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What just happened? A recruiting recap

Feb 3, 2010, 5:30 PM EDT

Barring a miracle, the Irish look to have finalized their recruiting class, with 23 recruits joining the 2010 recruiting class.

If you weren’t up and following things from 7:00 AM EST on (or 4:00 AM for us unlucky saps that live on the West Coast), here’s a quick rundown of how the morning went.

The Early Shift:

The first faxes came in just around the 7:00 o’clock hour. Defensive lineman Bruce Heggie from Florida, QB Luke Massa from Cincinnati, and offensive lineman Tate Nichols from Kentucky were the first batch in, with Kentucky wide receiver Austin Collinsworth, Derek Roback, the athlete from Ohio, as well as Ohio quarterback Andrew Hendrix joining the party.

Before the first hour was over, three more names came rolling in with North Carolina linebacker Prince Shembo, wide receiver and South Bend native Daniel Smith, and Ohio tight end Alex Welch. Shembo’s fax was especially nice to hear for Irish fans, as he had wavered a bit when Charlie Weis was fired.

Those nine combined with the already enrolled freshman defensive backs Chris Badger from Utah, Spencer Boyd and Lo Wood of Florida, Illinois quarterback Tommy Rees and Georgia wideout Tai-ler Jones.

Sixteen members down, in just the opening minutes of the morning

The Excellent Coverage:

For those of us that were watching, we also got our first look at the early enrollee freshman, who broke into offensive and defensive groups to do interviews with UND’s Jack Nolan. It was fun to see players for the first time as sleepy college students, dressed like every other varsity athlete in baggy issue-gear, doing their best to balance school, lifting, and sleep, not to mention the fish-out-of-water experience of moving into a dorm at mid-term and jump starting their college career.

It was also a nice touch adding in interviews with Kapron Lewis-Moore and Manti Te’o, two high-profile players that had pretty memorable Signing Day experiences.

Brian Kelly sat down for an early check-in with Jack, and his background in politics was immediately recognizable.

“The early returns are in and we’re pulling our base,” Kelly said. “The Cincinnati area guys — Luke Massa, Tate Nichols, Andrew Hendrix, Austin Collinsworth, Alex Welch. Now we’re starting to get some of the other guys from other areas, like Prince Shembo. I think we’ve done well early in the process with guys we think can contribute to what we’re going to be doing.”

Matt James Lands at Notre Dame:

The biggest news of the day for the Irish was the signing of Matt James. James had come down to Ohio State and Notre Dame, and apparently chose the Irish last night before faxing in his paper work just after 9:00 AM. He gives the Irish a true left tackle, something that’s plagued the Irish for the last few years.

But before the James announcement, the Irish received faxes from Illinois lineman Christian Lombard, New Jersey wide receiver Bennett Jackson, and Florida defensive tackle Louis Nix. Lombard has been committed to the Irish for a long time, and is far from an afterthought in offensive line recruiting, even though James’ decision stole the show. Jackson also looks like he’ll be a player that’ll bring quickness and speed to the offense, and could do very well in the slot of Brian Kelly’s spread.

And beside James, Louis Nix’s signature is one that should make Irish fans the happiest. Any commit that makes a decision to come to Notre Dame without knowing the head coach is truly picking a school for the right reasons, and should be a fan favorite. 

Following up the James announcement, linebacker Kendall Moore’s fax arrived at a quarter past nine. He’s another big time defensive recruit that has the ability to play both inside and outside linebacker. Another blue-chip athlete, this one recruited only by Brian Kelly and his staff joins the fray, with Danny Spond of Littleton, Colorado officially signing with the Irish. Spond was widely recognized as the best athlete playing high school football in Colorado.

The West Coast Faxes arrive:

Two California commitments sent their letters-of-intent into The Gug. Linebacker Justin Utupo, an All-State defensive lineman as a high schooler that was also named Lineman of the Year by the Los Angeles Times sent his fax in around 7:30 Pacific time. Running back Cameron Roberson sent his fax around an hour later, the powerful ball-carrier now the sole running back prospect with Giovanni Bernard deciding to go to North Carolina instead of the Irish.

Irish running back coach Tim Hinton sat down with Jack Nolan and got visibly excited when talking about Roberson. Also sitting down with Nolan were defensive coordinator Bob Diaco, who once again broke down the intricacies of the 3-4 defense, as well as offensive line coach Ed Warinner, outside linebackers coach Kerry Cooks, and defensive backs coach Chuck Martin. Each one of them was a polar opposite from former defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta, who certainly wouldn’t win a Mr. Sunshine pageant.

Finally, the Irish received a fax from defensive lineman Kona Schwenke of Hawaii, who became the 23rd recruit and 18th signee from today. Schwenke was a first-team All-State selection that already stands 6-foot-5 and 225-pounds, which gives him plenty of frame to grow into.

