Camp highlights: Day three


Yes, we did this out of order. We’ll take the 5-yard penalty and replay first down.


0:08 — Digging the music as CJ Sanders (#3) runs against air on the jet sweep.

0:18 — Nice ball from DeShone Kizer to Kevin (or let’s go with K.J.) Stepherson (#29) on the flag route. I fully expect an ACC officiating crew to spend three minutes overturning that catch.

0:27 — Brian Kelly expects a big season from Jay Hayes. What that looks like remains to be seen, but he’s an impressive looking football player. What a great decision (though probably very difficult) to redshirt him last year.

0:39Max Redfield (#10) breaks up the end zone attempt to CJ Sanders, making a nice late play at the ball after getting slightly out of position. Redfield certainly has the athleticism that allows him to run with athletes like Sanders, though he didn’t necessarily track the ball all that well.

0:50 — If Durham Smythe can hold up at the point of attack against Isaac Rochell (or guys like him), this running game will be very, very good.

0:53Malik Zaire on the move. He’ll likely be at his best once the pocket breaks down, though it’s much easier to shake-and-bake in the open field with a red jersey on. (That said, I think Zaire prefers to run like a sledge-hammer not a tap-dancer.)

1:07 — Hold on to that football, Tony Jones. It’s tough to make out who that is coming off the edge, but it looks like it could be Julian Okwara (#42) or Jamir Jones (#44) making a nice play.

1:16 — Gotta hold on to that one, Tyler Luatua (I think it’s Luatua). Great closing speed by Nyles Morgan, who I’m expecting to be sneaky good against the pass.