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Irish add DT Brandon Tiassum to recruiting class

Jun 9, 2014, 11:14 AM EDT

While most of the focus has been on the recent uncertainty at quarterback in the 2015 recruiting class, the Irish went a long way towards shoring up their defensive line with the weekend commitment of Brandon Tiassum. The Indianapolis native committed to Notre Dame on Sunday, giving the Irish a run-stopping disruptor at defensive tackle, the first defensive lineman in the recruiting class.

The second Indiana prospect to commit to the Irish, Tiassum joins linebacker Josh Barajas as Hoosier State prospects that Notre Dame is collecting. With various reports putting Tiassum around 6-foot-4 or 6-5, and in the 280-pound range, he’s a big body that plays a very disruptive brand of football. He has a 4-star rating from 247, and the other major services rank him as a 3-star prospect.

Tiassum visited South Bend this weekend with his mother and it didn’t take long for him to commit to the Irish. Here’s what Tiassum told Jake Brown of Irish Illustrated, one of many quotes from the weekend that give you an idea of how Tiassum feels about Notre Dame.

“It’s just at the end it was like why go anywhere else,” Tiassum said. “They’ve already committed to me by giving me a full scholarship. There’s no point in going anywhere else. Why carry this on longer than you have to?”

Rumors swirled this weekend that the Irish were close to reeling in a defensive line prospect. By those focused on Cincinnati’s Elijah Taylor, a Moeller prospect who is reportedly down to the Irish and Ohio State. If the Irish were able to snag both interior players, Brian VanGorder’s haul at defensive tackle would be very strong.

With the Irish in the middle of a busy recruiting month, Notre Dame’s class is back to nine commitments. Tiassum joins Barajas, Nicco Fertitta and Prentice McKinney on the defensive side of the football.



  1. heartofgoldandblue - Jun 9, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    This kid seems like a reasonably athletic, big bodied DT. He’s pretty disruptive but I’d like to see how he does against some legitimate talent bc the competition in his highlight doesn’t seem too high at all. Either way it’s nice to have a DL recruit in the mix at this point. Not sure if I’m very comfortable w his quote about how he knew it was the right decision when his mother gave him the look “This is the place you need to be going”.

    • ibleedirish - Jun 9, 2014 at 1:44 PM

      More often than not, what mom says is the most important factor for a lot of these kids. Coupled with being in-state, I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t sign on the line.

      Now, we have some depth, great. How about an elite DL/DE?

    • johngaltisspeaking - Jun 11, 2014 at 11:03 AM

      I think he looks like a good player only time will tell

  2. getsome99 - Jun 9, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    So he’s really 6’2 260.

  3. mediocrebob - Jun 9, 2014 at 12:29 PM

    Looks every bit of 6’4 in his picture next to BK. Regardless of the competition talent level, kid seems athletic and is clearly not a small individual. And the good news is that he’ll have time to get bigger and stronger. Developement under BK changes my opinions of a lot of these “lower rated” recruits. If BK and company are interested, they see someone that they can mold. I like it. Hopefully they can steal Elijah Taylor from OSU .

  4. irishdog80 - Jun 9, 2014 at 1:26 PM

    I like the direction we are headed on the d-line. It will nice to get to the point where we are on the O-line…plenty of talent that redshirts as freshman to bulk up and get stronger followed by a productive 3-4 year career. With another couple of D-linemen this year, we are there. I like the word “disruptive” as a descriptor for a d-line recruit.

  5. iamgolden4life - Jun 9, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    Nice pick up this early for our D- Line . I agree Bob in that we need to land Elijah Taylor. I seen Damien Harris post his top 8 schools and it was interesting b/c I didn’t know Notre Dame was in it for him, also these three guys seem to be friends. I think whatever school lands Justin Hilliard will also pick up Joshon Cornell. Our staff needs to continue building this defense with some of the big time recruits that we are chasing. The “Irish Invasion” will give us a much clearer indication on where this class is ultimately heading. Keith if your could give us any insight on what you hear about the Equanimeous St. Brown visit tomorrow, and the Soso Jamabo visit that is taking place today it would be appreciated thanks. Go Irish!!!

