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Stepping up… The Secondary

Feb 23, 2010, 7:30 AM EDT

If you missed our first two installments of “Stepping Up,” where we talked about the offensive line and the wide receivers, be sure to check them out.

It wasn’t hard to identify the secondary as a massive problem area last season. A perceived area of strength going into the season, the Irish defensive backs were a massive disappointment, failing to make many big plays, and far too often getting beat for one instead. The veteran cornerbacks that many had high hopes for disappointed almost to a man, as veterans like Rasheon McNeil, Darrin Walls, Gary Gray, and Robert Blanton all had major lapses in coverage, and played well below expectations last season. Meanwhile, the transition of Harrison Smith back to safety was a disaster, and the combination of run-support heavy Kyle McCarthy and the enigmatic play of Sergio Brown left the Irish defense without a capable centerfielder, something that spells disaster for a team trying to play a Cover 2 scheme.

The returning secondary is truly a mixed bag. On the edges, the Irish only lose Rasheon McNeil from the cornerback rotation, returning Walls, Blanton, and Gray, the three corners that played the most minutes in the defensive backfield. At safety, the Irish lose their top two contributors in McCarthy and Brown, in addition to backup Ray Herring, though they do get Harrison Smith back after a lost season spent transitioning between safety and outside linebacker.

While poor pass defense can hardly be blamed solely on defensive backs, corners and safeties are the last line of defense and will always be the ones on the hook when a pass play goes for big yardage. Regardless of the ineptitude of the pass rush, there was still no excuse for a secondary that gave up way too many explosive plays and made a habit of giving up career days to opposing quarterbacks. 

While new defensive coordinator Bob Diaco and new defensive backs coach Chuck Martin have their hands full, they’ve got a group of players that come with a lot of talent. Every cornerback on the roster was a well-regarded recruiting prospect, and they’ve all got plenty of experience to lean on. And while Harrison Smith’s maligned minutes are the only ones that truly return at safety, a clean slate might be the best thing for everyone involved.

The Irish not only have to replace minutes, they need to replace the bad memories of a defensive season gone awry. Here are the key losses, important returning players, and the defensive backs that need to step it up.


If there was a highlight for the Irish secondary, it was Kyle McCarthy. McCarthy was the epitome of a program player, a guy that paid his dues on the way up and played two stand-out seasons as a starter. While I wasn’t as high on his tackling prowess as my colleagues in the broadcast booth, McCarthy’s obscene two-season stat-line made him the only Notre Dame defensive back to eclipse 100 tackles in a season, and he achieved that feat twice. McCarthy also chipped in a team-high five interceptions.


The time is now for cornerback Darrin Walls. There is no more waiting for the former blue-chip cornerback. He’s back for a fifth-year at Notre Dame and hopefully will blossom under the regime change. Robert Blanton also returns, likely humbled from a sophomore season that had to be disappointing after such a strong freshman campaign. Gary Gray will likely be fighting for a starting job as well after wrestling one away during the second half of last season. Gray made a few big plays, but Irish fans hope he’ll bring a new confidence to the field as a senior. At safety, Brian Kelly already mentioned that Harrison Smith has been impressive during offseason workouts and will return to safety after being flip-flopped around the past two seasons.


While every position is a clean slate for the Irish, no group needed it more than the secondary. Last year, the problems seemed to be between the ears more so than athletically. The secondary never seemed to master the new principles of the blitzing Cover 2 scheme that Jon Tenuta employed, and too often the defense was just plain beat on coverage that was fundamentally puzzling. For the Irish defense to play up to their skill level, here are a few guys that’ll need to play big:

Harrison Smith: Nobody needed a regime change like Smith did. The Tennessee native had a rocky season that saw him become the ire of many Irish fans, but enters the season with two years of eligibility remaining. Moving Smith from undersized linebacker to safety expected to play deep coverage is a lot to ask of a young player, especially one that likely relied on a lot of gambling to compete against players that sometimes outweighed him by 100 pounds.

Jamoris Slaughter: Slaughter is the type of guy better classified as a football player than either a cornerback or safety. Slaughter was given a shot late in the year to win a job in the secondary after others played their way out of contention, but he never truly seized the moment. That said, the previous coaching staff believed he was a sound tackler with good speed and ball skills, and has to think that a job in either nickel or as a starting safety is a very real possibility.

Zeke Motta: Motta is a guy that made an immediate impact on special teams. He’s also a jumbo-sized safety that has great football instincts and his eyes on a starting safety position. While I’ve got no idea if Motta can be a guy that plays great in space, if his play on special teams is any indication, he’ll be flying around the field looking to make tackles if he’s given his chance.

Dark Horses: Expect another McCarthy to start working his way onto the field, as Danny is reportedly the better athletes of the two brothers. Fifth-year senior Leonard Gordon should contribute as a safety or corner (Thanks, Zach.). From a physical standpoint, early enrollee Chris Badger looks ready to go on special teams at the very least. E.J. Banks redshirted last year, but might be ready to take a shot at a job in the secondary as well. 

  1. TLNDMA - Feb 23, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    One thing we can be sure of, this unit cannot get worse. The defense was hurt by the big play (20+yds.) last year, more than anything else. Take away half of those big plays and you can easily add 3 or more wins.
    I agree that starting over is probably best for this entire unit.

  2. Zach - Feb 23, 2010 at 10:22 AM

    Leonard Gordon already decided not to return for a fifth year.

  3. jezza - Feb 23, 2010 at 11:42 AM

    Sergio Brown’s play described as ‘enigmatic’?! Um, I can think of another word for it.
    Great post otherwise. Go irish.

  4. Joe - Feb 24, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    I believe the major problem with the secondary was their tackling.
    I have never seen a more anemic display of tackling, and this
    is not just one individul but the entire secondary. They definitely need one on one tackling savy as well as more agressive

  5. martyks - Feb 24, 2010 at 1:30 PM

    I doubt if it was a lack of talent when it came down to bringing a player down. It had to be the reverence given to the schematic advantage and the complete lack of attention to practicing the fundamentals. CW simply thought he had a group who already knew how to block and tackle… a fatal idea if ever there was one.

