Report: Will Mahone no longer enrolled at Notre Dame


A few weeks after being suspended indefinitely from the football team, Irish wide receiver Will Mahone is no longer enrolled at Notre Dame.

The South Bend Tribune’s Bob Wieneke confirmed with the university the news that Mahone is out. The reserve receiver faces five charges — including three felonies — for a fight and resisting arrest after an incident in his hometown of Austintown, Ohio on June 14.

It appears that the felony charges are the sticking point that will keep Mahone out of Notre Dame, according to Wieneke, who spoke with Mahone’s attorney.


This from Wieneke’s report:

James Gentile, Mahone’s attorney, said Monday night that Mahone would like to return to Notre Dame. But, Gentile said, Mahone is of the understanding that he will not be allowed to return to the school as long as the felony charges against him are pending.

“That’s what the school has told him,” Gentile said. “If for some reason those felonies are reduced or something happens, then he’s free to reapply.”

Mahone has pled not guilty to the misdemeanor charges, and has until a pretrial hearing in mid-July to decide how to handle the felony charges. But if we’re to read between the lines, it appears Mahone is doing his best to be proactive and repent for his mistakes, something his lawyer (and a reported 30-40 supporters who showed up at Mahoning County Court) talked about with Wieneke.

“He’s working hard. He’s doing a lot of things to straighten himself out. He’s working hard on himself right now,” Gentile told the Tribune. “He’s trying to understand what happened here and why it happened and maybe address some of the issues. That’s what he’s trying to do.”

Mahone was a reserve slot receiver for the Irish, his second position at Notre Dame after struggling to crack the depth chart at running back. He’s a junior with three years of eligibility remaining.