Mr. Floyd will be ready

Today is “Let’s look at the positives” Tuesday.

And one of the
biggest positives I can think of is that Mister Michael Floyd (MMF)
will most likely be in the lineup and ready to torch the Spartans this

“He took 15 stitches in his knee. I think, more than anything else, he’s a
little stiff and a little sore, but he doesn’t have any damage to his
knee, other than he has 15 stitches, which in its own right is damage.
He landed on that track. He didn’t land on the turf. His knee hit the
track, that hard surface. When he landed, it cut his knee open. What
they did at first, by the time I got down to the end zone, they had
bandaged it up. He was saying, No, no, no. He thought that the bone was
sticking out, career ending injury. By the time they brought him in and
stitched him up, he had come back and told when they were on that last
drive, he came up and said, If the game goes overtime, he’s ready to
go. You know, it never came to that decision. I wouldn’t have done that
at that point. But I think he was going to try to go. Jim today said
he’ll be a little sore; we might have to ease him into the week. He
doesn’t anticipate there being any problems for him for game time this

I know these comments are from Sunday, but after seeing Floyd hit the
track, and seeing the immediate gash and bizarrely white color to the
wound, I thought it was a bone sticking out, too. And if we lost both
the Michigan game and MMF, well… let’s just say I wouldn’t be happy.

Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune caught up with Floyd.

fine,” Floyd said. “Just banged my knee up a little bit. It was just a
slight little cut, and I’ll be good to go next week and in practice.”

didn’t really want to force it too much,” Floyd said. “I think it was
strictly up to me, if I wanted to come back in the game, and I just
didn’t think I was ready.”

Floyd has 11
catches, 320 receiving yards, and four touchdowns through two games.
And if you asked me before the season who would be the big play/deep
threat between Floyd and Tate, I’d have guessed that it’d be Tate
putting up the higher YPC average and Floyd getting a ton of touches.

Either way, it’s good to know that Floyd will be back in uniform for a MUST WIN game Saturday. 

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