Must Watch: Feherty with Lou Holtz


Sure it may be corporate synergy, but as a fan of good television and both gentlemen, consider this a Public Service Announcement to set your DVRs.

The Golf Channel’s TV show “Feherty,” the aptly named interview show where golf analyst David Feherty goes one-on-one with a special guest, will feature none other than Lou Holtz.

The episode will premiere on September 9 at 10 p.m. ET on the Golf Channel, and is a great look at the former Notre Dame head coach and current ESPN faux-psychologist Dr. Lou. Filmed down at the Holtz residence in Orlando, if this clip doesn’t make you set your DVR, I’m not sure what will.



I think I’ve heard Holtz use the same schtick a half-dozen times, but it never gets old.

And as a member at Augusta National and a really impressive and sharp guy (when he’s not arguing with Mark May) at the age of 77, his relationship with golf, not to mention any football talk we might get, should be worth watching.