Brian Kelly

Friday at 4: Farewell, Notre Dame fans


Drops ice cube into glass, pours drink, a strong drink. “Dear ‘Inside the Irish’ fans, ‘Inside the Irish’ foes and, of course, my parents —” That was the opening greeting in my first column here more than three years ago. It feels appropriate to reprise it now as I give a forced farewell. Those cheerier [more]

Loss of spring impacts not only Notre Dame’s freshmen, but all freshmen


In a sport rife with conspiracy theories, vague and not-so-vague references to opponents’ questionable recruiting tactics, and a general lack of consistent guidance given the absence of a unilateral governing body, there are two reasons why college football coaches have not filled their time and ours with complaints about what competitors are up to in [more]

Leftovers & Links: The Notre Dame dates that answer your one question

As an outline yielded to coherent thoughts early Sunday night, some old friends proposed an online beer. Given everything everywhere, putting off work in favor of social engagement was an even easier decision than usual. If I had finished writing this article before that video chat, I could have just emailed it to them when [more]

30 Years of Notre Dame on NBC: Te’o’s emotions & interceptions overwhelm No. 18 Michigan


Some “unofficial NCAA records” are more accurately described as “assumed NCAA records.” As in, Notre Dame set an assumed NCAA record when the Irish defense, led by senior linebacker Manti Te’o, intercepted five consecutive Wolverines pass attempts in a 13-6 win back in 2012, finishing an unbeaten September as part of an undefeated regular season. [more]

A delayed, but complete, Notre Dame season in Brian Kelly’s mind


It might not start on time, but Brian Kelly would be okay with that if it meant Notre Dame could still get in all 12 games this season. [more]