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Stepping up… The defensive line

Mar 2, 2010, 1:00 PM EDT

As the Irish prepare to shift philosophies back to a 3-4 defense, no position seems better equipped for the change than the defensive line. With Kapron Lewis-Moore, Ian Williams, and Ethan Johnson, the Irish have three returning starters that played significant minutes, and also fit the physical dimensions needed to play in defensive coordinator Bob Diaco’s system. With Lewis-Moore and Johnson in their third year of college football and Williams entering his senior year, all three will have had sufficient developmental time physically to make a difference.

More interestingly, defensive line coach Mike Elston will also have a few more weapons at his disposal than any other position coach. Players like Darius Fleming may not be a perfect fit, but he has a skill-set that could greatly benefit the defense if used properly. The change in system could also help a guy like Kerry Neal, who has yet to reach the potential many believe he has. 

Returning starters doesn’t necessarily correlate with results, and after last season’s disappointing play in the secondary, nobody can be sure what the widespread system change and returning minutes will bring. Let’s take a closer look at who’s moving on, who’s staying put, and more importantly, who’s stepping up.


The majority of minutes lost by the defensive line come with the departure of defensive end John Ryan. Ryan logged the fifth most minutes of any defensive lineman, so it isn’t a devastating loss by any stretch of the imagination. The St. Ignatius graduate never truly fit into the Irish defensive system, lacking the explosiveness to be an effective 4-3 edge rusher and lacking the mass to play a 3-4 defensive end. Ryan saw the field as a wet-behind-the-ears freshman, logging 36 minutes of playing time and costing himself a much needed redshirt year of development. Morrice Richardson also graduates after playing only eight minutes this season, four years after stepping onto campus as a highly sought-after recruit.


The Irish defense returns more starters than positions. The key will be finding a role for all of them. Inside, the Irish can rely on Ian Williams to anchor the 3-4. Williams has the size and frame necessary to play the nose, and for the Irish front to be better than average, will need Williams to make “the leap” during his final season with the Irish. The future is also now for junior Ethan Johnson. Johnson was an all-everything recruit for Charlie Weis, but has yet to truly be the difference maker colleges all across the country throught he’d become. Johnson never truly fit as an interior defensive lineman, but also lacked the quickness off the edge, so the transition to the 3-4, along with nine months in Paul Longo’s strength program, should have him ready to make good on his potential. Kapron Lewis-Moore also returns for a second season starting at defensive end. KLM surprised people when he went from a redshirt season to the starting lineup, but the previous coaching staff properly identified Lewis-Moore as a guy with a very high ceiling, and he’ll only get better with experience. Darius Fleming also returns as a starter without a position. It’ll be interesting to see what Elston, Diaco and Kelly chose to do with Fleming, who might be the best pure pass-rusher on the team, but also lacks the size of a prototype defensive end or outside linebacker in the new defensive system.


Competition is going to be steep this fall for the defensive front, as only Ian Williams has truly solidified himself as an unquestionable starter among the returning players. Johnson has little in terms of production on Sean Cwynar, who impressed as an undersized 4-3 defensive tackle with his ability to disrupt. On the other side, the choice between Lewis-Moore or Fleming could all come down to individual game plans. Either way, with the new coaching staff’s offensive philosophy of throwing the time-of-possession battle out the window, the Irish will need to develop depth at every spot along the front-line. Here are a few guys that need to make a move this Spring:

The Entire First String: Yeah, it’s a cop-out, but each one of these guys needs to take things to the next level. Williams needs to play to the potential he showed as a scrappy, underdeveloped freshman. Johnson needs to show everyone why he was the most coveted recruit on the West Coast. He disappeared far too often last season. Lewis-Moore needs to take his impressive physical presence and turn it into some impressive on-field production. Darius Fleming has to prove to the coaching staff that he’s too dangerous of a player to keep off the field.

Kerry Neal: Neal was identified early by Bill Lewis and the former coaching staff as a guy that would develop into an elite prospect, and once the recruiting process was over, the staffs at Alabama, Miami, and a ton of other big time schools agreed. Neal played in every game during his freshman year, getting thrown into the fire immediately. With two sacks or less in his first three seasons, Neal hasn’t developed into the threat off the edge that many hoped, but watching him play this season, there were still flashes of the player many hope will develop in this new scheme. It’s up to Neal to make his senior season count.

Tyler Stockton: While Stockton redshirted during his freshman season, expect him to get every chance to get in the rotation with Williams at defensive tackle. People forget just how promising of a prospect this guy was; ESPN had him rated as the third best defensive tackle in the country. We many not know much about Stockton now, but expect to hear a lot from him this season.

