ESPN previews the Fighting Irish


The GameDay crew at ESPN decided to sit down and talk about the upcoming season for the Irish. Overall, some pretty level-headed discourse, but one of the biggest disappointments of it all was this:

Where is Mark May?

May has gotten under the skin of most hard-core Notre Dame fans with his good cop, bad cop shtick with Dr. Lou for the past few years, but he was nowhere to be seen when the guys made their predictions for the season.

Lou is already on record with his expectations this year, but hearing Kirk Herbstreit predict 10 wins and a BCS appearance has to make optimistic Irish fans feel better about the Kool-Aid they’ve been drinking.

And starting Monday, I’ll be joining Robert Smith in the “Fear Nevada!” camp. While I don’t think you can dismiss the pure mediocrity that was the 2008 Nevada defense, I’m not looking past game one with eyes toward Ann Arbor. Smith’s prediction of 9 wins seems to be the baseline of the pragmatic optimist.