The Ones That Got Away:

It wasn’t all good news for the Irish, as some high profile targets decided to go elsewhere. Elite linebacker Christian Jones chose Florida State over Notre Dame live on ESPN, and after looking at the reaction of his father, it was clear that the elder was rooting for his son to play football for the Seminoles, his alma mater.

Likewise Ego Ferguson chose LSU on television, picking the Tigers over the Irish and a few other finalists, to the delight of his family and friends, a few of them dressed with his name printed across their chest.

Illinois safety Corey Cooper chose Nebraska over the Irish and a few other teams, but there were reports that after Charlie Weis was fired, Cooper cooled on the Irish and the new coaching staff cooled on him.

As it stands, the Irish are waiting on safety Dietrich Riley and lineman Seantrel Henderson, two recruits that still consider the Irish as finalists, but don’t realistically have a shot.

All in all, a successful day for Brian Kelly and the Notre Dame football program. There were no defections on Signing Day, and the Irish were able to nab the top recruit on their board, signing Matt James away from the home state Buckeyes. 


  1. TLNDMA - Feb 4, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    Could someone explain to me how, if the maximum number of recruits you can sign in one yr. is 25, schools such as Auburn(31) Oklahoma(29) etc. exceed this amount? If these numbers are adjusted by early enrollees or non- qualifiers, aren’t the recruiting rankings even more skewed than we even think?
    If these rankings are of such importance, should’nt there be some adjustments made at a later date, when the dust settles?

  2. Ryan - Feb 4, 2010 at 12:04 PM

    I believe the max you can sign is 28, or it varies on how many players you lose via graduation/going pro that year. Not exactly sure on that, but Weis’ first full class had 28 signees, and then the next 2 had 18 and 23, so theres some variance there. As for Auburn getting 31, the only example I can think of was Bama getting 32 in 08, and if I remember correctly not all of them enrolled. I would assume that Auburn is not expecting some of these players to not meet the academic or other requirements to enroll in school, which happened to Bama in 08.

  3. robertg - Feb 5, 2010 at 4:23 AM

    1. at last, a question which has some real answers from anyone who has bothered to read and understand the current ncaa rules and gather some hard evidence.
    2. the number or recruits which a school can sign every year is technically 25.
    3. however, that number can be increased by recruits who enroll early.
    4. recruits who enroll early can be counted towards the previous year’s 25, with a spillover effect from prior years in which recruits have enrolled early and been counted towards the prior year.
    5. anyone who bothers to read the rules and check the early enrollees from prior years can determine what the real maximum number is for each school for each year and that maximum number is not 28.
    6. if you check out florida’s 2010 class, just count and subtract the early enrollees who can be counted as 2009 recruits and then the early enrollees for the prior years and you have the maximum for each school. transfers to other schools and recruits who flunk out or get kicked out from prior years or leave early for the nfl also can also increase the number of recruits who can be signed each year.
    7. schools which recruit athletes who cannot meet the ncaa minimum academic requirements also do not have to count those recruits against the 25 per year max.
    8. boosters from those schools send those non qualifiers to fancy prep schools to learn how the read and write and meet the minimum requirements for next season. in other cases, the schools actually enroll these non qualifiers and take care to readying them to meet the ncaa minimum requirements for the next year with full time tutors.
    9. in addition, the number of recruits can be increased by having other sports teams at those schools award the scholarships, instead of football, even though the athletes are also going to play football and not have much at all to do with the sports which provided their scholarships.
    10. we do not like the current ncaa rules either as written or as applied since the ncaa does not enforce these rules.
    11. our information about the ncaa sanctions coming down on the usc football program did cause at least one recruit who committed to usc to hold up signing with usc.
    12. his name is 5 star ol seantrel henderson and anyone who is interested can read the article which appears in the 2/4/2010 online new york times by Thayer Evans entitled ” Nation’s Top Recruit Commits to U.S.C., then thinks again. as we predicted, and as this new york times article confirms, kiffen and his staff at usc simply lied to recruits, including seantral, about usc’s ncaa sanctions which will be publicly announced on 2/21/2010.
    13. if charlie and his staff were still at notre dame,Seantral, along with many other top notch student athletes, would have picked notre dame, but such recruits will never pick notre dame while kelly and his staff are at notre dame.
    14. fortunuately for notre dame, notre dame’s current student athletes worked very hard recruiting, as they were trained to do by charlie and his staff since kelly and his staff cannot recruit at all at the notre dame level.
    15. with the exception of one student athlete who chose notre dame because he liked the school so much, kelly and his staff failed to recruit even one student athlete who could make notre dame competitive with the floridas, usces, and the many other schools ranked ahead of notre dame in the 2010 rivals and scout recruiting rankings and failed to address at all notre dame’s current and future needs at many key positions. heggie received only one bcs division offer and that offer was from notre dame. kelly also managed to get qbs committed to cicinnati and toledo to switch to notre dame
    15. fortunately, notre dame will have to endure purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff for only one season.
    GO IRISH!!