    • mtflsmitty - Jun 9, 2014 at 2:43 PM

      Dude, you sound like you’re pretty plugged in. Pack a bag, throw a sleeping bag in the back seat and get your ass to South Bend for the rest of the month. As long as you can avoid loitering citations while pacing outside the Gug, you’d be in great shape to get the 411. Send pics!

  6. papadec - Jun 9, 2014 at 4:55 PM

    espn lists Brandon as their #42 ranked OG.

  7. golfboy66 - Jun 9, 2014 at 9:06 PM

    I’ve been a diehard ND fan for over 50 years, and a passionate college football fan as well. If you cut me I bleed blue and gold. Really. I’ve been there for the highs and the lows. I’ve seen it all. In my humble opinion, here are a few observations:
    1) The truly elite CFB programs have elite coaches. Alabama sucked for quite a while until Nick Saban came along and USC (barf) was bad to very mediocre in the 90’s until Pete took over the program. No one was more excited when Coach Kelly was hired than me. I figured downtimes in elite programs are cyclical and we just needed the RKG to jump start the program and within a few years we’d be back on top where we belong. I don’t see it. Kelly’s recruiting classes have averaged around 10th in the country each year since he took over and I see three very mediocre seasons sandwiched around the “perfect storm” that was 2012. A great year, no doubt, but to me it was more of a testmony to a terrific group of kids with a lot of pride and character than it was a true national championship caliber football team. If you can be objective, that season was as close to being 7-5 as it was 12-0. We used a decade’s worth of good breaks and a “never say die” attitude to end up in that National Championship Game. Although I believe that Alabama would have rolled over anybody in the country that day the score was still 42-14. Being realistic, what do you think ND’s record would have been in 2012 if we had played an SEC schedule? Which brings me back to Kelly and staff. I never saw the high octane offense or the player development I expected that I was sure would happen once he took over. What I did hear were a lot of excuses and reasons why we “just weren’t there yet”. What I saw was a lack of discipline, a lot of confusion, poor fundamentals, awful tackling and coverage, a head coach who regularly threw his team under the bus and refused to admit that he just hadn’t done a very good job of getting his kids ready to play, embarrassing red-faced sideline histrionics and a lot of losses to teams that shouldn’t be able to stay on the same field as us. That, my friends, is all coaching. If ND is ever to regain its place in the pantheon of truly elite programs Kelly and his staff have to begin developing these 3 and 4-star recruits into a disciplined, fundamentally sound football team. Great coaches figure out ways to get everything out of their players, get them to play beyond their capabilities. That is true player development. These kids are certainly big enough, strong enough, fast enough, and smart enough. Why isn’t it happening? I’ve often wondered how ND would have done these last few years if Saban ( or half a dozen other coaches that come to mind) had been running things in South Bend.
    I kind of got wrapped up in this diatribe and I realize I’m beginning to write a book so I’ll ask your forgiveness and get out of here for now. I do have thoughts on Navy as a “dangerous opponent” and why Stanford has had so much recent success (coaching) given the fact that it gets outrecruited almost every year by ND while dealing with almost the same academic recruiting issues, and the state of the USC football program (barf). God, I hate the Trojans….

    • iamgolden4life - Jun 9, 2014 at 10:07 PM

      Well if you bleed blue and gold, then I bleed Green. BK was unable to run his offense early on with Dayne Crist being under center. The kids he had were that left from the Charlie Wies era. Coach Wies failed recruiting the defensive side of the ball year in and year out. When Kelly arrived he was tasked with changing the culture in South Bend. Coach BK knew that if the Irish were going to compete year in and year out it started with stocking our defense with talent. We now are getting to a point where we have depth where we haven’t since the days of Coach Lou. We have seen a glimpse of how the offensive will look back in 2012 with a mobile red shirt freshman under center. I cannot help but think how explosive this offensive will be in the coming years, but lets not forget defense win championships, and that is exactly what we have been recruiting the last few years and I believe we are on the verge of seeing all this staffs hard work pay off. Go Irish!!!

    • irishdog80 - Jun 9, 2014 at 10:13 PM

      1. Lack of quality QB play is the main reason ND has not realized its full potential and that is only partly Kelly’s fault. He inherited Crist and lost Golson to academic misjudgement. Neither are his fault. Look at each game we have lost under Kelly and imagine a Top 10 QB under center and the record is entirely different…we primarily lost to teams led by Top 10 QBs. Check how many of them have been drafted or are in the NFL right now.

