Weekend Primer: T minus 90 minutes…


… Get ready for another live-blog coming soon, as Notre Dame prepares to take on Navy. It’s a beautiful day in South Bend (and in St. Paul, MN where I’m reporting live from).

A quick update from the early games shows Texas struggling with UCF, leading only 7-3 in the second quarter. Iowa continues their high-wire act, trailing Northwestern 14-10, and losing Ricky Stanzi to an ankle injury. Pitt leads Syracuse 6-3 as halftime approaches, Miami and Virginia combine for 27 points in the first quarter, and Wisconsin leads Indiana 17-7 with five minutes left in the first half.

It’ll be great to see Michael Floyd back on the field for the Irish, and see what Charlie decides to do with his full allotment of toys. I suspect he’ll remind the guys about the late game collapse last year, and I expect the Irish to go out, take care of business, and not take their foot off the gas.