Welcome to New York


Reporting live from our Midtown hotel, it’s time to go to bed… But not after spending much of the evening running into Notre Dame people that covered the city of New York.

Every place we went, we seemed to run into somebody wearing a Irish logo. Jogging Central Park this afternoon, I bobbed and weaved (while I was heaving from a long overdue cardio session) through Notre Dame fans. After leaving the park and heading to Midtown, 30 Rock and St. Patrick’s Cathedral were filled with Notre Dame fans looking for Liz Lemon or saying a quick prayer for a bowl eligibility win, most people doing both I’m guessing.

The Irish luncheon was headlined by an exuberant Regis Philbin, and tomorrow, the Notre Dame marching band will take over Time Square. Until then, you’ll have to settle for a photo of me with a few Notre Dame fans in McSorley’s Ale House, one of the oldest bars in New York City, and the one place where you can get less of a selection than the old Boat Club in South Bend.

I’m the one in the lumberjack outfit, while a few Irish fans are sporting their best blue and gold. We’ll be in Time Square tomorrow watching the band take over the city and will get as many photos as possible before heading to Yankee Stadium for the neutral site game held on a baseball field that actually thought things through first.