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Mayock talks about NFL Draft potential for Irish players


Yesterday, Mike Mayock hosted a conference call with reporters to discuss NFL Draft prospects. The NFL Network draft analyst, who also calls Notre Dame football games with Dan Hicks, held a marathon conference call, a multi-hour event that showcased Mayock’s ridiculous knowledge base.

Throughout the call, Mayock talked about various Notre Dame players that will be taking part in the NFL Scouting combine. Here’s a smattering of what he said.

On Bennett Jackson:

“I think Bennett Jackson is a corner with some length. He’s got to get stronger. He’s got some pretty good movement skills but he’s not an elite speed guy, so he has to use his length to compete on the outside and I think he’s probably going to be mid to late draftable, somewhere in that fifth round or so.”

On the Arizona Cardinals targeting Zack Martin in the first round:

“I think he can play tackle, but the beauty in this kid is he can play all five positions in the NFL and some teams look at him as a Pro Bowl there for playing at tackle doesn’t make much sense. So I think the first part of that question is, I think Zack Martin is going somewhere in that range, plus or minus 20. If he’s available, do the Cardinals buy into him as a tackle.”

On Troy Niklas continuing Notre Dame’s run at Tight End and what he’ll show at the Combine:

“He’s an interesting guy, first of all, because of his size. You’re talking 6 6 and a half, 265, played outside linebacker, his freshman year, converted to tight end. Only had two years of college football at tight end. The first year he had Tyler Eifert who had most of the attention while he was trying to learn the position. So effectively, you’re looking at one year of production as far as catching the football, so I think what he is, if he commits to becoming a good in line blocker, he could be the best blocking tight end in the NFL in two or three years.

“And if I was him, if I was his father or I was his coach, I would try to impress upon him that he should try to become the best blocker he can. He’ll make a lot of money for a lot of years. Secondly he’s a better receiver than people think. He is not Tyler Eifert, he’s not a 4 5 guy, but a 4 8 kind of guy, he can catch the ball short or intermediate, understands how to use his body to position it.

“So I don’t think he’s getting out of the second round because I think there’s a drop off after him. So I think he’ll be a valuable commodity in the second round. I think he’s in between Kyle Rudolph, I think he’s a better blocker than Kyle, but not as good a receiver as Kyle, if that makes sense.”

On Chris Watt: 

“I think Watt is a better football player than people have given him credit for in the past. I think he’s a starting guard or center in the league. He’s smart enough, quick enough, tough enough and has the size for center. I gave him a third-round grade as a guard. I think he’s a starting left guard in the NFL.”

On the draft fates of Nix and Stephon Tuitt:

“Regarding Nix, some teams and general managers really like him. He’s a prototypical nose tackle, big kid. He’s got good short area quickness for a 330 pound guy but he had the knee last year, he flashed but didn’t play at a high level all the time. He’s got to be a little bit lighter. He’s got to play at 330.

“So the question is, can he push the edge a little bit; can he gain an edge and push the pocket, and if you believe in that, then he’s probably a top 20 pick because he’s a player 330 pound nose tackle with some movement skills. If you don’t believe that, you can get some pass rush out of him, he probably isn’t a top 20 pick for your team.

“The Stephon Tuitt kid, there’s opinions everywhere, again. Now, this kid had a groin issue coming off 2012. He was a little bit heavy. He’s probably at this point, 6 6, 330 pounds, he’s probably grown into a five technique which is the defensive end in a 3 4. Doesn’t have as much value as a three technique or a 3 4 outside backer. So without getting real technical, I think Stephon Tuitt, if he went somewhere between 25 and 50, it wouldn’t surprise me.”

Knee surgery ends Louis Nix’s season

Louis Nix

After missing games against Air Force and Navy to rehabilitate an injured meniscus, Louis Nix returned to the field to play against Pitt. In the Irish’s 28-21 loss, Nix battled through double teams and a sore knee to notch five tackles, a game that’ll likely be his last at Notre Dame.

After practice Thursday evening, Brian Kelly announced that Nix underwent surgery to repair the same torn meniscus, ending Nix’s season and potentially his collegiate career. Nix hasn’t formally decided what to do next season, but did take 19 credit hours this semester (a full load is considered 15 hours), so he could officially graduate at the semester break.

If this is the end for Nix, he’ll be remembered as one of the most dominant defensive players of the post-Holtz era, likely going in the first round of the NFL Draft, rarefied air for a front seven player at Notre Dame.

A unique fit at Notre Dame from Jacksonville’s Raines High School, Nix committed to the Irish between head coaches, stuck with it in South Bend through home sickness and ups and downs, and became one of the team’s most beloved players, thanks to his ever-present smile and sparkling personality, showcased on his Twitter account.

Nix will still fulfill his goal of celebrating Senior Day with his mother. According to Kelly, Nix and his mom will walk to midfield together on Saturday.

Stay Golden, Louis Nix


Louis Nix. The ultimate troll.

As the Irish were warming up before the game against Pittsburgh, Twitter was a buzz after a few beat reporters noticed that Nix was wearing sweats during the pre-pregame warm-ups, unusual for the defensive tackle.

A set back in the knee injury? A sign that Nix wouldn’t be able to play?

“I wanted to mess with people,” Nix said this week. “That was intentional, going out on the field with sweats on. I just wanted to mess with you guys a little bit.”

Nix got a few chuckles from the group of reporters interviewing him after that reveal. And really, they haven’t stopped chuckling for the four years Nix has spent in South Bend.

We’ll spend more time talking about the Louis Nix story, which hasn’t necessarily written its final chapter in South Bend.

In all reality, with a degree in hand and a spot likely in the first round of the NFL Draft, Nix will play his final game in Notre Dame Stadium next Saturday. But after undergoing PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy to treat a knee injury that kept him off the field against Air Force and Navy (and has sidelined running back Greg Bryant, who is carrying roughly 150 pounds less than the defensive tackle, for the season), Nix talked about the drive to get back on the field.

“Louis Nix is not a selfish guy. He’s a guy that loves his brother, his teammates, his coaches, selfishly I wanted to go out there and play for myself,” Nix said, going third person for extra credit. “I like playing the game, and I don’t like being on the sideline. It’s hard to see guys go out there and play and you wish you could be out there making plays.”

Then in vintage Nix style, he started campaigning for postseason accolades.

“I want to win an award. I can’t be on the bench and win an award,” Nix said. “I guess we need to start pushing that guys.”

If there’s an award to be won, it’ll likely need to be done next season, with Nix eligible for a fifth year after sitting out his debut season in South Bend. But if there’s stress in that decision — or really, any — Nix isn’t showing it.

When the South Bend Tribune’s Eric Hansen asked Nix if he had applied for the insurance policy afforded players of Nix’s level by the NCAA, the Film, Television and Theatre major scoffed.

“Who me? Naah. I don’t have it,” Nix said. “Naah, I don’t need it.”

Stay Golden, Louis Nix.