  6. robertg - Feb 25, 2010 at 4:54 AM

    1. ever since charlie and his staff did all of the hard work to recreate the notre dame recruiting network,only to have so much of their hard work undermined by certain individuals in the current notre dame administration and the usual suspects in the so called notre fan site industry, the talent,character, and development of notre dame’s student athletes was never a real issue for anyone who knows anything about college football and notre dame football.
    2. the talent and character of notre dame’s student athletes will not be an issue during the one season of kelly and his staff at notre dame, although the crooked officiating and lax ncaa rules enforcement against notre dame’s opponents and kelly and his staff will be issues during the 2010 season.
    3.those who want to watch what effects kelly and his staff will have on notre dame football during that one season are in for quite and experience.
    4. we have more important things to do before we solve notre dame football’s problems.
    5. after 3 great days of watching petey and mikey and many others from usc squirm at the 3 day hearing before the ncaa infractions committee, we await the formal announcements of the sanctions, including to forfeit of usc wins over notre dame in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, therby officially making charlie and his staff undefeated against usc.
    6. anyone who wants to check the ncaaf section of yahoo sports will find that the ncaa came down very hard on michigan and rrod for violating those offseason practice rules. those sanctions will result in the official reversal of a 2nd phony notre dame loss during the 2005 season whioch certain elements bl;amed on charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes, instead of on the corrupt officiating and rules enforcement which cheated charlie and his staff and notre dame’s 2009 team out of 6 wins.
    7. if anyone reads about the camp kelly phenomenon( which we know is asking too much of some posters at notre dame central who are so intent on selling kelly to notre dame fans), he or she will find remarable similarities between rrod’s summer camps at michigan and the camp kellys, which flew under the radar at gvsu, central michigan, and cincinnati, but which will simply not pass the ncaa scrutiny at notre dame.
    8. with 2 of the 6 stolen wins from the 2009 season already well on the way to official recognition before we have even touched the crooked officiaing issues, it will not be long before we succeed in having notre dame’s official record for 2009 officially adjusted to 12-0.
    9. we look foward to notre dame football from 2011 foward with the right coaches back where they should be, although the recruiting gaps in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 classes will have to be overcome.
    10. we congratulate notre dame’s mens’ basketball team on their great win over no 12 pitt. that win, with gody still injured, will derail the usual suspects’ campaigns to get coach mike brey fired.
    11. compared to other schools, the real internal problems with notre dame football are relatively minor- reslife and the few cancers.
    GO IRISH!!!

  7. OURLADY$ - Feb 25, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    Huge hole, Kyle McCarthy, not just on the field but off, a great representive of ND for the last few years as Captain. Any coach would be proud to have a team full of McCarthy’s, good luck in the future, whatever you do, you will be successful.

  8. McGuyvered - Feb 25, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    In game after game, the secondary showed hesitation on where to go. Either coaching was awry on teaching how to read offensive movement, the physical and mental ability wasn’t there, or the expected “gifts” of athletic ability never was developed or materialized. A change in coaching may be the best for this unit. Remember, Kelly IS the new coach, like it or not. It won’t take long for us to know where he is going with the program.

  9. robertg - Feb 26, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    1. yes, the graduation and move to the nfl and to the rest of his life after notre dame of kyle mccarthy, aka captain clutch, does leave a huge gap in the notre dame secondary, both as one of the best safeties in the us and as an inspiratonal leader and role model for notre dame’s other student athletes who also play football.
    2. while the mccarthy family is not currently able to supply notre dame with a full team of mccarthies, courtesy of the excellent recruiting by charlie and his staff, who had to beat out every other school in the us in the recruiting wars, kyle does leave behind at notre dame his younger brother who also plays safety.
    3. based on kyle’s own statement’s, mccarthy the younger will be even better than kyle at the safety position and as a leader and role model.
    4. in addition, as the student athletes already at notre dame well know, charlie and his staff have given mccarthy the younger the best possible preparation to take over the safety position from kyle, with a lot of assistance from kyle and notre dame’s other student athletes.
    5. as was always, and will again be, the case after the 2010 season, while charlie and his staff are at notre dame, mccarthy the younger, along with every other notre dame student athlete, has received the benefit of the best possible preparation for his role on the college football field as well as in the classroom so that mccarthy the younger is fully prepared to maximize his chances at the nfl and at life with a real notre dame education.
    6. of course, until we finish fixing( well before the 2011 season begins), in the civil courts, the systemic problems of corruption in officiating, rules enforcement, and rankings systems at the ncaa, conference, and school levels, mccarthy the younger and notre dame’s other student athletes will still be taking the field against teams composed of full time football players with zero academic obligations and with crooked conference officials cheating notre dame out of wins earned on the football fields( who are shielded from the conserquences of their dishonesty by the conferences and by the ncaa), and allowing the full time football players, without any concern about being penalized, intentionnally to target notre dame’s student athletes for season or career ending injuries.
    7. we look foward to 2011 and future seasons when notre dame’s student athletes who also play football will be taking the field only against genuine student athletes following the same rules as notre dame’s student athletes and with honest 21st century high tech officiating.
    8. while kelly and his staff are certainly new to notre dame and to notre dame football, kelly and his staff do have educational backgrounds and coaching histories at gvsu, central michigan, and cincinnati, schools which have very little, if anything in common with notre dame.
    9. anyone who wants to can do the background checks that we have done on kelly and his staff and reach the same conclusions that we have- that kelly and his staff have zero qualifications to coach football at the notre dame level or to prepare notre dame’s genuine student athletes for the nfl or for their personal and business lives after notre dame.
    10. of course, we have noticed that a certain number of posters at notre dame central, who have undisclosed financial interests in certain corrupt businesses which con notre dame fans out of millions every year or who simply do not want to be bothered by the facts and evidence get very concerned whenever we post links to sources of facts and evidence which any real notre dame fan can verify on the internet.
    11. getting down into the cheating sewers with the usces and michigans and so many other schools that cheat simply is not a viable option for notre dame and completely inconsistent with notre dame’s special mission in this world.
    12. while we sincerely hope that notre dame alums and fans verify the facts and the evidence and eliminate the systemic problems with notre dame football while we are fixing the other corruption all over the us at the ncaa, conference, and school levels, if that has not happened by the time we eliminate the other corruption in college football and force the adoption of honest 21st century high tech systems fully transparent to and accountable to the public and to student athletes, then we will take on that task as well.
    13. after all, all of the threats and garbage that petey and mikey and their crews at usc and at other schools and at the ncaa and conference levels has not even slowed us down in the civil courts.
    14. we are just getting warmed up on those national levels.
    15. once vwe take on national projects such as this one, we never give up until the tasks are finished and we put the national watchdog operations in place all over the us, as we have done with the innocence projects and judicial integrity projects and crooked state bar associations all over the us.
    16. after all, cleaning out corruption would pointless unless we left behing well financed organizations to make certain that the corruption does not creep back in like the vile weeds that all corruption always has been and always will be.
    17. in the meantime, we have every confidence that mccarthy the younger and the other student athletes will hold the fort during the 2010 season, as they and their predecesors did during the 2008 and 2009 season, despite the fact that they were consistently being cheated out of wins on the fields.
    GO IRISH!!!

