Report: Pot in purse was Ragone's

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All those wonderful hypothesis I was drawing on behalf of Mike Ragone? Nevermind.

From Tony Krausz at the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

Notre Dame tight end Mike Ragone admitted that the marijuana found in
a female companion’s purse by an Indiana state trooper belonged to him,
according to court documents.

Ragone, 21, and the 21-year-old woman were arrested Saturday
morning on a misdemeanor charge of marijuana possession after the car
Ragone was driving was stopped on the Indiana Toll Road for speeding.

Less than 30 grams of marijuana was found in the women’s purse,
and she said she hid the marijuana because Ragone thought the vehicle
was going to be searched, according to an affidavit for probable cause
from the LaGrange County Circuit/Superior Court.

Ragone waived his right to remain silent and stated the marijuana
belonged to him and that he did knowingly possess the marijuana,
according to the documents.

Obviously, this changes the situation pretty drastically and now he’s going to be subject to the same DuLac rules that have cost guys like Kyle McAlarney as opposed to the leniency afforded to Demetrius Jones.

That said, Brian Hardin was reached again by the newspaper after today’s update and he stood by the same quote he gave earlier.

“Coach Kelly is aware of the situation and feels it is a serious
matter,” Hardin said Monday. “He has spoken with Mike, but any
team-related action that may be forthcoming would be handled

Maybe the folks at ResLife have finally turned the corner from their draconian ways. If we’re to believe the level-headed punishment handed out to Michael Floyd after his drinking misstep over Christmas, that could be the case. But Ragone has put his fate in the wrong people’s hands by making a really stupid mistake after working so hard to overcome two major knee injuries.

It’s really quite remarkable when you look at the string of bad luck the Irish have had with tight ends. Five-star recruit Greg Olsen? Gone to Miami. Blue-chipper Joey Hiben? Walks away from football to concentrate on architecture before transferring to Minnesota. Konrad Reuland? Nonfactor before transferring to Stanford. Will Yeatman? Two-sport stud run out of town after a couple of minor alcohol incidents. Joseph Fauria? A guy that loved Notre Dame that’s going to be a weapon for UCLA after another ResLife appointment gone wrong.

With Ragone likely home for a short break until he checks back in for summer school in early June, we’ll probably have to wait and see what happens. Either way, the backup situation behind Kyle Rudolph is incredibly raw.

With former walk-on Bobby Burger likely to be used more as a fullback/H-back, the Irish have Tyler Eifert, Jake Golic, and incoming freshman Alex Welch as reserve tight ends on the roster. Combined playing time among them? Three minutes.