Irish athletics raise over $250,000 for Haiti relief


The fundraising efforts of the Notre Dame athletic department in conjunction with two home basketball games brought in over a quarter-million dollars worth of donations for relief efforts in Haiti.

Here’s more from the the athletic department’s official release:

Through the generosity of fans and alumni, as well as contributions from the University and the Notre Dame Monogram Club, the money was raised at the men’s and women’s basketball games that were played Jan. 23 and 24, respectively, in the Joyce Center.

Dame donated full gate receipts and net concession revenue from both
games to the relief effort. In addition, a collection organized by the
Notre Dame Student-Athlete Advisory Council raised more than $25,000
from fans and alumni who contributed during the games. The Monogram
Club added a $10,000 matching gift to the student total.

Money raised will benefit short-term needs and long-term rebuilding efforts in Haiti and will be distributed to the Notre Dame Haiti Program, which works to eradicate the debilitating mosquito-borne disease lymphatic filariasis; the Congregation of Holy Cross, which has served in Haiti since 1944 and was heavily affected by the earthquake; and Catholic Relief Services, the international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States.

Definitely an impressive outpouring of support by the student body and the local community.