  10. robertg - Feb 26, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    1. keith, as you may have noticed, without our post updates, together with the links to the facts and evidence, notre dame central was turning into a dead zone, as we predicted.
    2. while we remain hard at work, as always, with our national civil litigation projects, we will drop in from time to time to liven up that dead zone.
    3. we will not be posting any comments on games during the 2010 season.
    4. however, we will be posting updates, with links to the facts, evidence, and civil litigations which directly relate to the futures of college football and notre dame football.
    GO IRISH!!

  11. joe from Dublin - Feb 26, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    Thanks for the great insights. If it were not for those corrupt officials and those evil ND administrators, I think we would have won the national championship last year. Let’s bring back Charlie Weis if he would come back to us. Let’s pay him in pastrami sandwiches. I think that will entice him. GO IRISH!!!

  12. The Mitz - Feb 26, 2010 at 10:33 AM

    The only “Dead Zone” is in your brain, which obviously turned in its notice years ago.

  13. genrl 1861 - Feb 26, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    Does anyone know if robertg even WATCHED any of those games in which ND dominated the opponent and was cheated out of victories in those years he listed. It looks to me like he may not have all the dots on his dice.

  14. Jake - Feb 26, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Let’s pay him in pastrami sandwiches. I think that will entice him
    Absolutely correct. If anyone thinks for one minute J.C. is returning to ND they’re as delusional as Bobby. If one believes Mel Kiper, running his mouth mach 2 while his pomade laden hair is on fire, J.C. is headed for the Redskins.
    There will always be another J.C. and Golden.

  15. Mike - Feb 26, 2010 at 7:55 PM

    When I made the swicth from freshman wide receiver to sophmore line backer, the biggest problem I experienced was the learning curve struggle going on between my ears.
    I was so afraid of making a mistake and not making a tackle that I ended up making a lot of mistakes and missing tackles.
    Later as a coach I figured out the flow of football from the defensive side.
    Notre Dame’s Defense looks like the kids don’t understand the scheme. They are thinking instead of reacting. I was a ferocious tackler on punt coverage because I was taking it to the guy on my terms. Thinking about what I should do as a first year linebacker was like getting hit by trucks.
    I hope the new coaches come up with a scheme that lets the great athletes they have play to their potential. I am tired of seeing Golden Domers excelling in the NFL when they were just average or worse while at ND.
    It doesn’t make sense.

  16. Sgt. Moon - Feb 28, 2010 at 2:08 AM

    Robert, sounds like you are trying to sue the NCAA.
    YOU are going to have ND’s record adjusted to 12-0 for the 2009 season.
    I don’t think you could win a CASE of beer in a brewery.

  17. robertg - Feb 28, 2010 at 2:10 PM

    1. we have already sued and beaten the ncaa in the civil courts on several occasions and the ncaa has yet to defeat us.
    2. while we have many other cases currently in progress against the ncaa, we will give you the online link again to our most recent big win over the ncaa in the florida courts.
    3. just go to the website of the florida supreme court online and enter case no SC09-1909 which is entitled National Collegiate Athletic Association vs The Associated Press et al. anyone who wants the decisions at the florida supreme court level can print those out for free from that website.
    4.for the rest of the trial and other appellate court decisions and the many briefs and motions filed by both sides in that case and for the trial court and other proceedings,along with all of the documents which the ncaa was forced to disclose to the public anyone who wants copies of those documents can obtain them for a reasonable fee for copying from the legal department of the associated press and from the offices of the state of florida attorney general, 2 of our many allies in that case.
    5. that was the last level of appeals at which we and our allies defeated the attempts of the ncaa and their legions of high priced attorneys in the ncaa’s attempt to reverse the order of trial court judge cooper forcing the ncaa to disclose to the public every transcript and other document relating to the ncaa investigation of academic fraud in the florida state athletic department.
    6. before we got involved and beat the ncaa in that case, the ncaa had always been able to keep its invesitigations secret from the public and conduct its operations behind closed doors.
    7. after that big landmark win in october of 2009, we have been hitting the ncaa and certain corrupt individuals within the ncaa with more public disclosure cases and cases civil damages over the us since the rights of the public to complete disclosure and to civil damages against persons and entities enagaging in civil racketerring activities are the same under the laws of all 50 states and at the federal level.
    8. but for our big court win in that case and the immense pressure we have put on the ncaa and those who have been running and profiting from a corrupt ncaa for many years, the ncaa would have continued to sit on the usc and michigan investigations for years in return for payoffs to certain elements within the ncaa.
    9. now, the ncaa has had a 3 day trial in the usc investigation from 2/19/2010 through 2/21/2010 in the usc rules violation cases, after trying to do nothing in those usc matters for years and the ncaa has moved like lightning in the michigan case and in other rules violation cases.
    10. for those who missed our previous posts, i will give you the citation to another landmark decision which i personally briefed,argued, and won unanimously before a 3 judge panel of the us court of appeals for the 9th circuit, the court just one level below the us supreme court, before i started coordinating my activities with those of other attorneys all over the us in various national litigation projects such as this one and many others which preceeded this one.
    11. that case is United Energy Owners Committee, Inc. et al. and Robert T. Gilleran v United States Energy Management Systems, Inc. et al. 837 F. 2d 356, 1988 U.S App LEXIS 129, 10 Fed. R. Serv.3d( Callaghan) 253 ( CA 9,1988, judges Nelson, Hall, and Thompson, opinion for the unanimous court written by judge Hall).
    12. that decision was the landmark decision which made civil rico litigation possible and the deadly economic weapon in the state and federal courts that it is today.
    13. anyone who wants to print out and read that decision by 3 of the most prominent federal judges in the US can do so for a mere $9 by going to lexisnexis online by credit card.
    14 that big win by me got so much national attention from so many attorneys all over the us that that big win by me served as the foundation for the national network of attorneys who now coordinate cases all over the us in national litigation projects such as this project to clean the corruption out of college football and college sports at the ncaa, conference, and school levels and to punish, with extreme economic prejudice, every person and entity who has been involved in the corruption or the coverups.
    15 doing so will allow real student athletes, such as those at notre dame to take the field against real student athletes from every other school, instead of against the full time football players and athletes that they have been facing in for many years, and to have the outcomes of those football games and other athletic contests determined by honest 21st high tech officiating, not by the crooked conference officials who have been cheating notre dame out of wins for years.
    16 the con artists who used to run the enron and mci worldcom con operations did not think that we should be taken seriously. anyone who wants to can find out what happened to them in the civil courts as a result of our civil rico cases by checking online. we took all of their material possessions and put them out of business.
    17.we had nothing at all to do with the criminal rico and other criminal actions brought by the us department of justice against the enron and mci worldcom con artists at a later time. as taxpayers, we are adamently opposed to paying for the room, board, and other expenses of non violent criminals while they are in state or federal prison facilities.
    18. in the area of criminal law, for many years, there have been dishonest prosecutors and judges all over the us who, on a routine basis, were obtaining convictions of persons whom they knew to be innocent with perjured testimony and fabricated documents, just to make their conviction stats look good.
    19. having seen more than enough of those atrocities, we started the innocence project, which now operates all over the us and is extremely well funded and staffed by others so that very little of our time and resources are required.
    20. not only have we forced the reversal of such convictions, with dna and other evidence, all over the us and obtained millions in damages for the innocent persons who were wrongfully convicted.
    21. while the criminal justice system is, by no means, perfect, yet, hundreds of wrongly convicted persons are now out of jails and many dishonest prosecutors and judges are now out of business or afraid to engage in such dishonest conduct ever again because they know that attorneys all over the us from the innocence projects are wathing them like hawks.
    22. anyone who wants to can find articles and data on the innocence projects online, including a recent case of an innocent man whose conviction was overturned after he had spent 59 years in prison.
    23. similar problems with dishonest judges and crooked state bar associations which protect them exist on the civil litigation side.
    24. you will find the results of our work in that area online also under judicial integrity projects all over the us, with crooked judges ending up in prisons or being removed from the bench by us since sitting judges are currently immune from civil lawsuits.
    25. what little is left of the crooked state bar associations that protected these crooked judges is being eliminated by us with civil litigations in the courts and with federal legislation eliminating every state bar association and shifting those functions nationwide to honest high tech and transparent systems run by the american bar association.
    26. dishonesty and corruption in college football and in college sports is not something that honest student athletes and fans, such as notre dame’s just have to accept and live with any longer.
    27. fortunately, we have the experience and resources and determination to fix these problems in college football and college sports permanently and to leave behind well funded and well staffed watchdog organizations to make certain that the corruption never comes back again.
    28. we have zero interest in participating in any case of beer contests either on this planet or on the moon. sgt moon and those like him are welcome to all the booze that can consume.
    29. we just keep on winning cases and finishing national projects that no one but us and many honest judges ever believed we could do until we had done so.
    GO IRISH!!!

