Daelin Hayes

Friday at 4: 40 Notre Dame predictions, ripe with bad memories but better outcomes


Notre Dame will have its chances to alter the national landscape this season, but will the Irish actually do so? [more]

Friday at 4: 40 Notre Dame predictions, beginning with the obvious


Who will lead Notre Dame in sacks? In tackles? In turnovers forced? For that matter, who will lead Notre Dame in general into this chaotic season? [more]

Notre Dame 99-to-2: No. 94 Isaiah Foskey, sophomore defensive end


Listed Measurements: 6-foot-4 ⅞, 255 pounds 2020-21 year, eligibility: A sophomore, Foskey will still have four years of eligibility, including the coming season, after Notre Dame carefully rationed his fourth appearance last year for the regular-season finale and then held him out of the Camping World Bowl. Depth chart: In most seasons this century, Foskey [more]