Dark Horses: By the end of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sean Cwynar in the starting lineup. Brian Kelly recruited Brandon Newman while he was at Cincinnati, so he likely sees promise in the defensive tackle prospect as well. Hafis Williams could also be a guy that get in the rotation. With the lack of depth at defensive end, expect a guy like Justin Utupo or Kona Schwenke to get a chance to see the field as a freshman. 

  1. TLNDMA - Mar 2, 2010 at 8:11 PM

    As one who bashed John Tenuta’s defense, almost from his arrival, I will be playing close attention to this years team. As every foe last year, had just about their best day of the season vs. the Irish defense, I would think this years team could only get better.
    My hunch is they will be much better. Tenuta’s inability or refusal, to change what obviously was not working (blitz, blitz , blitz) was mind boggling. Though they would never say it, I bet every player on that defense is glad that there has been a change.

  2. Zach - Mar 3, 2010 at 1:59 PM

    I would agree. This defense will get a fresh start. However as for D. Fleming There is no way he plays D-line in a 3 man front! Kelly has said that Fleming will be the cat linebacker. Playing with his hand on the ground at times and standing up as well. Neal may also be at the cat spot as well but has a little more size to compete with KLM at DE too.

  3. robertg - Mar 5, 2010 at 5:27 AM

    1. the 3/4 is an interesting concept, provided that the team using the 3/4 d line has the right student athletes at the right positions and the right coaches to recruit and develop those student athletes.
    2. charlie and his staff did recruit and develop some truly fine student athletes for notre dame’s dline and we are certain that they will all excel during the 2010 season.
    3. before the 2009 season, charlie and his staff had the notre dame recruiting network fully operating all over the usc and the perfect d line coaches in place at notre dame to win those recruiting battles for those top notch dline student athletes- randy hart and brian pollian, now at stanford, and notre dame’s own all america dt and de and 4 time pro bowler with the san francisco 44 ers, bryant young, now biding his time at san jose state, after turning down kelly’s offer to stay on at his beloved notre dame.
    4. why did bryant young choose to to stay at his beloved notre dame? we are informed that he was outrage with purcell, and swarbrick, and jenkins and simply did not trust kelly and his staff.
    5. although we certainly we not be watching any of the 2010 games, anyone else who does will get the oppotunity to see one full season only of the kelly and his staff horror show. our expert witnesses will analyze the game films, as always and we will those reports, something which bryant young has in comon with many top notch dline and other recruits who, after charlie and his staff were illegaly fired simply chose other schools.
    6. the backgrunds of kelly and his staff show zero evidence of any ability to devlop the notre dame student athletes already at notre dame on dline or at any other position and zero ability to recuit in the dline and at any other position. because of purcell, swarbrick and jenkins, notre dame simply does not have the personnell along the dline to implement ant 3/4 dline.
    7. being able to recruit the dlinemen is extremely difficult given notre dame’s very high character and academic requirements.
    8. during the 2004 season, purcell and jenkins had left tyrone and his staff hanging out to dry to the vicious media attacks by the usual suspects, and, despite the fact that tyrone and his staff was perfectly willing to resign with dignity, if he had been given that opportunity, since tyrone had already figured out that he could not bring notre dame football recruiting back from the dead and since tyone already had a head coaching offer from wasshington on his desk, purcell and jenkins just had to get their powere rushes by publicly firing tyrone and his staff in the most humiliating manner they were able to devise, which caused outgoing notre dame president father molloy to give a speech in new york stating that, except for that one incident involving tyrone,molloy had always been immensely proud of notre dame. you can get the text online.
    9. the inexcusable manner in which purcell and jenkins had dealt with tryone and his staff caused recruits and their families and high school coaches all over the us to distrust the notre dame football program and the administrators at notre dame who were calling the shots on their own and violating every agreement entered into in 2004, based of which every single donor put up the subtantial funds that we all did.
    10. after that tyrone disaster, the completely justifiable backlash all over the US was so correctly complete disgust and distrust of the notre dame football program.
    11 notre dame seriously considered dropping bcs division football for good at the end of the 2004 season.
    11. certain people stepped foward, with funding and other assistance, to save notre dame football.
    12. although the vast majority of those individuals were notre dame alums who had excelled as student athletes also playing football, in the nfl, and in their business and professional lives after the nfl.
    13. however, there were also some other persons and companies and family trusts and foundations who came up with significant funding for that end of the 2004 season crisis to giveb notre dame a real future in college football.
    14. among those individuals and companies and family foundations and trusts were my realtives and myself.
    15. this is how i have personal knowledge of what transpired and what agrrements were entered into, which were completely disregarded and violated by purcell, swarbrick, and jenkins when they, on their own, illegally fored charlie and his staff and illegally hired kelly and his staff of amateur refugeess from gvsu, central michigan, and cincinnati.
    16. as was true with every other participant in those 2004 meetings who did not, at that time, have any real knowledge of college football or of notre dame football, abtained from all votes on choosing notre dame’s next head football coach and left that coice up to the nfl alums with the expertise in that area.
    17. there choice was, and still is, charlie weis, along with a minimum of 10 seasons to turn notre dame football around and with agreements that there would be no interference from purcell or jenkins of from anyone in the notre dame admistration.
    18. as you should recall, the timing of charlie’s hiring came much too late in the 2005 recruiting cycle for charlie and his staff to play any role in the 2005 recruiting class.
    19. when charlie and his staff 1st hit the recruiting trails for the 2006 and 2007 recruiting cycle, they found that many recruits and their families and high school coaches simply did not trust the notre dame football program or, for very good reasons.
    20. in the 2006 and 2007 football recruiting cycles, charlie and his staff hit the recruiting trails all over the US with tirelles energy and by the 2009, with the full public backing of kevin white, notre dame’s former ad, charlie and his staff hauled for notre dame the 1st no 1 recruiting class- for the 2008 recruiting cycle which coincided with that 2007 3-9 season which was caused by the realtively empty 2004 and 2005 recruiting classes with which charlie and his staff had nothing to do, that notre dame has ever had since the later years of the holtz administration. with the realtionships and trust all in place to do the same thing during every recruiting seasson.
    21. the same type of recruiting classes wree in place for the 2009 and 2010 recruiting classes, but purcell, swarbrick and jenkins intentionally sabotaged those recruiting classes by leaving charlie and his staff hanging out to dry for the baseless and fraudulent vilification by the usual suspects in the media.
    22. and thus, notre dame football finds itself in this vey bad situation for the 2010 season and the problems would have become much worse if we had not stepped in to correct this situation in the civil courts.
    GO IRISH!!