  18. robertg - Feb 28, 2010 at 3:24 PM

    1. we congratulate every student athlete on notre dame’s mens’ basketball team and coach brey and his staff on their fine win over no 11 georgetown at georgetown on saturday which was preceeded by another fine win over no 12 pitt.
    2. with gody injured and some unfortunate losses, the usual suspects in the so called notre dame fan industry had written off this season and started a campaign to get coach brey and his staff fired.
    3. the levels of dishonesty in college basketball and other sports are not nearly as serious as those in college football, but full time basketball players with zero academic obligations are still there, as they are in football and dishonest officials are still there in college basketball.
    4. for those who claim to be sick and tired of seeing notre dame student athletes excel in the nfl and in life after notre dame while they were unable to lead notre dame to wins and national championships in college football at notre dame, there are no mysteries in this perceived phenomenon.
    5. in every sport, notre dame fields teams of genuine student athletes who get real college educations in addition to playing sports while notre dame’s opponents, such as usc and michigan and many others, field teams of full time athletes with zero academic obligations.
    6. in addition, as long as the corruption remains at the college level, dishonest officials will continue to rob notre dame’s student athletes of wins on the field, as they did with notre dame’s student athletes who also play football in the 2008 and 2009 seasons.
    7. in the nfl, everyone plays football full time and the nfl officials are watched very closely and fired immediately if they make dishonest calls or non calls of penalties.
    8. as examples, take matt leinart and reggie bush of usc.
    9. in 2005, when usc needed and got the assistance of crooked pac 10 officials to steal yet another win from notre dame’s student athletes and from charlie and his staff, in addition to the illegal financial benefits that leinart and bush were being paid, leinart and bush, along with usc’s other football players, were full time football players with zero academic obligations while every single notre dame student athlete carried a full course load of real academic courses and not one notre dame student athlete received any illegal financial benefits or violated any ncaa or other rule, although several had their careers ended, for no legitimate reasons, by the grand inquisitors at notre dame’s reslife department.
    10. in college, leinart and bush and the other full time football players and full time athletes looked fantastic against notre dame’s real student athletes.
    11. both leinart and bush are nfl busts since they have to compete on even playing fields against other full time athletes and with honest officiating and rules enforcement.
    12. trying to blame what we all saw on the fields in 2008 and 2009 on charlie and his staff and on notre dame’s student athletes, instead of driving the systemic corruption out of college football and college sports, and bringing in to notre dame kelly and his staff of amateurs from gvsu and central michigan is exactly what notre dame’s opponents wanted and got for one season only.
    13. why does notre dame insist on prividing every student athlete with a fine college education and playing by the rules while so many other schools cheat?
    14. quite correctly, notre dame has always felt that notre dame has an obligation to every student athlete to provide him or her with a fine education in preparation for life after notre dame and the nfl, if the nfl does work out.
    15. because of notre dame’s standards and the failure of anyone else, before we came along, to drive the corruption out of college football and college sports, notre dame has paid a very high price in the paper win/loss category for maintaining her standards and integrity.
    16. before the 2011 season begins, we will have those corruption problems fixed and charlie and most of his staff back at notre dame where they should be.
    17. for anyone who does not understand notre dame or bother to look at the facts and evidence on the corruption in college football and college sports, it would be easy, but completely incorrect, to listen to the proprietors of the so called notre dame fan industry and blame charlie and his staff and other notre dame coaches and their staffs for these problems.
    18. why did these factors not appear during the eras of ara and holtz?
    19. it is very simple. corruption in college football had not even come close to the levels of corruption in which college football and college sports now operate.
    20. while we fix the systemic corruption problems, those who want to ignore the facts and the evidence will be able to experience one full season only of the era of kelly and his staff, not one of whom has ever had any experience at all with college football players who are also genuine student athletes, such as every single one of notre dame’s student athletes always has been and always will be.
    21. after all, only the opinions of honest judges and juries all over the us really count in this national litigation project, as in the many others that we have successfully finished in the past.
    22. what notre dame alums and fans choose to do or think is relevant only to each of them individually.
    GO IRISH!!!