  4. robertg - Feb 5, 2010 at 6:21 AM

    1. for anyone who is interested, the 28 page unanimous opinion of the calfornia court of appeals for the 4th district,div one denying reggie bush’s frivolous appeal to compel secret arbitration and sending the case back to the san diego superior court for a very expedited and very public jury trial is now available in pdf format to be printed out at the online website of that court.
    2. anyone can simply go to the website and enter the name bush reginald in the party search boxes, the click on search, and, on the 1st page that appears, the pdf option appears.
    3. as we have told everyone, the ncaa sanctions alone are not going to put usc or any of the other teams that cheat out of business since the ncaa, in its current format, is just as corrupt and dishonest as the current officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems.
    4. until those corrupt systems are replaced and purcell,swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff of refugees are kicked out of notre dame and charlie and his staff come back, notre dame football will continue to get screwed by these corrupt systems.
    5. fortunately, we correctly identified these problems and are well along our path in fixing them in the civil courts, just as we fixed the corrupt legal systems in california and in the other states and forced the dishonest and corrupt judges off the bench, including 2, so far, who have pled guilty to federal felonies and were hauled off in schackles to federal prisons crying.
    6. we will be giving that gala welcome back party for charlie and his staff well before the 2011 season begins and then notre dame football will truly be back to stay.
    GO IRISH!!!

  5. robertg - Feb 5, 2010 at 12:58 PM

    1.we have noticed( and printed out, of course) numerous examples of completely fraudulent information put out about notre dame’s 2010 recruiting class and kelly and his staff by the south bend tribune( the south bend tribune does not direcly charge notre dame fans for access, but collects advertising revenues based upon the number of internet hits and eric hansen and others at the south bend tribune have been taking payoffs for years from notre dame’s enemies in the recruiting wars and from purcell) and the operators of various so-called notre dame fan sites in their attempts to get naieve notre dame fans to pay for access to these websites- a continuation of the scams that these same people have been running for many years. just one example, certain con artists at the south bend tribune and at various so called notre dame fan sites have compared favorably notre dame’s 2010 recruiting class with notre dame’s 2005 recruiting class, what they delierately fail to mention is that charlie was not involved at all in recruiting notre dame’s 2005 recruiting class since charlie was working full time as the offensive coordinator for the new england patriots and leading the patriots to their second consecutive super bowl victory until 2 or 3 days before signing day for the 2005 recruiting cycle whereas kelly had a full month to get out and recruit before the 2010 loi day.
    3. with only 2 exceptions, who do not even come close to replacing the numerous recruits that notre dame lost to other schools because of the completely illegal firing of charlie and his staff and the completely illegal hiring of kelly and his staff of refugees from gvsu, kelly and his staff earned a f grade in recruiting.
    4. the phony propaganda about the success of kelly and his staff at cincinnati was certainly fully exposed, both on offense and defense, by a florida team in crisis mode and a florida qb who cannot pass to save his life against any decent defense at the sugar bowl. just watch the dvd of that game.
    5. these con artists at the south bend tribune and at various so called notre dame fan sites are the same con artists who spent the past 3 years viciously attacking charlie and his staff and their families and notre dame’s student athletes.
    6. despite the horrendous paper record of a very young and inexperienced notre dame team on the field during the 2007 season, charlie and his staff were able to haul in and keep together the nation’s no 1 recruiting class( with honesty and integrity and without compromising notre dame high academic and character standards which make most of the highest rated high school football players completely untouichable by notre dame) during the 2008 recruiting cycle because former notre dame ad kevin white stepped up and defended charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes and because charlie and his staff spent countless hours on the road visiting high schools all over the us earning the respect and trust of recruits and their families and high school coaches, recreating the notre dame recruiting network, and eliminating the distrust of notre dame created by purcell and jenkins by the atrocies manner in which they dealt with tyrone in 2005.
    7. fortunately, we are undoing all of that damage and we will also get kevin white or some notre dame alum who excelled as a student athlete also playing football at notre dame, in the nfl, and in his personal and business life after the nfl back as notre dame’s ad at the same.
    8. charlie brought back notre dame’s own ron powlus as qb coach and had notre dame’s own bryant young in training to become notre dame’s next defensive line coach and recruiter for the top notch d linemen that notre dame so desperately needs.
    9. neither powlus nor young elected to stay at notre dame when kelly arrived. they both went to other schools, along with other members of charlie’s staff, and charlie and other members of his staff ended up, for the time being, at various nfl teams.
    10. charlie and his staff were well on their ways to a second and 3rd no 1 recruiting class for notre dame in the 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes until purcell’s flunky,swarbrick, drove those recruits away from notre dame and to other schools by just standing back and letting the vicious media shills attack charlie and his staff and their families and notre dame’s student athletes.
    11. kelly was able to convert 4 2009 cincinnati regular season losses into wins with the assistance of dishonest big east conference officiating crews.
    12. we will be watching closely what kelly does with dishonest officials during kelly’s one season at notre dame. we know more about the crooked officials and the corrupt conference and ncaa systems which cover for them now than they know about themselves.
    13. without the quality commitments obtained for notre dame by charlie and his staff for the 2010 recruiting cycle, notre dame would have no 2010 recruiting class at all.
    14. because of what we have done and will continue to do, notre dame football and the university of notre dame will have very bright futures beginning with the 2011 season.
    15. the notre dame womens’ basketball team is ranked 3rd in the us with only one loss and is on track to bring notre dame a second national championship after the 1st in 2001.
    17. the notre dame men and women fencing teams are both ranked 2nd in the nation and are on course to bring notre dame yet another national championship in fencing.
    18. the notre dame mens’ basketball team is rapidly building the chemistry that the players need to beat any other team in the us and to become a cinderella team during march madness.
    19. the things that are seriously wrong with notre dame are the inquisition era reslife system which has just handed down some ridiculous punishment against notre dame wr michael floyd which may cause floyd to transfer to another school, as the reslife system has done with so many other fine notre dame students and student athletes who made very minor mistakes and purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff and the lack of a world class endowment and honest and transparent system of institutional governance.
    20. we are fixing those problems so that the university of notre dame can fulfill the unique role in this world for which notre dame has always been destined.
    GO IRISH!!!