  4. robertg - Mar 5, 2010 at 6:09 AM

    1. for those notre dame fans who are interested, the depostion of michael michaels in the lake vs bush civil case has been postponed.
    2. no, based on our sources, there is not settlement brewing which would silence lake and prevent that very public jury trial from taking place later this year, with petey and mikey and reggie and many other usc luminaries being forced to produce documents and testify under oath.
    3. the california court of appeals, which reversed bush’s frivolous appeal, was a few days bit late getting its remittitur order down to the san diego superoir court officially transferring jurisdiction back to the superior court mailed out.
    4. conspiracies? no.
    5. every court of appeals judge and the san diego superior court judge in that case have impeccable repuations for honesty and integrity, something which,these days, due to our efforts, is actually the rule, rather than the exception, with california state court judges.
    6.on 3/3/2010, us district judge otis wright issued and injunction against one of usc’s own, la county da steve cooley, the same fellow who has been proecting usc’s full time football players who commit crimes and get arrested from every being punished in the legal system.
    7. cooley was also ordered to appear before the same judge and show cause why he should be personnally sanctioned for his illegal behavior.
    8. is it possible that the ncaa will await the public announcement of the sanctions against usc until they have the materials from the lake vs bush case in hand?
    9. yes, it is. however, it is also quite likely that all ncaas records of the ncaa investigation will be subponaed as evidence in the lake v bush case and quite likely that certain ncaa employees will be called as witneses.
    10. every crooked football program that we are able to put out of business permanently is great for the future of notre dame football.
    GO IRISH!!

  5. Sgt. Moon - Mar 5, 2010 at 4:31 PM

    Response to TLNDMA: Bashing Tenuta’s defense was well deserved. I don’t know if it was the coaching or the defensive scheme they were put in, or both. They rarely made a big play when it was needed, and they gave up way too many big plays.
    The defense disappeared in the fourth quarter. Maybe it was the coaching. They never seemed to make solid adjustments throughout the game. Or maybe the overall physical conditioning of the players. If ND scored late in the game to take a lead, the defense seemed to collapse and couldn’t hold it.
    Whatever it was, let’s hope they get it fixed this year.

  6. Jake - Mar 5, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    I agree. Watching the defense last year was painful. It simply has to improve if ND is to progress from the dismal seasons under Tenuta.

