Report: Ragone hospitalized after heat illness


Brian Hamilton of the Chicago Tribune reports that tight end Mike Ragone was hospitalized Wednesday after he overheated during practice.

From Hamilton:

Tight end Mike Ragone was treated for heat illness after the workout
Wednesday morning and hospitalized overnight for observation, though the
senior is back on campus and now will be held out of practice until
he’s sufficiently recovered.

Team trainers and doctors treated
Ragone, who is vying for the No. 2 tight end spot during the preseason,
immediately after seeing signs of heat illness and brought his
temperature down, according to a team spokesman. Ragone was then brought
to a local hospital as a precaution and he was released midday, the
spokesman said.

Ragone missed today’s practice and likely will
not participate in the first set of two-a-days scheduled for Friday. His
return depends on physicians’ satisfaction that his system has enough
fluids back in it, among other measures.

All reports indicate that Ragone is recovering just fine, but heat-related illness during training camps is serious business.