  6. mike ford - Feb 5, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    Good read, robertg! Very informative, you answered a couple questions I had about the recruiting cycle. Now on the other hand I do not concur when it comes to Kelly’s recruiting abilities, he in my opinion just didn’t have the time to groom some of these kids who are on the levels of a USC, Florida, and Alabama! The kids he was recruiting for Cincinnati aren’t all the same caliber as we at Notre Dame give scholarships to. If Kelly’s shown me anything from what I have read and watched…. he can do a lot with a little!!
    GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. KFitz - Feb 5, 2010 at 1:36 PM

    Did i hear correctly that ‘Skippy’ Montana left for the great NW??

  8. robertg - Feb 5, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    1. internet posts, even when supported by data and references, are
    just opinions and we certainly respect the opinions of anyone who disagrees with us in a civilized manner.
    2. however, long before we get to the notre dame stage of this project, we will have the sworn depositions of the 2009 and 2010 recruits that notre dame lost because charlie and his staff were stabbed in the backs by purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins and because 2010 recruits and their familes and high school coaches simply did not trust kelly and his staff, along with plenty of additional evidence against purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins.
    3. we already have the sworn statements of a number of members of the cincinnati team to whom kelly lied just to use them.
    4. kelly has always recruited numbers of qbs, as he has now at notre dame.
    5. that is because, in kelly’s system, qbs and other student athletes are expendable and encouraged to take the type of risks that will expose them to career ending injuries.
    6. based on their prior histories, kelly and his staff could care less what happens to any individual student athlete since they view the student athletes as cannon fodder to be used in furthering their own careers. they do not also act as substitute fathers and members of the family as charlie and his staff always have and will.
    7. after demetrius jones left notre dame in a fit of ill advised temper, even though charlie politely offerred him a shot at other positions, jones ended up as a 5th string qb at cincinnati and, after several serious camp kelly induced injuries, ended up having to switch to lb, where he did well until he broke his leg taking the type of absurd risks which kelly promotes.
    8. after his years at gvsu and 2 div 2 national championships, kelly and his staff moved on to central michigan for 3 seasons and cincinnati for 3 seasons and left the programs in complete messes, along with many players with career ending injuries. 3 years is about the limit of time that kelly and his staff can work their con operation at any school before the student athletes start to look around at all of the casualties and realize that they are just being used.
    9. after kelly finally came clean with the members of his cincinnati team after assuring them that he would never leave and tried to thank them for making it possible for kelly to move on to notre dame, there were no congratulations from any member of the cincinnati team, just anger that they had been lied to and used by kelly in such a dishonest manner.
    10. if we did not oust kelly after one season at notre dame, kelly would do the same thing to notre dame. fortunately for notre dame, we are not giving kelly that opportunity.
    11. kelly’s next planned career move is to one of those schools at which academics and character requirements are never a problem.
    12. based on the educational backgrounds of kelly and his staff, the concepts of a high quality education and high character requirements are just barriers to their plans to make every student athlete a full time football player to be used, without regard to their personal physical well beings and their futures after football
    13. in the meantime, we will all get to watch how the ncaa and notre dame’s student athletes react to this camp kelly trash.
    14. some of you and our experts will record and analyze the game films and tv feeds of every bcs division football game during the 2010 season.
    15. we will continue to follow notre dame’s other sports teams personally, but we will skip notre dame football for the kelly season. we always wish notre dame’s student athletes the very best.
    16. however, watching kelly and his staff at notre dame in person for that one kelly season is something that we simply will not tolerate. we cannot abide watching notre dame student athletes suffer completely unnecessary career ending injuries just to further the careers of kelly and his staff, although our experts will keep very detailed records of all such injuries.
    17. if i ever need to be reminded of that policy, my 14 year old son and my children will remind me very quickly and very correctly.
    GO IRISH!!!