  7. Irish Fan - Mar 5, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    What I don’t understand is why Tenuta couldn’t make it work in ND. He was highly respected at Georgia Tech and their defense always played well under him. On top of that, ND had good recruits. What is it with ND? It’s either a good offense or a good defense. But they have failed to build a complete team since Holtz left.
    (The defense was great under the first year of Willingham and Bob Davie always had a solid squad. It was Davie’s offense that could never get going.)

  8. robertg - Mar 8, 2010 at 11:15 AM

    1. admitting that you do not understand, based on the available evidence, why tenuta’s d and other factes of notre dame’s offense and defense did not appear to work well for notre dame in 2008 and 2009 is an excellent starting point and that is the same point from which we started a few years ago.
    2. after all, looking at the places where charlie and his staff were bore notre dame and have ended up for the 2010 season, the nfl and college teams that hired them obviously think very highly of each of them, despite the vicious attacks against them all in the south bend tribune, irish illustrated, irish sports daily, blue and gold and
    3. we collected facts and evidence, as we always do in every national litigation project, and we certainly got to know a great deal about the businesses of college football and college sports.
    4. while certain people outside of notre dame and a small minority of cancers within notre dame have been dishing out the fraudulent propaganda that the fault lay with charlie and his staff and with notre dame student athletes who also play football, nothing could be further from the truth.
    5.charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes did magnificent jobs on and off the fields, in the classrooms, and off the field.
    6. we all remember how notre dame was cheated out of a win over usc in 2005 through the intervention of a crew of crooked pac 10 conference officials, with the bush push being just one of many uncalled penalities against usc any one of which would have resulted in a notre dame win over the self proclaimed best college football team ever to set foot on any college football field- the usc trojans.
    6. well, the crooked officiating got worse and beter organized every single season and went nationwide, across conference lines, when the power conferences and the ncaa jointly started an operation called colege football officiating llc( they have va website), and put in charge dave parry, who had previously been covering up for crooked officials in the big 10 conference for many years.
    7. as an independent in football and as a real threat to the revenues and bonuses that go to every conference and every conference official based on the numebr of teams from each conference that get into bcs and other high payout bowl games, notre dame is and will remain, until the crooked officiating is driven out, a natural target for these crooked officials and they sure did take their whacks at notre dame in 2008 and 2009.
    8. how do they get away with the crooked officiating. the ncaa and the conference protect them through a mechanism called, ironically, the sportsmanship conduct rules which prohibit players and coaches from complaining publicly about crooked officials under a very real threat of being banned for life from college sports no matter how correct the coaches and players are about the crooked officiating,
    9. how much money is on the table for the crooked officials in addition to the bonuses from their conferences , the large bonuses for being picked to officiate a bcs or other big payout bowl game( dave parry of college football officiating llc makes those selections every season and parry picks only the crooked officials)?
    10.if dave parry has every done anything honest in his life, those honest things have not invollved college football or college football officiating.
    11. when you throw into the pot all of the payoffs offered and paid to dishonest officials every season by boosters of certain dishonest schools and the really big bucks offerred and paid by the sports bookies, the numbers are in the hundreds of millions every season.
    12. in every single game in the 2008 and 2009 seasons, charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes had to face not only the opposing teams, very few of which fielded teams composed of full time football players with zero real academic obligations.
    13. while there are always dishonest ghost penalties called against notre dame’s student athletes, the real damage is done by the uncalled penalties for completely illegal dirty hits and other conduct the clear intention of which is to inflict season or career ending injuries on notre dame student athletes- examples from 2009 being the illegal hits inflicted in jimmy during the michigan state game by 2 michigan state players and the illegal chop block by navy which put an end to the season of notre dame’s outstanding te.
    14. while the ncaa and the conferences do enforce the sportsmanship conduct rules vigorously, the ncaa simply does not enforce at all the improper benefits and academic rules, with the result that notre dame’s student athletes end up having to take the field virtually every week against team composed of full time football players with zero academic obligations, in addition to facing crooked officials.
    15. having exposed and removed from the bench many dishonset state and federal court judges all over the us, we will not have too much difficulty( we are already well along that path) taking economic wrecking balls in the civil courts to the current corrupt ncaa and conference systems and replacing those systems with 21 century high tech systems fully transparent to and accountable to the public well before the 2011 season begins.
    16. then, charlie and his staff and and notre dame’s student athletes will be able to play real college football on even playing fieds with honest 21st century high tech officiating systems.
    17. it will take us one season(2010) to drive these corrupt systems out of college football.
    18. in the meantime, we are have every confidence that notre dame’s student athletes will hold the fort for the 2010 season, although notre dame recruiting will take more whacks during the one season kelly era.
    19. perhaps kelly has kept in contact with those crooked big east confernce officials who intervened and coverted 2 cincinnati regular season losses into wins.
    20. of curse, winning with the assistance of crooked officials and by breaking ncaa rules has never been acceptable at notre dame and never will be.
    GO IRISH!!!