      2. Stanford, at this time, has an inherent recruiting advantage over ND. They are located in California…one of the top states for recruiting in the country. They finally got smart and realized the inherent edge they have. ND used to have the advantage of the Chicago area and Catholic high school kids from around the country. Indifferent recruiting of those potential hotbeds for ND by Davie and Willingham and an overall decline in talent from Chicago resulted in ND being a mediocre football team from Northern Indiana. Weis started repairing the pipeline and Kelly has it starting to flow while adding new territory. He has a plan.

      Let’s see how the team does this year with a Kelly QB and loads of talented skill position players with a massive offensive line. I like where we are headed. If this year is not so good…you may have a point. That said with likely up to 20 returning starters in 2015, we may have to wait two years for a true referendum on Kelly.

      • heartofgoldandblue - Jun 9, 2014 at 10:51 PM

        Was going to post but no need now, well said.

      • onward2victory - Jun 10, 2014 at 2:47 AM

        I-dog: I totally agree with you on your point that it’s a year or two too early to judge Kelly yet. And the QB point is definitely valid.

        But I think you’re way off with the Stanford analysis. Any advantage they have by being located in CA is negated by their academic standards. I know NDs are tough too, but Stanford is on another level with strict admissions. As hard as it is to admit it, the truth is that Stanford has had exceptional coaching. They have not recruited all that well, but they get the most of their players. And yes they had Andrew Luck for part of this run, but they have not had a top 10 QB since then. I can only hope that ND can get the type of coaching and player development that Stanford has had. We might be on track, but like I said, we’ll know within a couple years.

      • mediocrebob - Jun 10, 2014 at 9:00 AM

        I’ll have to respectfully disagree. Stanford has recruited fairly well. And I’m not so sure that what Stanford did was maybe loosen their academic standards a tad for football’s sake. Just built a new stadium. Needed to start making $$$$. Just my opinion on the standards.

      • irishdog80 - Jun 10, 2014 at 11:14 AM

        Check the recruiting ratings and you will see that Stanford has recruited very well to good. Some believe they recruited the best offensive line class “ever” two years ago. Add in Barry Sanders, Jr. and a host of TE and skill players and you have a team that has maintained the forward momentum set in motion by Harbaugh. Keep in mind that my point is basically that Stanford has an advantage in being in Northern California…from a recruiting perspective. Most kids like the idea of staying close to home and Stanford is close to the home of a lot of very good football players.

      • onward2victory - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:13 PM

        Rivals class rankings:
        2014: ND 11, Stanford 14
        2013: ND 3, St. 64 (?!?!)
        2012: ND 20, St. 5
        2011: ND 10, St. 22
        2010: ND 14, St. 26

        Avg: ND 12, St. 26 (17 if we exclude 2013).

        Coaching records:
        Kelly: 35-13. .729.
        Shaw: 34-7 .829.

        Look I really like coach Kelly and what he’s done with the program. I think he’s a top 10 coach in CFB. But facts are facts: Over recent years, Stanford coaches have done more with less.

      • irishdog80 - Jun 10, 2014 at 2:19 PM

        Andrew Luck versus Tommy Rees and Dayne Crist.

        Golson and Rees combined to beat Hogan.

        Big edge to Stanford on the QB front. Put Luck on the 2010 and 2011 ND teams instead of playing at Stanford and you have completely different results on the field for ND during those years. Put Golson on ND in 2013 and we go 10-2 at worst.

        It’s the QB…and not completely, the Coach.

      • irishdog80 - Jun 10, 2014 at 2:25 PM

        By the way, Stanford had a really low recruiting ranking the one year since they had stockpiled a bunch of 5 year players for the 2013 season so they could not bring in a big class. They got some solid recruits just not a bunch of them due to the numbers situation they were in.

    • idratherbeinsouthbend - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:18 AM

      The truth is, golfboy66 makes some very good points. I won’t tip my hand and say that I agree with him, but to discount anything he has written is probably a “homer’s” perspective.

      As for irishdog80’s reply…top 10 QB’s like who? AJ McCarron? Shoelace Robinson? Oklahoma’s system QB? Pittsburgh’s QB? We’ve been beaten by just as many Tommy Rees types as drafted QB’s. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but the evidence doesn’t support your theory.

