Weis talks Boston College… kind of.

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Charlie Weis met with members of the media after practice Thursday to talk about the upcoming game against Boston College. While the session was relatively brief, and relatively light on BC Eagle related material, here are some things that came out of the session.

* Robby Parris is healed. Like I mentioned this morning, Robby Parris had his status upgraded to questionable, and now he’s probably starting Saturday.

“He’s actually a go,” Weis said. “I’m really surprised to. He’ll be out there right from the first play, he just practiced full speed today, so unless he has a setback tonight, he’ll be out there from the start.”

* Weis was asked about the 20 hour rule (remember that one, Michigan?) and what it meant now that the team wasn’t bound to its limitations this week.

I think the first thing is they got a lot more sleep,” Weis said. These guys usually get going by 6 in the morning, and their day goes until 10:30 at night. That’s a long day and that’s pretty regular. I think they got a lot of sleep, they got treatment and they got a chance to watch more tape. I think the fact that the students weren’t around, especially psychologically coming off that loss, I think it was very tranquil. There was a lot of peace and quiet around here.”

* Earlier in the day, the Pac-10 officiating crew ruled that Notre Dame’s touchdown on the fake field goal should have been disallowed. AP writer Tom Coyne tried to get a comment out of CW. Charlie didn’t oblige… kind of.

“I will have no comment on that,.” Weis said before getting goaded into answering a similar question.

“I told them we’ve got the kitchen sink. I’m not going to tell the Pac-10 officials ever that we’ve got a special play. I won’t tell them the next time either. What I usually say is that we’ve got a bunch of wrinkles planned.”

* Someone brought up Mike Haywood, last year’s offensive coordinator and now the head coach of the University of Miami (Ohio) RedHawks. Haywood’s team is an ugly 0-7, with it’s closest game being 10 point losses.

“We talked Monday as a matter of fact. We usually text, because it’s
usually tough to run each other down. He’s plugging along, playing a
bunch of young guys. Not to make an analogy to 2007, but he’s playing 14
freshman, and his quarterback is a redshirt freshman. So he’s going
through some growing pains.”

* When asked about the potential shakeup at safety, Weis was pretty succinct. 

“You could see Sergio in the game, you could see Jamoris Slaughter in the game. You could see those guys in the game. Both of them.”

If I were in the room, I’d probably have asked about Harrison Smith as well, since it was reported in a few reporters notebooks, that he spent time in Tuesday’s practice working with the linebackers.