  9. grandspashyena - Mar 8, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    Continue to ignore

  10. TLNDMA - Mar 8, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    Yes, wise one.

  11. Shazamrock - Mar 9, 2010 at 4:13 PM

    Wow… this robertjp dude covered every point possiable but the most obvious one!
    What is that you ask?
    The one on top of his head of course!
    Does he number everything? Does he talk like that in public?
    “Number one, I’ll have latte
    Number two, with cream
    Number three, I’m going to the can to make a number two
    Number four, I wiped number two three times
    Number five, I took a leak after number two which I have listed as number three, and shook it off four times.
    Number six, if you take a leak at the same time that you are making a two while wiping the said number two similtaniously that equils a number five which requires a combo wipe and shake that is greater 6 but less than seven.
    Number seven, to properly pull off a number four you need six squares of paper, unless it generic paper, which then requires double squares to the fourth power”
    Go Irish

  12. grandpashyena - Mar 9, 2010 at 6:59 PM

    You have now subjected yourself to having all your material possessions forfitted to he of whom you speak. You join the list of entities who will feel the wrath.
    On the other hand, good thread except for the usual haze. I would love to see the Irish win at least 10 games in the fall and Kelly lead the great turnaround. A new defense, a new dedication and attitude will go a long way.
    we mere posters try to stay on the thread subjest and ignore the flack.
    Go Irish!

  13. Sgt. Moon - Mar 9, 2010 at 10:28 PM

    Shazamrock, You forgot #8 Fruitcake

  14. martyks - Mar 9, 2010 at 11:21 PM

    OMG robertg start applying for journalism schools or get a life

  15. shazamrock - Mar 10, 2010 at 8:58 AM

    sarge, a fruitcake normally has “nuts” I doubt that’s the case with bobbie the brain.

  16. robertg - Mar 10, 2010 at 4:44 PM

    1.yes, we do write and speak in manners very similar to our posts, not only in public, but in the civil courts and we remain undefeated in jury trials for more than 35 years in courts all over the us.
    2.anyone who wants just one example of hwo well i do in the civil courts can simply go online to lexisnexis by credit card and, for a mere $9, find, print out and read the unanimous decision of 3 of the most prominent federal judges in the US in United Energy Owners Committee et al. and Robert T.Gilleran vs United States Energy Management Systems et al. 837 F. 2d 356; 1988 U.S. App. LEXIS 129; 10 Fed.R. Serv.3d(Callaghan) 253 (CA, 1988, Judges Nelson,Hall, and Thompson, unanimous opinion written by Judge Hall).
    3. anyone who does spend the $9 and who prints out and reads that opinion will, contrary to the fraudulent statements previously posted by sgt. moon and his friends that they had read this opinion and not found my name at all, find that i personnally, all by myself, without any assistance from any other attorney, briefed,orally argued the case before those 3 prominent federal judges at the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit building in pasadena, CA, and won a unanimous decision on every single issue in that case.
    4. it was and is that case which made the civil rico statute the weapon that it is today and other prominent attorneys all over the US had tried for years and failed to break down the barriers which i did all by myself in that case.
    5. that case got some much national attention from prominent attorneys all over the US that that big win served as the cornerstone for the network of prominent plaintiffs’ attorneys all over the us with whom i have been working since then on national litigation projects such as this project to drive the corruption out of college football and college sports to make the world of college football and college sports safe for genunine student athletes and their honest coaches( not including kelly and his staff who simply do not qualify to coach at notre dame) who play college football and college sports with honesty and integrity and by the rules, such as charlie and his staff and notre dame’s student athletes who also play football.
    6. the standard next retort of sgt. moon and his friends,to try to change the subject, since they have no facts or evidence to counter the facts and evidence that we have posted about the current state of corruption in college football and in college sports and the illegal and dishonest conduct of a very small number of individuals in the notre dame administration, has been, in the past, to throw some fraudulent garbage at me personnally involving certain con artists and a few dishonest former california judges, 2 of whom, so far, have pled guilty to federal felonies.
    7. since, unlike sgt moon and his friends, who do not have the guts to disclose their real identities or backgrounds online, i have posted at notre dame central under keith’s article on the notre dame secondary, a very detailed exposure of the online frauds of sgt moon and his friends with respect to this california state bar con operation, with our usual citations to many cases and facts with online links so that anyone who wants to can verify the cases and facts.
    8. anyone who wants to print out and read that exposure of the frauds of sgt moon and his friends need only go to keith’s blog section and scroll down to the title of keith’s article on the notre dame secondary and click on comments and print out our detailed exposure of the frauds of sgt moon and his friends.
    9. naturally, unlike sgt moon and his friends, we include case citations and other internet links and accessing the decisions by the US and California Supreme Courts does cost $9 a case at lexisnexis by credit card,
    10. if anyone has any difficulty finding our exposure of the california state bar post, let us know and we will repost that entire post again right here.
    GO IRISH!!!

