslife gone, charlie and his staff can and will reverse those damages quicker than anyone else.
    8. one season of the kelly horror show will be painful, but, fortunately, that horror show will last only one season.
    9. we would certainly prefer that 2010 recruits commit to notre dame despite kelly and the cancers since charlie and his staff will be back well before the 2011 season begins and reslife will be gone.
    10. however, purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, kelly and his staff of other rank amateurs from gvsu, along with vicious media shills at the south bend tribune and at so called notre dame fan sites have created a great deal of distrust for notre dame among recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us.
    11. we do not like what is currently happening to notre dame, but we told you all right here what would inevitably happen if charlie and his staff were illegally fired and a jerks like kelly and his staff hired and only a few people stepped up to defend charlie and his staff and the courageous members of notre dame’s 2009 football team, who were cheated out of 6 wins in the 2009 season by crooked conference game and tech review officials and viciously attacked by media shills while purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins just stood back and just let it happen.
    12. who will, in the future, be making all hiring and firing decisions involving notre dame football- only notre dame alums who excelled as student athletes at notre dame,in the nfl, and in their business and personal lives after the nfl.
    13. only they understand and love both notre dame and football.
    14. 2 such persons were on charlie’s staff, but left notre dame because of purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff.
    15. their names are dt bryant yound and qb ron powlus. the names of the other qualified persons should be obvious to everyone who really loves notre dame and notre dame football.
    GO IRISH!!!

  14. Keith Arnold - Jan 25, 2010 at 2:27 PM

    Let’s keep this on point. RobertG, I think you’ve made your point, whatever it is you’re trying to prove. Let’s turn the page, shall we?

  15. robertg - Jan 25, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    1. we certainly agree with you.
    2. we have made our points, along with plenty of supporting information and citations.
    3. however, if any posters want to take any more vicious shots at us, we will respond.
    GO IRISH!!!

  16. mef811 - Jan 26, 2010 at 2:47 AM

    does ANYBODY really read all that stuff? WOW……eeeeee
    and I’ve also missed the great mind of SOT! Is he still in shock and awe

  17. robertg - Jan 26, 2010 at 11:24 AM

    1.we are informed sot’s great mind suffered severe short circuits after what we stated about pete carroll and his staff having to flee usc for the nfl was publicly announced well ahead of our schedule.
    2. perhaps sot also looked up some of our case citations and is trying to hide his material possessions.
    3. sot did provide some entertainment value as one of the very obvious trojan horses trying to pass themselves off as nd fans at nd central and, having seen this post, sot and his friends may be back again.
    4. as you may remember, sot’s beloved usc football and athletic programs are awaiting the public announcement of some very serious ncaa sanctions on 2/21/2010( which will, among other thinks, officially reverse usc’s phony paper wins over notre dame and officially make charlie and his staff and notre dame undefeated against petey and usc), the very public jury trial in the lake vs bush civil case in the san diego superior courts, and other very unpleasant civil actions in the courts.
    5. notre dame football and the university of notre dame do have certain problems that do need to be fixed, but, compared to usc’s problems, notre dame’s problems are relatively minor.
    GO IRISH!!!

  18. robertg - Jan 26, 2010 at 12:08 PM

    1. for anyone who wants to see notre dame sports operating as they should at notre dame, we highly recommend watching both the mens’ and womens’ basketball teams at and on tv and at espn 360 on the internet.
    2. both coaches have been at notre dame for quite a while and both understand and love notre dame.
    3. the men are not currently ranked, but, in any game, they have the talent and desire to defeat any other team in the us.
    4. the women are currently ranked no 3 in the nation, having lost only one game to no 1 uconn with a rematch coming at notre dame during the regular season.
    5. aside from the fact that this year’s notre dame womens’ team does not have a dominant post player like my very distant cousin ruth riley(who, with her teammates, brought notre dame her only national championship in basketball in 2001), this season’s notre dame team does have the talent to win a second national championship, as do the notre dame men.
    6. no, while we are very proud of ruthie and follow her career from a distance( although we did go in person to st louis for the womens’ final 4 in 2001 and ruthie was chosen the mvp and the female athlete and student athlete of that year, the olympics in greece where ruthie and her usc teammates won gold medals and the wnba finals in which ruthie and her teammates won 2 wnba titles and at one of which, ruthie was selected the mvp), ruthie does not know about what we are doing with notre dame football and we doubt that she would approve.
    7. however, ruthie remains an outstanding example of what a fine experience notre dame can be for student athletes in any sport.
    GO IRISH!!!