  9. TLNDMA - Feb 5, 2010 at 6:58 PM

    You read his nonsense, WHY????

  10. robertg - Feb 6, 2010 at 7:37 AM

    1.Based on the feedback that we have been getting,many people who really love notre dame read our posts regularly, despite your orders not to do so, and even check the citations and other online links which we set forth.
    2. many notre dame fans, alumni, students, professors, and persons employed by notre dame agree with us and send us evidence.
    3. since we will not be personally watching any college football games during the 2010 season, although our experts will be breaking down every game film and tv feed as usual, we will not be posting any comments about notre dame games or any other college football games during the 2010 season.
    4. however, we will be posting progress reports, with case citations and other online links on our national litigation projects to flush the corruption out of college football and to drive the cancers out of notre dame.
    5.We have encountered the nonsense defense many times before, including from the con artists who used to run enron and mci worldcom and many other massive con operations.
    6. the nonsense defense simply does not fly at all in real courts before real honest judges and juries, who make binding decisions based on admissible evidence, including evidence from experts, no matter what you and those like you may say or think.
    7. if you want to live in a cave and ignore the facts, that is your choice.
    8. i have had the guts and courage to post my real name and background at notre dame central on several occasions.
    9. if you are for real, why don’t you post your real name and background?
    10. based on your posts, you could easily be one of the people who have been conning the university of notre dame and notre dame fans out of millions for many years and a participant in the current attempts to damage notre dame football and the university of notre dame.
    11. while there are many examples, we will repeat for you you just one. we predicted right here at notre dame central that we would force pete carroll and his staff to flee usc for the nfl.
    12. we posted online links to our big court win over the ncaa that has forced the ncaa to impose some real sanctions on usc and petey and mikey.
    13. we were hit back with the usual nonsense and other mindless comments.
    14. well, petey and his staff have already fled from usc to the nfl.
    15. of course, usc simply brought in new faces trained by petey and mikey who lied to recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us and lane kiffen and his staff sure did beat the pants off kelly and his staff during the 2010 recruiting cycle, as did many other schools with coaching changes or instabilty problems.
    16. kiffen and his staff and the new staff at tennessee had much less time to work with than kelly and his staff and they certainly brought in vastly superior athletes, including quite a few top notch student athletes who met notre dame’s high academic and character standards and who would have chosen notre dame if charlie and his staff had not been illegally fired by purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins.
    17. kelly’s excuse is that kelly had to do so much background work on recruits that kelly and his staff did not have time to do better than they did in the recruiting wars. no one at notre dame has ever done more careful backgroung work on every recruit offered a football scholarship by notre dame than charlie and his staff.
    18. when kelly and his staff arrived at notre dame, they had full access to all of that very careful background work already done by charlie and his staff and these are facts vthat we can easily prove in any civil court.
    19. the ncaa is still a corrupt organization and, unless we followed up in the civil courts, usc and the other schools that cheat and the conferences and the ncaa would continue to operate college football as the massive nationwide con operation that it has become.
    20. if you have any facts or evidence that demonstrates that we are incorrect, please post it here,along with case citations and other online links and along with your real name and background and we will give your evidence our full attention.
    GO IRISH!!!

  11. JNJ - Feb 6, 2010 at 7:37 AM

    First time I have read these postings. What planet is robertg reporting from?

  12. Jake - Feb 6, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    Perhaps he has not encountered Robertg before. The site needs a warning, something like on a pack of cigarettes. “Warning. Reading posts from RobertG can cause dizziness, headaches, nightmares and an urge for a couple dozen shots of JD.”

  13. TLNDMA - Feb 6, 2010 at 8:11 AM

    No sense reading his nonsense or complaining about it. At least he isn’t wasting paper and no one should waste their time reading his ravings.

  14. robertg - Feb 6, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    1. as anyone who has bothered to check our citations to cases and online links to facts, we are reporting from the world of honest judges and juries and laws and rules.
    2. for those of you who choose to live the caves and ignore the facts and evidence and try to order other people not to read our posts, those are your decisions, not the decisions of any honest judges and juries.
    3. while choosing to live in caves and ignoring the facts are certainly acts of free will that every person makes or does not make, those decisions have absolutely no bearing on the decisionms already made by honest judges and juries all over the us and on the decisions that will continue to be made by honest judges and juries all over the us until we clean the corruption out of college football and drive the cancers away from notre dame forever.
    4. we understand that the nonsense people must be extremely frustrated that the rest of the world does not follow their orders.
    5. however, having made these choices, you have to live with the consequences, just like the recruits who fell for the lies of kiffen and his staff and usc and signed lois to play full time football at usc.
    GO IRISH!!