      The big factor in being “elite” in my eyes (and I’m blind as a bat) is that the “elite” teams run over EVERY lesser opponent on their schedule.

      I realize that ND has one of the toughest schedules year in and year out….and I KNOW that Notre Dame gets their opponents “best” because they are Notre Dame, but don’t you think Alabama and Florida State and Miami and USC and Oregon do too? If you are nationally loved, you’re also nationally hated. Hence, you get your opponents “best shot”

      Are we headed in the right direction? Yep…but I wouldn’t dare declare us NC contenders every year until we start rolling Purdue and Tulsa and Pitt and Navy, etc. EVERY YEAR.

      Then we have arrived. Until that time, i’ll just enjoy the climb….cause I’m sure it’s coming.

      • irishdog80 - Jun 10, 2014 at 11:21 AM

        Top 10 College QBs.

        What do Tom Savage, AJ McCarron, GJ. Kinne, Kirk Cousins, Mark “Butt Fumble” Sanchez, Andrew Luck, BJ Daniels, Landry Jones, EJ Manuel, and Denard have in common? They all have either played in the NFL, been drafted by the NFL or are currently on an NFLroster.

        What do Tommy Rees and Dayne Crist have in common? Neither was drafted by an NFL team, played for an NFL team or are currently on an NFL roster.

        Look it up. Top 10 College QB to me means they were rated by the NFL as a Top 10 QB in their class…they were drafted, or they have made an NFLteam and played in a game…BJ Daniels, or the NFL thinks enough of them to carry them on their active roster.

      • idratherbeinsouthbend - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:07 PM


        I stand corrected. But here’s the list of guys that could be in my pickup basketball league…

        Sean Renfree
        Matt Scott
        Rusty Smith
        Brad Sorensen
        Dustin Vaughan
        Keith Wenning
        Austin Davis
        Zac Dysert
        Kory Faulkner
        Ryan Griffin
        Chandler Harnish
        Brock Jensen
        Brendon Kay
        Logan Kilgore
        Jeff Matthews

        …except they aren’t in my pickup basketball league…they are all current NFL Quarterbacks. Dayne Crist and Tommy Rees aren’t that far off from these guys…the only thing that separates them from the list above is coaching and opportunity.

        So, you’re right, those QB’s were quality, but I’d disagree that the QB discrepancy is the “main” reason.

      • irishdog80 - Jun 10, 2014 at 2:29 PM

        Interesting list, but none of those players has shown the same kind of promise of the list I presented.

    • papadec - Jun 10, 2014 at 2:10 AM

      Well OK, so Kelly isn’t the second coming of Lou Holtz – yet. I’m going to reserve my final judgement on that, until these next two seasons are in the books. These are now HIS players. If the cupboard is bare – it’s on him, and only on him. I still have $50 on the Irish @ 15-1, and another $50 @ 25-1, to take it all this season. Yeah, I know the guys in the white jackets are pounding on the front door as I post. BUT, hot damn, if they do it – what a party!!!!!!

    • mediocrebob - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:51 AM

      There are a lot of NC teams that can say that they easily could’ve had 3 losses. OSU in 2002 almost lost (deserved to lose) to Cincinatti and Purdue just to name a few. And that wasn’t the cinci of today which is improved.

      Also, I’ll take a team that plays with pride like 2012 over a lot of teams. And what’s wrong with the recruiting classes? You want Weis back with his top 3 classes that never develope. I’ll take the number 10 class guaranteed every year with a good coach like BK that developes.

    • mediocrebob - Jun 10, 2014 at 8:53 AM

      This was a god awful rant. With exception to the hatred of the Trojans.

    • johngaltisspeaking - Jun 11, 2014 at 11:57 AM

      I have faith in Brian Kelly but I don’t think he is the coach that can bring us to the promised land. Dont get me wrong he is the best coach that we have had in a long time. The 12-0 year as great as it seemed was one luck year. Still winning all 12 games as you all know is extremely hard but I think Pitt could have saved us from a huge embarrassment if they had made that field goal. We had no reason to be on that field with Alabama and I think that hurt us more than it helped us.