  19. JRC - Jan 26, 2010 at 5:49 PM

    R.G. (May I call you R.G.?)
    Could we get some specifics please.
    From what Weis has stated he is more comfortable in Pro ball and has no indication or attention to return to college.
    Assume you would succeed in eradicating all these nefarious characters from Jenkins on down what if Weis is not interested in returning? Who ya got in mind? Maybe Coach Leach?
    Please provide your case status, with supporting documentation, as to who has been deposed, by whom, when and where.
    Considering your statements as to having a “fast track” through the court system, when can we expect a trial?
    You stated that Kelly would never coach a ND game but have since waffled on that deferring instead to go after other scoundrels programs. Why would you not pursue ND first, since you claim to love it so much?
    Oh and finally who is the “we” to which you constantly refer yourself with. Some huge legal firm which does your bidding, or just a guy “hanging out”?
    One paragraph answers would be just fine as hundred point statements are really not necessary as they are mostly redundant.

  20. Sgt. Moon - Jan 26, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Robertg… I find it hard to believe that you out ran 1,000,000 other sperm.

  21. Sgt. Moon - Jan 26, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    Robertg… I find it hard to believe that you out ran 1,000,000 other sperm.

  22. robertg - Jan 27, 2010 at 3:33 AM

    1. we have explained that our overall project of eliminating the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, rankings, and bcs systems and replacing those systems with honest high tech systems fully transapernt to and fully acountable to the public has always had priority over fixing notre dame’s football problems.
    2. after all, what would be the point of bringing charlie and his staff and fixing notre dame systemivc problems only to bring charlie and his staff back to notre dame before the systemic problems with college football are fixed?
    3. why are we virtually certain that charlie and most of his staff will come back to notre dame after the systemic problems in college football are eliminated and then the systemic problems at notre dame are fixed?
    4. unlike purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff, charlie and his staff really understand and love the university of notre dame and notre dame football and how to give every notre dame student athlete his best shot at the nfl, along with world class educations.
    5. charlie and his staff were in the middle of a very well planned and thought out 10 year resrtoration plan for notre dame football when they were illegally interrupted.
    6. if anyone is going to bring back notre dame football, that is a 10 year undertaking unless honesty and intergrity and notre dame’s high academic and character standards are going to be thrown away for some quick fixes of the carroll, meyer, saban, ande many other types which each involve breaking the rules and throwing honesty, integrity, and high academic and chaqracter standards out the windows.
    7. what charlie and his staff needed in the 2007 and 2008 and 2009 seasons was the type of full support that they got from former notre dame ad kevin white while charlie and his staff were bringing in notre dame’s1st#1 ranked recruiting class since the lou holtz era, who will be juniors next season if they stay at notre dame. that was the 2008 recruiting class.
    8. when charlie and his staff got sabotaged by purcell, swarbrick and jenkins in during the 2009 and 2010 recruiting cycles, the no 1 ranking recruiting classes which they had lined up for those recruiting cycles were driven away from notre dame by purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins who deliberately raised serious questions in the minds of recruits and their familiesand high school coaches all over the us about whether charlie and his staff would still be coaching at notre dame while the recruits went to school at notre dame and learned how to play college football and how to prepare themselves for the nfl and for life.
    9.on many occasions, we have explained our use of the term “we”. that term has 2 meanings,which are any to figure out based on the contex.
    10. when i use the term we to refer to our admiration of notre dame, i am referring to myself and my family.
    11. when i use the term we to refer to civil litigation matters, i am referring to the group of experience trial attorneys with whom i have worked on projects such as the enron and mci worldcom civil rico cases for many years and other allies who share our objectives in making college football honest again.
    12. you can look up the enron and mci worldcom cases on the internet and, for a small fee, get copies of the court pleadings and judgments in those cases from various online sources, including lexisnexis and pacer. of course, you can also go to any decent law library.
    13. if you want to obtain copies of some of the court pleadings in our recent big public disclosure win over the ncaa, you can find those pleadings and court orders at under national collegiate athletic association, petitioner vs the associated press, et. al case no. SC09-1909 which denied the ncaa’s appeal of the full public disclosure order of all documents involved in the ncaa invesigation of academic fraud in the florida state athjletic department.
    14. before this big win in the civil courts, the ncaa has previously taken the position that the ncaa’s recrods were private or confidential.
    15. the ncaa spent millions in attorneys’fees trying to defeat us and our allies in this case and in the completely unsuccessful appeals. since we and our allies won, the ncaa had to pay our fees.
    16. it was this big court win that forced the ncaa finally to take some action against usc and those sanctions will be announced to the public on 2/21/2010.
    17. yes, we could alter our priorities and get rid of the cancers at notre dame 1st.
    18. however,doing that 1st would really not make collegefootball safe and honest for charlie and his staff and for notre dame’s student athletes.
    19. you keep stating that you do not need us to repaet anything, but then you repeat the same questions that we have answered before which cannot possibly be answered with just a few lines.
    20. since you seem like a decent person who might have missed our previous posts, we are supply these answers again.
    21. we would ask that you print them out and read them carefully, along with checking the references online.
    22. if there are any more good faith questions, fell free to ask us. the way, kelly and his staff blew another outstanding heavy notre dame lean today, a dt who switched to purdue. apparently, he and his family and his school coaches did not trust kelly and his staff either despite his admiration and love for notre dame as an educational institution.
    24. my birth certificate states that i was born in peck memorial hospital in brooklyn. obviously, the sperm which fertilzed the egg which became me did something right. i do not recall winning any sperm races, although i have won many track races and athletic contests, in addition to civil court cases.
    GO IRISH!!!