  17. robertg - Mar 10, 2010 at 6:33 PM

    1. since we have posted plenty of facts and other information with detailed internet and other links so that real notre dame fans can verify those facts for themselves, it is time to put our basic points into summary format, knowing that the backup facts and evidence and links have already been posted by us.
    2. one of sgt moon’s friends claims that he does not understand our posts about the prospects for 2010 of notre dame’s dline, oline, secondary, and other facets of college football.
    3. the facts and the evidence are quite simple in summary form. until the current corruption in college football officiating and rules enforcement, at the ncaa, conference, and crooked athletic department levels, are driven out of college football and other sports, the paper outcomes of these athletic contests and the conference and bcs and national championships will continue to mean nothing at all.
    4. in the original knight commission report, still available online, bobby knight and notre dame’s own father theodore hesburgh pointed out these same problems and suggested solutions, although they did not have access to the current 21st century high tech solutions or to the civil courts and economic violence to force the elimination of the corruption and the implementation of the 21st century high tech transparent and honest solutions that we do.
    5. the reactions of certain corrupt individuals at the ncaa and the conferences and at the schools that cheat were to ignore the knight commission report and to turn college football and college sports into the multimillion dollar a year con operation that they are today.
    6. in order to succeed, in the paper game outcome results, in football or at any other sport or in business or in the civil courts, a team like notre dame which fields teams of genuine student athletes and whose coaches, while charlie and his staff were at notre dame, recruit and develop notre dame’s student athletes as college students, as young men of high character, and as college football players, with complete honesty and integrity and by the ncaa published rules, notre dame’s student athletes who take the field every week, after grueling weeks of real academic classes and academic obligations and preparation, pursuant to the time and other limitations published in the ncaa rules( in the courts, that means that the same rules apply to every party without any favors for well financed special interest groups. in business, that means the same rules and regulations applied to every person and entity in business), must be able to play those games against opponents whose teams are also composed of real student athletes, not against full time football players whose only real connections with the schools that they play for are that they put on uniforms containing the schools’ colors and logos on saturdays.
    7. the other essential factor is that the games be honestly officiated( in the courts and in business, that means honest and competent judges, with no favors or leeway to any well financed or powerful business interests).
    8. in both of these areas, the ncaa and the conferences and the business of college football have not only failed college football and notre dame and the fans and the public, who put up the hundreds of millions to fund these so called college football spectacles every season. the current corrupt ncaa and conferences, by not enforcing the rules and by actually protecting and rewarding dishonest officials have become just another element in a vast and extremely profitable( for the corrupt insiders only) nationwide civil racketeering enterprises.
    9. by using the civil courts and economic warfare all over the us, we have driven many dishonest and incompetent judges off the bench and into federal prisons, along with dishonest prosecutors who, for decades, had been knowingly putting completely innocent people in prisons with perjured testimony and fabricated documents just to make their conviction statistics look good and to con larger budgets out of the public.
    10. however, until we came along, the honest judges, who have always been the overwheling majority, simply had no means of exposing and getting rid of their incompetent and dishonest colleagues, as they and the public now do.
    11. in each area, we have left behind well staffed and well funded nationwide watchdog organizations to make certain that the corruption does not ever creep back in.
    12. anyone can verify this information online by inputting the terms innocence projects and judicial integrity projects into their search engines and printing out and reading the materials which come up.
    13. while there are still very limited remnants of the corrupt and dishonest califorina and other state bar associations left, we have effectively exposed that corruption and dishonesty, had their funding cut back to virtually nothing by governors and legislatures, and put in motion the federal legislation to put every corrupt state bar association out of business forever and have the nation’s largest and most respected bar association, the American Bar Association take over those functions on a national basis with 21st century high tech systems fully trasparent to the public and fully compliant with the federal and state requirements of due process of law.
    14.for similar reasons, we put the corrupt state securities commissions out of business forever over a decade ago by federalizing that entire area of law.
    15. anyone who wants much more detail and evidence and online links to cases and facts and evidence on these corrupt state bar issues need only access and print out our extensive post on these issues, the references for which we have set forth above.
    GO IRISH!!!