      So here is my gripe with the current team.
      Notre Dame is recruiting much better than its playing on the field. Last season I saw the tipping point of mass confusion and disorganization. In addition I saw a defense that was disassembled by Saban and the same blueprint was used by every team to make our top defense look average at best. Personally I am glad Diaco is gone its time to bring in someone new. When I look at some of these other teams like Stanford Missouri Oregon who have less talent and who can do more the red flag is thrown on coaching. I have yet to see a polished Notre Dame team on the field and I am sorry Brian K has had plenty of time to figure out a game plan. Granted Golson was gone he still should have been able to win at least 9 games plus a bowl game. Losing to Pitt is 100 percent unacceptable. How we struggle against Pitt every year is beyond me. Pitt are you serious ? Beating USC by 7 points while on sanction is a complete joke. WE never once handed an ass whipping on USC. 14 – 10 last year, UCLA 35-14, Arizona State 62-41 Mike leeches second year team 10-7 1 pointless than Notre Dame. Sure we won but get ready for a change. USC is out of sanctions and the mighty Trojans are posed to signed at least 4 – 5 star recruits with a plethora of 4 star playmakers. They could end up with a top 3 recruiting class this year. This year could be the last we see a win against the Trojans. This is going to be a huge year for Notre Dame. BK has all of his own talent and he has 0 excuse to not win at least 10 games. If Brian K can’t win with this talent forget it . Time to rinse and repeat. No more excuses I want to see something that resembles a cinci offense not the look of a team that belongs in the MAC conference.

      I also want to say I think we are going to start to see a HUGE gap between teams like Alabama and the rest of CFB. Nick Saban is stockpiling massive amounts of talent. His classes could end up in the CFB history books. As USC battles with Alabama and other teams like LSU, and FSU stockpile talent you are going to see power NFL draft teams. Nobody in CFB will be able to compete with these teams. So when you see Brian K signing all of these 3 star players I hate to say its not looking good. Personally I think this class will end up between 18 and 15 position. As much as I love the Irish I just don’t think we’ll ever see them back on top of CFB. So much has changed and the bottom line we will never be able to compete with teams like USC, Alabama, Florida State LSU when it comes to talent. Can we win 9 or 10 games with our talent ? YES Can we make a run at a big bowl game ? YES Will we win ? Coin Toss. I think Notre Dame fans need to take a good hard look at who we are in todays football world. We are an academic School first and a football team second. If we can be as good as Stanford at some point I think we should be proud. But we will never ever be the Alabama of today.

  8. iamgolden4life - Jun 9, 2014 at 10:40 PM


  9. fnc111 - Jun 9, 2014 at 11:23 PM

    Crist still had the best single season of any QB under Kelly. Sadly he had a terrible defense up until he got hurt again vs. Tulsa. It’s too bad Kelly went all in on the turnover machine and a guy that was known to have academic troubles, EG, from the beginning. Kelly has plenty of blame for the poor QB play of late. There is a reason why he brought in a QB coach this season. It’s year five. Time to stop making excuses for the coach and Obama. Blaming Weis and Bush still?

    • iamgolden4life - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:00 AM

      Well fnc I guess it’s coach BK’s fault for Tommy not being as athletic as you would like and having to lead a young group of guys early in their career, and I”ll assume it’s also BK’s fault that Everett decided to cheat on a test and lose a year of his eligibility. If only you got paid for stating the obvious you would not have to spend your time with us here and you could coach up your bush league softball team. I know guys like you, or maybe women like you, will only see the negatives in things. Unlike you I see what looks to be a bright future for the Notre Dame football program, and yes it is b/c of coach BK and his staff for working their butts off on the recruiting trail year in and year out. Get Real Kid!!!! We Are ND

      • idratherbeinsouthbend - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:26 AM

        good points golden, but just too clarify great recruiting does not equal great coaching.

        I’m not blaming BK for the fact that we don’t have four national championships in four years, but, like every sport, college football games are not won on Saturday. They are won on every day BUT Saturday, with preparation AND recruiting.

        You’re right, BK and staff ride recruit in Beast mode. But that’s only half the job as it equates to winning.

        Every play called on Saturday is the right play if it’s executed correctly. And that execution comes from preparation.

      • ndrocks2 - Jun 10, 2014 at 2:46 AM

        This is BK’s fifth season coming up and Golson will be back for his second season the other three were Rees/Crist. So three of the first four years we endured Weis recruits. You could say we were lucky they were here because to date Golson is the only BK QB recruit who has taken a snap in four years. Four seasons is a long time for any coach to get a pass on poor QB play and still be able to blame the predecessor.

