Quinn wants Weis to stay


Stuck in his own nightmare season, Brady Quinn still found time to support his college coach.

“Personally I think it would be a horrible decision if they did make
that change,” Quinn said. “I think there are a lot of circumstances
that play into seasons like this. Hopefully he’ll have an opportunity
to have another year with the guys.”

Quinn making a statement in defense of Charlie Weis says a lot about the character of Brady. He’s been stuck in a season where he spent three games as a starter, lost his job after playing poorly, then watched Derek Anderson keep the starting job even while playing historically bad football. Quinn finally got another chance to play… against the stout Ravens defense, looked understandably shaky, but had the best game of his professional career last week, where he was a stupid pass interference penalty against winning the ball game.

It’s interesting that Quinn talked about the circumstances that play into “seasons like this.” I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of people this week that have been around major football programs and they all said something similar.

One especially interesting insight came from a current coach, who broke the season into three areas: Assembling your team, then keeping it together by tweaks and overcoming injuries, or putting it back together after tough losses or personnel issues. It’s easy to look at numbers and draw conclusions, but a lot of times with seasons like this, numbers don’t begin to tell the story.

There’s no doubt that the Irish have had a disappointing season, and the coaches have been forced to put this team back together over and over again. We’ll see this Saturday if the coaches can rally the Irish for one final victory.