Arik Armstead talks about his recruitment


There’s been far too much to keep up on with the Arik Armstead recruitment, which has likely been put on the backburner for a few days as Armstead has decided to forgo early enrollment and instead sign a letter-of-intent on February 1 and enroll at the school of his choice this summer.

Depending on what you read, Notre Dame or Auburn are in the drivers’ seat for Armstead, with the recruitment of his brother Armond playing into things as well. Armond will transfer somewhere for next season, playing out his eligibility thanks to the same graduation transfer rule that allowed Dayne Crist to go to Kansas. Making things even more interesting is a medical issue that kept Armond off the field last season at USC, the school Arik was long committed to but has since eliminated. Armond will still need to be medically cleared by whatever school he attends next year.’s Whitney Blaine was able to sit down with Arik in the Armstead’s family home and talk about the past few days, where his head is at with recruiting, and what comes next for one of the nation’s top prospects.

Since it saves me a few thousand words describing the twists and turns of the past week, here’s the interview in its entirety.