Live Video Mailbag: 7pm ET kickoff


For those looking to chat about football on a lovely President’s Day evening, you’re in luck. Another round of everybody’s favorite mailbag is going down tonight—and once again I’ll be on Facebook Live Video answering the questions.

Your options, if you’d like to participate:

  1. Ask your questions below (or on Twitter @KeithArnold)
  2. Log-on to Facebook and follow us here.
  3. Do nothing and come back and read/watch after.

There’s plenty of room for good questions still. Or maybe you’re saving them for Facebook. Either way, let’s see what happens as we finish off the holiday weekend chatting.


DEPRESSING TECHNICAL UPDATE: Thanks to everybody who hung around yesterday as my Wifi tried its best to sabotage multiple attempts at answering some questions. We’ll get this back on the books in the next week or so, and make sure it’s not on a holiday Monday before deciding to do it.