That's what he said: Charlie Weis


“I was letting them know that’s my right. As they tell you before the
game, If you need me, you tell one of the guys on the sideline to come
and get me. I have to be careful when I say this. I have Big 10
officials coming in this week again. But that game left a lot to be
desired. I’m not blaming the officiating for the game. But let’s start
with Armando. I watched that tape a hundred times this morning, okay?
Just like when I watched it when it happened, just like their two guys
that were standing right on top of the play when it happened. From what
I understand, the TV copy on top of it, I still haven’t heard anyone
tell me there’s any evidence of Armando stepping out of bounds.
The way I thought the rule is supposed to be, it’s supposed to be
conclusive evidence. I’m perturbed at that call.”