Gilyard to Kelly: Just make the decision fast


All-American wide receiver Marty Gilyard acknowledged the obvious, that the Brian Kelly circus is starting to grind on his current players.

Bill Koch at the Cincinnati Enquirer quoted Gilyard today, and I’m sure his quote spoke for much of the Bearcats:

“Just make the decision fast, bro, so we can get it out of the way,”
Gilyard said today. “You know what you’re going to do. Just do it.
We’re tired of worrying about it.”

Another interesting note from Koch’s report does more to fill us in that Kelly may have already reached a decision to come to South Bend:

UC put out a media advisory this afternoon informing reporters that
they would have access to the players between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. before
tonight’s football banquet so that the focus would remain on the
players. After that the banquet will be closed.

speculated that the players might be told something about Kelly’s
status after the banquet but he said he wasn’t sure that would be the

Gilyard confirmed the rumors that Kelly told his players before the Pitt game that he wasn’t going anywhere.

“He said he wasn’t going anywhere,” Gilyard said. “He liked the city of
Cincinnati. We’ll be all right even if he takes the job. We’ll be all
right before the bowl game and after it. We’ll still be good.”

There have been a few murmurs that Kelly may have already let his team know his decision. Either way, it must’ve been a tremendously difficult call.