  19. Sgt. Moon - Feb 28, 2010 at 5:40 PM

    I didn’t see your name on any of those lawsuits. Did I miss something?
    You talk about all the corrupt people involved, the NCAA, referees,and coaches to name a few. You forgot about all the CORRUPT private attorneys.
    I asked you a few days ago if you would like to make a little wager regarding the return of Charlie Weis for the 2011 season. If he comes back we will stop criticizing your comments, if he does not return, you would stop posting on this site. Still waiting for your answer. How about it? You up for this?
    Also, I don’t drink any alcohol. I have nothing against it, I just don’t consume it.
    As far as participating in beer contests on this planet, you would first have to be a resident of this planet.

  20. DocHR - Feb 28, 2010 at 8:24 PM

    C’mon, Keith. Robertg is just taking up space, and quite honestly, he threatened anyone who posts on this blog. See these comments from Feb. 11th.
    1. we do not engage in physical violence, unless the opposition intitiates physical violence.
    2. we do engage in economic violence in the civil courts and, as we have stated many times in our posts, we will have no difficulty at all obtaining, by civil court subpoenas, the real names and identities of every person who has posted anything at notre dame central.
    3. every single person who has posted civilly actionable statements directed at me or at us will definitely be seeing one of our process servers at their homes or places of business.
    4. these are choices that certain people made of the own free wills after being repeatedly warned in our posts.
    5. for anyone who just disgrees with us and has so stated in any posts, those individuals do not have anything to be concerned about.
    6. however, those who have intentionally posted material which is civilly actionable will defenitely be seeing our process servers and our civil lawsuits and the very unpleasant economic consequences that go along with all civil litigations.
    GO IRISH!!!
    31 – Thu Feb 11,2010 3:35 PM ET
    Do you have the lawyers at MSNBC looking into this? The comments section of this blog is becoming a joke.

  21. irishfan1123 - Feb 28, 2010 at 9:01 PM

    Let’s also not forget that he predicted that sanctions would be announced on 2/23/10, right after the USC hearings, when in fact any sanctions won’t come for the next 6-10 weeks. Seems like someone so close to these investigations would have known that…

  22. CPT M - Feb 28, 2010 at 9:15 PM

    Does anyone know if this is the same Robert Thomas Gilleran – CA Bar #70962 who was disbarred in CA on 8/23/97? If so, I think he should be worrying less about fighting the NCAA, and more concerned with becoming an valid attorney. But then again, maybe its not the same guy…

  23. Jake - Mar 1, 2010 at 6:36 AM

    It’s the same guy. He’s disbarred!
    You can’t take his ravings seriously. It’s been the same thing for years and on many blogs. Most others have given him the boot for threatening people with civil doom.
    He’s all air but I agree with others who feel we’ve had enough of Robertg.