  15. theduder - Feb 6, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    robertg: you invite posters to put their real identities out on this site, so why don’t you put a citation on here as to ONE single case your “group” has filed against the NCAA or any college or coach or referee or any related entity so we can see if you’re for real? Note: please include the caption, docket number and name of court. If we have that info we can easily confirm your claims.

  16. theduder - Feb 6, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    I am glad to see that Kelly and staff have kept the Hawaii pipeline open this cycle. However, what about recruiting in Amer. Samoa? 60 Minutes had a recent piece about the quality of their HS players with respect to size, smarts and dedication to hard work. It pointed out that a Samoan kid was 53 times more likely to play in the NFL as opposed to one from the mainland. I’d hate to be the asst responsible for that territory because the flights would be a bitch, but don’t you think it might be worth getting a foothold in there? I have read that there are currently 28 Samoans in the NFL. I don’t think any of them came through ND. In addition, we don’t use names on jerseys so we don’t even have to worry about getting all those vowels on the back. Can anyone spell Tuiasosopo?

  17. Sgt.Moon - Feb 6, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    I think Robertg and Charlie Weis are the same person. Charlie had no clue on how to put a winning team on the field at ND. Robertg has no clue on what he is talking about.
    Robert, I have no interest in what the California court of appeals has to say on ANY subject.
    The Kansas City Chiefs have some unsold seats. Go visit Charlie! Unless…

  18. Jake - Feb 6, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    He’s a DISBARED attorney from Calif. He was disbarred for “fining” his clients for complaining about him. Oh yes, there’s a little matter of writing bad checks on his clients accounts.
    He’s not filing jack. He has no “group” and he has no credibility. He picks cases, attaches himself to them and then claims he had something to do with them. Pete left USC for a great opportunity and a whole lot of bucks, not because he was “forced” out by this character.
    All these cases are in his head.
    Pay him no mind, he’s been ranting like this for years.

  19. robertg - Feb 7, 2010 at 4:50 PM

    1. the fraudulent disbarrment garbage again from some really desperate and dishonest poster who has just forfeited all of his material possessions to me in the civil courts.
    2. since i have already posted, on several occasions, all of the facts and citations, with online links to published californis supreme court decisions and the press releases of 2 california governors vetoing the entire budgets of the crooked beaurocrats at the california state bar association in 1997 and again in 2009 for corruption and dishonesty, i see no reason to post all of those materials again, but will just repeat the permission which i have given before to keith and his staff to send every post that we and i have posted at notre dame central to anyone who asks for them.
    3. since the california supreme court has ruled, in 3 published decisions, to which i have provided citations and online links, that the so called california state bar court was not a legitimate legal court at the time these so called factual findings and so called decisions were made, none of these materials can be used as evidence in any real civil or criminal court and none of these materials are entitled to any credibility whatsoever.
    4. therefore, any person or entity which repeats these statements will not be able to use any of these fraudulent materials to defend themselves in the civil actions which i certainly will bring against them.
    5. the california state bar beaurocrats were and are so terrified of me that they did not dare to hold any hearings or trials in these matters in any legitimate court and were even afgraid to do so in their own illegal court.
    6. none of them will dare to show up to try to defend any of you who, despite the many warnings, repeats this garbage online and, even if they did show up, they would not be allowed to testify in any court in any state.
    7. as i have previously stated in my post, i do not represent any 3rd parties in the us for the time being even though i certainly could. i represent only myself both in personal civil actions and in civil actions and judgments which i purchase from 3rd parties and thereby become the plaintiff.
    8. these fraudulent accusations were concocted by crooked california state bar beaurocrats at the specific requests of a small number of dishonest california superior court judges whose illegal activities i refused to keep quiet about.
    9. based on evidence supplied by me and others to the judicial integrity division of the FBI, 2 of these crooked judges, george trammell III and ronald kline ended up being charged with several federal felonies and, after pleading guilty in the us district court in los angeles, were hauled off to federal prisons crying in shackles.
    10. of the other judges involved in the fraudulent scam, not one is still a sitting judge either in california or anywhere else.
    11. on my side, my professional and business careers are still thriving. i try and win cases all over the us and remain undefeated in jury trials for over 30 years since i graduated from yale law school in 1973.
    11. i am a member in good standing of the american bar association, as i always have been.
    12. based on pending bipartisan legislation pending in the us house and senate, what little is left of the california state bar association and of every other state bar association will soon be put out of business by federal law and all such functions transferred nationally to the american bar association.
    13. since these projects are already far enough along so that my attorney friends and i have alreadt passed what is still left to be done to others, as we have done with our nationwide innocence and judicial integrity projects.
    14. that leaves us with the time and resources to flush the corruption out of college football and out of notre dame in the civil courts.
    15. because i had the guts and the courage and thne integrity to expose and defeat the con artists at the california state bar association and the small number of dishonest california superior court judges whom the california state bat was trying to protect, neither the california state bar association nor ant other state bar association has since dared to try to attack any of my attorney friends, who remain members in good standing of the california and other state bar association for the time being.
    16. if any of you think that i really have ever done anything ethically or legally wrong, then i encourage you to contact the california state bar and try to get them to take some action against me to protect you in the civil courts.
    17. many others have tried and no one at the california state bar or at the california state ag’s office or at any state or federal prosecutor’s office has even dared to try anything at all in any civil or criminal proceeding.
    GO IRISH!!