  23. mike ford - Jan 27, 2010 at 12:16 PM

    he said SPERM
    HA HA HA

  24. robertg - Jan 27, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    1.with respect to the immense economic damages that purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff are doing to notre dame football as a product, we highly recommend that anyone interested check out the notre dame,st. mary’s observer, the student newspaper, and pull up and read tom dougherty’s 1/26/2010 article ” A foreign new policy” and the letters from notre dame students and alums which came in in response.
    2. we do not know the author or any of the people who responded with letters, but we certainly do agree with their analyses and conclusions, although we already know that just asking jack swarbrick questions is not going to solve and problems unless notre dame alims start hitting purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff with court subpoenas before we get to that stage.
    3. the disasterous effects of the illegal firing of charlie and his staff and the illegal hiring of kelly and his staff of refugees from gvsu are quite apparent from just looking at the current rankings of notre dame’s 2010 recruiting class by rivals and scout and the numerous schools ahead of notre dame which, while charlie and his staff were at notre dame, could not compete with notre dame for the best and the brightest student athletes in the nation.
    4. when charlie and his staff had visited enough high schools all over the us during the 2006 and 2007 recruiting cycles and overcome the distrust of notre dame football created by the conduct of certain people in the notre dame administration, with the full backing and support of former notre dame ad kevin white who publicly attacked the media vultures and stated that notre dame’s commitment to charlie was for the full 10 year term of his contract.
    5. with this backing from notre dame’s ad kevin white and despite a terrible 3-8 paper win/loss record in the 2007 season which coincided with the 2008 recruiting cycle, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes pulled in the nation’s no 1 recruiting class, who will be juniors next season if they stay at notre dame.
    6. we know how charlie and his staff accomplished that recruiting miracle. they were brutally honest with recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us.
    7. because of dismal recruiting during the 2004 and 2005 recruiting cycles with which charlie and his staff had nothing to do, charlie and his staff had to field a notre dame team with some great young talent, but with virtually no coolege level experience.
    8. charlie and his staff could offer recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us something that no other school could match- a fine education and the best preparation for a shot at the nfl that any school in the country could offer.
    9. notre dame had not had a no 1 recruiting class since the lou holtz era.
    10. when notre dame ad kevin white learned of purcell’s and jenkin’s plan to betray charlie and his staff, kevin white left notre dame in disgust and became the ad at duke.
    11. that opened the door for purcell and jenkins to bring in their flunky swarbrick as ad.
    12. by standing back and doing and saying nothing when the usual vicious media attacks were hurled at charlie and his staff and their families and notre dame’s student athletes and leaving the impression that charlie and his staff would not be at notre dame for the full 10 years, purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins drove away from notre dame the no i recruiting classes that charlie and his staff had lined up for notre dame in the 2009 and 2010 recruiting cycles.
    13. we have stated what the obligations of purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins were.
    14. they should have publicly backed charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes just as kevin white did and publicly attacked the corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, rankings, and bcs systems, just as we did and are doing.
    15. a great deal of damage has been done by these jerks to notre dame football and to the university of notre dame and notre dame will be stuck with the kelly horror show for one season while we finish demolishing the current corrupt officiating, rules enforcement, rankings, and bcs systems.
    16. when we have finished with those tasks, we will get back to notre dame and drive out the cancers and make them pay dearly in the civil courts for what they have done to notre dame.
    17. the, it will be safe to bring charlie and his staff back to notre dame.
    18. do any of you really think that every member of notre dame’s 12-0 football team and charlie and his staff do not know that they were cheated out of 6 wins by crooked conference officials?
    19. many of you probably do think that the problem was with charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes because you have not taken the time to learn about college football that we have.
    20. based on our vast experiences in identifying crooked and incompetent judges in our judicial systems and forcing them off the bench and relacing them with honest and competent judges and the detailed reports that we have received from our expert witneses, we have zero doubts about what has to be done to fic college football and notre dame football.
    21. you have our schedules and the facts about how we were able to force pete carroll and his staff to flee usc to the nfl, a task that was not easy.
    22. it sure would be nice to see some notre dame alums hitting purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff with some court subpoenas and depositions to get the documents and the other evidence, not only about notre dame football, but about notre dame’s endowment before we get to them.
    GO IRISH!!!

  25. mike ford - Jan 27, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    Please excuse my last post jack*** buddy of mine thought he’d be cute!

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