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Starling commits to 'Huskers, ND QB plans change

Jun 19, 2010, 6:00 PM EDT

Steve Wiltfong of reports that Bubba Starling has committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, a move that likely puts Notre Dame’s recruiting plans at quarterback in a rebuilding mode.

As discussed earlier this week, the dismissal of Notre Dame baseball coach Dave Schrage could have been a factor in Starling’s decision to pick the Cornhuskers over the Irish. Whether that had a factor or not doesn’t matter now, as the Irish now move down their list of quarterback targets.

Once a who’s who of national names, the Irish offer list now lacks a favorite to commit to the Irish, with Justin Worley of South Carolina the most-likely to pledge Irish and already scheduled to attend camp in South Bend at the end of the month.

While the commitment of Starling to Nebraska is no doubt a blow, the lingering worries of a professional baseball career at least put the uncertainty of Starling maybe or maybe not playing college football out of the question. (Also worth mentioning, recruiting is never over until Signing Day.) I was curious to see what Brian Kelly and offensive coordinator Charley Molnar would’ve done with an athlete with raw skills and explosive speed like Starling, who reportedly can run a sub-4.5 forty-yard dash.

Geography could have played a factor in Starling’s commitment to Nebraska (Lincoln is three times closer to his home than South Bend) and it is possible that the stability of Nebraska’s baseball program, with Mike Anderson set for his 8th season while Notre Dame is between coaches could’ve been important to Bubba as well. But a log-jam at quarterback, where Notre Dame has three freshman QBs set for the fall and Dayne Crist has three years of eligibility could have been important. The depth chart at Nebraska seems much more favorable for Bubba, where Zac Lee seems entrenched at quarterback as a senior and Cody Green should back him up, but is far from an heir apparent. More importantly, Nebraska has only received two QB commitments in the past two seasons, leaving a depth chart that is there for the taking for Starling. Playing time is likely an important part of the decision making process for a quarterback that’ll likely be looking at a mid-six figures signing bonus out of high school as a baseball player.

We’ll know some day in the near future whether or not Bubba Starling, the football player, was a recruit worth worrying about. For now, it seems that those concerns will fall solely on the shoulders of Huskers fans. Either way, it’s a great get for Bo Pelini and the Cornhuskers.

  1. Joe - Jun 19, 2010 at 8:47 PM

    I can’t say I’m too upset they didn’t get Starling. If he committed to the Irish, we’d be uneasy until Signing Day wondering if he’d jump ship at the last second. This way, we can get a guy who really wants to play FOOTBALL for the Irish. Maybe we’ll get lucky with a guy like Jacoby Brissett, or even better, use that scholarship on a position of real need–not one already 5 deep.

  2. ugetwutuask4 - Jun 20, 2010 at 1:48 AM

    Maybe it’s because the Huskers joined the Big Ten and are apart of a conference and we’re not. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’ve always followed recruiting but not to the extent that I’ve been following it the past two years and it is sickening to think of all the hard work and effort these coaches put into recruiting, whether it’s traveling to go see these kids or rolling out the “red carpet” for these kids when they come up to visit or putting other quality talent on the “back burner” to wait and see if your gonna get you’re prized recruit and this is what happens, you get “burned”. Chris Martin, Blake Leuders, Seantrel Henderson, Tony Hurd Jr. are just a few of the names of the long list of recruits that burned ND, even if it is because of a coaching change. But at what point does a coach draw the line where either he is done waiting and it’s time to move forward or should he just go ahead and accept a pledge from another talent like a Braxton Miller or Christian LeMay or Keihl Frazier for example. We keep putting all our eggs in one kids basket and the commitment never comes to fruition. Just like Aaron Lynch another kid that we’ve been pussyfootin around with since the beginning of the year and was close to signing but still hasn’t committed and now is gonna probably end up with the Gators. Either your with us or not. It seems like the recruits are running the show and the universities and coaching staffs are pawns in a game of chess.
    Hey Bubba I hope you can throw the baseball alot straighter than a football because I don’t think Bo Pelini and his QB coach is known for developing a QB’s accuracy or passing ability. I’m just putting that out there. Your feet might get you out of trouble but at some point you have be able to deliver the ball without just throwing it up for grabs buddy.
    I was excited about landing a QB like Bubba because of his potential and what B.K. and Molnar can do when it comes to developing QB’s. Other than that there are plenty of other QB’s out there who can run just as fast if not faster and are just as elusive if not more elusive. I actually had hoped we would have signed Keihl Frazier or at least stuck with him a little longer had Bubba dragged thas whole process out as long as he did because we had a real good shot with him and actually put up better passing stats against better competition thsn Starling. I hope Coach K learned a lesson with this one.
    Go Irish!!!
    p.s. Bubba and Cornhusker has a much better ring to it than Bubba and Notre Dame FIGHTING IRISH!

  3. KY Husker - Jun 20, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    So then maybe you don’t remember when all those “Bubba’s” from Nebraska came to South Bend and owned ND? Sure you do, you know … September 9, 2000, when all those adoring Irish fans were Giving Away their tickets. I’ll bet Starling heard about that game. Maybe he just wants to be a part of a couple of sports programs whose fans are a Positive element of the game. Yeah, Bubba and Cornhusker sound good together to me too.

  4. KY Husker - Jun 20, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    So then maybe you don’t remember when all those “Bubba’s” from Nebraska came to South Bend and owned ND? Sure you do, you know … September 9, 2000, when all those adoring Irish fans were Giving Away their tickets. I’ll bet Starling heard about that game. Maybe he just wants to be a part of a couple of sports programs whose fans are a Positive element of the game. Yeah, Bubba and Cornhusker sound good together to me too.

  5. ugetwutuask4 - Jun 21, 2010 at 12:09 AM

    Good comeback. I’ve got to hand it to you that’s a good one and that you’re right, that’s exactly why I’m probably feeling this way right now as I type this message. But in the long run Bubba knows deep down inside he’s having dreams of becoming the next Steve Strasburg and will opt not to even play college ball so this is his way of not letting the Irish faithful and B.K. down. He’s actually telling us to go and grab another QB that’s going to stick around focus on playing college football full time. Bubba aint stupid neither is his mom and dad and they see that big pay day coming from the MLB anyday now in the mail. At most you’ll have Bubba in Lincoln for one year if at all. Baseball is his dream and footballs his passion but look at the NFL and how many great players are having a tough time collecting on big paydays and are at odds with management and contract disputes. If I had a choice I’d much rather play in the MLB over the NFL if I had Bubba’s skill and talent, period. P.S. good luck not getting stepped on at the bottom of the heap in the Weak Ten Network KY husker.
    Go next QB not named Bubba headed to South Bend!

  6. plfalzar - Jun 21, 2010 at 10:44 AM

    KY Husker:
    I was there at that game. I think the bigger story was that Nebraska has so little clout with ND fans that they opted to pass up tix than to watch the Irish – unranked – take your #1 team into O.T.
    Can you imagine that happening with FSU or USC? I think not.
    Sorry, bud. The only folks who pay to watch Nebraska are Nebraskans. And the only people who pay to watch Big 10 games are Big 10 fans. So this is a perfect fit for your program.

  7. scott - Jun 22, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    without a doubt you have not seen him play you are just mad because ND did not get him. the reason why ND did not get was the baseball coach got fired. That was a big part of his decision.

  8. grandavenue - Jun 23, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    So ND fans couldn’t even get up for the #1 team in the nation and that’s a DIS on Nebraska?!!?
    More like ND fans are fair weather. Check NBC’s ratings for proof.

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