  20. robertg - Feb 7, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    1. we understand why certain people connected with the south bend tribune and the so called notre dame fan sites and with purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and kelly and his staff consider us a very serious threat in the civil courts since we are a real threat to the millions which these people con out of the university of notre dame and out of naieve notre dame fans all over the world.
    2. that is why they desperately keep repeating the same fraudulent and vicious personal attacks on me, without having the guts to disclose their real identities even though we have posted all of the facts and citations and online links to expose their desperate vicious and fraudulent personal attacks on me as baseless frauds.
    3. now, we will move on to other notre dame and ncaa news.
    4. the notre dame mens’s and womens’s fencing teams have both finished their regular seasons undefeated and are ranked no. 2 in the us with an excellent shot at bringing home to notre dame yet another national title in fencing( there are not separate titles for the men and women. the ncaa championship is based on the total team scores of both the men and women in each weapon competition).
    5. the no 3 ranked notre dame womens’ basketball team won again yesterday and has only one loss this season with a rematch coming with no 1 uconn, just as they had in 2001 when they won the national championship.
    6. the unranked notre dame mens’s basketball team won again today and kept their chances of an invitation to the big dance in march very much alive.
    7. the notre dame mens’ ice hockey team has been hit with so many injuries that their record this season would have to be called a disaaster, but the student and notre dame fans still show up to cheer them on.
    8. the difference between these notre dame sports teams and notre dame football team is that the vicious media shills who profit from vicious and baseless attacks on notre dame football coaches and their families and on notre dame student athletes who play football have not been able to figure out any methods of conning money out of the university of notre dame or put of naieve notre dame fans all over the world.
    9. therefore, with other notre dame sports, in good years and in bad, you will not find the vicious media industry publishing scathing and fraudulent attacks as they do with notre dame football.
    10. in addition, since college football is such a large producer of revenues nationwide, you simply will not find the levels of corruption in officiating, rules enforcement, ranking, and bcs systems in other sports that there are in college football.
    11. on the ncaa side, the ncaa today publicly announced that the ncaa had officially rejected florida state’s appeal of sanctions for academic fraud in the florida state athletic department.
    12. florida state has now officially forfeited one bowl win and 11 regular season wins in football, 22 wins in mens’s basketball, 16 wins in womens’ basketball, and numerous wins and titles in other sports, along with economic sanction in the millions. anyone who wants to check can find the article at the ncaaf section of yahoo sports online.
    13. we have previously posted the online links to our big court win over the ncaa in october of 2009 which forced the ncaa to take these actions and finallly to announce the sanctions against usc that the ncaa will announce on 2/21/2010.
    14. these are things that never would have happened but for the immense pressures that we brought to bear and continue to bring to bear on the ncaa in the civil courts all over the us.
    15. in addition, the ncaa sanctions would be useless in putting an end to the corruption in college football unless we followed up in the civil courts, as we always have and always will until we complete the whole project, including the cleaning of the cancers out of notre dame facet.
    GO IRISH!!!

  21. Jake - Feb 7, 2010 at 6:53 PM

    Fraudulent disbarment? Really.
    Even a disbarred attorney knows you can’t sue someone for liable if what is written is a true fact.
    Robert Thomas Gilleran. #70962. Current status: Disbarred.
    “obnoxious behavior” garners disbarment.
    “It is ordered that Robert Thomas Gilleran is disbarred from the practice of law”.
    You got a problem with that sue them. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  22. robertg - Feb 9, 2010 at 2:43 AM