  24. robertg - Mar 1, 2010 at 9:28 PM

    1. if anyone really has missed my name in those cases and decisions, then that person simply has not read the cases in which my name is printed right prominently, as the lead and winning attorney, for anyone who can read as the lead and winning attorney and is, as usual, attempting to defraud the public and me with his or her posts on the worldwide internet.
    2.For just one example, read my landmark civil rico win in the US court of appeals cited right above- United Energy Owners Committee, Inc. et al. and Robert T. Gilleran v United States Energy Management Systems, Inc. et al 837 F. 2d 356; 1988 US App. LEXIS 129; 10 Fed. R. Serv. 3d (Callaghan)253 ( CA 9, 1988, Judges Nelson, Hall, and Thompson, unanimous opinion written by Judge Hall).
    3.of course, anyone who wants to read that opinion by 3 of the most prominent federal judges in the US does have to go to lexisnexis online by credit card, pay $9 to access and print out the opinion, and then actually read the opinion, which is probably especting much too much of sgt. moon, jake, and their very few friends, who are apparently only interested in drinking booze and posting on the worldwide internet fraudulent personal attacks against me.
    4. however, we know that many intelligent people also read posts at notre dame central and that they will not allow themselves to be defrauded by posters such as sgt moon and his friends, who cannot respond to the facts and evidence and case citations that we post, but limit themselves to fraudulent personal attacks against me.
    5. after all, certain elements involved in the current corruption in college football and in college sports, including the proprietors of certain so called notre dame fan sites that have been conning notre dame fans out of millions every season and doing severe damage to notre dame football and to the university of notre dame have seen their revenues fall off significantly as a direct result of our posts and are quite correctly concerned that their cash flows are going to be cut off by us.
    6. their intents in posting these fraudulent personal attacks on me are to dissuade notre dame fans from cancelling their subscriptions to these so called notre dame fan sites.
    7. jury verdicts and trial court judgments are not published online or anywhere right now. publication is limited to opinions in cases that go to appeals, which is an extremely small percentage of the cases actually pursued and won by me and by us. 8.the very many cases that are settled before any trials and often before any complaint even needs to be filed in any court, because the evidence is so overwhelming, are not published either. perhaps they should be, but currently they are not for any state or federal trial court.
    9. in other cases, other attorneys are the lead attorneys and i am the attorney who collected and assembled the evidence or wrote the complaint or motions or briefs and, if the cases went to trial, very often the attorney who picked the jury.
    10. in still other cases, in which i appear as an expert witness or as a factual witness, of course i do not appear as the lead attorney.
    11. national litigation projects, such as this one, involve coordinated actions by attorneys all over the us.
    12.therefore, you will always find different attorneys listed as the lead attorneys in particular cases. that does not mean that we do not coordinate our actions and that we do not each play a significant role in every single case, as well as in each national litigation projects.
    13. this is just one reason why our national litigation projects are so efficient and economically deadly for the opposition and always will be.
    14. other posters have tried to use this fraudulent california state bar garbage as a weapon against me before, despite the many warnings of the dire economic consequences for them in the civil courts. fact, some opponents try to use this fraudulent garbage in actual civil court cases, only to find that they are pulling the economic triggers on weapons that are pointed right at their own material possessions.
    16. for those who have already chosen to commit premediated economic suicide, they have made their own choices and their economic fates are already sealed.
    17. however, for the benefit of other posters, we will post the relevant facts and case citations on that fraudulent california state bar garbage again since we cannot assume that everyone who reads this section of notre dame central has read the prior sections and we do not want any innocent people hurt because they get conned by posters such as sgt moon and his friends.
    18. i am now, and will always be, an attorney by virtue of the fact that i graduated from and received my doctor of jurisprudence degree from yale law school in 1973. anyone can verify that information very easily.
    19. by virtue of that degree which was awarded to me not only by a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, but by the no 1 law school in the US, i am a member in good standing of the American Bar Association( anyone who wants to can check with the American Bar Association online or by telephone), the largest and most prestigious bar association in the US.
    20. neither any other attorney nor i, who has graduated from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association, needs to be a member of any state bar association in order to be a valid attorney, nor can any state bar association or any state or federal court ever change that status.
    21. under current law, which is about to be changed by bipartisan federal legislation, if any valid attorney, such as myself, wants to represent 3rd party clients and charge them legal fees in any state, then that attorney needs to be a member of the state bar associations in those individual states.
    22. since i represent only myself in legal matters, including cases in which i have purchased the causes of action or judgments from 3rd parties, i can and do, on a regular basis, legally try any case that i want in any state or federal court in the US or, if the cases require more than one attorney because of their complexity or the number of opponents, i can hire one of the very few excellent plaintiffs’ attorneys and law firms in the US that i trust to do so for me as the plaintiff or as the plaintiff/assignee.
    23. cases in which i am the plaintiff from the very start, without even having to purchase any causes of action from any 3rd parties include not only cases in which others have violated my personal legal rights, but cases involving damages done by any person or entity to any corporation in which i own shares( these are called shareholder derivative actions), cases in which any person or entity has obtained by fraud any funds from any state or federal government agency( these are called qui tam litigations), and cases in which and person or entity, such as the university of notre dame( but in the case of notre dame, only those few people who have illegally damaged notre dame), has solicited and obtained donations from me or from any business or foundation in which i have an interest based on representations which have turned out to be false, at least until we remove those cancers.
    24. since the annual evaluations done every year by the American Bar Association of state bar associations have, without exception, determined that not one state bar association has been, or is, being run honestly, with the california state bar always being ranked as the most corrupt and dishonest in the US, i am never going to be a member of any state bar association, nor do i need to be to do any of the things that i do in the civil courts.
    25. in fact, the situations are so bad with the corrupt state bar associations that there is pending in the us senate and house bipartisan federal legislation which will put the california state bar association and every other state bar association out of business forever and allocate allm of those functions on a nationwide basis to honest 21st century high tech systems fully consistent with the requirements of due process of law, systems which are fully transparent to and accountable to the public and which cannot be bought and paid for by the type of special interest groups which have hopelessly corrupted every state bar association in the US.
    26. i certainly have no shortage of allies all over the us with this federal legislation, any more than i did when i personally supplied the bulk of the documents, witnesses, and evidence to get the taxpayers’ bills of rights 1 and 2 passed and signed into law.
    27. now, it is time to take a look at how the california state bar association and a few dishonest former california superior court judges have fared in the California Supreme Court, with california governors,with california attorney generals, in criminal prosecutions in the us district court in los angeles, and with the california state legislature since certain dishonest former california superior court judges persuaded some con artist beaurocrats at the californis state bar association in 1995 to manufacture a bunch of fraudulent accusations against me because i refused to keep silent about the illegal conduct and criminal conduct, in return for illegal payoffs from certain special interest groups, of those very few dishonest former california superior court judges.
    28. the short version is that the california state bar association has been exposed as the corrupt con operation that is was and still is, its budgets and staffs and assets have been significantly cut back, and what little is left of the california state bar association operates under the strict supervision of the governor of the state of california and the california state legislature. california’s current governor expressed his complete disgust with the continuing rapmpant corrution and dishonesty of the california state bar by vetoeing their entire budget in 2009 and expressly publishing his reasons for doing so.
