Seminoles short three after felony arrests, academics


It was a tough week for Jimbo Fisher and his Florida State Seminoles, as two of his players got arrested for doing extraordinarily stupid things and one was declared academically ineligible for the bowl game. While neither Avis Commack nor Arrington Jenkins were likely to play a huge role on the field in the Champs Sports Bowl, Fisher suspended both after each were arrested for a felony theft charge over the weekend. Senior running back Jermaine Thomas, the Seminoles second leading rusher, will not play in his final college game after failing to pass a class in the fall semester.

“Generally with your team, when you get close to Christmas, ends of a semester and summers, that’s always time when guys get free time, they get antsy and get going and sometimes that’s when a lot of your issues come up a lot of times,” Fisher told the Tallahassee Democrat. “It should never come up. That’s still no excuse for any of that. But we’ll deal with it as we see the facts of each case come out. It’s a shame. It’s very disappointing. You’ve got to make good decisions.”

It was an exercise in poor decision making that got both Seminole players in trouble with the law, in a bizarre game of one-upsmanship, dumb and dumber style. Commack led things off by allegedly heisting a backpack with an iPad in it. To his credit, he turned himself and the iPad back in, but not before he all but led school police investigators to him, logging into his university account multiple times from the iPad after erasing the previous owners information before police called him.

(Making matter worse, Commack could’ve just bought his own iPad in a few days, with the Champs Sports Bowl giving every athlete participating a $450 gift card to Best Buy.)

Jenkins, a linebacker redshirting this season, is charged with a third degree county of vehicular grand theft, after taking a motorcycle from outside of an apartment complex. His rationale, according to, who accessed the police report, wasn’t the best:

The report states that when officers asked Jenkins if he knew why they were there, Jenkins conceded that it was about the motorcycle. Jenkins told the officers that he found the motorcycle lying on the ground and had taken it in to his apartment to put in his room. Jenkins told officers that it was not his motorcycle and he didn’t know who it belonged to, but allegedly told the officers that “anyone who leaves a motorcycle out should expect to have it stolen.”

Commack graduated with his class earlier in the week, but has a year of eligibility left. Jenkins chose the Seminoles last winter over offers from Auburn, Illinois, Minnesota, Ole Miss, and Nebraska. Both give the program a black eye and are suspended indefinitely.

For Thomas, missing the final game of his career ends an uneven career that peaked with a sophomore season where he rushed for 832 yards and nine touchdowns. He was slowed this year after a preseason concussion opened the door for Devonta Freeman, a diminutive freshman that’s averaged an impressive five yards a carry, who has taken the lion’s share of carries.