  18. robertg - Mar 10, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    1. logic brings us to the next issues.
    2. do we really care what sgt moon and his friends post or think?
    3. with the exception of punishing them economically in the civil courts for violating our civil and legal rights and attempting to defraud real notre dame fans with their fraudulent posts, we care as much about what these people post or think as we did about the now departed from notre dame central stephen of troy and his usc friends who polluted notre dame central with remarakably similar garbage until the very day that, as we had predicted right here at notre dame central, pete carroll and his staff were forced to flee usc for the nfl to escape the ncaa sanctions.
    4. in the absence of any guts to disclose their real names or backgrounds which might possibly credibiliy to the posts of sgt moon and his friends, the issue of their motives does arise.
    5. based on the available evidence so far, we detect, so far, 3 possibilities.
    6.the 1st is that sgt moon and his friends are proprietors or fronts for the proprietors of irish illustrated, blue and gold, or other so called notre dame fan sites who have been selling fraudulent information to notre dame fans all over the world for many years and pocketing millions for years.
    7. our sources inform us that these sites have been hit with massive declines in revenues as a direct result of our posts at notre dame central and elsewhere.
    8.the 2nd possibility is that sgt moon and his friends are fronts for purcell, swarbrick, jenkins, and/or kelly and his staff who are justifiably concerned that certain key notre dame alums are quite likely to take whacks at them in the civil courts before we get to them.
    9.these notre dame alums certainly know who we are and how to find us and that we would be more than happy to make our evidence available to them while we work on higher priority ncaa, conference, and schools that cheat cases.
    10. the 3rd possibility is that sgt moon and his friends are some guys who hang around drinking beer- a subject referred to by sgt moon in his posts and who really do have nothing else in their lives.
    11. recently, swarbrick has spoken with the press and indicated that, although notre dame’s preference would be to remian independent in football, the announced expansions of the pac 10 and big 10 conferences may leave notre dame with no choice but to join a conference.
    12. based on swarbrick’s published interview with pete thamel of the new york times before charlie and his staff were illegally fired, we know that swarbrick has been a very close friend of big 10 commissioner jim delany for many years.
    13. at the same press conference, a report of which is available in the ncaaf section of yahoo sports online, swarbrick announced that he and jenkins would make that decision all by themselves.
    14. for obvious reasons, swarbrick did not slip up again and mention that purcell is really calling the shots and giving the notre dame community no say whatsoever.
    15. based on our personal experiences with purcell in the civil courts in connection with morgan stanley, we know what purcell’s motivations are.
    16. swarbrick’s objective is revealed by his past activities and statements to the press. swarbrick expects to be rewarded by being named the next president of the extremely corrupt ncaa. tragically for swarbrick, we are prime position to veto that option for swarbrick since that position is reserved for buckeye bobby knight.
    17.jenkins, like purcell and swarbrick, is much too intelligent not to understand what he is doing. however, the more detailed motives of jenkins remain to be discovered by us and by others.
    18. notre dame’s mission in this world is not consistent with having notre dame’s future determined by a gang of 3 petty dictators elected and empowered by no one.
    19. now, it is time to catch the notre dame/seton hall basketball game at the big east tournament.
    GO IRISH!!!

  19. robertg - Mar 10, 2010 at 11:05 PM

    1. we congratulate every student athlete on notre dame’s mens’ basketball team and coach brey and his staff on their very impressive win over seton hall in the big east tournament tonight.
    2. only a few weeks ago, some of the usual suspects at the so called notre dame fan sites were calling for coach brey and his staff to be fired and attacking individual notre dame student athletes.
    3. for now, those vicious voices have been silenced.
    4. unlike other posters, we have no hidden agendas with respect to college football or sports or with respect to notre dame.
    5. our operating principles are the same in every national litigation project that we take on.
    6. if anything is being done in secret, behind closed doors, or without due process of law, use economic violence in the civil courts to force all such systems out into the public with 21st century high tech and make those systems fully transparent to and fully accountable to the public or to the communities whose lives are affected by these systems.
    7. we have no desire to fire or hire any of notre dame’s athletic coaches or to have any power at all over decisions about how notre dame’s endowment funds are invested.
    8. however, to allow any such decisions to be made behind closed doors and in secret by a few individuals without consulting with the notre dame community simply does not pass any basic test of transparency, accountability, fiduciary duty, or due process of law.
    9. we tear down all such behind closed doors systems in the civil courts and we do inflict severe economic damages on every person and entity that violates those basic rules of transparency, accountability, and due process of law.
    10. while we deal in matters in which the evidence often is complicated and voluminous, our basic operating principles remain very simple.
    GO IRISH!!!