    29.while i have had no shortage of allies in making happen the things, which are set forth below in detail, along with thje usual case citations and other internet links, as many of those involved, including many prominent state and federal court judges all over the US and several currently sitting members of the US Supreme Court, would be happy to tell any responsible person who respectfully requests that information using their real names, not jake and sgt moon and other phony internet identities, but for me and my courage and efforts, the california state bar association and that small group of dishonest former california superior court judges would still be running the extremely profitable con operations, in return for large illegal payoffs from certain special interest groups against whom i still keep winning huge jury verdicts, that they were in 1993 when i 1st came across them and did my legal, moral, and ethical duties in exposing them and putting them out of business, despite all of the threats and garbage that they have thrown at me with the specific intents of shutting me up, putting me out of business, and getting my many allies and me off the backs of those dishonest special interest groups
    30. the entire budgets of the california state bar association have been vetoed by 2 california governors, wilson in 1997 and arnold in 2009, each of whom specifically stated his reasons for vetoing the california state bar’s entire budget;namely, that the california state bar association was, and still is, hopelessly corrupt and dishonest.
    31. after gov wilson vetoed the entire budget of the california state bar association in 1997, based upon documents and other evidence of corruption and dishonesty with which i provided gov. wilson and members of his staff, as well as then california ag dan lundgren and his staff, the california state bar association was forced to lay off 95% of its staff and to sell quite a few assets, including a very large office building which they used to own in san francisco and go begging to the California Supreme Court for money.
    32.on 10/14/1998, the California Supreme Court issued an order soliciting public comments on Gov. Wilson’s veto and the reasons set forth for the veto and on the requests of the california state bar association for funds.
    33. these facts and others are set forth and confirmed in a published opinion of the California Supreme Court- In Re Attorney Discipline System; Requests of the Governor and the State Bar of California 19 Cal. 4th 582; 967 P.2d 49; 79 Cal. Rptr. 2d 836; 1998 Cal.LEXIS 7413( California Supreme Court, 1998).
    34. as is true of the other cases cited herein,anyone who wants to access the opinion, print it out, and actually read it can do so by going to lexisnexis by credit card online, paying the $9 per opinion fee, printing it out and reading it.
    35. Certain justices of the California Supreme Court found themselves in a trap of their own making.
    36. having been warned in 1990 by a unanimous US Supreme Court( that case citation is Keller et al. v State Bar of California 496 US 1; 110 S.Ct. 2228; 110 L. Ed. 2d 1;1990 US LEXIS 2862( US Supreme Court, 1990), which reversed the California Supreme Court, that only the California Supreme Court, after each justice had reviewed all of the evidence, reviewed the briefs and evidence submitted by both parties, heard public oral arguments, and writing detailed published opinions, could legally make any decisions about which attorneys could represent 3rd parties in california and that the justices of the California Supreme Court could not legally delegate any of those functions to the california state bar association or to any other person or entity, starting in 1988 and continuing through 2000, a slim majority of the California Supreme Court did and continued to do exactly what the US Supreme Court had warned them that they could not legally do- certain members of the California Supreme Court, without getting changed the relevant provisions of the california constitution, which set forth specifically which california courts are actual legal courts, or by going to the california legislature and requesting that the legislature pass a law legally creating an administrative court, something which only the california state legislature can legally do, illegally set up and began illegally delegating all of the California Supreme Court’s sole authority and responsibilities in attorney discipline matters, to an organization which those justices of the California Supreme Court, called the california state bar court. make matters even worse and more untenable for themselves, over the strong objections of many current and prior justices of the California Supreme Court, completely stopped, in 1991, looking at any evidence and facts in any attorney discipline case and just having some clerk put a rubber stamp on 3 line orders stating that such as such is disbarred, but not stating what, if anything, any of those persons had supposedly done that might possibly serve as any legal basis for any of these 3 line rubber stamped orders.
    38. did those justices of the California Supreme Court understand that they were illegally handing control over the attorney discipline system in california to a bunch of crooked beaurocrats who were for sale to the highest bidders from the corrupt special interest groups?
    39. no. they were simply very concerned that, if they actually did what the us and california constitutions and laws required be done by them personally, they would be swamped with more work than they could possibly do.
    40. in retrospect, those justices of the California Supreme Court made some very bad decisions for themselves and for the people of the state of california.
    41. now that the bipartisan federal legislation legally eliminating the california state bar and every other state bar association and transferring nationally all such authority and functions to honest and fully transparent 21st century high tech systems run by the American Bar Association and by real and honest retired federal and state court judges and by honest juries chosen in the usual manners consistent with due process of law, we are not getting any resistance at all from any justice of the California Supreme Court or from any judge on the highest court of any other state or from any federal judges.
    42. naturally, the employees of the california state bar and of other state bar associations are raising a ruckus. after all, only attorneys who cannot get any decent jobs in the private or public sectors end up having to settle for jobs and power rushes at the california state bar and at the other state bar associations.
    43. however, they have about as much chance of even slowing down this pending bipartisan federal legislation as did the employees of the state level securities regulatory agencies( usually called blue sky agencies) when the federal government decided to put them all out of business and to let the sec run all,such functions on a national basis, with rampant corruption at the state levels, especially in california, being one key reason for that federal legislation, in addition to the fact that any such regulation at the state levels no longer made any sense at all because changes in the economy and in the securities business, as in the legal business, had effectively made every aspect of the securities business and the legal business national, with no purely within any state only, aspects really left.
    44. so, in the 1998 In Re Attorney Discipline System case,supra,a unanimous California Supreme Court threw the california state bar a very small amount of money.
    45. however, that decision of the California Supreme Court provoked the wrath of the california governor, the california legislature, and the people of the state of california.
    46. the california legislature publicly announced that they were holding public hearings to investigate and clear up the whole ugly and corrupt mess at the california state bar that had been exposed to them and to the public and the california legislature started holding hearings and subpoenaing documents and witnesses, including many from the california state bar and from their illegal court.
    47. this action brought immense pressure on the justices of the California Supreme Court to attempt to come up with some type of excuse for the illegal system which they had created.
    48. this round of intense pressure resulted in another published decision of the California Supreme Court- In Re Rose 22 Cal.4th 430;993 P.2d 956;93 Cal.Rptr.2d 298;2000 Cal.LEXIS 1562( California Supreme Court, 2000).
    49. unlike the 1998 previous In Re Attorney Discipline System opinion, the opinion in the In re Rose case was, by no means unanimous.
    50. in addition to 2 very strongly worded dissenting opinions from Justices Kennard and Brown, which exposed and blew the lid off the entire rotten operation that certain other justices of the California Supreme Court had been running with their illegal state bar court operation and expressly stated that not one of the 3 line rubber stamped so called orders stating that such and such was disbarred from 1991 through 2000( the so called 3 line order mentioning my name was rubber stamped on 8/23/1997) had any legal vailidity at all under state or federal law, chief justice george had a great deal of trouble getting 4 other California Supreme Court justices to go along with his opinion.
    51. particularly interesting in the published dissents is the statement that under the system in effect in california from 1991 through 2000, the system for attorney discipline was so completely lacking in the minimum elements required for due process of law by the US and california constitutions that, in the state of california, persons licensed as hairdressers actually had some access to due process of law while attorneys had zero such access.
    52. even chief justice george and the 4 other justices were forced to admit in writing that the so called state bar court was never a legal court under the california state constitution or a legally valid administrative court and that none of the so called decisions or findings of fact were admissible as evidence in any real civil or criminal proceeding in any real court and were entitled to no more credibility than the statements of any person on the street.
    53. however, justice george and the other 4 justices really were afraid that they would be flooded with work that they could not do.
