Weis says firing would be understandable


Charlie Weis didn’t avoid his Sunday press conference this week, not did the press attending avoid asking the tough questions. While we could go on and on breaking down what he said, this exchange breaks down the debate in its essence:

Q: I know you love it when we bring up quotes from early in your career when you first got here. But —
COACH CHARLIE WEIS: I do not recall. (Laughter)

Q: Then I may have to remind you.
COACH CHARLIE WEIS: I do not recall. I might have short-term memory here, if you’re going to reminisce at this point.

Q: I’ll make it real quick. The comment about 6 and 5 is not good enough.
COACH CHARLIE WEIS: And I still agree with that.

Q: And so my question is, then, do you feel that because that’s not good enough, is there a justification on the university’s part to call an end to this era?
COACH CHARLIE WEIS: You know something, if they decide to make a change, okay, I’d have to say that I’d have a tough time. I’d have a tough time arguing with that. They decided to make a change. I’d have a tough time arguing with that. Because 6 and 5 isn’t good enough. Especially when you’ve lost five games by a touchdown or less. And several 3-point games and you’re right down to the wire. My intent is to be here. Okay. But if that were the rationale, I mean it would be tough for me to argue with that point.

While commenters have been quick to jump all over me for supporting Weis, I feel the exact same way about the situation. If your rationale is bottom-line based, then I’ve got no problem with making a change. And from the sound of it, Charlie doesn’t either.

That said, I don’t support change for change’s sake. I expect the Notre Dame jet to spend time in all the expected places, and maybe a few unexpected. (Say Denver, for a visit with Mike Shanahan.)  And while I’ll probably get killed for it, I wouldn’t mind Weis returning, as long as the team figures out what to do with the defense.