Report: Blue-Gold game could be moving to Soldier Field


With Notre Dame’s Campus Crossroads project well under way, a report has surfaced that the Blue and Gold game could be on the move. Irish 247 reports that the annual spring game could be relocated to the home of the Chicago Bears, with construction forcing the Irish into Soldier Field.

The 247 report says the move is probable and not finalized. I’ve heard separately that it is a potential location for the game, though the decision is far from finished.

With three new buildings being attached to the football stadium in Notre Dame’s most audacious building project the university has ever undertaken (Father Jenkins’ words, not mine), Notre Dame Stadium is being transformed, a construction project that’s projected to last 33 months. That likely means a football game inside the stadium this spring isn’t possible, with the next few seasons taking place amidst the transition.

The obvious questions arise. While logistically, a spring football game in Chicago shouldn’t be difficult, it could reshape the recruiting efforts of Brian Kelly’s coaching staff. Usually the Blue-Gold game is a flagship recruiting event in the spring, that could change if it’s off campus.

But even without that weekend in the spring, selling the new and improved facilities inside a football stadium is Recruiting 101 on the college circuit. The Irish staff will make a way to turn this $400 million building project into a positive as well.

Notre Dame last played in Soldier Field in 2012, when the Irish beat Miami 41-3.