    54. therefore, hoping that the california state legislature would go along with their position, chief justice george and the 4 others created the fiction that the so called california state bar court, although not a legal court, were acting as private investigators for these justices, who were adopting their recommended disciplines in the 3 line rubber stamped orders at a rate of 100%, but not adopting any of the decisions or findings of fact of the so called state bar court, which theoretically were serving as a basis for the 3 line rubber stamped orders.
    55. chief justice george and the other 4 were also forced to admit in writing that the 3 line rubber stamped orders were neither civil nor criminal judgments, but were sui generis.
    56. chief justice george and the 4 others also tried to hand their hats on the pure fictions that, in all proceedings before the so called state bar court, each attorney was, as required by due process of law, afforded the rights to a public trial, along with the rights to cross examine any witneses called by the state bar attorneys to testify against him and to challenge the legal validity and admissibility of every document and other type of evidence which the california state bar attorneys tried to offer into evidence, along with the rights to subpoena, along with documents, and put on the witness stand any witneses each attorney wished to call as his witneses for defense and rebuttal.
    57. since chief justice george and the 4 others had never even read the petition for review which i timely filed and served in my case before they summarily denied the peition for review which they had done with 100% of the other petitions for review timely filed with them by every other attorney since 1991, chief justice george and the 4 others did not realize that, in publishing these fictions, they were shooting themselves right in the faces from a legal point of view since, as i had pointed out prominently in my petition for review, david carr, the state bar attorney in my case, and carlos velarde, the character who was illegally using the title of state bar court judge had been afraid, for very good reasons, to hold any public trial at all in my case.
    58. david carr had tried the usual setup with me that had apparently worked with his other victims, telling me that there was no point in my insisting on a public trial since, as i should already know from having tried cases without juries in the us tax court, the results were predetermined no matter what evidence i presented.
    59. my reply visibly shocked and terrified david carr and was obviously passed on to carlos velarde, whom i have never seen in person to this very day.
    60. my replies were simple and straightfoward enough. i told carr that i really did not care if the outcome was predetermined. i was insisting on a public trial anyway and would bring in the media, cross examine his witneses, each of whom i already knew, as carr did, that i could easily prove was lying, and also subpoena, along with documents, and put on the witness stands in front of the media, each of the crooked judges who had promoted the fraudulent accusations against me and various honest court clerks and employees and honest sitting judges who would happily confirm under oath, in front of the media what the crooked judges had been doing.
    61. the net result was that carr and velarde were afraid to have any sort of trial of which the media or i would be notified. although i have never seen any transcript, i am informed that carr and velarde purported to conduct some type of secret trial of which neither the media nor i were notified at which carr simply put his witnesses on the stand to deliver their rehearsed perjury and enter their phony documents into evidence.
    62. if this type of trial sounds familiar, that would be because these are the types of bogus trials which took place under hitler and stalin and which take place today in nations such as iran and north korea and similar places, but which, when exposed, could not possibly pass muster aka the minimum constitutional requirements of due process of law in any real state or federal court in the US.
    63. whether there were other attorney/victims of the so called state bar court who called their bluff as i did, i do not currently know.
    64. i do know what happened in my case and what did not. any requests for any trial transcript would be met with a there is none response or with some other attempted dodge.
    65. however, there are simply too many honest people who used to work for the california state bar who are more than willing to conform under oath in real courts for these dodges or excuses ever to fly for carr and velarde.
    66. well, the concepts that chief justice george and the 4 others were trying to sell certainly did not go over well with the california state legislature, which intensified their investigations and hearings on the attorney discipline system.
    67. later on in thje year 2000, the california state legislature adopted a set of new laws legally creating an administrative court called the state bar court with the usual constitutional protections and access to review by real courts always required in every administrative court.
    68. the california legislature also adopted procedures for selecting and appointing administrative law judges to be appointed to this post 2000 california state bar administrative court which included the rrequirement that all candidates appear before the california legislature for personal examinations and questioning.
    69. the very thought of such a public questioning sent carlos velarde and other so called state bar court judges running for the hills.
    70. however,3 of the then acting judges of the so called state bar court, james w.obrien,h. kenneth norian, and nancy r.lonsdale decided to challenge the constitutionality of the laws passed by the california state legislature and took the position that, since they had been apointed by the california supreme court, they could not be required to appear before and be approved and hired by the state legislature as administrative judges.
    71.that case resulted in another published decision by the California Supreme Court – James W.Obrien et al.v. Bill Jones, as California Secretary of State et al. 23 Cal.4th 40;999 P.2d 95; 96 Cal.Rptr.2d 205; 2000 Cal.LEXIS 4413( California Supreme Court,2000).
    72. in the Obrien opinion, a bare majority of 4-3 was much more difficult to muster. Chief justice George again wrote the majority opinion conforming the constitutionality of the laws adopted by the california legislature, including the public interview requirements by the legislature of every candidate for the new administrative california state bar court. however, this time around, justice George could muster only 3 other voters over very strongly worded disenting opinions by justices Kennard, Werdeger, and Brown, each of whom concluded that the laws adopted by the california state legislature and the whole new post 2000 system were unconstitutional and legally invalid.
    73. in the meantime, 2 of the dishonest judges were charged with and pled guilty to federal felonies in the us district court in los angeles based on evidence supplied by me to the fbi’s judicial integrity department. i made certain to be at both sentencings to watch george trammell iii and ronald kline cry as thjey were led off to federal prisons in shackles. anyone who wants to can confirm this information online by entering the names of the 2 ex judges into any search engine.
    74. the california administrative office of the courts intervened to trasfer every judge from the pomona courthouse, the center for the crooked operations of those few dishonest judges.
    75. as of today, not one of those dishonest judges is sitting on any bench anywhere and never will again.
    76. courtesy of our judicial integrity projects, we have found honest and competent judges to take their places in california and all over the us, thereby giving us citizens access to real justice.
    77. we watch the conduct of sitting judges all over the us very closely and react immediately to any evidence of dishonesty or incompetence.
    78. for me, out of respect for the California Supreme Court as an institution, not because i consider that 1997 3 line order to have any legal validity whatsoever, i represent only one client, myself, and both my business nor my professional lives continue to grow and prosper.
    79. in the civil courts, i am more dangerous than ever since no opponent can use any of the crooked state bars as leverage against me.
    80. the permanent solution to the crooked state bar problem is well along the path to bipartisan adoption by the us house and senate.
    81. as soon as that replacement system is in place, i will have no problem at all in getting the california supreme court to expunge officially that 1997 3 line rubber stamped order.
    82. after all, the only real concerns of those justices of the California Supreme Court who have, so far, gone along with systems that they now know to be illegal and operated to the detriment of the interests of the people of the state of california are legimate concerns that, if they did anything else before a replacement system was in place, they would face a flood or work which they could not possibly deal with.
    83. we understand the desperation of those who keep trying to divert the attentions of readers of notre dame central away from the facts and issues and evidence and links which we post relating to the future of notre dame football.
    84. because we cannot assume that anyone has read our previous posts on these fraudulent personal attacks against me, we will post these same replies from time to time for the protection of the innocent readers.
    85. these replies to and demolitions of these same repeated personal attacks on me do take up some space, but would be completely unnecessary if the same dishonest posters did not insist on repeating accusations which they have known to be fraudulent for quite some time.
    86. we will get to each of them in the civil courts when their turns come. however, right now, we have more imporatant targets to deal with before these few idiots.
    GO IRISH!!!

  25. Keith Arnold - Mar 1, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    86. There will be a quiz later this week for those studying.

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