    1. the california supreme court has already been forced to admit their problems and the california state associations bar’s problem with this frauludent disbarment proceeding in 3 published decisions for which i have already posted the citations and online links at notre dame central on severasl occasions, along with citations and links to the other information set forth in this post.
    2. 2 dishonest former california superior court judges who were involved in these fraudulent matters have already been charged with federal felonies, pled guilty in the us district court in los angeles and been led off crying in shackles to federal prisons.
    3. not one of the dishonest california judges involved in these matters is still a sitting judge in california or anywhere else or ever will be again.
    4. 2 california governors in 1997 and again in 2009 have vetoed the entire budget of the california state bar association and minced no words about why they were doing so- because the california state bar association has been, and still is, hopelessly corrupt and dishonest.
    5. in 2000, the california state legislature passed a whole set of new laws putting leashes and restrictions on the california bar association.
    6. what is still left of the californioa bar association- and that is not much- has simply ignored the laws passed by the californias state legislature with one result being that the governor of california vetoed their entire budget again in 2009.
    7. that is why many others all over the us, along with me, have sponsored bi partisan federal legislation officially taking all powers over attorneys away from the california state bar association and evbery other state barr association and handing all such powers nationally to the american bar association of which i am and always have been a member in good standing. call them and verify this information.
    8. that federal legislation is moving right along with zero opposition from anyone.
    9. neither the california state bar association or any other state bar association can be fixed. therefore, we, along with the federal government, are eliminating them and replacing them with honest, transparent 21st century high tech systems, just as we are doing right now with college football, the ncaa, the conferences, the officiating, the rules enforcement, the rankings, and with the cancers within notre dame.
    10. by posting false information on the internet, you have ceased to be as messenger and turned yourself into a defendant in a civil action. that was your choice despite the clear and careful warnings and citations and online links that i have posted on many occasions right here at nd central and you will have to live with the severely adverse economic consequences to you.
    11.perhaps you would like to try suing the california state bar association and the california supreme court for indemnity for misleading you.
    12. you will lose that case also in the civil courts, along with whatever financial interests you may have in the current corrupt systems in college football and in trying to protect the cancers currently damaging notre dame.
    GO IRISH!!!

  23. robertg - Feb 9, 2010 at 3:18 AM

    1. we are pleased to report another key court win against corrupt elements within the ncaa.
    2. on 2/8/2010, U.S. district judge claudia wilken in san francisco denied motions of the ncaa to dismiss or to tranfer to indiana the class action case of o’bannon et al vs the ncaa and also ordered ther ncaa to produce all records relating to the ncaa licensing transaaction through which the ncaa illegally profits from using the images and jersey numbers of student athletes at schools all over the us.
    3. for decades, the ncaa has been able to run these and other dishonest scams by claiming that their records are confidential and not open to examination by the public or by litigants.
    4. the ncaa has already spent millions in attorneys’ fees and costs in this case and in others all over the us only to lose over and over again and the money that the ncaa is illegally spending comes from us, members of the public and shareholders in the publicly traded companies.
    5. no matter where the ncaa turns these days, they are running into and losing similar cases all over the US to us.
    6. anyone who wants to print out the order in this case and the other case documents can do so online, for a small fee, at
    7. anyone can try throwing at me or at us all the fraudulent vicious lies that anyone wants to try, but nothing cvan slow us down or stop us from finishing this project or save anyone who has or does tries this fraudulent garbage throwing from the economic consequenses to each of them in the civil courts all over the us.
    8. if anyone wants to read and print out a very good article on the court rulings on 2/8/2010, you will find an article by dan wetzel ” O’bannon case opinion could be a game changer” at the ncaaf section of yahoo sports online.
    9. obviously, neither the california bar association nor the california supreme court stepped up to help the ncaa, just as they are not going to dare to step up to help any of those vicious and desperate posters of fraudulent information.
    GO IRISH!!!

  24. robertg - Feb 9, 2010 at 3:55 AM

    1.since the lead plaintiff in that class action case was a college basketball player, you will find dan wetzel’s article at the ncaab section of yahoo sports, not at the ncaaf section.
    2. dan was one of the courageous reporters at yahoo sports who gathered and published the evidence on the reggie bush and usc cheating matters.
    3. anyone who wants to read and print out those articles and evidence online can do so by entering the words reggie bush investigation in their search engines and clicking on search.
    4.anyonewho wants to confirm the the lake vs bush civil action is still alive and well and has been sent back to the california superior court in san diego can do so online by going to the website of the california court of appeal 4th district, div. one, clicking on case information, entering the words bush, reginald in the party search section, clicking on search and then on the second of the 2 listed cases, where you will find, in pfd form, the 28 page unanimous opioion of the california court of appeal rejecting bush’s attempt to force the case to be resolved by arrbitration secretly behind closed doors instead of in a very expited and very public jury trial in the san diego superior court.
    5. lake and his family keep turning down the millions in hush money offerred by bush and usc boosters.
    6. we know why and we have been one of the key reasons all along and will continue to do what we have been doing in this case and in other civil actions all over the us.
    GO IRISH!!!

  25. grandpashyena - Feb 9, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    Varoooom! Varoooom! bobbie!

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