Forcier family could be all sorts of crazy


It’s pretty tough to be objective when you’re dealing with a quarterback like Tate Forcier.

While his debut was certainly impressive, it’s hard to root for the kid when you dig a little deeper into the freshman Michigan quarterback. As I mentioned earlier today, even Charlie Weis, who can find something complimentary to say about Nevada’s 119th ranked passing defense, had this to say when asked about Forcier:

“Yeah, he’s been here, we visited him, we know him and his whole family, we know the whole ball of wax. It was interesting I
haven’t thought about him for a while, but it was interesting he went
to four high schools in four years, I think. I’d have to go back and
look at that, but I think it’s four high schools in four years so it
was tough to keep track of him a little bit, to tell you the truth.”

It’d be hard for many Notre Dame fans to like Tim Tebow if he were Michigan’s quarterback. Yet this home-schooled Californian, whose private quarterback coach was father-of-the-century nominee Marv Marinovich, is also part of the family website Here’s a little sampling:

“Quarterback mostly comes down to SPEED: Ball Speed, Foot Speed,
Decision Speed + Heart will put you over the top and add the ‘MAGIC’
which very few athletes have (not to be confused with dumb luck) you’ve
got a SUPER-STAR!”

The website has to be one of the more ridiculous ones out there. It’s a bizarre mix of coach-speak, press releases, and self-promotion. (They’ve got scanned copies of offer letters from different coaches across the country.)

Hopefully gets a look at the website before the game on Saturday. I’ve got a feeling it’ll give them some added motivation.