Live blog: Notre Dame vs. Florida State


We’ve had a month to get over the fact that the Irish won’t be playing in a BCS bowl game this season. But when the Champs Sports Bowl selected Notre Dame over a Big East team, they set up one of the most intriguing pairings of bowl season, with the Irish battling Florida State in a match-up high on intrigue and history.

No, this game probably won’t live up to the Game of the Century, but it’s our last time to watch guys like Michael Floyd, Harrison Smith and Darius Fleming take the field for the Irish. It’s also our last chance to watch Notre Dame play an actual football game until they set sail for Dublin next September.

So how about it? Once more, with feeling. As we have every game, we’ll be live-blogging as the Irish take on Florida State in Orlando at the Champs Sports Bowl. As usual, keep it clean, try to stay somewhat positive and get ready for some rapid fire live-blogging with me and a few thousand of your closest friends.


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