Weekend Primer: Making a statement

We’re about five-and-a-half hours away from kickoff, and as I watch the early games — specifically Iowa once again struggling with a mediocre team — the importance of the Irish making a statement tonight grows.

While it’s too early to be reading them, the stars are aligning for the Irish to make a move up the rankings. As teams continue to lose games, if the Irish can find themselves in a slew of two-loss teams, it’ll be easier and easier for the Irish to leap-frog their way into the BCS discussion.

Tonight’s game against a woeful Washington State team gives the Irish an opportunity to earn some much needed style points, and to simply keep their head down and take care of business.

In an evening so packed with great sports that I’m struggling to find a way to watch them all, the Irish need to put the throttle down and bury the Cougars early.

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