Irish A-to-Z: A deep dive into the Irish roster


As April gives way to May, spring is preparing to give way to summer. And football feels mighty far away. But as we stare down the abyss and look forward to late August, it’s a perfect time to take a deep dive into the Irish roster.

Here are a few numbers to snack on.

83 scholarships.
5 graduate students.
20 seniors.
13 juniors.
22 sophomores.
23 freshmen.

Let’s kick the tires on all of them.

Introducing Irish A-to-Z. We’re going to spend the next couple months digging into each scholarship player on the Irish. Taking a look back at their recruiting stature, their tenure at Notre Dame, upside potential and future as we look into the crystal ball and project what 2014 looks like.

From top to bottom, it’s our craziest most ambitious project since starting this blog. Before regret sets in, here goes nothing.