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Notre Dame ranked 11th in preseason Coaches Poll

Aug 1, 2013, 1:30 PM EDT

Kelly tunnel

After a surprising twelve win season, Notre Dame will open up 2013 ranked 11th in the preseason USA Today Coaches Poll. Defending national champion Alabama is ranked first, capturing all be three of the first place votes, and Ohio State is ranked second.

The Irish will face four preseason ranked opponents this season, with Stanford setting the bar at fourth in the opening poll. Other ranked opponents include Oklahoma (16th), Michigan (17th), and USC (24th). Opponents receiving votes included Michigan State, Arizona State, and BYU.

Notre Dame is ranked outside the top ten despite returning 15 starters from a one-loss season. The only other one loss team in the poll is Oregon, ranked No. 3. The seven slots between the Ducks and the Irish are filled with two loss teams, starting with a Stanford squad the Irish beat in overtime.

The Irish opened last season 24th before finishing the year ranked No. 3 in the Coaches Poll. This is the highest preseason ranking for Notre Dame since 2006, when a Brady Quinn led Irish squad opened the season at No. 3.

The AP preseason poll will be released on August 17.


  1. danirish - Aug 2, 2013 at 10:08 AM




  2. paulhargis53 - Aug 2, 2013 at 11:15 AM

    to the poster that said contend for NC like last year… didn’t contend last year.

    Your team got squat humped on national TV in prime time.

    Right back to mediocrity for the Irish and their (wrongfully) arrogant fans.

    • ekalderf - Aug 2, 2013 at 7:05 PM

      Tiresome we get it and admit it, Alabama kicked our ass. We r not as good or as deep. We dont play by the same set of SEC–use your players, don’tgraduate them and leave them along the side of the road–rules.

      Now return to your doublewide and rooting, ironically, for players your fathers wouldn’t let use the same drinking fountain.

  3. crystalinadumass - Aug 2, 2013 at 12:48 PM

    I agree. If Gardner does well, Michigan has a chance. From what I’ve read, sports analysts have been watching him and feel he’s among top qb’s in nation. I’m a little skeptical do to turnovers and the fact that he’s only started in five games. However, he did account for at least two td’s in those starts so I’m also slightly optimistic. He’s finally out of Robinson’s shadow. Who wouldn’t want to prove a point? Call me crazy, but I see good things ahead. Go Blue!

  4. crystalinadumass - Aug 2, 2013 at 7:07 PM

    Um, no. I def meant go BLUE. We don’t say go blue and gold. That’s just weird. If you’ve never been to the big house in AA, I highly recommend it. A good time. Unless your on the losing side of things of course, then you just drink yourself stupid and cry yourself to sleep.

  5. ndfightingirishfan - Aug 2, 2013 at 7:28 PM

    ND will be carried by the D again, no doubt. Replacing many contributors in the backfield as well as pass catchers. That being said, I love the young talent and think this team will score more pts per game than last year’s squad did. Improvement in the red zone alone will increase th ppg by 7 or better.
    I have no problem with where ND is starting, but don’t like seeing Ohio State at #2, with their schedule they’ll most likely be undefeated. SEC teams will most likely drop one game, but stil would be selected if they win the SEC Champ game.

    GO IRISH!!! Hoping for another great year:)

  6. nchdomer - Aug 3, 2013 at 7:30 AM

    Except for the trolls, good comments all around. Nice to see good (meaning not hate-spewing) comments from a Michigan fan. He is right about seeing a game at the Big House. Everyone should try to get there. And as regards his comments about it not being fun if you are on the losing side, that is the case at any game – home or away. I attended with my son the ND loss at Michigan when Clausen started. I found the fans respectful and fun to engage with, even after the loss. Had a chance to go to this year’s game but have a conflict. Would like to see the renovated stadium. Sorry to see the series come to an end but that is temporary. The game will be back after more shakeout of the college football world, whether because of changes to the NCAA or conferences or more games being added. Money talks and this game makes too much to be put on hiatus forever.

    As regards the poll, I agree with most comments that ND is where it belongs at the start of the season. The other rankings reflect the usual bias for the SEC and for ESPN’s former employee, Urban Meyer. In my view, Michigan, MSU, Oklahoma and USC are underrated. These teams will be in the hunt by season’s end for a major bowl if not a championship. Overrated – Stanford, Louisville, Texas A&M, Clemson, South Carolina and Oregon.

    – Johnny Football has put too big of a bulls eye on himself and will find out how good he isn’t when everyone schemes to control him and his team will fall flat this year.
    – Oregon has a new coach and that is usually a problem, at least in the initial transition year.
    – The Old Ball Coach has fun comments but I don’t see his team ever approaching the success he had at Florida.
    – Louisville? Really?? No.
    – Clemson has a pompous coach that get’s people fired. Reminds me of a less talented JoPa. Dabo is lucky to be a head coach, in my view. Clemson and the Gamecocks will fight it out for champs of South Carolina and not much more.

    Looking forward to a very good season. I think the offense will surprise and Rees will be fine. He is mentally very tough and that overcomes a lot of physical shortcomings. Remember, two years ago he drove ND for what should have been the winning touchdown against Michigan in less than a minute. The kid can handle the pressure of big time football and a big time stage. Now he has a defense that won’t give the game away.


  7. crystalinadumass - Aug 3, 2013 at 5:18 PM

    Couldn’t agree more. Love the under the lights game and hate to see it go. I can’t wait for this years game. Should be a good one. Can we just get football started already? What, 28 days? Also excited to see that Michigan’s schedule is a little more even with Ohio State this year, so yes, Michigan got an easy schedule. No Bama game, thank god. They literally man handled kids last year. It’s embarrassing how crazy good they are. I for one, do NOT want to see Ohio State go undefeated again this year. Nothing puts me in a funk quite like a Urban Meyer and company win. And for the record, it’s SHE. I’m no dude. Haha.

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