  20. shamzamrock - Mar 11, 2010 at 8:06 AM

    I read the story about ND and their d-line. Then I went to read the comments left by fans. Then I came accross a supossed lawyer who monopolizes this site as a platform for his own personal agenda in which he spews conjectour and self imposed propaganda. He posted
    4 times in one day with a combined 54 points over a 6 hour period.
    That’s just rude, obnoxious, childish, and uncalled for.
    I’ve seen his type before. You just want to converse with normal, regular guys and gals who appreciate college sports and ND.
    I’d bet that he has never played organized tackle football in his entire miserable life. I’ll also bet that he is the original party pooper as well!
    Leave it to a lawyer to ruin it for everyone.
    I’m off to find greener pastures that hosts “Regular bloggers” with whom you can have a normal exchange of ideas and opinions without being talked down to or litigated to.
    To the rest… good luck with bobbie the brain.

  21. shazamrock - Mar 11, 2010 at 10:36 AM

    Sarge, If you look, you will see that bobbie the brain spent 6hrs compiling his worthless bable. Out of all that garbage I found 4 words that he put together that makes some sence and says it all. “sgt moon and his friends”.
    Although I don’t know you, I bet that you are just a regular guy who likes a cold beer and a good football game. A pretty normal and regular guy. The type of person who has “friends”.
    Now this pusscake carries on like someone with NO friends and has to monopolize a sports blog in order to express himself to those held captive by free speach rights. Alone, with no one to turn to, he ends up here. The world is full of sad stories and he is one of them. Perhaps if he repents now, and see’s the error of his ways, comits himself to turning over a new leaf, he too may one day have a friend.

  22. Sgt. Moon - Mar 11, 2010 at 4:24 PM

    Shaz, Don’t give up on this web site. Except for one idiot, this is a very good and informative site. In my opinion, Keith does a great job putting out info regarding ND football.
    Everyone else that posts on this site does a nice job of expressing their opinions. We don’t always agree with each other, but that’s exactly what the comment section is for.
    I like to think of myself as just a regular guy. And I do love college football, especially Notre Dame.
    Stick around, the football season will be here before we know it and there will much more to talk about.
    I try to ignore that other guy, I really do!! Sometimes he just says some things and I can’t overlook it. His act is getting old though. Maybe his computer will crash.
    ROBERTG… Post #18.2 You say you don’t care what “Sgt. Moon and his friends think or post” Then why do you mention us so often throughout your ramblings?
    Also, I told you I would not disclose my name or background to you because you would probably show up at my house for tea and crumpets
    and I hate tea and crumpets

  23. Sgt. Moon - Mar 11, 2010 at 4:26 PM

    Shaz, Don’t give up on this web site. Except for one idiot, this is a very good and informative site. In my opinion, Keith does a great job putting out info regarding ND football.
    Everyone else that posts on this site does a nice job of expressing their opinions. We don’t always agree with each other, but that’s exactly what the comment section is for.
    I like to think of myself as just a regular guy. And I do love college football, especially Notre Dame.
    Stick around, the football season will be here before we know it and there will much more to talk about.
    I try to ignore that other guy, I really do!! Sometimes he just says some things and I can’t overlook it. His act is getting old though. Maybe his computer will crash.
    ROBERTG… Post #18.2 You say you don’t care what “Sgt. Moon and his friends think or post” Then why do you mention us so often throughout your ramblings?
    Also, I told you I would not disclose my name or background to you because you would probably show up at my house for tea and crumpets
    and I hate tea and crumpets

  24. Jake - Mar 11, 2010 at 6:01 PM

    Sgt. is right. Don’t give up on the site. RobertG has been around for years spamming his same old crap. He has threatened to sue everyone and everyone, a issue that has gotten him banned from most sites. You hit it right on the head when you mentioned Sgt Moon and his friends (of which I am one) and that makes him nuts. We are fans and fans stick together agree or not. This character has no friends and has no profession. He was disbared from practicing law in Calif., a fact easly checked. He’s just a bitter, sour old guy that has nothing going for him. Threatening to sue people is his only card and brother it isn’t “a daisy”.

  25. Shazamrock - Mar 12, 2010 at 7:47 AM

    Thanks fella’s.
    As a new guy here, it was kind of shocking to have to scroll down for 20 minutes because he posts so much material. He takes up the whole page!
    Everyone exspects a “heated’ argument every now and then, but to monopolize a site as a stage for one’s own agenda is just rude and insulting. You all seem to be hardened to his antics. I guess it just takes time to adjust.

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