        Bottom line when Golson flamed out he had not recruited anyone who hadn’t already transferred who was ready. Malik was an incoming freshmen and not ready for the sophisticated BK offense. A common point BK mentions often that they cannot possibly know the entire playbook IE Golson, Hendrix, Malik, etc. in one year. All of these guys are smart enough to get admitted to ND put can’t run the yet unseen offense. Rees it appears was smart enough but not physically able to run it to its maximum potential. This offense must really be something and I can’t wait until we see it and stop hearing about it.

        This season is on BK and he has (currently) two of his recruits as backups. I agree with our OL and skill position players this offense should be quite capable of putting points on the board. Hopefully this all becomes a moot point, as a team there is not anyone left from the Weis era to blame.

        No more excuses. GO ND!!!

      • idratherbeinsouthbend - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:11 PM

        “Four seasons is a long time for any coach to get a pass on poor QB play and still be able to blame the predecessor.”

        very well stated ndrocks…perfectly stated, in fact

      • jerseyshorendfan1 - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:43 PM

        @iamgolden……….Easy on the deer antler spray there big fella, you’re quickly becoming the bully of the board with your personal attacks. The old timers here like a more congenial discussion.

  10. yaketyyacc - Jun 10, 2014 at 7:45 AM

    Coach Kelly has been working hard, recruiting, teaching his system, choosing better and better coaches. While doing so, he has had some good and some fair, and some plain lucky seasons.
    2014 will tell the tale. The schedule is tough, but provides the fodder to excel, the players surely ARE the best, and the coaching is top shelf. lf the Irish do not win No. 1 this year, it is not going to happen in 2015, 16, 17 etc.

  11. golfboy66 - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:17 PM

    Nick Saban took over a woeful Alabama program and two years later won a NC, with Greg Mcelroy as his QB, and, I assume, using mostly players from recruiting classes he had nothing to do with. He then proceeded to win NC’s two of the next three years. Pete Carroll took over a barely .500 USC team and turned the program immediately, with other coaches recruits, winning NC’s in his second and third years on the job. If you want examples closer to home, Ara Parseghian took over a ND program that had gone 19-30 during the five years before he arrived, promptly went 16-3-1 his first two years, then won a NC. Lou Holtz took over a mess from Gerry Faust, went 13-10 his first two years, then won a NC. Those are the facts, fellas. It’s all about coaching.
    To Irishdog: You’re exactly right. Stanford does have an inherent recruiting advantage over ND. simply by being in California. The funny thing is ND has creamed Stanford in class rankings in three of the last four years.
    Trying to post a well thought out, honest personal opinion on this site without being attacked is like trying to convince my born again sister, who I love with all my heart, that the earth is not 6000 years old. That’s OK. I knew who I was dealing with when I posted my “God awful rant”. Go Irish!!


    • irishdog80 - Jun 10, 2014 at 3:44 PM

      No doubt, coaching makes a big difference. In the case of Saban, Carrol and even Ara, they took over programs with better talent and QBs than Kelly had when he arrived at ND. That said, Kelly has not been perfect by any means. We are definitely better off than when he started and he is just one glamour QB away from having a pretty good run. With the talent that he and his staff have stockpiled over the past 4 years, we look ready for a solid run of consistent Top 10-15 rankings and a couple of shots at a National Championship. If it doesn’t happen, it must be the coaching. We shall see and it will be fun to watch.

      Go Irish!

  12. iamgolden4life - Jun 10, 2014 at 12:41 PM

    Is Keith on vacation? when does the mailbox close? Anybody know how the Soso Jamabo visit went yesterday? Also heard Elijah Taylor may have secretly committed over the weekend. Keith if your out there could you confirm any of this for us. thanks

  13. iamgolden4life - Jun 10, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    @jerseyshorendfan1…………. I apologize to you, I always seem to forget how sensitive you women can be when it comes to how men debating sports. WeAreND!!!!

    • jerseyshorendfan1 - Jun 11, 2014 at 1:05 PM

      Good one. That hurt me so bad. You just prove my point dumbass. Did you take anyone’s lunch money away today bully?

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